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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Kyle Abbott (Past) - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Kyle Abbott (Past) Played by Hartley Sawyer on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    (Nikki Nelson/

    Birthday: December 4 1985
    Birthplace: Goshen, NY
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Hartley Sawyer


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    Y&R Recap: Say It!

    Monday, January 27 2014

    At the Club, Jack fills Hilary in on Kyle parting ways with Victor. They discuss Chelsea and Adam's wedding. Jack says something is going on with Adam and he's worried. Hilary says he has good instincts and is probably right. Kyle appears. They talk about tracking down Jill to tell her about Bonaventure. Hilary says she's on it. Jack leaves and Kyle accuses Hilary of having a 'thing' for his father. Hilary insists she merely admires and respects him. Kyle's not buying it. Hilary says she is grateful for how Jack's treated her, but doesn't have 'thing' for him. Hilary points out that Jack is in love with someone else. Kyle counters that he may never be able to have a life with her.

    Y&R Recap: Beautiful Experience.

    Friday, January 24 2014

    At the Club, Kyle and Jack discuss Bonaventure and VivaSurge. Jack is prepared to tell the FDA and the FBI - Victor will never see it coming. Soon, Victor appears. Kyle says it's not Jack's fault there were drugs on the shoot. Victor says he'll be held responsible. "The buck stops with the man at the top." Jack couldn't agree more. Kyle tells Victor he quits. Victor shrugs that he was spying anyway. Jack mocks Victor for not being able to have Kyle, Adam or Connor. Victor says they'll see if Adam leaves.

    Y&R Recap: Once Upon A Winter Evening.

    Thursday, January 23 2014

    Hilary arrives at Jack's with a package of drugs delivered from Mexico. Kyle says the key to connecting Bonaventure and VivaSurge was in his mailbox. Jack pulls the bottle out of the box to see the drug that nearly killed Summer. "Victor will pay for this." Jack mentions Victor breathing down Adam's neck as well. He wants to get the information to the FDA immediately. Later, Kyle tells Hilary the sales of VivaSurge began after Bonaventure came under the Newman umbrella. He admits to being a little disappointed - he looked up to Victor, though he's fully Team Abbott. They discuss her losing her mom. Hilary says having this job and a boss like Jack makes it easier.

    Y&R Recap: Live And Learn.

    Tuesday, January 21 2014

    At the Abbott mansion, Jack tells Kyle that Summer's lab results are expected today.

    In the hospital, Stitch looks in on Summer who is with Nikki. They discuss her taking the pills. Nikki reassures her. Jack and Kyle arrive. Jack tells her, "Live and learn, kiddo." Jack reassures Summer that she's not stupid and they discuss Phyllis. Jack, Kyle, and Nikki step out. Nikki and Jack chat. He assures her he's fine. They discuss the pressure on the models. Stitch appears. Jack notices the file says 'Summer Newman'. Nick and Victor arrive. Stitch tells them about the dangerous drug she took. Jack encourages Nick to go in. She tells him she heard what he said when they brought her in - every word. Meanwhile, Paul arrives to tell Jack a complaint has been filed. Jack asks who filed the charges. Victor says, "I did." Jack and Victor holler. Nikki defends Jack. Jack goes in to see Summer and hears her tell Nick that when he said, "Daddy's here," all her terror went away. She notices Jack who says he has to go. Down the hall, Kyle talks to Stitch about the drug. Stitch says it would have been obtained illegally - VivaSurge isn't FDA-approved. Kyle walks thoughtfully and looks at Victor, who steps in with Nick and Summer. Victor tells Summer they'll always protect her - he doesn't blame her at all for what happened.

    Jack arrives at home and flashes to when he and Summer first found out they were father and daughter. Kyle arrives and tells him the drug Summer took was VivaSurge. Jack snarls, "I should have known. Victor Newman is the reason my daughter nearly died."

    Y&R Recap: Can't Just Sit Back.

    Thursday, January 16 2014

    Kyle arrives at home to find Jack playing Phyllis' song. Jack explains that she's responding to the song. Hilary arrives talking business. Kyle has more pictures of files - he thinks their way in might be one tiny little pill. It looks like Bonaventure might be selling an unapproved drug online - one is for weight loss. Hilary suggests they place an order to get the information they need. She'll order the energy pills under the name Ann Turner. Kyle can't imagine Victor condones this. Jack says it's under his watch.

    Y&R Recap: Selling His Soul.

    Friday, December 27 2013

    Kyle presents Victor with research at Newman. He says Bonaventure is on track to show a profit. Victor starts musing about weak links. Kyle assures him if there's a weak link on staff, it's not him. Victor says Noah got a report in before him. He wants them to work together, not compete. Kyle says Noah's name is on the building, his is not, so he has to try harder. Victor muses it might be easier for him at Jabot. Kyle feels he's better in a place he has to prove himself every day. Victor offers him a chance to do just that.

    At the Club, Jack tells Adam that Kyle got him the Bonaventure financials. Adam tells him he has to bow out. Jack thought he wanted payback. Adam says there's something he wants more and refers to Chelsea. Adam says he took Jack's advice to look to the future and won't let the past get in the way. Victor appears with Kyle. He asks Adam about Connor. Adam lets him know he's back with Chelsea and Victor mocks him. Adam tells him his opinion means nothing. He warns Kyle about Victor. Jack echoes his sentiments. Kyle and Victor sit at a table. Hilary joins Jack. She warns Kyle is selling his soul to Victor. Near the door, Mason tells Devon he heard someone stole his identity in Vegas. Devon wonders how Mason knows it wasn't him - the media has never mentioned an imposter. Mason tries to cover and asks Devon to hit the gym. Devon agrees and then punches him in the stomach. He tells Mason he knows it was him. Mason tries to blame Hilary. Devon assures Mason he'll go down for this. Meanwhile, Victor tells Kyle he handled the business meeting well. Kyle joins Jack and Hilary, who asks about new leads. Kyle hedges. "Nothing yet." Hilary joins Devon, who says she was right about Mason. Jack tells Kyle that Victor's buttering him up for the kill. Kyle insists he won't get sucked in.

    Y&R Recap: Friends With No Benefits.

    Friday, December 20 2013

    At Newman, Kyle tells Noah that Victor's desk was open, he was just closing it. Noah calls him a liar. Kyle says he was looking for paper to write Victor a note. Noah doesn't believe it. Kyle says Noah's intimidated by him. Noah says he has nothing to prove. "Grandpa knows he can trust me." They are bickering heatedly when Victor arrives. He sets them straight and assigns them both to Bonaventure Industries. Later, Noah tells Victor he caught Kyle going through his desk.

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