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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Hilary Curtis/Ann Turner

    Full detailed profile on Hilary Curtis/Ann Turner Played by Mishael Morgan on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    (Tai Urban/
    Hilary Curtis/Ann Turner

    Actor: Mishael Morgan

    Who played Hilary Curtis/Ann Turner over the years

    Mishael Morgan (June 14 2013 - present)

    Useful information on Hilary Curtis/Ann Turner

    * Lived and studied in London.
    * Met Mason in London.
    * Mother died an alcohol-related death.
    * Blamed Neil Winters for her mother's death.
    * Schemed against Neil's family.
    * Worked as Cane Ashby's assistant.
    * Posted about the Winters family on Genoa City Buzz.


    Current: Jabot employee
    Past: Executive assistant at Chancellor Industries
    Past: Student


    Hilary Curtis first turned up in Genoa City as a beautiful and super-efficient candidate for a job as Cane Ashby's assistant. Once she was hired she began manipulating situations so as to cause strife between Cane and his wife. Lily, Cane, and Devon finally realized what she was doing and turned things around on her. They also realized she was the anonymous blogger who had broken into Neil's apartment and posted excerpts from his private diary on Genoa City Buzz to torment the family. Neil confronted Hilary about being Ann Turner, the daughter of Rose Turner, a woman who had died in a hotel room seven years prior after they drank together. Hilary admitted she blamed him for her mother's death and was out to get him and his family. She even tricked Neil into taking a drink in her suite, which compromised his long-held sobriety. Hilary was sleeping with Mason, her accomplice, whom she had met in London. Mason became fed up with her obsession over Neil and cut her loose.

    When it seemed nothing would stop Hilary from going after the Winters family, Leslie had the idea of taking Hilary the letters her mother had written to Leslie's father, Gus. Whatever was in the letters made Hilary realize that there was more to her mother's death than the night she spent drinking with Neil and she called him over to apologize. Neil, wanting to assuage his guilt about Rose's death, accepted her apology and offered her a job, which enraged Lily and Cane. Neil suggested that it might be better for Hilary to work for Jack at Jabot instead, but Cane had already ordered her to leave town. On her way out of the Club, she met Jack when they ran into each other quite literally, and was discussing a job with him when Lily and Cane showed up to confront her. Jack interceded on Hilary's behalf and eventually offered her a job, which she accepted. Hilary began working with Jack and Jill on a plot to take Chancellor Industries back from Victor, but that went by the wayside when Victor realized Kyle was their mole.

    Hilary got onto better footing with Devon after warning him that Mason was playing him. After buying the Athletic Club, Devon defended Hilary to Lily, who wanted to kick her out. Hilary and Lily were later forced to work together on the Delia Project Fundraiser Gala, during which time it became apparent that Hilary and Devon shared an attraction. However, Devon saw Hilary kiss Jack impulsively at the gala, became resentful, and started dating gold-digging model Esmerelda. Hilary began working closely with Neil at Jabot, and ended up going on an out-of-town business trip with him during which they bonded over basketball and visited "The Price Is Right," which was a lifelong dream of Hilary's. Back in Genoa City, Neil got dumped by Leslie and Hilary was outraged on Neil's behalf. It wasn't long before she and Neil shared a kiss and then a bed. Things moved fast, despite Lily's revulsion and Devon's shock, as he had dumped Esmerelda and intended to tell Hilary he had feelings for her. When Neil and Hilary announced they were getting married, Devon told her he loved her before the wedding, but Hilary went ahead and married Neil anyway. After the marriage, Devon showed up at a wedding celebration at Jabot and ended up in a close moment with Hilary in the elevator. They shared another close moment in a suite at the Club after Lily pushed Hilary in the pool. Devon told Hilary, who was clearly battling her feelings for Devon, that his love for her would not go away.




    Neil Winters (husband)
    Devon Hamilton Winters (flirtation, kissed)
    Mason Wilder (lovers)


    Rose Turner (mother)




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    Friday, September 26 2014: Y&R Recap: The End Of The Line.

    In the Club dining room, Hilary flashes to making love with Devon while sitting with Neil. Devon appears. Neil talks about Jack offering Hil an opportunity to go to New York. She says she can't go, but Neil enlists Devon's help to persuade her. Neil says she can take a break from being his caretaker. He pushes Devon to weigh in. Hilary excuses herself. Neil sends Devon after her. He does, and Hilary tells him they should avoid each other. Devon won't say loving her is wrong. Hilary wonders how they're supposed to live like this. Neil joins them. Hilary blurts, "I can't do this." Neil assumes she's talking about the trip. He tells her she can't put her life on hold. She agrees to go as long as Neil doesn't do anything extreme while she's gone. Neil assures her he's in a different place than when he asked her to divorce him. Devon asks, "When you did what?" Devon looks very tense as Neil explains that Hilary told him she loved him too much. Hilary leaves. Neil calls Jack and says it will do Hilary good to get away from him for a while.

    Thursday, September 18 2014: Y&R Recap: You Made Your Single Bed.

    In Neil's living room, he tells Hilary they both know this isn't going to work out. "We both know why." Hilary thinks this is about his eyes. Neil says she didn't sign up for this. Hilary argues. Neil ends up hollering that she should have a life with someone who can see her. He won't think less of her if she walks out the door. Hilary shouts, "I would think less of me." Neil insists it would make him happy to see her free. Hilary flashes to Neil proposing and tells him she'll never leave him. She says he cannot push her away; they're going to get through this. Jack stops in. Hilary heads to the office. Neil confesses he was trying to let Hilary go. Jack argues with him to embrace his wife's support. Neil muses that he went about this all wrong.

    Sharon finds an upset Hilary in the park and asks if she needs to talk. Sharon shares her engagement news and enthuses about getting to spend the rest of her life with the man she loves.

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