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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Kelly Andrews (Past)

    Full detailed profile on Kelly Andrews (Past) Played by Cynthia Watros on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Watros (FayesVision/
    Kelly Andrews (Past)

    Actor: Cynthia Watros

    Who played Kelly Andrews (Past) over the years

    Cynthia Watros (November 15 2013 - April 15 2014)

    Useful information on Kelly Andrews (Past)

    * Went to a grief therapy group with Billy.
    * Had a one night stand with Billy.
    * Was involved with Dr. Ben 'Stitch' Rayburn in the past.


    Current: employed by a non-profit organization
    Past: Unknown


    Kelly met Billy and Victoria when they began attended a grief therapy group after Delia's death. Billy continued to go alone and bonded with Kelly, whose young son had been killed in an accident as well. Billy found Kelly crying in the park one day and took her home where they wound up having grief sex. Kelly ran into Victoria soon after and she invited Kelly to dinner. Meanwhile, Kelly had a couple of run-ins with Stitch, during which they alluded to knowing each other in the past and his wife having found out something from Kelly. Stitch also ended up at the dinner at Billy and Victoria's house.


    Unnamed ex-husband, father of her son


    Billy Abbott (one night stand)
    Ben 'Stitch' Rayburn (past relationship)




    Sam (son, deceased)


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    Monday, April 14 2014: Y&R Recap: House Calls.

    In the Club office, Neil kisses Hilary briefly but they hear screaming. Neil goes down to investigate where Chloe and Chelsea are fighting. Kelly rushes in and Abby appears, pleased at the prospect of a catfight. Jack and Kevin pull Chloe and Chelsea apart but they keep yelling. Neil hollers that this is embarrassing as Rick and Caroline Forrester arrive. Neil introduces the brilliant team behind Chelsea Lawson Designs. Jack shakes Rick's hand and Lily introduces herself. Kelly takes the Forresters off to see the menu and Abby tags along. Jack and Kevin split up Chloe and Chelsea. Neil soothes Lily and looks over at Hilary. Kelly and Abby reappear as Lily learns Lauren left suddenly. Abby volunteers to fill in. Lily asks Abby if Tyler's coming. She says he'll be there. Jack asks Chelsea if she needs to go home. She says she wants to stay. Across the room, Chloe tells Kevin Chelsea's giving her the evil eye. Kevin urges her to make peace. Chelsea goes to chat with Rick and Caroline who offer her a job at Forrester. Chloe eavesdrops as Chelsea says her partner doesn't need to know - she's a free agent and plans to meet with them in Los Angeles. Neil finds Hilary in the office and says he can't stop thinking about the kiss. He moves in close again as Lily appears. Neil says he slowed Hilary down and leaves. Hilary tells Lily she has stage fright. She warns her not to disappoint her or her father. Summer briefs Kelly and Jack about the kitchen and learns they had dinner together. Once alone, Summer reminds Jack about Phyllis. Backstage, Connie the stage manager corrals Chloe and Chelsea together and informs them no more shenanigans. They end up laughing. Chloe apologizes and wants to be friends again, but Chelsea just wants to concentrate on the show. Connie tells Jack and Kevin to go to their seats. Chelsea realizes the finale dress is still in the garment bag. Chloe says she'll handle it. She takes it behind a screen and shreds it with scissors.

    Thursday, April 10 2014: Y&R Recap: Lightening Struck.

    During a meeting in the Club office, Neil wants to make sure everything is on track for the fashion show tomorrow. Kelly asks questions. Hilary says she and Neil met with Caroline and Rick Forrester and they're nice. Cane addresses Neil only and says he looks forward to meeting him. After, he questions Hilary about her latest argument with Lily. Hilary assures Neil everything is fine - she and Lily both want the show to be a success. Kelly offers to update Jack when she meets him for dinner. Neil gets a text from Leslie asking to meet. Once alone, Cane and Hilary argue. She questions him and Lily wanting to punish her forever. She's caused no more trouble and is tired of being their punching bag. Hilary wonders if they'll forgive her one day, but Cane gets called away.

    At the Club, Jack lets Kelly know he told Billy they were having dinner together. Stitch and Victoria walk in. The couples regard each other with puzzlement. Stitch takes Victoria out. Kelly apologizes to Jack - she doesn't blame Victoria for hating her. Jack asks about Stitch. Kelly says there was a time they were close; they're not anymore. They decide to have dinner again sometime. Meanwhile, Cane rejoins Hilary in the office and tells her about his questionable past and how he was forgiven. He can't forgive her for her cruelty to Lily, but he thinks she deserves a second chance. She asks about Lily dialing down the attitude. Cane will see what he can do.

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