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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Hilary Curtis/Ann Turner - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Hilary Curtis/Ann Turner Played by Mishael Morgan on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    (Tai Urban/

    Birthday: July 15
    Birthplace: San Fernando, Trinidad
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Mishael Morgan


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    Y&R Recap: Blow Smoke.

    Tuesday, January 27 2015

    At home, Neil tells Hilary he's hurt that she's crying. "Talk to me. What is it that I don't know?" She assures him it's not about having a baby - she feels bad about going to the spa. Neil asks her not to coddle him. He tells her about the vision restoration trial - it's a long shot. Hilary is excited. Neil doesn't want her hopes up, but admits he saw something. Hilary hugs him. He tells her he wants to go to his appointment alone. Later, Devon arrives and Hilary fills him in on Neil's news. They talk about being able to tell him the truth. Hilary worries Neil already senses something deep down. They agree to face him and the consequences together. Devon can't wait to let the world know he loves her. They are embracing when Neil returns. Devon tells him he knows about the new program. Neil goes on about trust and having one hell of a life with Hilary.

    Y&R Recap: I Am Not Amused.

    Friday, January 23 2015

    In Chicago, while Hilary gets ready to go on the town, Devon reads a cryptic text from Colin. He tells Hilary something came up. She gets him to show her the text. They decide to call him together.

    Hilary arrives at home where Neil is reading in Braille. Neil wants to show her how much he loves the bedroom. Hil pleads exhaustion. Neil realizes she's crying. She goes to get tea.

    Y&R Recap: Reckless And Crazy.

    Wednesday, January 21 2015

    In Chicago, Hilary and Devon are canoodling on the sofa when they hear Lily slide her card in the door. Devon hides. Hilary nervously asks Lily why she's back so soon. Lily thinks Hil is tense. Devon cringes as Lily goes on about becoming friends. Hilary tells her about holding off on having a baby. She says she wants to have one with the man she loves, but can't do that to Lily's father. Lily is confused but holds Hil while she cries. Devon watches in anguish. Hilary says Neil needs all of her or he'll drink. Cane calls Lily about the issue at the Club. Hil encourages her to go. Later, Devon holds Hilary and assures her Lily suspects nothing. Devon can't turn his back on their love. They make love.

    Y&R Recap: Your Last Hope.

    Tuesday, January 20 2015

    In Chicago, Lily tells Hilary she loves how she always puts Neil first. Lily hopes they can be friends. Hilary leaves the suite to arrange their spa treatments. Devon kisses her in the corridor. Hilary asks him to give her time. In the suite, Lily tells Cane by phone how stressed Hilary seems. Hilary rejoins Lily and when she leaves for a treatment, Devon enters. They kiss and start undressing. Lily approaches the door.

    Y&R Recap: Get Ready For This.

    Wednesday, January 14 2015

    In the Club office, Lily talks to Cane about being busy and trying to help Kelly; at least everything is all right with their family. Cane has to take Neil to an appointment. They discuss Cane's corporate plans and Lily warns him not to turn into Joe. Downstairs, Hilary tells Devon she only wants his baby. Devon suggests they go to Chicago for a few days. Hil rejoins Neil, who confronts her about her birth control pills. She claims it's an extra pack. Neil tells her it's okay if she's not ready. Hil admits she's stressed and tells Neil she'll go to a spa in Chicago. In the gym, Austin tells Summer he got a job shooting a commercial. In a suite, Jack assures Phyllis this is not what it looks like. Kelly says she got a message to meet Jack there; someone must have put the blindfold note on the table while she was getting ready. Phyllis says, "Get ready for this, b****!" She throws the vase of roses at her. Jack grabs Phyllis and they all holler about who is to blame. Jack vows to get to the bottom of this. Phyllis follows him out. She takes him to the room she had set up for him. Phyllis claims Kelly had him sent to the other room and made it look like Phyllis set it all up. Jack muses, "You did use my phone to lure her to my office."

    Joe arrives at the GCAC gym and Austin tells Summer that's his new boss. Austin tells Joe they have a problem if the commercial is about tearing down Crimson Lights. Summer sees Avery and tells her what's up. She also tells her about Mariah kissing Austin. Avery eventually tells Austin he should take the job, but then grills Joe about his motives. Joe wonders what it would take to convince her he's not out to hurt anyone? Avery says to work on something worthwhile. Joe answers, "Who says I'm not?" In the office, Kelly tells Lily about the scene with Phyllis and Jack and insists Phyllis set her up. Lily thinks Phyllis does seem desperate. Upstairs, Jack tells Phyllis to let go of this vendetta against Kelly. Phyllis wants to know who he believes. In the dining room, Hilary tells Devon she told Neil she is going away, but she feels bad. An employee brings Devon a gift - massage oil from Gwen. Nearby, Phyllis and Jack run into Lily and Kelly. Phyllis asks the desk clerk who told Jack to go to suite 802. Kelly urges him to be truthful. The man says it was a woman whose voice he didn't recognize. Phyllis and Kelly argue. Kelly hands Jack a business card that was in the room and suggests he call the number. Lily meanders over to Devon and Hilary and hears him mention a hotel - she thinks he's regretting buying it. Hil says they were discussing her getaway. Lily wants to go with her. At the bar, Jack tells Phyllis he called the florist who delivered the roses - Phyllis ordered them. Nearby, Victor tells Avery this is business not personal. She smirks; her ex-husband said the same thing.

    Y&R Recap: Busy In The Bedroom.

    Tuesday, January 13 2015

    In the office at the Club, Abby flashes to stealing the love potion and muses that this could be so fun. Kelly appears and Abby insults her sweetly. Kelly gets a text and smiles. In a suite, Devon dresses and tells Gwen this was a bad idea. She doesn't think so, and kisses him. Downstairs, Neil talks about having a healthy baby. Hilary takes her birth control pill. Neil enthuses about staying busy in the bedroom. Devon and Gwen appear, as does Lily. Hilary drops her glass when Devon nuzzles Gwen. She blames her hand cream. Hilary steps away and runs into Gwen, who tells her what happened with Devon. "I have you to thank." Meanwhile, Neil tells Lily he and Hil are having fun trying to get pregnant. By the stairs, Hilary asks Devon how he could do this to her. Phyllis interrupts to thank Hilary for planning Jack's fake meeting. Lily joins and talks about baby-making. Hil asks her to help Phyllis. In the office, Lily tells Phyllis they have no suites. Phyllis thinks she's 'Team Kelly'. Kelly listens as Phyllis makes a speech about Jack. Lily agrees to help. Downstairs, Abby greets Jack and teases about his romantic life. He tells her he's Katie's godfather. Abby rants on about Victoria and Billy. Victoria appears. She asks Abby to be Katie's godmother. Abby doesn't feel responsible enough, but Victoria convinces her she's a great role model. Jack is given a card saying the woman he loves has a surprise with a room number. Jack checks with the bartender that Phyllis set it up. He confirms, but says it's a different room number. In the office, Phyllis thanks Lily and they discuss Kelly. Lily knows Jack and Phyllis have true love - she thought Kelly might get hurt. Lily doesn't want to argue about who did what though. By the stairs, Hilary confronts Devon about sleeping with Gwen. Devon counters that she's trying to get pregnant with Neil. Lily interrupts. She complains about feeling two-faced having to help Phyllis when Kelly's her friend. They look over at Neil and Gwen chatting. Lily muses that Devon picked someone that dad likes. Hilary rolls her eyes. At the table, Gwen tells Neil his son's been lying to him. She explains about their first date being fake, but assures him it's real now. Neil appreciates her honesty. Once alone, Neil reaches for Hil's ringing phone and finds her pills. Across the room, Hilary and Devon explain themselves to each other and apologize. Devon wants to go out of town together. Hil will find a way.

    Y&R Recap: Fight Dirty.

    Tuesday, January 06 2015

    At a Club suite, Avery accuses Joe of trying to get her alone. He asks for a second chance. Avery loves Dylan. Joe implores her not to marry Dylan just to make a point. She orders him to get the developer to call off the warehouse sale and leaves. In the corridor, Devon opens a suite door to find Gwen in sexy lingerie. Devon declines to indulge. Downstairs, Chelsea and Billy are bickering about removing wedding rings when Neil appears. After talking to him, they resume arguing and part tensely. Upstairs, Neil hears Gwen is upset with Devon. She leaves. Neil takes Devon downstairs and offers an ear. Devon changes the subject. Neil confides that he and Hilary are trying to get pregnant. Devon wonders if the timing is right. Neil says it's perfect.

    At Crimson Lights, Dylan tells Sharon he was interviewed for the paper. They discuss her situation with Nick, and then wish each other luck. Dylan goes. Hilary appears, smiling at a text from Devon. Sharon thinks it's from Neil. Hilary misses Sharon at Jabot and offers to help anyway she can. Sharon says she and Neil are an inspiration. Hilary acts strange and leaves. Nick appears and confronts Sharon about going after his family. Sharon lashes out about all the mistakes he's made. She wonders if the DNA test had truly pointed to Jack being Summer's father - would that make Nick unfit for keeping Summer from him? Nick spots Sage looking troubled and goes to check in. She says her grandmother died. After, Sharon yells at Nick for having time for a stranger over discussing their daughter. Nick warns her not to misconstrue it and says he'll go as far as he has to to protect Faith.

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