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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Ben 'Stitch' Rayburn - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Ben 'Stitch' Rayburn Played by Sean Carrigan on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    (Nikki Nelson/

    Birthday: May 16 1974
    Birthplace: Fairfax, Virginia
    Real Name: Sean Carrigan
    Height: 6'


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    Y&R Recap: A Banner Day For The Abbotts.

    Thursday, July 17 2014

    Stitch is out for a jog in the park and runs into Chelsea. She wants to ask a question but he gets defensive. They chat about Connor’s cough before Stitch questions her about her and Billy. She retorts that it's none of his business. He counters by telling her to stay out of his. From a bar, Kevin phones Chelsea with proof that Ben Rayburn is hiding something. The social security number on Ben Rayburn’s death certificate matches the one on Ben’s medical school transcripts. Kevin says Billy and Vikki need the facts. Chelsea flashes to kissing Billy and when he said he didn’t want it to be good bye. She agrees - they need to know the truth. Later, Kevin leaves a heartfelt message for Chloe. He’s letting her go.

    At the Underground, Sharon walks in as Mariah and Nick have a laugh behind the bar. She’s happy to see them getting along. Mariah heads off and Sharon gives Nick the details about her recent encounter with Ian. She admits she threw him out. She shows Nick Summer’s wedding photo with her two dads. Nick gives Jack credit for being gracious. Sharon says it’s not right. She tries to explain her uneasiness seeing both Jack and Nick as Summer’s father. It feels off to Nick too. Sharon updates him on her session with her doctor. It could be the start of a major breakthrough. She wishes she could jog the memories. Later, Stitch wanders in. Mariah treats him to a beer and keeps working while Nick and Stitch talk. Stitch is hoping to be part of his sister’s life. Nick demands his sister stays happy.

    Later at the Underground, Billy ambles in and confronts Stitch. They verbally attack each other before Billy declares that when the paternity test confirms the baby is his Stitch is history. Billy picks up a call from Chelsea, who hangs up quickly. Stitch tells Billy he’s must be done with Victoria since he’s sleeping with Chelsea. Billy warns that the more Victoria learns about him the more she’ll want to dump him. Stitch reminds him of Kelly and says he appreciates Victoria. Billy yells, "I’ll never accept that Victoria wants to be with you!" Chelsea overhears from the door and pulls Billy away. Later, Stitch tells Chelsea he’s not the same person as he was in St. Louis. He warns if she destroys him it will also destroy any chance she has with Billy. Over a drink Chelsea tells Billy she has to be honest. Sharon returns and tells Nick about her meeting with Jack.

    Y&R Recap: This Is Goodbye.

    Thursday, July 10 2014

    Victor enters Paul's hospital room as Nikki tells him she wouldn't have given away their son. Victor relays good news - Dylan is ready to be released. Nikki exits with Victor. In Dylan's room, Stitch tries to throw Ian out but Dylan says he can handle it. Ian tells Dylan they are both victims of the same irresponsible woman. Nikki appears and hisses at Ian to get away from her son. Dylan backs Nikki up. Ian leaves - and runs into Victor, who gets in his face. Ian needles Victor about a family friend being the father of his wife's son. Victor runs Ian off. In the room, Nikki and Dylan discuss Ian suing her. Dylan reassures her. Victor enters and tells Dylan he did a brave thing for Paul. Meanwhile, Austin enters Paul's room. Paul lashes out about Austin taking the law into his own hands. Dylan appears and Austin leaves. Paul tells Dylan he thinks the kid came to apologize. Dylan wants him behind bars. Dylan tells Paul he's getting out of there. Paul wonders what will happen when he also gets out. They joke around. Dylan says he fought to stay alive for the chance to get to know him.

    At the Dive Bar Stitch questions Victoria, who is visibly upset. Victoria rants about Billy and Chelsea sleeping together. Stitch wonders if she's over Billy why is she so upset? Vikki just thinks Billy's a hypocrite. She angrily says her marriage is totally over and can't believe she got involved knowing Billy's history. Stitch is glad he saw her before her trip. She says she'll have the blood test when she returns and kisses him. Downstairs, Sharon and Mariah run into Ian. Mariah introduces them. Sharon sends Mariah to the roof. Ian thanks her for taking an interest in 'his' Mariah. Sharon says she's not his Mariah anymore. Nick appears and backs her up. He also wants him to leave Nikki alone and drop the lawsuit. Ian beams about Mariah's wonderful new future and leaves. Nick assures Sharon that with her on Mariah's side, Ward doesn't stand a chance. Ian finds Mariah and tells her both Nick and Sharon came to her defense. "Keep up the good work." By the pool, Faith learns that Summer got married. Austin returns and meets Faith, who tells him her daddy thinks he belongs in jail. Summer apologizes. Jack appears and mentions his talk with Austin yesterday. Summer asks, "What talk?" Jack says he's going to a judge to petition to have the marriage annulled. He hopes one day Summer will understand this.

    Y&R Recap: Witch Hunt.

    Wednesday, July 09 2014

    In his hospital room, Paul flashes to when he and Nikki were young and discussed pregnancy. Christine arrives. Paul tells her he's re-evaluating all his priorities. She asks if this is about them wanting to have a baby and gets emotional. In the hall, Stitch and Vikki discuss Dylan. Victoria says she was there about the baby's paternity test, which will happen when she returns from DC. Stitch says he loves her no matter who turns out to be the father.

    At the hospital, Chris grills Paul about what his new perspective is all about. Paul loves the idea of having a child with her, but says, "The reality..." She cuts him off - is this reality about his age or having a son with Nikki? Paul says Dylan is not a substitute for the child they might have had, but he has doubt after what he's been through. Chris says he's a good guy who would have been a good father to Dylan, if only Nikki had realized... They argue about Nikki. Paul doesn't want to do that, and tells Chris they need time with regard to trying for a baby. Chris leaves and Nikki enters. They talk about back in the day and Nikki answers his question - if she'd know the baby were his she'd have never let him go. In the hall, Chelsea asks Stitch to see Dylan. He reminds her she's not family and they argue about her still digging into his past even though Billy's abandoned the 'witch hunt'. Stitch asks what she's up to. Chelsea suggests he's paranoid. They bicker. Chelsea asks for a truce and then mentions his old high school. He leaves. She grins.

    Y&R Recap: A Very Bad Idea.

    Monday, July 07 2014

    In the hospital, Dylan tells Avery about seeing Sully when he was in and out of consciousness and then asks if Paul was in there. He felt him close by. In the corridor, Victoria warns Ben she can't deal with anymore lying. Ben assures her there is nothing left to find out. He gets choked up talking about losing her. Victoria forgives him. In Paul's room, Christine warns him not to get out of bed without permission. Paul wants to see Dylan. Nikki arrives, followed by Victor. Paul and Victor discuss the revelation about Dylan. Victor warns that Nikki feels guilty, but Paul says he blames Ian. Paul marvels that the child he helped give life to did the same for him. Victor hopes it works out well for them; but warns Dylan may have trust issues. Victor assures Paul he's happy he's the father of Nikki's son, not Ian. Paul wants a favor. Outside the door, Christine and Nikki apologize to each other. Nikki goes to Dylan's room and fawns over him. She tells him Paul's doing well thanks to him. Dylan blames himself for Paul getting shot. Nikki and Avery reassure him. Dylan wonders how Paul feels about all this. The door opens - it's Victor pushing Paul in a wheelchair. Paul's eyes meet Dylan's. Everyone leaves. Dylan apologizes to Paul for not listening to him when he asked him not to go after Avery. Paul says if he hadn't, they wouldn't have learned he was his son. Paul thanks him for 'saving his old man'. They agree to spend time and figure this out. In the corridor, Nikki wonders to Victor if Katherine had any idea how this would end up. Victor takes a call from Nick, who says he figured out the key to Ian's weak spot, by giving Mariah the key to the house.

    Ben arrives at Vikki's house where she's indulging in weird food cravings. She feels the baby move. Ben puts his hand on her belly and they smile. Once alone, Victoria feels the baby again. She calls Billy and leaves a voicemail wishing him a happy birthday.

    Y&R Recap: One Ugly Outfit.

    Friday, July 04 2014

    At the hospital, Kelly apologizes to Ben - she had to tell Jack they were siblings. Ben expected it to come out. They discuss Dylan. Kelly urges Ben to tell Victoria about them before someone else does. He teases her about hugging him and saying, "I love you." Kelly warns him to tell Victoria all of it - and then he'll see how much she really cares about him. She tells Ben he paid for what he did; he served his time. She'll never like what he did, but doesn't hate him. Victoria appears as they hug and confronts them about being siblings. Kelly leaves. Victoria wants to know why he kept it from her. Ben says Kelly didn't want anyone to know they were related so he followed her lead. Victoria thinks he knows he should have told her by now. "Maybe it was a mistake to trust you." Ben says he loves her - he knows he's not supposed to say that, but he does.

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