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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Alex Chavez

    Full detailed profile on Alex Chavez Played by Ignacio Serricchio on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    (Nikki Nelson/
    Alex Chavez

    Actor: Ignacio Serricchio

    Who played Alex Chavez over the years

    Ignacio Serricchio (December 7 2012 - present)

    Useful information on Alex Chavez

    * Resides at the Genoa City Athletic Club.
    * Came to town as a NYC cop looking for a bag of missing money his sister Adriana stole.


    Current: Genoa City Police Detective
    Past: New York City Police Detective


    Detective Alejandro (Alex) Chavez came to Genoa City looking for a missing bag of money his sister, Adriana, had stolen and mailed to Noah Newman. Alex pressured Noah to come clean, but eventually Adriana recovered the money from Noah and left town. Alex lost his job on the NYPD as a result.

    Alex had crossed paths with Sharon and Nick while dealing with Noah, Chelsea while living at the Club, and also with Chloe and Kevin, who had ownership of the money for a brief time. Alex struck up a friendship with Abby just as Adriana showed up back in town and gave the money back to him. Alex stuck around in Genoa City jobless, opened up to Chloe about missing the cop life, and flirted with Abby. When Paul was appointed Chief of Police he hired Alex for the GCPD. Alex and Abby dated briefly but were too different - they called it quits.

    Alex helped Kevin out to turn his life around after he was stealing by getting him a computer job at the station. Alex arrested Carmine, who escaped from police custody and was killed. Alex is investigating the hit-and-run death of Delia Abbott. He was recently revealed to also be 'Zach', the GCPD contact for Courtney, who is working undercover.




    Abby Carlton Newman


    Adriana Chavez (sister)




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    Friday, January 10 2014: Y&R Recap: Learning How To Wait.

    Kevin is frustrated with the slow computer at the station. Alex suggests he take a chill pill. He say part of police work is learning how to wait. They discuss Kevin's concern about Chloe. Alex tells him to follow his instincts. The server bings and they learn that there are no black SUVs with a license plate starting with the letter 'G'. Kevin presents a scenario that proves the eyewitness would have had a clear look at the driver. Alex thinks George overheard them talking and tried to bluff his way to getting a better deal. Kevin thinks and then goes back online.

    Courtney arrives tearfully at the station and tells Alex she broke up with Noah. "I did it for you, Zack."

    Thursday, January 09 2014: Y&R Recap: Peace Of Mind.

    At the station, Kevin rants to Alex about Chloe's baby book with Connor in it. He asks about the eyewitness. Alex says Christine is willing to make a deal so they're one step closer. The eyewitness goes into a room with Alex, who asks, "Who killed the little girl?" The man, George, says it was dark but he saw the car stop and the guy look around. Alex asks what he looked like. George says he only saw a slim build and a license plate that started with the letter 'G'. He asks about the reward. Alex says he better pray that his information helps them. After, Alex chastises Kevin for listening at the door. Kevin insists Alex needs his skills now. He starts ranting. Alex tells him to stop talking and get to work - he told Paul that he's no longer involved with the mother in the case. Kevin gets on the computer to find their killer.

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