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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Ben 'Stitch' Rayburn - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Ben 'Stitch' Rayburn Played by Sean Carrigan on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    (Nikki Nelson/

    Birthday: May 16 1974
    Birthplace: Fairfax, Virginia
    Real Name: Sean Carrigan
    Height: 6'


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    Y&R Recap: Should I Buy A Black Dress?

    Friday, August 08 2014

    In the park, Chelsea watches Stitch check a skateboarder's injury. After, he asks if she'll report him to the hospital board for practicing medicine without a license. He tells Chelsea that Billy and Victoria are closer to getting back together. He hopes that's what she wanted. They bicker. Chelsea tells Stitch he deserved what happened, but she does have compassion for him. Stitch says she tore his life apart. She blurts that he's not the only one who lost something. Stitch says he thought so. Billy appears so Stitch goes. Chelsea invites Billy to celebrate Connor's birthday. He accepts.

    Y&R Recap: You Can't Escape Reality.

    Wednesday, August 06 2014

    At the Club, Victor tells Stitch he believed in him and can't stand to be made a fool of. He tells Stitch he hurt his family and orders her to stay away from Victoria. Stitch says if the baby's his, he can't do that. He insists there he is still the man Victor thought he was, and there is more to the story. He opens up about his father and things happening he couldn't control when he was young. Stitch vows to be the best father he can if Victoria's baby is his. Victor warns that he'll also be the best father he can be. Later, Victor runs into Sharon's psychiatrist. Sharon appears. "You're talking to Victor about me?" Sharon speaks to Victor alone. She confronts him about trying to uncover her secret. He's sure she'll recover her memory on her own - probably sooner rather than later.

    In the park, Victoria tells Johnny he's going to have a little brother or sister. Billy appears and Victoria complains about him causing Stitch to lose his job. "Does this make you happy?" They bicker about Stitch and Billy wanting to spread it all around. He says he did it for her. She scoffs. He won't apologize. Victoria hands Johnny over and Billy asks her to join them for ice cream. She agrees and they kiss. As Billy starts talking about a fresh start, Stitch happens along. Billy suggests he leave town. Stitch says he's staying until Victoria knows who the father is and they call each other names. Victoria hisses at them to stop and complains about them causing her stress. They apologize. She leaves with Johnny. Billy and Stitch insult each other. Stitch tells him he can't hurt him anymore. He suggests they avoid each other until the baby's born. He warns when she finds out the baby's paternity, Victoria may not want anything to do with either of them.

    Y&R Recap: The Kind Of Doctor I Was.

    Monday, August 04 2014

    At the Club, Nikki worries to Michael by phone about the case. He assures her if they lose they'll fight it. She ogles the tequila. Victor appears. They are leaving when they hear Billy's raised voice. They join him, Ben, and Barton. Billy, brandishing the file, thinks Victor should know the truth about the man he's been pushing on his daughter. Ben tells Barton this was what he was about to tell him. He says he took someone else's identity. Billy blurts that Ben killed his own father. Ben admits he served time for that. Nikki feels there must have been extenuating circumstances. She and Victor leave. Stitch tells Barton he'll resign, but says his past never interfered with his medical career - after much loss it was all he had. Barton says it will have to go before the board. After, Ben tells Billy this all happened when he was a kid and questions Billy tanking his life and his career. Billy doesn't care. Stitch reminds him he was there when Delia was brought in. Billy cringes and tears up as Ben says he cried when she didn't make it. "That's the kind of doctor I was."

    At the hospital, Nikki doesn't approve of Victoria not taking the DNA test. She urges her to learn from her mistakes. Vikki wants to wait. Nikki pretends to leave but then sneaks back to an AA meeting to talk about her stress-related temptation. Vikki runs into Ben, who's carrying his belongings in a box. He says he's been asked to take a leave of absence and may never practice again. Vikki thinks he's holding something back. "What else is there?" Ben grimly says he made his choices and he'll live with them.

    Y&R Recap: Sticky Fingers.

    Friday, August 01 2014

    At Victoria's house, she tells Ben he killed his father, what is she supposed to do? He wants her to trust what she feels for him and that she's safe with him. Ben tries to explain that his father was a terrible person and an alcoholic. Victoria rants about him not trusting her. Ben gets called to the Club to meet Barton Shelby.

    At the Club, Jill and Colin flirt and talk about money and the necklace. He has tickets to the West Indies. Jill realizes she's paying for them. Once she leaves, Kurtz appears and drops the necklace into Colin's glass. "It's a fake." He says Colin has 24 hours to pay his debt or they go to his wife. "That's my boy!" Nearby, Ben meets Barton, who offers him congratulations - he received his promotion. Later, Jill rejoins Colin, who is intent on them getting out of Genoa City. Jill agrees and they leave. Meanwhile, Ben is telling Barton there is something he needs to know when Billy appears with the file.

    Y&R Recap: Cut The Apron Strings.

    Thursday, July 31 2014

    At the Club, Stitch tells Kelly he doesn't blame her for his secret coming out - Billy was determined. Kelly thinks the worst is over, but Stitch isn't so sure. Kelly reassures him. Jack appears. Stitch is curt and leaves. Kelly hopes Victoria will give her brother a second chance, but Jack disagrees. They discuss their own relationship. Jack is willing to take on her baggage. She asks him to take her home. In the dining room, Michael and Lauren discuss Fenmore leaving the nest for school. Later, Jill and Lauren talk business but Lauren is distracted. Lauren tells her Fen's going to Arizona State. Jill clucks about cutting the apron strings but admits Billy's still her baby. They bond over always being worried about their sons.

    At Crimson Lights, Stitch asks Dylan if they're still friends - he hated lying to him. Dylan complains he's been lied to a lot. "You were my best friend...I don't even know your real name." Stitch urges Dylan to trust his instincts about him. Avery appears. She tells Stitch Victoria isn't doing so hot. He leaves. Dylan is still upset Stitch didn't trust him. Avery thinks there's more to it. She points out that Stitch rebuilt his life and became Dylan's best friend - he deserves peace.

    Victoria lets Billy into the house to see Johnny. She assumes he'll gloat about Ben and insists he call ahead next time. Billy just wants to see his son. Victoria lets him feel the baby kicking. Billy admits he overheard what she told the doctor and says he doesn't want Ben around their son. Victoria hopes he's happy. Billy says she's beautiful. Later, Stitch arrives. He's worried about Victoria's opinion of him. Victoria feels she can't believe a word out of his mouth, and wonders if she's missing something. He nods. "Yes."

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