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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Anita Lawson

    Full detailed profile on Anita Lawson Played by Catherine Bach on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Anita Lawson

    Actor: Catherine Bach

    Who played Anita Lawson over the years

    Catherine Bach (February 7 2012 to present)

    Useful information on Anita Lawson

    * Was a con artist.
    * Alias is Anita Barrett.
    * Taught Chelsea how to run cons growing up.
    * Never told Chelsea who her father was.
    * Loves money.


    Current: Unemployed
    Past: Waitress at Gloworm
    Past: Con Artist


    Anita arrived in Genoa City after her daughter Chelsea showed up claiming to be pregnant with Billy Abbott's child. Chelsea has animosity toward Anita for raising her in trailers and in a life of running cons. Anita assumed Chelsea was running a con on Billy when she came to town and mother and daughter butted heads when Chelsea decided to let Billy and Victoria adopt her son and turned over a new leaf.

    Later, Anita spots Jeffrey at Gloworm and it comes out that not only is he Chelsea's biological father, but he and Anita are still married. She attempted to blackmail Jeffrey, who wanted to hide the truth from Gloria, but eventually told everyone about them. Anita and Jeffery, both of the same ilk, were thrilled that their daughter was married to super-rich Adam Newman, and began sniffing around trying to act like parents and in-laws. Chelsea assumed they were just after Adam's money and was hostile. Adam was amused and tolerant. After Chelsea and Adam divorced, Anita was further upset to find out that Chelsea was pregnant with Adam's baby but passing it off as Dylan McAvoy's. Anita threatened to expose Chelsea and save her from a life of poverty, until she saw that she was truly happy with Dylan. Anita kept Chelsea's secret and relations between the two thawed a bit as Anita attended Dylan and Chelsea's wedding and looked forward to becoming a grandmother. After the truth about the baby's paternity came out, Anita was supportive. She continued to have a good relationship with Chelsea, and gave her advice after it came out that Adam, whom she had remarried, was the driver who killed Delia. Anita is now a regular caregiver for her grandson, Connor, and saw Chelsea through her break-up with fiance, Billy Abbott. She encouraged Chelsea to pursue the mysterious Gabriel Bingham, who unknown to them both, is really Adam.


    Jeffrey Bardwell (marriage dissolved after Jeffery had her declared legally dead)


    John "Johnny" Abbott (grandson)
    Conner Adam Newman (grandson)


    Chelsea Lawson Newman (daughter)


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    Tuesday, July 28 2015: Y&R Recap: Adam takes Connor but returns him

    Adam begs Chelsea to let him back into the penthouse. She threatens to call the police if he doesn't leave. After, she tells Connor she really thought his daddy could change. Anita knocks. Chelsea lets her in. She raves about that super-hot Gabe. Chelsea snaps at her. She thinks happiness is an illusion. Anita assumes something happened with Gabe. Chelsea says she doesn't know Gabe. At all. Paul shows up looking for 'Gabe' and says he cleared out from across the hall. Chelsea doesn't know where he is. After Paul leaves, Chelsea asks Anita to watch Connor and goes.

    At the penthouse, Anita tells Adam that the cops are looking for him. He loves Chelsea but he can't stay in Genoa City. He wants to say goodbye to Connor.

    Chelsea arrives at home to find Anita passed out and Connor missing. Adam comes to the door with him. Anita takes Connor upstairs. Chelsea confronts Adam, who says he realized taking him was a mistake. He calls her out for what she said to Jack. Chelsea won't call the police, but is so done. Adam leaves.

    Monday, May 04 2015: Y&R Recap: What's The Status Of Things?

    At the penthouse, Anita tells Chelsea she only cares about her feelings, and her future prospects...and she doesn't mean Billy. Anita goes on about Gabriel Bingham and his spectacular body. Chelsea says sleeping with him was the biggest mistake of her life.

    At the penthouse, Billy is getting his things. Anita tells him Chelsea's heart still belongs to Adam. Billy asks to say goodbye to Connor. He makes a heartfelt speech about how he'll always have a special place in his life. Later Adam wanders in the open door. Billy says Anita took Connor to the park. "He doesn't have a father...again." Adam sneers that Billy was a substitute; a babysitter. Billy slugs him. Adam tells him he's a son-of-a-bitch; Chelsea came running to him because she saw Billy with his tongue down his ex-wife's throat. Chelsea arrives. Billy calls her trash and a con before leaving. Chelsea tells Adam everything Billy said is true.

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