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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Abby Newman - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Abby Newman Played by Melissa Ordway on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.


    Birthday: March 31 1983
    Birthplace: Atlanta, Georgia
    Marital Status: Married, Justin Gaston (September 22, 2012)
    Real Name: Melissa Ordway
    Height: 5'8"


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    Y&R Recap: Best Behavior.

    Friday, April 18 2014

    At the Club bar, Leslie and Tyler talk about him marrying into the upper crust. She says Mariah was never good enough for him. Abby appears and asks where he disappeared to. Tyler compliments her and talk turns to Leslie's marriage. Abby is supportive.

    The Abbotts arrive at the ranch with Billy bringing up the rear. Ashley runs interference when Victor tells Billy he isn't too bright. Billy cautiously greets Victoria, who says his being there will mean a lot to Tyler and Abby. Jack asks Victor for a club soda and they muse about the families coming together. Abby and Tyler join Ashley and they make some awkward chit-chat. Jack and Leslie talk about Tyler being nervous. Traci gives Abby marriage advice - don't get sucked into the family drama. Tyler thanks Victor for opening his home. He says he takes his family's happiness very seriously. Nick and Sharon arrive. Noah comments on them making a statement and then Abby confronts Nick about bringing Sharon there. He defends his relationship. Victoria eyeballs Billy, and Nikki and Abby have a heartfelt chat about their mutual admiration. Victor gets everyone's attention and asks Ashley to make a toast. She talks about three families coming together to celebrate love and mentions how happy Brad and Colleen would be for Abby as well. Victoria goes outside and Billy follows. They kiss and Victoria takes off for home. Inside, Victor makes a more practical speech about marriage involving respect and forgiveness. He wishes Abby and Tyler all the happiness in the world. Summer chats with Traci about working at Jabot. Traci urges her to travel and meet new friends - Phyllis wouldn't want her to put her life on hold. Courtney talks to Tyler about feeling out of their depth in the talk of trust funds and such. Nearby, Ashley and Abby enthuse about Billy going after Victoria. Victor grumbles to Nikki about the same, and remarks on Nick bringing the pyromaniac with him too. Nick and Sharon approach. Nick says it's like a new beginning for all of them. Victor grunts, "Okay son," before moving on to argue with Jack about Bonaventure. Nikki claps for everyone to get cake. Someone watches through the window. When Nick runs out to the car, Victor ends up alone with Sharon. Outside, Nick comes face-to-face with Cassie's lookalike.

    Y&R Recap: Two Halves Of A Whole.

    Thursday, April 17 2014

    At Abby's place, Tyler tells her the sex was amazing. He was worried being engaged might take the - you know - out of things, but it was better. Abby wonders if they're making a mistake. Tyler says it's pre-wedding jitters. They talk about him ending his engagement to Mariah - she thinks he got bored. Tyler realizes she's freaking out about the party tonight. He tells her there's no going back now. Abby decides he's right and starts rambling about the party with the Abbotts and Newmans. Tyler thinks about it and decides they should just elope to avoid the Abbott/Newman drama. Abby nixes the idea.

    Y&R Recap: A Hell Of A Ride.

    Tuesday, April 15 2014

    Backstage at the fashion show, Neil and Connie the stage manager offer support to the models. Tyler appears. He tells Neil he's stunned about Leslie's news. Nearby, Chelsea asks Chloe about the finale dress. Chloe says it's perfect. Chelsea takes it to the model. Kevin appears as Chelsea screams, "No!" Chloe tries to hide a grin. In the office, Hilary and Lily are about to start bickering when Connie appears. She tells them to get their fannies backstage pronto. She leaves, and Lily complains. Hilary tells Lily about her attitude. They argue about Cane starting to forgive Hilary. Neil appears and Lily goes. They discuss almost kissing twice. Meanwhile, Tyler sees Abby in a wedding dress. She says it's not hers. Connie is appalled to catch them kissing. Everyone gathers around as Chelsea emerges with the slashed dress and accuses Chloe of doing it on purpose. Chloe admits it. Neil asks if she can fix it. Chelsea says she can, but wants Chloe out of there. Kevin steers Chloe out. Abby talks to Lily and Hilary as Neil tries to stall the show. In the office, Kevin tells Chloe she's scaring him. When Chelsea has the dressed fixed and Esmerelda's in it, the show goes on. Devon and Neil both watch Hilary as she prepares to walk the runway. Esmerelda smiles at Devon as she models the finale gown. Up in the office, Chloe watches Chelsea take her accolades on the feed. Kevin says he thought he could help her, but her anger is getting worse. Chloe doesn't want to hear it. Kevin tells her he was wrong - it was a mistake to marry her. Chloe says of course it was; she's not even a person. Kevin says he got in the way of her getting the help she needs. Later in the dining room, everyone involved applauds for Chelsea. Tyler tells Abby he was imagining her on their wedding day. Devon finds Hilary and tells her she kept her word and went above and beyond. Neil appears and agrees. Devon talks with Lily and tells her about Leslie. She's angry. Hilary tells Neil she won't go to the reception and will see him tomorrow. Chelsea goes to the office. Kevin says he and Chloe will leave, but she wants Chloe to stay. She asks her why she cut up the dress. Chloe says she cut her out. Chelsea says everything changed and she thought they would get through it together, but the ways Chloe has hurt her... "Sabotage? Really?" Chelsea says she can't fix her, and Kevin can't fix her. She implores Chloe to find a way to put herself back together. Chloe knows she needs to get better. She can't lose Chelsea forever. They hug.

    Y&R Recap: House Calls.

    Monday, April 14 2014

    In the Club office, Neil kisses Hilary briefly but they hear screaming. Neil goes down to investigate where Chloe and Chelsea are fighting. Kelly rushes in and Abby appears, pleased at the prospect of a catfight. Jack and Kevin pull Chloe and Chelsea apart but they keep yelling. Neil hollers that this is embarrassing as Rick and Caroline Forrester arrive. Neil introduces the brilliant team behind Chelsea Lawson Designs. Jack shakes Rick's hand and Lily introduces herself. Kelly takes the Forresters off to see the menu and Abby tags along. Jack and Kevin split up Chloe and Chelsea. Neil soothes Lily and looks over at Hilary. Kelly and Abby reappear as Lily learns Lauren left suddenly. Abby volunteers to fill in. Lily asks Abby if Tyler's coming. She says he'll be there. Jack asks Chelsea if she needs to go home. She says she wants to stay. Across the room, Chloe tells Kevin Chelsea's giving her the evil eye. Kevin urges her to make peace. Chelsea goes to chat with Rick and Caroline who offer her a job at Forrester. Chloe eavesdrops as Chelsea says her partner doesn't need to know - she's a free agent and plans to meet with them in Los Angeles. Neil finds Hilary in the office and says he can't stop thinking about the kiss. He moves in close again as Lily appears. Neil says he slowed Hilary down and leaves. Hilary tells Lily she has stage fright. She warns her not to disappoint her or her father. Summer briefs Kelly and Jack about the kitchen and learns they had dinner together. Once alone, Summer reminds Jack about Phyllis. Backstage, Connie the stage manager corrals Chloe and Chelsea together and informs them no more shenanigans. They end up laughing. Chloe apologizes and wants to be friends again, but Chelsea just wants to concentrate on the show. Connie tells Jack and Kevin to go to their seats. Chelsea realizes the finale dress is still in the garment bag. Chloe says she'll handle it. She takes it behind a screen and shreds it with scissors.

    Y&R Recap: Into The Fire.

    Monday, April 07 2014

    At Jabot, Jack and Abby debate over whether or not he's dating Kelly. Abby tells him, "I know exactly what you're up to." She crows that he's letting Kelly think he's interested to keep her distracted from Billy. Jack says he wants to show Kelly the Abbotts aren't a lynch mob. He suggests Abby keep her nose out of his and Billy's business and focus on her engagement. He reminds her he's still engaged to Phyllis.

    At Crimson Lights, Tyler reintroduces himself to Kelly and asks her opinion on a ring. Stitch appears and snipes that Kelly couldn't care less about others' marriages. Kelly says Jenna had every right to know who she was married to. Tyler excuses himself. Stitch tells Kelly that Jenna is taking his son to Australia. He asks how many more families she plans to destroy. She says at least his son will still be on the planet. Stitch apologizes. On the patio, Tyler shows Noah the ring. Noah thinks Abby will love it. Inside, Abby arrives and thanks Stitch for helping Victoria get home the other night. Kelly narrows her eyes. Abby joins Tyler and Kelly hisses at Stitch about being with Victoria. She calls him a hypocrite and says Victoria is going out of the frying pan into the fire. After, Noah and Courtney chat with Abby and Tyler about finding a place of their own. Once alone, Noah asks Courtney to move in with him. They kiss.

    Chelsea and Connor are at the park and she talks about how she had promised him his daddy would come back. "He won't be." Later, Tyler shows Abby her star and proposed on bended knee. She loves the ring and accepts. Chelsea watches.

    Y&R Recap: In Good Hands.

    Friday, April 04 2014

    Abby and Victoria return to Vikki's house after taking Reed to the airport. Abby tells her she's engaged to Tyler. Vikki is thrilled. They talk about her situation with Billy. Abby thinks it's nice she has friends - like Dr. Rayburn. She tells Vikki about his flirtation with Ashley. Vikki acts quiet and awkward. Abby asks if she went drinking again - they saw her leave The Underground with Stitch previously. Vikki admits she was dulling the pain over Billy. Abby's just glad she was in good hands.

    Billy shows up in a new suit at Jabot. Jack asks what the occasion is, and Billy hands him his resume. Billy talks about how he imagined Delia growing up and working with him at Boulevard. "Now just walking into the place feels wrong." Jack isn't sure Jabot is a good fit right now. Billy tells him about Jill's advice to change. Jack asks if he really wants this job. Billy insists he wants it. Jack rehires him to fill Phyllis' spot in R&D. Abby arrives. She tells Billy about Victoria stumbling out of The Underground with Stitch helping her. Billy curses - he told him to stay away from his wife. Abby says Victoria acted weird about him, but said he got her home safely. Billy leaves. Jack chastises Abby for upsetting him. Abby argues that he has a right to know what Victoria's up to. Jack thinks she may be doing damage for no reason. He gets a call from Kelly and sets dinner plans. Abby questions him. Jack says they've all treated her terribly. Abby muses that if she wanted to stir up trouble, she could tell everyone that he's dating the woman who broke up Billy and Victoria.

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