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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Abby Newman - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Abby Newman Played by Melissa Ordway on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.


    Birthday: March 31 1983
    Birthplace: Atlanta, Georgia
    Marital Status: Married, Justin Gaston (September 22, 2012)
    Real Name: Melissa Ordway
    Height: 5'8"


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    Y&R Recap: Keeping Quiet.

    Tuesday, July 22 2014

    At the Abbott's, Abby doesn't understand why Kelly was being so secretive about Stitch. Traci gets between them when they start to bicker. Meanwhile, Jack assures Billy that he'll be a wonderful father if he is the father of Victoria's baby. Billy wonders why Stitch isn't fighting for his role in his child's life. Kelly interrupts and asks Billy to stop prying into her brother's life. Summer and Austin arrive and they all go in for dinner. Billy wonders why Jack seems so upset about. They all sit down for a meal. It's awkward. Abby takes jabs at Austin. He insists he's not trying to hurt Summer and will go back to work after he serves his time. Summer suggests that Jack give him a job. Austin can't picture it. The topic accidentally turns to Billy and his children. He talks about his life falling apart. When Summer and Austin get up to leave, they explain they are staying at his place downtown. Everyone worries that's too dangerous. The newlyweds leave. Traci tells everyone that they all need to stick together. Abby starts quizzing Billy about the new woman in his life. Jack walks him out and tells him he has every right to be happy. Billy wonders why he seems so tense around Kelly. Once he leaves, Kelly thanks Jack for staying quiet about her brother. He doesn't want to lose her trust. After she leaves, Traci and Abby question Jack about how serious he is about Kelly.

    Y&R Recap: It Changes Everything.

    Monday, July 21 2014

    At the Abbott house, Traci and Abby chat about the family while setting the dining room table. Traci declares they’ll have a happy and healing family dinner. Abby disappears into the living room and stalks Tyler’s FacePlace page. She sees he’s single. Traci comes in and says it’s not a curse being single. She takes her tablet away. Abby leaves and Traci is tempted to check Steve’s account. Abby catches her and tells her she hopes that one day she can be as strong as her. They share a laugh and decide that men aren’t a necessity. They talk about Abby and Tyler. Traci stresses that Abby will find a man that fits and promises she’ll be happy again.

    Later, at the Abbott house, Kelly and Jack arrive for dinner. Abby’s displeased but Traci warns her behave. Kelly takes Jack aside and wonders how she can act normal when her brother’s future is at risk. Summer and Austin show up. Jack greets them and mentions he didn’t realize Austin would be joining them. Summer thanks everyone for the invitation and leaves to take Austin on a house tour. Abby catches up with Kelly in the dining room. She asks about her secret. Billy arrives and Jack tells him he has news - nothing he ever expected. Billy says they’ll deal with it together and to tell him what he heard.

    Y&R Recap: A Banner Day For The Abbotts.

    Thursday, July 17 2014

    At Jabot, Jack, Billy and Abby run into each other in the hall. Abby muses it will be another banner day in the Abbott family. They meet in Jack’s office and the talk turns to Summer’s wedding. Abby is unhappy Jack gave up and walked her down the aisle. Jack supports Summer and is happy Kelly talked him into it. Abby snaps at Billy about dating some ‘mystery s***’. He’s not giving up - Vikki is moving on with Stitch. Abby shares that Lily thinks she should start dating and maybe she will. Abby leaves and Billy admits he is going to make mistakes but it’s who he is. Sharon shows up to talk and Billy leaves. She wishes she could remember her secret but believes whatever happened between her and Phyllis happened around the time of her accident. Jack tells Sharon that after the accident he remembers she was supportive and very distraught when Phyllis slipped back into a coma.

    At the Club, Traci reads a document. Abby comes in to meet her. Traci admits her divorce from Steve is final. They both break down in tears. Abby questions, why can’t people be happy? Jack stops by and agrees to host a family dinner. Jack runs into Victor but doesn’t want to talk. Victor sits and makes a call to Dr. Cutler asking how one assigns coma reversing medication to a patient.

    Y&R Recap: Hot For A Bad Boy.

    Friday, July 11 2014

    At Jabot, Kelly and Jack debate about Summer. He thinks the threat of getting arrested might wake her up. Abby hears and glares. Kelly exits. Jack tells Abby about the marriage. Abby tells him Austin is the first guy Summer's slept with and explains how that feels to her. Jack understands Summer looking for someone to build her world around. Abby muses about how intense it is being hot for a bad boy. She tells Jack what he's doing is Victor-like - is he ready to live with the consequences?

    At the Dive Bar, Noah and Courtney meet Austin and Summer, who announces they intend to have a church wedding. She wants them to be there - this afternoon. Noah can't support it. Kelly overhears as Summer says her loving Austin should be a reason for Noah to support it. Abby appears and warns Summer that Jack isn't backing down - he'll have her arrested. Summer says they're having a church wedding and she doesn't care if any of them show up. Abby convenes with Noah and Courtney about stopping the wedding. Noah wonders is this is about Abby's broken engagement. Abby denies it.

    Y&R Recap: A Walking Hormone Factory.

    Thursday, July 03 2014

    At Jabot, Jack mutters about Summer not answering her phone and chats with Abby. Neil wonders where Hilary went. Jack complains to Abby about Summer hooking up with Austin Travers. Abby doesn't think there's much he can do - Summer's a walking hormone factory. Abby warns Jack he needs to stop treating Summer like a child. Jack vows to try not to make things worse. In the stopped elevator, Devon tells Hilary he's trying hard to let this go. Hilary is worried about him - he smells like a distillery. Devon says he thinks about her all the time and it drives him crazy. They debate as Neil pushes the button outside. Devon tells Hilary he's in love with her - he should have told her sooner. They nearly kiss as he says, "I know you love me too." Hilary's butt hits the button and the elevator opens - Neil is there. Hilary and Devon both claim they were in other departments. Neil tells Hilary he's worried about Devon.

    At the Dive Bar on the roof of the Club, Abby sees Devon drinking. She urges him to tell her his problems. They talk about money making things more complicated. He grumbles about his sad, lonely life. Abby asks, "Who is she?" Devon admits he's in love with somebody who loves someone else. Abby can relate - Tyler was hung-up on Mariah. Abby advises that he won't escape what's bothering him by drinking. Abby tells him he'll figure it out and leaves. Devon climbs out on the ledge and throws away his money.

    Y&R Recap: A Radiant Point Of Light.

    Thursday, June 26 2014

    At the park, Abby learns Tyler pretended to be a photographer to get her to meet him. He says he wasn't about to just give up - she's the only woman he wants. Abby complains about the embarrassment of a broken engagement. Tyler doesn't think she wants it to be over. He asks her to put the ring back on. Mariah appears and tells Tyler what Abby and Noah did to her. Tyler is angry. He thought Abby was different from Mariah, but she can manipulate with the best of them. "Maybe there isn't a chance for us."

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