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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Hilary Curtis/Ann Turner - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Hilary Curtis/Ann Turner Played by Mishael Morgan on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    (Tai Urban/

    Birthday: July 15
    Birthplace: San Fernando, Trinidad
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Mishael Morgan


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    Y&R Recap: Don't Build Him A Bridge.

    Wednesday, December 17 2014

    In the park, Devon wants to take Hilary to a new private suite at the Club with a private entrance.

    In the Club office, Lily and Neil continue their conversation about him being tempted to drink. She tells him to call her any time; she will do anything to keep him from going back to that dark place. Devon and Hilary come through the front door and Lily is there. "My suspicions were right." She tells them that Neil is struggling as she feared. She's concerned about his sobriety. Hilary goes to see him. Lily asks Devon why he invited Hilary to his private suite. He lies they were going to brainstorm about Gwen's Christmas gift. In the office, Neil takes out his 10-year chip. Hilary joins him and asks why he didn't tell her he was tempted to drink. He was ashamed.

    Neil thanks Hilary for bringing him to the AA meeting. He enters. Nikki is at the podium. She spots Neil enter and backs out of speaking. Neil shares about telling his family the truth. Outside, Hilary phones Devon - she feels guilty and tells him to invite Gwen to Christmas.

    Y&R Recap: Steal Your Thunder.

    Tuesday, December 16 2014

    At Crimson Lights, Dylan reminds Sharon they're friends. He encourages her to fight for what she wants. Sharon cautions him about being seen giving her a pep talk. Dylan isn't concerned. He suggests she and Nick use a mediator. Sharon says Nick wouldn't do it, and her lawyer wants her to fight dirty. They talk about Victor's pull. Sharon mentions Phyllis firing her. Dylan urges her to go to Jabot and get her job back. Sharon says Jack's a decent guy, but she hurt him. Dylan thinks she needs this. "Do it for Faith." On the patio, Neil tells Hilary he's good. "Why wouldn't I be?" Devon appears. Neil senses his presence. Devon is surprised. Neil talks about what a great catch Hilary is and tells Devon to stick with him, he'll show him how to land the right woman. After Neil heads to the Club, Hilary makes it clear she's upset about Gwen. Devon reminds her how it feels for him to see her with Neil. He doesn't know what else they can do. They decide to get out of there.

    Y&R Recap: Cold Shower.

    Monday, December 08 2014

    At The Underground, Hilary is surprised to see Devon with Gwen. Gwen says they clicked on their first date. Hilary says that wasn't a real date, and this isn't a date either. Gwen comments on how involved Hilary is in her stepson's life. When Devon steps away, Hilary tells Gwen she can stop the charade, but she's not pretending. Gwen gets the feeling Hilary doesn't think anyone's good enough for Devon. Hilary says the family is wary of gold-diggers and talks about what a good person he is. Gwen's even more interested now. Lily and Neil arrive, talking about Phyllis taking his job. They join the others and Hilary fumes when Gwen kisses Devon.

    Y&R Recap: Prior Loves.

    Wednesday, December 03 2014

    At the Club, Hilary tells Devon about his 'date' from accounting. She's quiet, but willing to play along. Devon feels it will be a tough sell if she's too shy. A gorgeous woman appears. "There's nothing shy about me." Hilary muses that Gwen looks...different. She says there's more to her than calculators and spreadsheets. She and Devon start chatting. Lily and Neil arrive. Hilary warns Gwen to be subtle. They settle at the table. Cane couldn't be there. Neil read an article and they're all proud. Neil wants to know all about Gwen, who charms him. Neil declares her a keeper. Lily asks how they met. Gwen says through a friend, Devon says through a club, and Hilary interjects, "Both." Lily wonders how she would know. Hilary says Gwen told her earlier. Gwen gets Neil mixed up with Tucker, thinking he owned a record label, and then heads to the restroom. Lily and Neil grill Devon about how well they know each other. Devon walks Gwen out after and it becomes clear she thinks he's using her to cover being gay. He says he's not. She'd like to go out sometime. Kelly arrives and tells Lily about Jack's engagement - and they want her to plan the wedding. Lily says Jack's a fool.

    Y&R Recap: Only One Choice.

    Wednesday, November 26 2014

    At Neil's place, Cane stops the twins from running. Jill and Colin arrive. Colin needles Devon about how much he's looked forward to this. Hilary gets Colin alone and tells him Devon paid him off, so stop the innuendo. She warns him not to expect more - he's not the only one who knows how to screw with people's lives. Jill watches through narrowed eyes. She takes Colin outside and questions him; he's keeping secrets again. Inside, talk has turned to the lunch to meet Devon's girlfriend. Cane gets Devon alone and says he's not buying it. Later, Colin starts on Cane leaving Chancellor. Devon notices Lily has been distracted. Lily is worried about Neil; she has the feeling he's putting on a brave face about his blindness. Once seated for dinner, Neil gives thanks; he's grateful for all of them.

    Y&R Recap: Way Too Close.

    Monday, November 24 2014

    Devon finds Hilary in her Jabot office and they kiss. She wishes they could stay like that forever, but Neil's waiting at home. They continue to kiss as Phyllis steps off the elevator and contemplates the closed office doors. She enters. They make small talk. Devon introduces Hilary. Phyllis asks about Jack's meeting. Hilary says it might be at the Club. She goes, and Hilary hisses, "That was way too close!" They kiss more. Devon locks the door and puts on luau music to set the mood. They cuddle and talk about how one day they won't have to pretend. Hilary notices the time and panics. They have to return to reality. Talk turns to Thanksgiving and Lily's lunch. Hilary will pick Devon's stand-in girlfriend. They reluctantly part ways, and leave separately.

    Y&R Recap: Breaking The Pattern.

    Thursday, November 20 2014

    At the Club, Lily apologizes to Hilary for assuming she was pregnant. She wants to talk to Hil about Devon. At the bar, Devon gives Colin a briefcase. Colin takes the money, but warns he and Hilary are playing a dangerous game. Devon is called over to Lily's table, where she talks about a lunch to meet his new girlfriend. Hilary doesn't think she can make it. Lily will find a date that works for everyone. She asks Devon what was going on with Colin and warns him about dealings with him. Lily excuses herself and Devon tells Hilary he paid Colin off. She wonders what he'll do about the lunch. He'll invite his girlfriend. Lily returns and talks more about welcoming Devon's girl into the family - the way she's welcomed Hilary. At the bar, Colin tries to pay Kurtz off with the money, but he reminds them about their business arrangement - his wife's life depends on it. Jill spots them and enters with Detective Harding. She demands he make an arrest. Kurtz is cuffed, but says Colin is the criminal and he can prove it. Colin says he doesn't know him. Harding takes Kurtz away. Jill wants Colin to come clean. She asks what's in the briefcase. He says two million dollars to pay Kurtz off. She asks where he got it. Colin says an investment happened to turn a profit.

    Y&R Recap: Hot Date?

    Tuesday, November 18 2014

    At Jabot, Jack has Hilary cancel his trip to Chicago. She'll take care of it tomorrow - she's in a rush to go. Jack jokes, "Hot date?" Neil appears. He hopes it's with him. When Neil suggests dinner, Hilary says she has a meeting. Jack says he can handle it. She snaps, "No." She reiterates to Neil that she told him she was working late. Jack doesn't even know who it's with. Hilary leaves. Neil brags to Jack about his sexy wife. Jack agrees. They discuss Hurricane Phyllis' return. Jack says he's getting back together with her. Neil asks about Kelly. Jack laments that Kelly is going to have her heart torn out. Neil urges him not to put it off. They discuss Neil's eyesight. Neil says he's being realistic, and sometimes wants to drink, but he'll be strong. Jack gets a call from Kelly that her mom had a heart attack. He says he's on his way.

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