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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Ben 'Stitch' Rayburn - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Ben 'Stitch' Rayburn Played by Sean Carrigan on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    (Nikki Nelson/

    Birthday: May 16 1974
    Birthplace: Fairfax, Virginia
    Real Name: Sean Carrigan
    Height: 6'


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    Y&R Recap: Marisa tells Victor he shot Jack

    Tuesday, July 21 2015

    Stitch comes upon Ashley in the park. They talk about Jack and then what Ben said to her. Ashley says Abby needs him. He agrees it's better to forget it, but they have trouble parting ways.

    Y&R Recap: Abby is in a car wreck

    Monday, July 20 2015

    At the hospital, Avery tells Phyllis about the rapist and how she held Joe at gunpoint. Avery says she's leaving Genoa City. Phyllis agrees to tell Summer. Elsewhere, Ashley is emotional after talking to Traci by phone. Ben appears. They are chatting when the male executive from Abby's warehouse meeting appears with a head wound. He says the hot blonde got frisky and he lost control of the car. Ash and Ben panic over Abby, who appears in a wheelchair. "I closed the warehouse deal." Once Abby's in a bed, Ash asks if getting drunk with a business associate and getting frisky is how to close a deal. She leaves to tell the family. Abby tells Ben she wasn't getting frisky.

    Y&R Recap: Avery decides to leave Genoa City

    Friday, July 17 2015

    At the Club, Abby complains to Ben that no one at work takes her seriously. She needs to close the deal with the warehouse workers. She takes the meeting. A latecomer comments to Ben at the bar that Abby's a hot female executive. He joins the meeting and sends the other men away. The man flirts with Abby. As she negotiates, Ben gets paged away. Abby plays hardball and makes a deal. They have champagne. By the stairs, Hilary and Devon have agreed to set a wedding date. Hilary says the printers will get a teeny order. At the door, Lily enters and spots Joe with his black eye. She asks if Cane did it. Cane appears. "He deserved a lot worse than that." He goads Joe to hit him so he can beat him up. Joe reminds Cane of what he stands to lose. Hilary and Devon appear. Cane doesn't want to talk to them. Devon advises him not to push Lily away. Cane and Lily then argue about the kids.

    In Jack's room, Phyllis tells him Ashley found his gun, or a gun, in Chelsea's penthouse. She wonders if his note meant two guns. She wonders if she did the right thing by telling Nikki he had a gun. Outside, Ben tells Ashley that Abby was too busy to celebrate. They go into Jack's room. Ben believes he made his thoughts known to Phyllis. If he can squeeze her hand again, it would be a positive sign of recovery. Phyllis gets him to do it. He indicates he didn't mean two guns. Phyllis says Victor shot an unarmed man.

    Y&R Recap: Chelsea stops Adam's confession

    Thursday, July 16 2015

    At the hospital, Ashley tells Phyllis she's been summoned to a meeting at Newman-Abbott. Phyllis expects to be invited to the next one. Ashley exits Jack's room and Ben picks her up and spins her around enthusiastically. He's officially reinstated. "Call me doctor." She does. She's happy for him and sad to lose her best chemist. Ben wants to celebrate. Ash thinks Abby would like to do that, but Ben says she doesn't know yet and has been hard to track down.

    Y&R Recap: Jack communicates with Phyllis

    Thursday, July 09 2015

    At the hospital, Jack wants Phyllis to know he can hear her; he wiggles his fingers and squeezes her hand. Phyllis gets him to do it again. When the doctor comes in, he doesn't do it. Phyllis is disappointed. When the doctor leaves, Jack squeezes again. He answers questions squeezing once for yes and twice for no. She is asking if he took a gun to the park when Adam enters. "What are you doing?" Phyllis pretends Jack wasn't responding, and exits. Adam talks to Jack about finding him in the park. Jack thinks that he heard him make a deal with Victor. Adam admits he thought he was dead and didn't know what to do. Jack thinks that he knows about his plan with Marco; Adam's not innocent in this. Adam tells him to get better and they'll figure this out together. In the corridor, Ashley tells Ben she is glad Jack doesn't know what's going on with the company. She tells him he got her there to take an MRI but doesn't have to stay. He will stay to talk about getting his job back...the medical board ruled in his favor and all he ever wanted to be was a doctor. Ashley is happy for him. After the MRI, Ashley and Ben join Phyllis, who is looking in at 'Gabe' and Jack. Adam emerges and Ash snarks at him about putting Abby in charge. She tells him the battle has just begun. Ash and Ben walk away. Adam tells Phyllis she told Jack what he though he needed to hear. Inside, Phyllis tells Jack she doesn't think he trusts 'Gabe', who is pushing others out of the company. She will keep an eye on him. Jack squeezes 'no'. He indicates that Victor didn't shoot him in self-defense, but he doesn't want her to call Paul.

    Abby calls Ben from The Underground. He appears with Ashley. She is thrilled to hear he'll be a doctor again. Abby shares the news of her deal. Ash warns her to watch her back. Abby is offended - can't anyone be happy for her? Ash explains her feelings for 'Gabe' and hugs Abby. Once alone, Ben tells Abby he's thrilled about her promotion. Behind the bar, Noah tells Marisa if her boyfriend knows where to find Marco, he needs his name. Marisa says he shouldn't be involved.

    Y&R Recap: Victor confesses to shooting Jack

    Friday, July 03 2015

    At the Abbott house, Ashley tells Abby and Ben that Jack is in a coma and the police suspect Victor shot him. Abby says it's not possible and storms out. Ben accuses Ashley of trying to punish Abby...for being with him. They bicker about whether he could hurt Abby, and agree it's awkward. Ashley gets emotional and lashes out. She says the feud is destroying all of them. She apologizes for her behavior. "I'm not that person." Ben puts his arm around her. She suggests he find Abby, but he'll stay with Ash. Later, they hear fireworks and step outside. Ash watches Ben as he looks up.

    Y&R Recap: Lily has sex with Joe

    Tuesday, June 23 2015

    At the Jabot lab, Ashley wants to know why Abby has a bodyguard. Stitch says there's a new threat. He tells her to ask Victor, who has just appeared. Victor doesn't owe Ashley an explanation. Ash disagrees. Stitch and Abby leave. Ash wonders if Victor is implying the Abbotts are out to get the Newmans. He asks, "Are they?" He asserts that he has the situation under control. Ash thinks he must be shaken up. Victor asks Ash why 'Jack' would entrust his estate to her and not Phyllis. It gets her thinking. Phyllis enters and confronts Victor about trying to get them to doubt 'Jack'. She accuses him of having 'Jack' drugged to cause the changes in him. Victor wonders if she also thinks he'd have himself charged with embezzlement. He thinks they helped set him up. Ash says, "And so it begins." She walks off. Phyllis thinks Victor is planning to kill 'Jack'.

    At The Underground, Sage chastises Nick for being overprotective. He looks over at his bodyguard. Sharon and Dylan are there. He talks about getting to know her better. She heads to the bar. Sharon asks after Sage's health and Nick thanks Sharon for helping Faith with his Father's Day gift. They talk about the baby coming. Nick's glad she's supportive. Sharon says she's starting her own family now. Nick asks if she's pregnant. Sharon tells him she was referring to Dylan moving in. Abby and Stitch appear. Abby explains the bodyguards to Sage. At the table, Sharon rejoins Dylan, who gets a frantic call from Avery. He tells her to call the police but Sharon urges him to go. Sage listens as Nick asks Sharon again if she's pregnant. Sharon isn't sure Dylan would want that. Nick thinks he would. After, Sharon looks at a pregnancy test in her purse. Later, Nick and Sage discuss the bodyguard. He reassures her.

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