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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Hilary Curtis/Ann Turner

    Full detailed profile on Hilary Curtis/Ann Turner Played by Mishael Morgan on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    (Tai Urban/
    Hilary Curtis/Ann Turner

    Actor: Mishael Morgan

    Who played Hilary Curtis/Ann Turner over the years

    Mishael Morgan (June 14 2013 - present)

    Useful information on Hilary Curtis/Ann Turner

    * Lived and studied in London.
    * Met Mason in London.
    * Mother died an alcohol-related death.
    * Blamed Neil Winters for her mother's death.
    * Schemed against Neil's family.
    * Worked as Cane Ashby's assistant.
    * Posted about the Winters family on Genoa City Buzz.


    Current: Jabot employee
    Past: Executive assistant at Chancellor Industries
    Past: Student


    Hilary Curtis first turned up in Genoa City as a beautiful and super-efficient candidate for a job as Cane Ashby's assistant. Once she was hired she began manipulating situations so as to cause strife between Cane and his wife. Lily, Cane, and Devon finally realized what she was doing and turned things around on her. They also realized she was the anonymous blogger who had broken into Neil's apartment and posted excerpts from his private diary on Genoa City Buzz to torment the family. Neil confronted Hilary about being Ann Turner, the daughter of Rose Turner, a woman who had died in a hotel room seven years prior after they drank together. Hilary admitted she blamed him for her mother's death and was out to get him and his family. She even tricked Neil into taking a drink in her suite, which compromised his long-held sobriety. Hilary was sleeping with Mason, her accomplice, whom she had met in London. Mason became fed up with her obsession over Neil and cut her loose.

    When it seemed nothing would stop Hilary from going after the Winters family, Leslie had the idea of taking Hilary the letters her mother had written to Leslie's father, Gus. Whatever was in the letters made Hilary realize that there was more to her mother's death than the night she spent drinking with Neil and she called him over to apologize. Neil, wanting to assuage his guilt about Rose's death, accepted her apology and offered her a job, which enraged Lily and Cane. Neil suggested that it might be better for Hilary to work for Jack at Jabot instead, but Cane had already ordered her to leave town. On her way out of the Club, she met Jack when they ran into each other quite literally, and was discussing a job with him when Lily and Cane showed up to confront her. Jack interceded on Hilary's behalf and eventually offered her a job, which she accepted. Hilary is working with Jack and Jill on a plot to take Chancellor Industries back from Victor.






    Rose Turner (mother)




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    Friday, April 25 2014: Y&R Recap: One Day At A Time.

    Hilary greets Devon in the Club dining room. They recall when he walked in on her in lingerie. He asks how Neil is doing. Hilary wonders why he's asking her. He notes they were inseparable at the fashion show. She says they were working and changes the topic to Esmerelda. Meanwhile, Neil works out in the gym and thinks about kissing Hilary. She appears, spots him, and starts to leave. He tells her to stop running away. She informs him the kiss never would have happened if they hadn't got stuck in the hotel together. Back in the dining area, Jill and Colin arrive. She tells him to rent a room and she goes to the boutique.

    Jack arrives at the Club and chats with Jill at the bar about Billy. He tells her Billy and Victoria left the engagement party together. They discuss whether Victor might be innocent in the Bonaventure situation. Jill asks how Jack has been. He says he's been pretty good. She encourages him to let love in his life, like she has. She enthuses about how alive Colin makes her feel. Jill tells him it's time to entertain the possibility that Phyllis may not get better. Jill's phone rings. She hears Colin, who pocket-dialed her, tell someone they'll get their money. She listens as they mention a fortune and Colin asks for patience. In the gym, Devon complains to Cane about Esmerelda only having his money in common. He'd like to find a woman with some substance. Cane wonders if he's talking about Hilary. Devon thinks he's too late - she blew him off. Cane urges him to court her and to go for it. Up in the office, Neil finds Hilary in her suite and presses her to talk about the spark between them. She hopes he finds someone that deserves him and warns about rebounding. Neil insists the kiss wasn't about Leslie. He kisses her again. Hilary backs off and says she won't get involved with her boss, but then runs back into his arms. As they undress, Devon appears outside the door and prepares to knock. By the bar, Kelly spots Jack and teases him about the female buyer he was talking to. He asks her on a date. She accepts. Colin comes through the front door and Jill tells him she's going to make this a night he won't forget.

    Tuesday, April 22 2014: Y&R Recap: Pulling The Strings.

    At the Club, Neil flashes to kissing Hilary previously and then tells her they have to talk. Hilary says they both know what that kiss was about. Leslie appears and Neil asks Hilary if she's congratulated Leslie on her marriage yet. Leslie sighs. She hoped they could be friends. Neil acts snarky and offers to throw an intimate reception for her. Leslie walks off and Hilary returns. Neil goes. Hilary finds Leslie and asks to join her. Leslie complains about Neil making a scene. Hilary says he's a good and decent man and she shattered his heart. Leslie thinks Hilary should go. Hilary says Leslie should go too - to hell. Leslie wonders if Hilary's interested in Neil. Leslie angrily reminds her what she did to Neil.

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