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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Abby Newman - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Abby Newman Played by Melissa Ordway on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.


    Birthday: March 31 1983
    Birthplace: Atlanta, Georgia
    Marital Status: Married, Justin Gaston (September 22, 2012)
    Real Name: Melissa Ordway
    Height: 5'8"


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    Y&R Recap: Nail Her.

    Wednesday, January 28 2015

    At Jabot, Jack tells Billy about Phyllis' erratic behavior and blames Victor. Adam enters and Jack learns he and his girlfriend met up with Billy and Chelsea last night. Billy says Sage is nice. In the lab, Abby tells Ashley the name for the fragrance should be Hex. Ashley likes it. The Environmental Security Bureau shows up with a court order to seize their formula because it uses a South American tree root. Ashley calls Jack, who sends Billy to talk to her. Ash then tells Abby she's going to take back what's hers. In Jack's office, he confronts Adam about his lies. Adam explains the ruse with Sage. Jack says he's playing a dangerous game, but Adam says it's one he's winning. He maintains that when Billy goes back to Victoria, Chelsea will know he's the man for her.

    Ben joins Billy and Abby in the Jabot lab. Ashley texts and they learn Victoria backed Victor's claim that they developed the fragrance. Ben leaves. Ashley returns and Abby says Ben knew nothing about Victoria working on a fragrance. Ash and Abby mutter about blood being thicker than love for the Newmans. In Jack's office, he and Adam bicker until Jack leaves. Chelsea appears. Adam jokes that she has to stop stalking him. They talk about his girlfriend making her and Billy see him differently. Adam talks about a woman changing a man for the better. Chelsea says he reminds her of someone she knew. Later, Billy joins Chelsea, who tells him about seeing Sage with Nick.

    Y&R Recap: Your Last Hope.

    Tuesday, January 20 2015

    At the Jabot lab, Abby and Ben discuss adding the formula to other products like shampoo. Ashley arrives with the news that Newman is trying to steal their thunder by bringing back Brash & Sassy. Ash worries Victor knows what they have. Ben says if she thinks he gave information to Victoria, she should fire him now. She turns to Tobias, "I'm going to fire you!" Ash confronts him for being a mole. She realizes there is another mole too and wants a name or she'll call the cops. Tobias doesn't know. Ben escorts him out. Abby drops her purse and Ash sees her vial of product. She claims she planned to use it on Victoria and Billy. Ash panics that Victor could have seen it. Abby wouldn't hurt the project.

    At the lab, Ashley tells Abby that Victor doesn't know about the compound. Abby dumps her vial in the sink.

    Y&R Recap: Busy In The Bedroom.

    Tuesday, January 13 2015

    In the office at the Club, Abby flashes to stealing the love potion and muses that this could be so fun. Kelly appears and Abby insults her sweetly. Kelly gets a text and smiles. In a suite, Devon dresses and tells Gwen this was a bad idea. She doesn't think so, and kisses him. Downstairs, Neil talks about having a healthy baby. Hilary takes her birth control pill. Neil enthuses about staying busy in the bedroom. Devon and Gwen appear, as does Lily. Hilary drops her glass when Devon nuzzles Gwen. She blames her hand cream. Hilary steps away and runs into Gwen, who tells her what happened with Devon. "I have you to thank." Meanwhile, Neil tells Lily he and Hil are having fun trying to get pregnant. By the stairs, Hilary asks Devon how he could do this to her. Phyllis interrupts to thank Hilary for planning Jack's fake meeting. Lily joins and talks about baby-making. Hil asks her to help Phyllis. In the office, Lily tells Phyllis they have no suites. Phyllis thinks she's 'Team Kelly'. Kelly listens as Phyllis makes a speech about Jack. Lily agrees to help. Downstairs, Abby greets Jack and teases about his romantic life. He tells her he's Katie's godfather. Abby rants on about Victoria and Billy. Victoria appears. She asks Abby to be Katie's godmother. Abby doesn't feel responsible enough, but Victoria convinces her she's a great role model. Jack is given a card saying the woman he loves has a surprise with a room number. Jack checks with the bartender that Phyllis set it up. He confirms, but says it's a different room number. In the office, Phyllis thanks Lily and they discuss Kelly. Lily knows Jack and Phyllis have true love - she thought Kelly might get hurt. Lily doesn't want to argue about who did what though. By the stairs, Hilary confronts Devon about sleeping with Gwen. Devon counters that she's trying to get pregnant with Neil. Lily interrupts. She complains about feeling two-faced having to help Phyllis when Kelly's her friend. They look over at Neil and Gwen chatting. Lily muses that Devon picked someone that dad likes. Hilary rolls her eyes. At the table, Gwen tells Neil his son's been lying to him. She explains about their first date being fake, but assures him it's real now. Neil appreciates her honesty. Once alone, Neil reaches for Hil's ringing phone and finds her pills. Across the room, Hilary and Devon explain themselves to each other and apologize. Devon wants to go out of town together. Hil will find a way.

    Y&R Recap: Dollar Signs In Your Eyes.

    Friday, January 09 2015

    Kevin sees Mariah kissing Austin at The Underground. Mariah says it was her idea - she wanted to and she liked it. Summer appears. "You liked what?" Kevin covers that Mariah walked out on Sharon and enjoyed doing it. Summer and Mariah snipe at each other. Summer wants Mariah to leave. Mariah asks, "Can I see your ID snowflake?" Kevin follows Mariah out - he'll find her before she does something else she regrets. Summer wonders what he meant. Austin tells her Mariah kissed him. Summer fumes. Austin says she was upset and acting out. "It meant nothing." Glass breaks. Abby appears. She's meeting someone there, but won't say who. Summer tells her Mariah kissed Austin. Abby rants and asks Austin how he let that happen. Abby goes and Austin asks Summer not rile Mariah up more. She agrees.

    Y&R Recap: Fire Eyes.

    Monday, January 05 2015

    At the lab, Ben and Abby look on as Joe gives Ashley flowers and thanks her for a memorable New Year's Eve. Abby wants more information. Ben recognizes Joe as the guy trying to squash Crimson Lights and warns him it won't be easy getting past Mac. Joe leaves. Abby muses 'someone' won't need the new fragrance. They get to work choosing a scent and find a winner. Abby takes off. Ashley and Ben discuss New Year's. Ben thinks Joe is a snake. Ash thinks Joe is merely brokering a business deal. Abby returns and gets a strange expression when Ben and Ash both promise the love potion will deliver. Ben leaves. Abby tells Ashley about Lars and the kiss from Harding and then asks about her love life. Ash tells Abby to take the scents back to the lab. Once alone, Abby steals a dropper of the fragrance.

    Y&R Recap: Shots, Yes?

    Wednesday, December 31 2014

    At The Underground, Kevin tells the bunny story as Harding, Noah, Courtney, Devon, Gwen, Summer, Abby, and Mariah listen. They crack up. A guy keeps asking, "Shots, yes?" It's Abby's awkward date, Lars. Abby gets on the phone with Kyle and hands it to Summer. Austin listens as she chats and acts jealous afterward. Summer reassures him. Gwen asks Devon why they're not at his club. He figured they'd have more fun there. Abby tells Gwen she used to have a thing with Devon and wonders if she's the married woman he's hung up on. Devon covers. Abby moves on to bug Noah and Courtney about whether they'll get engaged. Noah blurts that there's no wedding in his future.

    At The Underground, Devon tells Gwen he's waiting on a text. Abby and Summer talk about Austin having to work. Abby remarks loudly that maybe Mariah could cover - she could probably use the money. Mariah talks to Kevin about the author she loves. The new year is rung in with Lars shouting, "Shots, yes?" Summer and Austin kiss, Courtney kisses Noah but looks at her bare finger, Harding grabs Abby and kisses her, and Mariah and Kevin do a shot and kiss.

    Y&R Recap: What You Deserve.

    Tuesday, December 23 2014

    At the Jabot lab, Ashley tells Ben she'll work late. She alludes to feeling passionate about things and flashes to the shower sex. They talk and agree the sex is affecting their professional relationship. Ash suggests they hit the reset button. Abby appears, ready to hit the office Christmas party. Ben and Ash won't attend. Ben leaves. Tobias appears and offers to work late. Ash promises he'll get what he deserves after Christmas and sends him to the party. Later, Billy arrives and complains to Abby and Ashley about Victoria's choice of last name and Victor's influence. Ash urges him to trust Victoria. Abby goes to the party. Ashley thinks Billy is upset because the name makes the end of his marriage seem final. Billy admits it, but insists he's happy with Chelsea.

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