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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Abby Newman - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Abby Newman Played by Melissa Ordway on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.


    Birthday: March 31 1983
    Birthplace: Atlanta, Georgia
    Marital Status: Married, Justin Gaston (September 22, 2012)
    Real Name: Melissa Ordway
    Height: 5'8"


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    Y&R Recap: Trick Or Treat.

    Friday, October 31 2014

    Summer finds Jack alone at the Club and worries about Phyllis' whereabouts. Jack says she's in the restroom. Nearby, Phyllis reaches Nick by phone and hopes she caught him in time before he ruined his life. She insists they need to talk, but he hangs up. Jack appears and they join Summer. Phyllis asks where Austin the kidnapper is. When she doesn't get too belligerent, Summer and Jack ask what's distracting her. Phyllis admits she's off her game - the world has kept turning and she's playing catch-up. Abby appears and yells at Phyllis enthusiastically, "I'm Abby. Abby Newman." As Abby chatters, Phyllis learns that Victoria's pregnant. Abby and Summer discuss Nick's wedding and Mariah but don't explain who she is. As Summer leaves, Phyllis hugs her and whispers that no matter what, everything will be okay. She takes Summer's phone. Jack walks Summer out and returns to find Phyllis grilling Abby for the 'real dirt'. Abby gives the scoop on her love life, which leads to Mariah. Abby and Jack explain she's Cassie's twin. Phyllis fumes that Nick and Sharon have another child now and as usual, Summer gets benched. She tells Jack she's taking a cab home. Abby warns Jack about not telling Phyllis about Kelly. Jack has the impression Phyllis is also keeping something from him.

    Y&R Recap: Any Guy You Want.

    Thursday, October 23 2014

    At the hospital, Abby and Victoria have finished birthing class. Victoria worries maybe she should have found out the baby's paternity. Abby wonders if she has a preference of father after all.

    At the park, Ashley tells Ben the kiss proves the potion has the desired effect. Ben counters that it could mean they're simply human. Ash wipes off the scent so as not to be attacked as Ben laughs. He admits if she's right, it's incredible. Victoria and Abby appear in time to hear him refer to their kiss. Victoria asks, "Anyone I know that you're not kissing?" Ashley insists it was business talk and wonders if she's after trade secrets. Ash goes and Abby follows. Vikki tells Ben that Abby was great at the class but there were couples there. Vikki wishes things were different; that he had been honest. Ben says she deserved honesty, but he can't regret those months together. They smile about their good memories. Ben wants to start over. Victoria tells him about her hopes and fears related to the pregnancy and remarks that Billy's moved on. She admits it feels right with Ben. Suddenly, Ben is arrested.

    At Crimson Lights, Abby grills Ashley, who insists she and Stitch were discussing the new perfume. She tells her how special it is. Abby wants to know more. Ashley whispers that it's pheromones; a love potion. She admits it's why Stitch kissed her - it works. Abby is amazed; you could get any guy you want. Ash says it will light the fire, but you have to keep it burning. Abby pesters Ashley about Stitch. She says he may not be so bad after all. Ash insists they only have a professional relationship and he may have a baby with Victoria. Abby says she belongs with Billy. She wants to use the fragrance on them. Ash says they'd need more than a love potion.

    Y&R Recap: What I Know For Sure.

    Tuesday, October 14 2014

    At the Abbott mansion, Abby and Traci look on as Jack tries unsuccessfully to reach Billy. They discuss it being the anniversary of Delia's death. Ashley arrives. Jack tells them Phyllis wants to keep things as they were and Kelly has moved out. He wants to focus on Billy today.

    Jill joins the others at the Abbott mansion. She says the news they were hoping to share has happened. Outside, Delia's ghost asks Billy why he's nervous. He doesn't want a fuss. She says they're his family. Billy beams that she's right. He goes in. They all greet him with relief. Jill and Jack announce that due to a generous donation from Victor and Nikki to Delia's foundation they've been able to create a children's theater. Billy chokes up. He talks about getting through this day. Traci advises him. Billy wants to be the man Delia thought he could be. He leaves them the school assignment to read. They all end up emotional. Traci says Delia's looking over them. They debate about Billy's future. Jill and Abby are against Chelsea, but Jack defends her. Later, Jill asks Jack for a copy of Delia's schoolwork...and one for Esther. She wonders about his dilemma. She realizes he hasn't made up his mind. Jack doesn't want to hurt either of them. Jill advises him not to take long. Meanwhile, Ashley tells Abby and her siblings she's home for good.

    Y&R Recap: On The Outside Looking In.

    Monday, October 13 2014

    In Victoria's new office at Newman, Abby presses for details about Billy's visit to the hospital. Victoria says fear of losing another child was what brought him there. They discuss Delia's death. Abby says Billy and Victoria would still be together had she not died. Vikki argues that they had trust issues before that. Abby thinks she's looking for excuses for pushing Billy away. Later, Victoria promises the baby it will be loved no matter what.

    Abby meets Ben at Jabot and tells him about Victoria's false labor and Billy being there. She assures him Victoria and Billy will get back together. Ben leaves. Later, Jack arrives with an engagement ring. Kelly appears while he's on the phone and smiles when she sees the ring. She tells him it's enough that he loves her - they don't have to rush into marriage. The look on his face tells her the ring's not for her. She scrambles to wish him happiness and rushes off. Jack grimaces.

    Y&R Recap: She's Really Back.

    Monday, October 06 2014

    At the church, Sharon meets Nick at the altar. He says, "Let's do this." The ceremony begins. Abby whispers to Nikki about Victor. Nikki says it's not like him to miss this. Sharon flashes back to when they first married and their romance over the years. Mariah glares as Nick and Sharon each say they're ready and willing to marry. The minister asks if anyone can show just cause why this man and this woman may not be lawfully wedded to speak now or forever hold their peace. Family members are invited to speak by the minister. Noah wants to go first. Victoria has contractions, so Abby takes her to the hospital.

    Abby wheels Victoria into the hospital. Vikki huffs and puffs and feels bad about the wedding. Dr. Chiverton joins them and learns she's having regular contractions. Abby steps out. Victoria asks the doctor to assure her that the baby will be okay. Chiverton encourages her to stay calm. She's only having Braxton-Hicks contractions; it's not premature labor. Vikki's relieved. Outside, Abby leaves Billy a voicemail to get his butt over there. Later, she leaves another one, telling him to drop whatever or whoever he's doing and get over there. Inside the room, Victoria talks to the baby about everything being high-risk, Johnny and Reed, and not being the picture-perfect family.

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