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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Ben 'Stitch' Rayburn - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Ben 'Stitch' Rayburn Played by Sean Carrigan on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    (Nikki Nelson/

    Birthday: May 16 1974
    Birthplace: Fairfax, Virginia
    Real Name: Sean Carrigan
    Height: 6'


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    Y&R Recap: It's A Blessing.

    Friday, May 22 2015

    At the lab, Yack instructs his family to come to the party today. Billy still isn't thrilled by the merger. Neither is Victoria. She thinks his 'happy-happy-joy-joy' event is forced. Yack thinks today is the perfect opportunity to show a united front. The doubters relent and Yack putters off. Victoria follows him into the hall. She wants to reverse his choice to support Chelsea. He defends his decision on business grounds and asks her to follow his lead. Back in the lab, Abby tells Ben how strained things are with Ashley. Down in Victoria's office, she and Billy discuss how the party might pan out.

    At the club, Lily fusses and Phyllis hopes that no one strangles anyone else today. Lily spots Hilary and Devon strolling in. She starts lecturing them. They decide to leave. When Lily brings up Rose, Hilary nearly clobbers her. Devon holds her back. He hopes that everyone will come to accept his relationship. Lily thinks he's delusional. Later, Victor stands by the entrance to greet guests. Yack is perplexed to see him fawning over Ben. Victor strolls over to his daughter. She's still miffed about his promoting Gabriel. He advises her to get along with him. Across the room, Phyllis and Nikki worry about Jack. Nikki's children join them. Before Nick can announce his news, they spot Neil walking in with Gwen and their jaws drop. Lily wonders what her father is up to. He tells her that he actually likes Gwen. Hilary approaches Gwen and warns her that Neil has been acting out. Gwen doubts she sincerely gives a damn and tells Devon and Hilary that they disgust her. Neil gets between them all and Gwen decides it's time for her to go. Meanwhile, Ben and Ashley have an awkward conversation. She admits that she developed feelings for him. That doesn't make sense to the doctor. Ash asks him not to say anything to Abby. When he returns to Abby's side, he awkwardly glosses over what Ash said and then makes an excuse to leave. Back across the room, Nick tells his family that he and Sage are having a baby. "It's a blessing," he insists. Sharon arrives with Dylan. When she wanders off, his mom approaches him and suggests that he doesn't need to be spending time with Sharon anymore. He informs her that things are over with Avery and he's with Sharon now. That doesn't go over well. He walks off to see Sharon. Nikki grabs a drink. As someone spies on the guests, Yack calls everyone together to talk about the merger of the families. He reminds everyone that it's the anniversary of Cassie's death and announces that he is funding a pediatric wing dedicated to her. Nick and Sharon thank him. The watcher creeps out and straight over to Victor. "You should not be here," Victor says.

    Y&R Recap: From The Beginning.

    Thursday, May 14 2015

    At the Jabot lab, Ashley asks Ben where his latest appendage is. Ben thinks she has a problem with him seeing Abby. Ash's problem is if he stops seeing her. They spar verbally about his intentions. Ben says he's finally in a relationship that didn't start as a lie; they're good together. Ash is still snippy. "Good to know."

    At Crimson Lights, Abby, Noah, Kevin, Mariah, Kyle, and Summer discuss Sharon's charges being dropped and the real killer. They debate about keeping themselves safe. Abby feels the killer no longer sees them as a threat. Someone watches them debate through the window. Mariah doesn't feel safe. Kyle gets a call that his dad is going home. Summer thinks things are looking up, but Mariah realizes Kevin doesn't think they're safe either. Suddenly they all get texts to come to the cabin. Abby calls Ben. Kyle wants to confront the killer and leaves. Kevin and Noah follow. Ben arrives and goes after the guys. Summer calls Paul and leaves him a message that something is going on at the cabin.

    At the cabin, Kyle, Kevin, and Noah's search turns up nothing. Ben arrives and says he's calling the cops. They hear something. Someone enters. Ben grabs him - it's Fen. They ask if he got a text too. He says, "No. I sent it." They read him the riot act. Summer, Abby, and Mariah arrive as Fen says he's been in contact with the killer. Kevin asks when. Fen says, "From the beginning."

    Y&R Recap: Working Out The Kinks.

    Tuesday, May 05 2015

    At Crimson Lights, Abby rambles on about making a fool of herself over him, until he tells her to shut up. He says he's not perfect; he lived a lie and has been with three women in less than a year. Abby agrees - he's a straight-up manwhore. Stitch laughs. They decide to go public at The Underground tonight.

    At The Underground, Faith tells Nick it looks the same as before. Mariah and Kevin tell Faith the place won't fall again because there's a cone of invincibility around it. Nick assures her it's all good. Faith glares. "It was..." Sage is there. Nick makes Faith apologize. She does but then asks why she's there. Nick says she works there. Faith wants to know if that's it. Mariah takes Faith out to meet her babysitter. Nick is sorry Sage is hurt by this. Kevin asks Nick if he's heard the latest on Sharon - the charges may be dropped. Mariah reappears and accuses Nick of being disappointed that Sharon might be innocent. She says the killer is still out there. Later, Sage tells Nick they should stay away from each other. Nick asks for time to sort things out. She's not going anywhere. Noah arrives, followed by Abby and Stitch. Mariah mocks her track record with men and they have to be held apart. Nick says no fighting. Victor appears and backs him up. Phyllis arrives and tells Nick the place looks great and Summer wasn't up to a party. She's surprised she beat Jack there since he's in his Ferrari. Suddenly, Sharon is there. Nick asks, "What is she doing here?" Victor and Noah gape.

    Y&R Recap: What's The Status Of Things?

    Monday, May 04 2015

    At the lab, Abby and Stitch discuss the killer. Stitch vows to protect her. Ashley enters and snipes if her daughter's charms are too potent, maybe Ben should seek employment elsewhere. Ash references their 'fling' but Abby protests what they have is the real thing. Stitch stays mum. Once alone, Abby apologizes for saying it was the real thing before they discussed it privately. Stitch says it's no problem. Awkwardness ensues. Victoria appears. "What's the status of things?" Abby departs. Ash reappears and gets into it with Ben about Abby. Victor arrives with Chelsea and tells Victoria she's back. Vic leaves. Victoria insults Chelsea's last line. She complains about Chelsea cheating on Billy. Chelsea says Victoria had her lips all over her fiance. Ashley breaks it up when they start screaming. Chelsea tells Victoria she's stuck with her and she'll make her life a living hell. After, Ash congratulates Victoria for telling Chelsea off.

    Noah and Kevin leave Summer's place, and Kyle tells her he's going golfing with his dad. Summer wonders why he's not going to the office. Kyle feels he can do nothing right and says he understands what went wrong with her marriage. Summer is offended he thinks she's a needy little girl who drove her husband into Abby's arms. Kyle apologizes. Abby arrives crying about Stitch. She doesn't know if they were even together. Kyle says there's a lot of that going around. Summer leaves. Abby tells Kyle he has to get real with Summer; she needs him. Stitch arrives to see Abby. Kyle gets in his face, but Abby assures Kyle he can go. Ben tells her they could have something good.

    Y&R Recap: Alpha Dog.

    Thursday, April 30 2015

    Abby and Stitch arrive at the Newman-Abbott lab where Ashley lectures them for being late. Abby reminds her of her inappropriate use of the shower, but then apologizes. Ash tells them Victoria emailed - she's concerned about Hex, which got a scathing review online. They brainstorm what to do. Stitch suggests tweaking it. Ash tells him to get to work. Victoria enters and announces she's decided to pull the line. Ashley argues. Victoria says retailers are backing away. Ash accuses her of wanting her own fragrance with her own name on it. "You want to make it clear to everyone here that you're the alpha dog." Victoria tells her to accept her role there. Ash wonders if she'll show her the door otherwise. Victoria insists she wants Ash there, but Ash doesn't buy it. She plans to stay there and succeed. Chelsea and Billy arrive to invite Ash, Abby, and Ben to their wedding. Victoria gives them time off. Billy wants her to come too. Victoria declines. Victor appears. "That's a wise decision." After, Ashley complains to Victor about Victoria's power play. Victor says Jack was privy to her decision. Ash says that's news to her. Elsewhere, Abby asks if Victoria's okay over Billy's wedding news. Victoria insists she's happy for them. On their way out, Billy assures Chelsea nothing will ruin their plans.

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