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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Hilary Curtis/Ann Turner - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Hilary Curtis/Ann Turner Played by Mishael Morgan on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    (Tai Urban/

    Birthday: July 15
    Birthplace: San Fernando, Trinidad
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Mishael Morgan


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    Y&R Recap: You Made Your Single Bed.

    Thursday, September 18 2014

    In Neil's living room, he tells Hilary they both know this isn't going to work out. "We both know why." Hilary thinks this is about his eyes. Neil says she didn't sign up for this. Hilary argues. Neil ends up hollering that she should have a life with someone who can see her. He won't think less of her if she walks out the door. Hilary shouts, "I would think less of me." Neil insists it would make him happy to see her free. Hilary flashes to Neil proposing and tells him she'll never leave him. She says he cannot push her away; they're going to get through this. Jack stops in. Hilary heads to the office. Neil confesses he was trying to let Hilary go. Jack argues with him to embrace his wife's support. Neil muses that he went about this all wrong.

    Sharon finds an upset Hilary in the park and asks if she needs to talk. Sharon shares her engagement news and enthuses about getting to spend the rest of her life with the man she loves.

    Y&R Recap: What's-His-Abs.

    Wednesday, September 17 2014

    At the Club, Devon and Hilary cross paths in the corridor. He grabs her but she wants him to let go - they had an agreement. Hilary says if Neil's blindness is permanent, they'll never be together. Devon strokes her cheek and they kiss. Hilary slaps him and they kiss more as Devon pulls her into a suite. They undress and make love. After, they bask in the afterglow and kiss. Hilary gets a message from Neil, who needs her at home. At the Dive Bar, Billy runs into Chelsea. She says there's something they need to talk about. Billy teases her about their phone call the other night. A shirtless guy stops by the table. Chelsea tells him she'll meet him in the suite. When Billy acts jealous, Chelsea admits he's her new assistant. Billy feels foolish and worries about things getting weird between them. Chelsea insists she has her head on straight when it comes to him. Her assistant calls her away. Later, Chelsea returns. Billy grumbles about 'what's-his-abs'. Chelsea tells Billy they are both single - she votes for trying this out. Billy agrees that he wants to see where this is going to go. They kiss as Victoria appears. Downstairs, Lily spots Devon and tells him Neil is finally ready to accept help. Devon knows exactly what he has to do.

    Hilary arrives at home, where Neil tells her he made a decision that affects both of them and nothing will change his mind. "I want a divorce."

    Y&R Recap: A Long Road.

    Thursday, September 11 2014

    At Jabot, Billy looks at his divorce papers. Hilary appears. He says his marriage is over. They discuss Neil loving his job. Billy agrees work can be a relief. Hilary exits. Billy gets a call from Chelsea. They talk about Connor. Billy wishes he was there. She wishes he was there too and admits she's been dreaming about him. Chelsea tells him about it. Billy tells her he and Victoria are officially divorced. Chelsea stammers, pretends Anita is calling her, and hangs up. She calls back and admits she lied - she was freaked out. Billy says he'll always love Victoria, but they don't have a future right now. "I miss you." They chat about Connor experiencing New York through Delia's eyes. Billy wonders when she'll be back. She lets him go.

    At the Club, Sharon and Hilary discuss Mariah and then talk about Neil refusing to accept help. Hilary mentions Malcolm's arrival. Sharon says they have a history, but family's family. She encourages Hilary to take time for herself and have a life. Hilary looks over at Devon as she says Neil is her life now. Devon joins them and they discuss Malcolm helping Neil. Lily appears. She asks Devon to listen and thanks Hilary. Lily tells Hilary she believed all she was capable of was hurting people, but it's obvious she loves Neil and she's glad he has her to count on.

    Y&R Recap: Something To Unload.

    Wednesday, September 10 2014

    At Neil's place, Lily reads the paper to Neil. Hilary tries to tell him about apps that can help him, but Neil rudely shuts her down. Lily says Hilary is only trying to help. Hilary gapes. Neil launches into a rant. Devon and Cane arrive. Neil wants everyone to leave. Malcolm appears. "Even me?" Malcolm hugs Neil and then greets Lily and Devon. He notices Hilary. Neil barks that she's his wife. It comes out that Cane called Malcolm when Neil was in the hospital. Malcolm says he had a week between jobs so is checking in. Neil snarks about Malcolm sending the occasional email. They bicker. Neil doesn't want his pity. Malcolm insists he doesn't feel that way. "You know me better than that." Neil tells him to forget what he said. Everyone clears out. Neil complains about Malcolm showing up and pretending to be real family. Malcolm reminds him about the last time they saw each other - at the hospital with Sofia. Neil thinks Malcolm has something to unload on him. Malcolm muses that maybe his blind brother can see after all. Malcolm addresses how he felt when he took off after learning Neil was Moses' father. Neil understands why he left - he's sorry if he hurt him. Malcolm is sorry he hurt him with Dru. He wants to put all that aside - he's grown up. "When are you going to grow up, Neil?" He says he's been acting like a brat. Neil hollers that Malcolm hasn't changed. He challenges him to head out the door. Malcolm tells Neil he needs him. "I love you." They discuss the blindness. Neil says he hasn't been tempted to drink - he'll be able to see again one day. Malcolm asks, "What if it's never?" Neil goes on about how lucky he is. Malcolm says Hilary isn't what he expected - he comments on the possible implications of the age difference. Malcolm wonders if she'll stay if Neil's permanently blind.

    Hilary, Devon, Lily, and Cane arrive at the Club talking about Malcolm. Hilary tells Cane he did the right thing calling him. Lily hopes Malcolm can reach Neil. She takes Cane to the office to show how grateful she is. In the dining room, Devon and Hilary discuss Malcolm and Neil's past. Devon says it's sibling rivalry - always wanting the same women.

    Y&R Recap: What's Your Secret?

    Wednesday, September 03 2014

    At Jabot, Jack notices Billy seems distracted. Ashley appears and they hug her. They all discuss Billy and Victoria. Ash tells them she came back because she's been working on something that will set the cosmetics industry, and the world, on fire. Hilary and Neil arrive. Neil says he's there to work. In the corridor, Ashley greets Abby and they discuss her broken engagement. Abby mentions Vikki wants nothing to do with Billy or Stitch so she's her labor coach. Meanwhile, Neil realizes he won't be able to do much and tells Jack he'll take a leave of absence. On his way out, Billy tells Ashley he'll need her - especially after today. After, Hilary walks Neil past Ashley and Abby. Neil explains he's changed him mind for now. He tells Hilary there's someplace he has to go. Ashley and Abby rejoin Jack. Ashley says her new perfume is something that hasn't been done before. Jack and Abby want details, but Ashley refuses. She wants to market it as a perfume bottle with a question mark on it. Jack asks if she's coming back. Ashley wants him to make her co-CEO again. Jack agrees, if she shows him something viable. Devon arrives and Jack tells him Neil is taking a leave. They discuss Hilary. Jack warns Devon there's a difference between looking our for her and gazing at her.

    At the doctor's office, Neil and Hilary learn there is still no answer about when his eyesight might return. Hilary cries. Neil says they'll get through this together.

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