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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Ben 'Stitch' Rayburn

    Full detailed profile on Ben 'Stitch' Rayburn Played by Sean Carrigan on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    (Nikki Nelson/
    Ben 'Stitch' Rayburn

    Actor: Sean Carrigan

    Who played Ben 'Stitch' Rayburn over the years

    Sean Carrigan (June 28, 2013 - present)

    Useful information on Ben 'Stitch' Rayburn

    * Was in the Afghanistan war with Dylan McAvoy.
    * Was an army medic in the war.
    * Went back to school to become a doctor.
    * Has a wife and child out of town.
    * Goes by the nickname 'Stitch'.
    * Works at Genoa City Memorial Hospital.


    Current: Resident doctor at Genoa City Memorial Hospital
    Past: Medical school student
    Past: Army medic


    Stitch first came to Genoa City as a friend of Dylan's who urged him to open up to Chelsea about what he'd gone through in Afghanistan. Stitch returned to town to be Dylan's best man when he married Chelsea, and again later to support Dylan following his break-up with Chelsea. He stayed to do his residency at Genoa City Memorial Hospital and revealed to Dylan that his marriage to wife Jenna was on the rocks. At work, he met Nikki Newman while doing rounds with Dr. Costner. She befriended him and later it was revealed that she was Dylan's biological mother. Stitch also met Ashley Abbott when she was in town visiting and hurt her ankle. He treated her and Abby, who was with her mother, pushed the flirtation until Ben said he was married.

    Stitch is always at Dylan's Crimson Lights, and one day he ran into Kelly Andrews. It quickly became apparent they had a shared past and the animosity was thick in the air when Victoria Newman Abbott invited them both over to dinner. They continue to have run-ins and clues are revealed about their past. Stitch has comforted Victoria since she found out about Kelly's one night stand with Billy Abbott, and he often alludes to knowing what Kelly is capable of. Kelly, whose son was killed, recently called Stitch a murderer. Stitch was friends with Billy, but they are on the outs because Victoria kissed Stitch in the gym and Billy found out.


    Jenna (wife, out of town, divorce in progress)
    Kelly Andrews (unknown romantic past gone wrong)
    Victoria Newman Abbott (kissed)


    Max (young son with Jenna, out of town)


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    Thursday, October 30 2014: Y&R Recap: Killer Instinct.

    Ashley finds Ben shirtless in his room. She says they have an hour to kill and they flirt. Ben's tired. She realizes he didn't sleep well thinking about Victoria and advises him to follow his heart. Ashley tells him Victoria was asking her questions and wonders if he can redeem himself in her eyes, why doesn't he? Ben gets agitated. Ash asks, "You took the fall for someone else, didn't you?" Ben muses that Ashley would have plead guilty to forever to protect her dad. Ash agrees, but says she was never put to the test. Ben says she's helped him make a decision.

    Monday, October 27 2014: Y&R Recap: Right Some Wrongs.

    At Crimson Lights, Ben tells Dylan there's more to his story - enough to make Victoria understand or even win her back. Victoria is there - she thinks it's a private conversation. Dylan stops her from leaving and tells her he got out of jail because people believed in him - not everyone's so lucky. Ben thanks Vikki for posting his bail. It wasn't her. She asks him about there being more to his father's death - she knows there's something he's been wanting to tell her. He wonders if it would change anything and confirms there are things he's never told anyone. Vikki talks about being blindsided by his deception. She hopes he opens up to her because she can't imagine raising her child with a man who doesn't trust her enough to do that. He wants a chance to make things right.

    Nikki finds Maureen in her suite. Maureen talks about explaining to Victor and Nikki needing a friend. She pours them a drink. Ben knocks at the door. Nikki makes a beeline for the other room, saying she'll explain later. Maureen realizes Ben wants to talk about the truth and tries to stop him. He wants this over with. "I have to tell the truth about dad's death." Nikki listens. Downstairs, Cane wants to know about Joe's business. Joe isn't prepared to tell yet. Cane looks at his proposal and sees something Joe failed to mention - Dylan and his coffeehouse are losers in the deal. Joe says it's nothing personal, just business.

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