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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Fenmore Baldwin

    Full detailed profile on Fenmore Baldwin Played by Max Ehrich on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Fenmore Baldwin

    Actor: Max Ehrich

    Who played Fenmore Baldwin over the years

    Max Ehrich (June 11 2012 - present)
    Robbie Tucker (2009 - 2012)

    Useful information on Fenmore Baldwin

    * Went to boarding school in Canada
    * Had a crush on Summer Newman.
    * Bullied Jamie.
    * Lives with his parents.


    Current: Student


    Fenmore Baldwin is the son of Michael Baldwin and Lauren Fenmore. He was a happy youngster who went away to boarding school in Canada to keep him safe from the threat of Daisy Carter, and came back with a bit of an attitude.

    Fenmore developed a crush on Summer Newman, and after he caught her kissing a boy named Jamie, bullied the boy through text messages. When the Baldwins tried to keep Jamie out of a foster home by inviting him to move in, Fen set it up to look like Jamie was stealing. When Jamie tried to end it all by jumping off a rooftop, Fen's bullying came to light and he was accused of pushing him. Fen was appalled that his father, the D.A., believed him capable of this and had him arrested. Fenmore's mother, Lauren, was too, and moved out. Fen has made amends with Michael and promises to make things right with Jamie as well, and is now focused on reuniting his parents.




    Summer Newman


    Gloria Fisher Abbott Bardwell (grandmother)
    Michael Baldwin (father)
    Lauren Fenmore Baldwin (mother)
    Jill Foster Abbott Fenmore (aunt)
    Kevin Fisher (uncle)




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    Monday, May 18 2015: Y&R Recap: White Knight Syndrome.

    In her room, Sage and Nick discuss morning sickness. He wonders where she's going once the baby is born. "If you think I'm going to move in with you, forget it," she bluntly says. He wasn't asking her to. He just wants to help. She worries about Sharon so he tries to be reassuring. Sage insists that they keep the pregnancy between them for now. Downstairs at the club, Lauren informs Fen that his dad moved out of their house and is living there. He hurtles upstairs with her following. They burst into Michael's room. Fen demands some answers. Michael explains that they were keeping him out of the loop to protect him. His son tells him he doesn't need to cope alone. Michael insists that Lauren's hovering is suffocating him. He'd rather be with a hooker who makes no demands. Fen isn't impressed by their refusal to work through their problems and storms out. Michael can't understand why Lauren is fighting for their marriage. He reminds her about Carmine. She challenges him to look her in the eyes and reject her. He does so as he hands her divorce papers. Lauren rejects them so he says that he doesn't love her anymore. She can't accept that and refuses to give up. After she storms out, he weeps. Downstairs, Nick and Sage are having breakfast in the club when Sharon strolls in. She tells them about the lead that Paul got. Mary Lou, the realtor, arrives. Sage is sure to tell Sharon she is not moving in with Nick. She and Mary Lou leave. Sharon interrogates her ex about what's going on with Sage. He's evasive so she starts ranting and worrying about her daughter. Dylan interrupts to tell them about Paul's lead. Nick heads out. Dylan promises her that he will never lie to her. She wonders if what they have is real. Later, Nick meets Sage in her room. She didn't have much luck with real estate and worries about Sharon some more. He suggests that they face things head on and promises that all will be alright.

    Kevin, Kyle and Summer go to Crimson Lights and try to figure out why Marco would kill Austin. When Fen walks in, Kevin runs into him. He recaps what happened with Michael and Lauren. Back at the table, Summer and Kyle continue to run down Fen. They discuss their failed date. She wonders if Austin ever really loved her. Someone watches them from across the room. Kyle spots him, rushes over and confronts him. The guy, Tobias, claims he wasn't spying on them. They apologize for being paranoid. He leaves.

    Friday, May 15 2015: Y&R Recap: Winner Takes All.

    At the cabin, Fen explains to his agitated friends that he was being blackmailed for changing his grades. As the gang yells at him, Paul and the cops bust in. Fen defends himself for finally telling the truth and then answers Paul's questions about the threatening texts he received. He hasn't heard anything since he spiked the punch. They try to figure out if they have any evidence. Fen has the envelope the vial was in and hands it over. He's determined to confess everything to his parents. Paul will allow that but orders him to go straight back to Arizona after he sees them. Kevin tries to defend Fen as his friends lecture him. He points out how many stupid and lousy things they've all done. Abby still blames him for the killings. Summer and Kyle will never forgive him. Kevin continues pleading for compassion.

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