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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Fenmore Baldwin

    Full detailed profile on Fenmore Baldwin Played by Max Ehrich on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Fenmore Baldwin

    Actor: Max Ehrich

    Who played Fenmore Baldwin over the years

    Max Ehrich (June 11 2012 - present)
    Robbie Tucker (2009 - 2012)

    Useful information on Fenmore Baldwin

    * Went to boarding school in Canada
    * Had a crush on Summer Newman.
    * Bullied Jamie.
    * Lives with his parents.


    Current: Student


    Fenmore Baldwin is the son of Michael Baldwin and Lauren Fenmore. He was a happy youngster who went away to boarding school in Canada to keep him safe from the threat of Daisy Carter, and came back with a bit of an attitude.

    Fenmore developed a crush on Summer Newman, and after he caught her kissing a boy named Jamie, bullied the boy through text messages. When the Baldwins tried to keep Jamie out of a foster home by inviting him to move in, Fen set it up to look like Jamie was stealing. When Jamie tried to end it all by jumping off a rooftop, Fen's bullying came to light and he was accused of pushing him. Fen was appalled that his father, the D.A., believed him capable of this and had him arrested. Fenmore's mother, Lauren, was too, and moved out. Fen has made amends with Michael and promises to make things right with Jamie as well, and is now focused on reuniting his parents.




    Summer Newman


    Gloria Fisher Abbott Bardwell (grandmother)
    Michael Baldwin (father)
    Lauren Fenmore Baldwin (mother)
    Jill Foster Abbott Fenmore (aunt)
    Kevin Fisher (uncle)




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    Thursday, November 06 2014: Y&R Recap: Curl Up And Die.

    In his office, Michael tells the doctor he'll come for the biopsy results. Kevin arrives with Fenmore and Lauren. Kevin says he brought Fen back because his favorite band's playing. Michael calls him an interfering pain in the ass. Lauren is surprised. Kevin makes light of the situation. Michael has to go to a meeting. Fen walks him out and assures him he'll win this case. Lauren confronts Kevin, who she thinks lured Fen home because their marriage is in trouble. Later, Lauren and Fen eat takeout. Fen talks about Summer having a husband. Lauren muses that love is always weird.

    Thursday, October 02 2014: Y&R Recap: I'm Over It.

    At The Underground, Summer introduces Fen to Mariah and Austin. Fen says it's nice to meet the guy who stole Summer's heart. Summer and Fen sit down to catch up. Mariah muses to Austin about how close they seem. Summer tells Fen being married to Austin is great. They discuss Nick and Sharon's marriage and Jack moving on. Fen thinks Phyllis will come back. They share memories of her. Later, Austin comforts a shaken Mariah who says Dylan was arrested for Ian's murder. Fen, who is leaving, tells Austin he'd better not hurt Summer. When Summer leaves her glass on the bar, Mariah bites her head off. She tells Summer Ian's dead and Dylan's in jail. They bicker. Austin asks them to chill. Mariah storms away. Austin defends her and asks Summer about her history with Fen. Summer says they will have some too, someday.

    At the Club, Gloria and Lauren enthuse about Fen being in town. Lauren says Michael will join them. Glo says Jeff's at the track. Gloria remarks that Lauren's glowing and apologizes for warning her about Avery. Later, Michael arrives. Glo asks why he was at the doctor. Fen appears and Glo fawns over him. Nearby, Michael reassures Lauren about his doctor's appointment. Gloria takes a photo of Fen and his parents. By the bar, Joe Clark reads about Dylan's arrest and steps out. Nikki enters, leaving Victor a voicemail saying she needs him. She orders a lemonade and pulls a mini-bottle from her purse.

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