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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Courtney Sloan

    Full detailed profile on Courtney Sloan Played by Kelli Goss on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Courtney Sloan

    Actor: Kelli Goss

    Who played Courtney Sloan over the years

    Kelli Goss (April 10 2013 - present)

    Useful information on Courtney Sloan

    * Is Summer's best friend.
    * Became interested in Summer's brother, Noah Newman.
    * Is dating Noah Newman.
    * Interns with Abby Newman at Jabot.


    Current: Intern at Jabot Cosmetics
    Past: Student


    Courtney first appeared in Genoa City as Summer Newman's confidante when she began having feelings for Kyle. Courtney encouraged the match, and began falling for Summer's brother, Noah, around the same time. She got an internship at Jabot working on Abby's cosmetics line with Summer's help. Courtney finally got her wish when Noah took an interest in her, and they have been dating. She encouraged him to work for Victor at Newman Enterprises.




    Noah Newman (dating)


    Unknown parents
    Zach (brother)




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    Thursday, March 12 2015: Y&R Recap: Modify His Behavior.

    In the park, Courtney calls an ambulance. Noah reassures Abby. Summer shows them Abby's phone which has 'shut up or you're next' scrawled on the screen.

    At the hospital, Noah, Summer and Courtney speculate about who hurt Abby. Kyle appears. Noah grills him. Kyle says they had an argument and Abby stormed off. Noah is suspicious of Kyle. They go to see Abby and discuss the seriousness of the situation. Summer says they got a warning to keep quiet. An officer arrives to take Abby's statement alone. Courtney stays and stares hard at Abby when he asks what happened. Ashley arrives and Abby says it was a random mugging. The officer notes her purse wasn't stolen. Once alone, Abby snaps at Ashley that she doesn't want to talk about it. In a waiting area, Ben worries that he shouldn't have told Abby about Austin's agenda. Victoria reassures him. Nearby, Kyle is about to tell Courtney, Summer, and Noah who he thinks is setting them up when Nick interrupts. Nick moves on to Ben, Victoria, and Ashley, who asks Ben to look at Abby. He goes in and chastises her for walking alone. She says she had just returned from the cabin - the last place she saw Austin before he was killed. Ben blurts, "Killed?" Abby protests - is he the grammar police? She's tired. Ben rejoins Victoria and says Abby shouldn't be alone. Vikki agrees she should stay with them. Nearby, Kyle theorizes that the killer didn't want something in Austin's documentary to get out. Noah says it could be someone in their family.

    Wednesday, March 11 2015: Y&R Recap: Services Rendered.

    At the cabin, Abby flashes to discussing her affair with Mariah, and to Summer's anger. Mariah enters. Abby asks what she's doing there. Mariah knows why Abby's there - she's returning to the scene of the crime. They both get texts. Mariah talks to Kevin and learns they all got a text from Summer to meet there. Soon, Summer arrives with the others. Summer accuses Abby of writing the message in her compact. Kyle tells Summer there was one on the mirror before - he got rid of it. Abby wants Summer to understand she didn't get involved with Austin to hurt her. She storms out. They agree she didn't send the messages. Kevin wonders if someone is watching them. Kyle goes to get Abby - they all need to stick together. Noah runs down Kyle. They then discuss Fen's possible culpability. Summer and Mariah next accuse each other and things get physical. Kevin says this is what the message sender wants. They argue about going to the police. Kevin says whoever did this has been plotting it for a long time. They hear a noise and run out. Noah says someone was there. More arguing ensues about going to the police. Summer tells them she remembered more - she didn't kill Austin. Kevin is adamant they shouldn't go to the authorities. Kevin and Mariah stay and the others leave.

    In the park, Noah, Courtney, and Summer find Abby unconscious on the ground with a head wound.

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