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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Leslie Michaelson

    Full detailed profile on Leslie Michaelson Played by Angell Conwell on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Leslie Michaelson

    Actor: Angell Conwell

    Who played Leslie Michaelson over the years

    Angell Conwell (December 2 2010 - present)

    Useful information on Leslie Michaelson

    * Is a lawyer.
    * Worked for Vance Abrams.
    * Resides at the GCAC.
    * Dates Neil Winters.
    * Testified against her father in her mother's murder case.


    Current: Lawyer at Jabot
    Past: Lawyer at Vance Abrams' firm


    Leslie popped up in Genoa City a few times while working for Vance Abrams on Victor Newman's case, went on to be hired by other GC residents on occasion. Leslie represented both Adam and Sharon following Skye's death in Hawaii, and advised Sharon after she married Victor. Leslie was hired by Phyllis when she was up against Daisy, and again when she was accused of running down Christine and Paul.

    Leslie went to work for Neil at Jabot Cosmetics after Jack put him at the helm, despite her concerns about working with someone she shared an attraction with - she had formerly had a bad experience in a work-related romance with someone named James Conrad who became controlling. She and Neil became romantically involved anyway. Her brother Tyler came to Genoa City and Neil also hired him. It soon became clear that Leslie and Tyler had some sort of past to hide. It later came out that they were from Milwaukee, not Detroit, and had in fact changed their identities (they were formerly Valerie and Davis Rogan) following the murder of their mother. It turns out Leslie had testified at her mother's murder trial against her abusive father, whom she saw standing over her mother's dead body. Leslie learned that Avery was trying to free her father, Gus, on the grounds that he was actually innocent. Leslie decided to join Avery and visit her father once she became worried that she might have been wrong about him being her mother's murderer.


    None known


    Neil Winters


    Belinda Rogan (mother, deceased)
    Gus Rogan (father)
    Tyler Michaelson/Davis Rogan (brother)




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    Monday, July 21 2014: Y&R Recap: It Changes Everything.

    Stitch wanders into Crimson Lights and catches Dylan working. Stitch thinks he shouldn’t be working but he’ll take it easy. They joke around and Avery comes in. She goes off on them but Stitch assures her Dylan is okay. Dr. Shelby shows up and takes Stitch aside. He asks him if he’d like to be the chief resident. Nearby, Leslie interrupts Avery and Dylan. She shares that Austin will be tried in Genoa City and Christine will have to recuse herself. Dylan expresses concern that everyone seems to want to give Austin a free pass. Leslie gets that he has a personal stake in it but he needs to stop attacking her for doing her job. Leslie leaves and Dylan tells Avery that she’s the only constant in his life. Later, Leslie catches up with the doctors and congratulates Stitch on his nomination for chief resident.

    Wednesday, July 02 2014: Y&R Recap: Justice Not Revenge.

    At the park, Leslie looks on as Summer embraces Austin. Leslie warns them if Austin is convicted there is no amount of money that will help. They ask about a mitigating circumstances defense. Summer wants to speak on Austin's behalf at the trial, but Leslie says they'll think she's lying. "You have to let me handle this." After, Austin tells Summer he doesn't understand why she stands by him. Summer makes a heartfelt speech about their connection and blurts, "I love you." Austin doesn't say it back. She complains he's not letting himself feel. "I know that you love me too." They kiss. Austin says he's going to prison and there's nothing they can do. Summer thinks maybe there is. She knows what they have to do.

    Hilary arrives at Jabot and Sharon pours sparkling cider. Neil notes that Hilary must have been close by when he called. Hilary beams. "I was, but now I'm here." Sharon and Hilary discuss the marriage. Sharon is encouraging regarding the situation with Neil's kids. They all discuss honeymoon ideas. Devon arrives. Neil smells the alcohol fumes. Devon insists it's from last night and says he has something to tell him - something he should have said at the wedding. Devon offers congratulations and a photo frame. Sharon tells Hilary she looked nervous about Devon having something to say. Devon tells Neil he gets why he wants to be with Hilary and goes. Leslie appears and asks Neil, "You got married?" They wish each other well. Sharon leaves. Meanwhile, Hilary catches Devon in the elevator. Leslie tells Jack that Austin is out - Summer paid his bail.

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