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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Ben 'Stitch' Rayburn

    Full detailed profile on Ben 'Stitch' Rayburn Played by Sean Carrigan on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    (Nikki Nelson/
    Ben 'Stitch' Rayburn

    Actor: Sean Carrigan

    Who played Ben 'Stitch' Rayburn over the years

    Sean Carrigan (June 28, 2013 - present)

    Useful information on Ben 'Stitch' Rayburn

    * Was in the Afghanistan war with Dylan McAvoy.
    * Was an army medic in the war.
    * Went back to school to become a doctor.
    * Has a wife and child out of town.
    * Goes by the nickname 'Stitch'.
    * Works at Genoa City Memorial Hospital.


    Current: Resident doctor at Genoa City Memorial Hospital
    Past: Medical school student
    Past: Army medic


    Stitch first came to Genoa City as a friend of Dylan's who urged him to open up to Chelsea about what he'd gone through in Afghanistan. Stitch returned to town to be Dylan's best man when he married Chelsea, and again later to support Dylan following his break-up with Chelsea. He stayed to do his residency at Genoa City Memorial Hospital and revealed to Dylan that his marriage to wife Jenna was on the rocks. At work, he met Nikki Newman while doing rounds with Dr. Costner. She befriended him and later it was revealed that she was Dylan's biological mother. Stitch also met Ashley Abbott when she was in town visiting and hurt her ankle. He treated her and Abby, who was with her mother, pushed the flirtation until Ben said he was married.

    Stitch is always at Dylan's Crimson Lights, and one day he ran into Kelly Andrews. It quickly became apparent they had a shared past and the animosity was thick in the air when Victoria Newman Abbott invited them both over to dinner. They continue to have run-ins and clues are revealed about their past. Stitch has comforted Victoria since she found out about Kelly's one night stand with Billy Abbott, and he often alludes to knowing what Kelly is capable of. Kelly, whose son was killed, recently called Stitch a murderer. Stitch was friends with Billy, but they are on the outs because Victoria kissed Stitch in the gym and Billy found out.


    Jenna (wife, out of town, divorce in progress)
    Kelly Andrews (unknown romantic past gone wrong)
    Victoria Newman Abbott (kissed)


    Max (young son with Jenna, out of town)


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    Tuesday, June 23 2015: Y&R Recap: Lily has sex with Joe

    At the Jabot lab, Ashley wants to know why Abby has a bodyguard. Stitch says there's a new threat. He tells her to ask Victor, who has just appeared. Victor doesn't owe Ashley an explanation. Ash disagrees. Stitch and Abby leave. Ash wonders if Victor is implying the Abbotts are out to get the Newmans. He asks, "Are they?" He asserts that he has the situation under control. Ash thinks he must be shaken up. Victor asks Ash why 'Jack' would entrust his estate to her and not Phyllis. It gets her thinking. Phyllis enters and confronts Victor about trying to get them to doubt 'Jack'. She accuses him of having 'Jack' drugged to cause the changes in him. Victor wonders if she also thinks he'd have himself charged with embezzlement. He thinks they helped set him up. Ash says, "And so it begins." She walks off. Phyllis thinks Victor is planning to kill 'Jack'.

    At The Underground, Sage chastises Nick for being overprotective. He looks over at his bodyguard. Sharon and Dylan are there. He talks about getting to know her better. She heads to the bar. Sharon asks after Sage's health and Nick thanks Sharon for helping Faith with his Father's Day gift. They talk about the baby coming. Nick's glad she's supportive. Sharon says she's starting her own family now. Nick asks if she's pregnant. Sharon tells him she was referring to Dylan moving in. Abby and Stitch appear. Abby explains the bodyguards to Sage. At the table, Sharon rejoins Dylan, who gets a frantic call from Avery. He tells her to call the police but Sharon urges him to go. Sage listens as Nick asks Sharon again if she's pregnant. Sharon isn't sure Dylan would want that. Nick thinks he would. After, Sharon looks at a pregnancy test in her purse. Later, Nick and Sage discuss the bodyguard. He reassures her.

    At the park, Abby and Stitch eat burgers. She brings up his relationship with Victoria. She wonders what will happen with them when there's no more crisis. He looks forward to finding out. Ben hands the bodyguard food. Later, Michael contemplates his divorce papers and flashes to old times with Lauren.

    Wednesday, June 10 2015: Y&R Recap: The Pathological Liars Club.

    Billy arrives at the hospital. Ben tells Abby he texted him. Abby explains about the aneurysm. The doctors bring Ash back from testing. They need to perform surgery as soon as possible. Ben asks how soon it can be scheduled, but Ash says she didn't agree to do it. Ben says she has to, or she'll die. Abby and Billy encourage her to agree. Ash is afraid but agrees to have the surgery immediately. Ben assures her she's doing the right thing. When he says it, she believes it.

    At the hospital, Marco/Yack learns Ash is being prepped for surgery. He steps away after a conversation about Ashley being a breast cancer survivor and looks at his phone message, which asks if he wants his prize dead or alive. Soon Victor and Victoria show up. Ash is wheeled past. They tell her no negative thoughts and Ben says he'll be in the OR with her. She'd like that. Victoria gives Abby a pep talk. They discuss Ben. Billy listens as Vikki says she and Ben knew from the beginning it wouldn't last; someone else was always in the picture. Abby says what she and Ben have is real and for them, there is no one else in the picture. Billy joins Vikki and tells her he overheard. Vikki says they'll get together when Ashley's in the clear. They hug. Victor notices and the vein in his cheek pulses. Marco answers his 'dead or alive' text.

    Kyle and Summer arrive at the hospital. Abby hugs Kyle. Ben comes out of the OR with positive news about Ashley's surgery. He's glad he got to be there for her. In Ashley's recovery room, Ben reassures Abby. Outside, Marco tells Billy and Kyle he will do something for Ashley - it involves a plan for the company. "It is time to overthrow the king and take this company for ourselves." Victoria tells Victor she's starting to think he's right - they're up to something.

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