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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Ben 'Stitch' Rayburn - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Ben 'Stitch' Rayburn Played by Sean Carrigan on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    (Nikki Nelson/

    Birthday: May 16 1974
    Birthplace: Fairfax, Virginia
    Real Name: Sean Carrigan
    Height: 6'


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    Y&R Recap: Go Play House.

    Friday, April 17 2015

    At Crimson Lights, Stitch, Dylan, Abby, Kyle, and Summer discuss Paul's press conference about Sharon. Kyle feels safer. Dylan tells Stitch she's being framed. Stitch says the real killer is one step ahead then. Dylan snaps that it's time for him to get one step ahead of him. Abby tells Summer and Kyle that Ben isn't convinced Sharon is the culprit. Stitch warns them not to let their guards down either. Noah arrives and snipes at Kyle, Summer and Abby about Sharon and Faith. Noah has been choosing a casket and wants them all to shut up. Noah talks about what dress to put on Courtney and the necklace he gave her; it's missing. Summer says she was wearing it when she left her apartment. Noah leaves. Stitch muses that the killer could have the necklace. Abby and Stitch discuss Victoria; she may be concerned he's inventing reasons to stay with Abby. Abby says that's crazy. Stitch replies, "Maybe not." Kyle wants to take Summer home, but she tells him she thinks they've moved too fast. She does need him in her life though.

    Y&R Recap: Secret Soul.

    Thursday, April 16 2015

    At the Club, Stitch breaks up the fistfight between Billy and Adam as Victoria and Abby shout. Ben is livid when Kelly's ashes get kicked. He yells at Billy, "Didn't you and your brother kick my sister around enough when she was alive?" Victoria defends Billy. Ben looks stunned. Billy apologizes but Ben tells him to save it. Billy explains why they were fighting. Adam comments on Billy chasing his ex-wife around and adds she doesn't seem to mind. Abby takes Billy aside - 'Gabe' might not be wrong about him and Victoria. If it's what he wants deep in his secret soul, she can help. Billy thinks she wants Stitch. Abby denies it. Nearby, Ben asks Victoria if they're fine. She says they will be - he can come home since Sharon's been arrested. Ben thinks the real killer's still out there. Billy approaches to apologize to Ben again. Abby's going to Sharon's arraignment. Ben chooses to join her. Billy notes he took a punch, but Victoria looks knocked out. They sit together and look into each other's eyes as Victoria says nice things about him.

    At the courthouse, Abby confronts Sharon, who insists she's not the person who attacked her. Abby goes to find a seat. Sharon tells Stitch that Dylan believes in her innocence. Court is called into session though Sharon has no lawyer. She pleads not guilty. The assistant ADA requests bail be denied. As the judge agrees, Michael and Dylan arrive. Michael convinces the judge to let Sharon out on house arrest with him as her live-in guardian. Sharon can't understand why Michael would do this. Dylan tells Stitch that Sharon is being set up. Michael calls Lauren to fill her in. Abby complains to Stitch about Sharon walking. He thinks the killer is still out there; they have to stay at the Club in case.

    Y&R Recap: Family Secret.

    Wednesday, April 08 2015

    At the Club, Abby wants to tell Victor and Victoria about Courtney. Stitch warns her no slip-ups as they go over. After hearing the bad news, Victor steps away to call and check on Noah. Vikki asks for a word with Stitch. Abby heads upstairs. Vikki is grateful Ben is looking out for her. They agree he may have to stay with Abby longer than they'd planned. Vikki's fine with it; they'll find time together whenever they can. Elsewhere, Victor phones and checks up on his plot with the fingerprints - everything worked out. Upstairs, Ashley arrives at Abby's suite and hugs her. Abby mentions talking to the police. Ash begins to grill her. Stitch and Vikki appear. Stitch says Abby was the one who found the body. Upset, Abby runs out. Vikki follows. Ash noticed the looks between Stitch and Abby. He admits he really cares about her. Vikki returns. Ash goes to see Abby in Ben's room. Downstairs, Paul runs into Victor, who warns him not to turn Courtney's murder investigation into a circus surrounding the Newmans or use it to get back at them for what happened to Christine. Paul will make sure Courtney's killer pays and doesn't need threats from anyone - including those who might be suspects. Nick arrives. Victor asks about Noah and then mentions Paul saying the strangest thing - implicating him as though he may have had motive.

    Y&R Recap: Free Pass.

    Tuesday, April 07 2015

    At the cabin, Kevin says Courtney got too close to the truth. Mariah worries the person who left the note is trying to pin this on them. Kevin feels they're trying to warn them. Paul arrives with cops and paramedics. The gang tells him what happened. He says Courtney's phone was found in the trash beside the computer Kevin hacked. He wants answers. They tell him Courtney was trying to find out who murdered Austin. They come clean about the Valentine's Day party, Austin's death, and the cover-up. Paul rages at them for not coming to him. Noah knows they screwed up and cost Courtney her life - now he wants to focus on finding the bastard that did this.

    At the Abbott cabin, Paul tells everyone to follow him to the station. Noah is allowed to stay with Courtney until they take her.

    At the station, Summer talks to Paul about Abby and Austin - she didn't know about them until after he died. She admits she thought she killed him briefly. Kevin tells Paul that he hacked into the computers to find the footage from the park - Courtney must have found something. Paul says a virus corrupted the system. Kevin tells him about Austin's documentary. Abby and Stitch tell Paul about her mugging and how he got involved. Kyle tells Paul he didn't like Austin but didn't kill him. He urges Paul to look at Sharon. Mariah tells Paul that Sharon isn't capable of killing two people; The Mustache and his son had more to lose. Elsewhere, Nick arrives. Sage shows up - she heard the news. Sharon arrives. Sharon snaps at Sage for being there. Noah enters. Paul wants to question him but Sharon and Nick protest. Noah asks Paul what he wants to know. Paul wants to know who he suspects. Noah says Dylan - he knows all about it and told them he would get to the bottom of it. In the waiting area, Sharon informs Sage that she and Nick will take their son home together, but Nick tells Sage to stay. Paul lets the gang go so the killer will believe they're still treating Austin's death as an accidental death. Nick and Sharon comfort a distraught Noah.

    At the Club, Adam is glad Chelsea got the roses. She tells him he's good and warns she's onto his little plan to get close to her. He realizes Sage talked and calls her a liar. Chelsea asks if he knew her dead husband. Adam talks about coming to Genoa City and seeing her in the Club and at the park with Connor - he knew she was the one. She was taken, but not by Billy, by her late husband. He claims he researched Adam - he wanted to be the kind of man she couldn't stop loving. He knows her late husband as much as he knows himself. Chelsea is upset about his manipulation. "Stay away from me." She blows past Stitch and Abby. Abby worries to Stitch about the killer. Stitch says seeing Courtney made him glad she was okay after the mugging.

    Y&R Recap: The Body Shop.

    Monday, April 06 2015

    At the park, Noah and the others speculate about why Courtney would call him to the cabin. Suddenly they all get texts from Courtney - she wants them all at the cabin. Kevin learns she went to the station and thinks she got access to the computer. She may know who the killer is.

    At the cabin, Courtney's car is out front but she's nowhere to be found. Noah and Stitch argue when Noah wants to walk to the cell tower to see if she's there. They bicker about who the suspects are, and Stitch speculates that maybe Courtney didn't send the messages. Only one other person would have lured them up there. Noah says they need to call the police. More bickering ensues.

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