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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Dylan "Mac" MacAvoy - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Dylan "Mac" MacAvoy Played by Steve Burton on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Steve Burton (ABC)

    Birthday: 1970-06-28
    Birthplace: Indianapolis, Indiana
    Marital Status: Married, Sheree Gustin (January 16, 1999), two children
    Real Name: Steve Burton
    Height: 5'11"


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    Y&R Recap: Dirty Affair.

    Friday, March 06 2015

    At the hospital, Dylan soothes Christine after a nightmare. She says someone deliberately ran her down and took her baby. Dylan asks who would do that. She says, "Your mother, that's who."

    At the station, Victor challenges Paul, who has just placed Nikki under arrest. Paul says credible eyewitnesses say Nikki's car swerved toward Chris. "One is a bystander and one is my wife." The Newmans' lawyer has secured Nikki's bail. They leave. Dylan arrives, concerned about Christine's accusations. Paul confirms Nikki targeted her and says he blames himself too. He tells Dylan they fought about him and Nikki and it cost them their baby. He should have made sure Christine didn't feel threatened by them. Dylan urges him to tell her now.

    Nikki appears in Chris' hospital room. Chris wonders if she's there to gloat. Nikki says she's devastated. Chris rants. Nikki says Chris wasn't looking. Chris asks if she's saying she's to blame for her baby's death. She hollers at her to get out. Dylan and Paul arrive. "I hate her!"

    Y&R Recap: Adult Tea Party.

    Thursday, March 05 2015

    Dylan arrives at Sharon's place. She wanted to do something for him in return for his help the night of the storm. She's preparing dinner and has wine. Dylan asks where Faith is, and Sharon says they're alone. "An adult version of a tea party." Dylan hopes he didn't give her the wrong impression about him and Avery. Sharon knows they're just friends. Dylan is going to leave, but decides to stay. They'll order Chinese food. Later, Sharon wipes some food off Dylan's mouth. She thanks him for keeping her company and he goes. After, Sharon opens a fortune cookie that says 'he who has friends is never alone'.

    At Crimson Lights, Avery tells Dylan about the bombshell at the memorial. Avery says Summer treated her like the poster child for cheating. He wonders if she wishes it hadn't happened. "I hit you." Avery says they're not letting go. They embrace.

    Y&R Recap: I Did What?

    Tuesday, February 24 2015

    At Crimson Lights, everyone waits for word on Victor and Jack. Phyllis decides to go to the hospital and wait. Noah wants to go too. Dylan says Nick will call, they need to sit tight. Phyllis and Kelly start bickering about Kelly's claim she made love with Jack. Ashley stops them. Phyllis pulls her aside. Ash admits she saw them coming out of the storeroom adjusting their clothes. "I'm so sorry." She tells Phyllis to put it aside. Nick calls and says they found Jack alive, but haven't found Victor yet. Nikki's encouraged - Victor wouldn't let Jack best him. Later, Nick arrives. He's frustrated he couldn't find Victor. Dylan urges Nick to take Nikki home with Victoria and Abby.

    Y&R Recap: Mad Passionate Love.

    Monday, February 23 2015

    At Crimson Lights, Nick and Dylan want to go back to The Underground. Avery protests that they should leave it to the professionals. Paul backs her up - second collapses are often deadly. Ashley and Victoria are both there. They are concerned but feel Jack and Victor will beat the odds. Nick agrees - until he sees proof, his dad's alive. Victoria and Nick fret over Nikki, who snaps at everyone, including Paul when he refers to the recovery mission. Ashley tells Victoria that Billy doesn't know about Jack yet. Phyllis talks to Avery about her regret over pushing Jack away. Ash hears and notices Kelly enter. Kelly says she's been calling Jack. Ashley tells her he didn't make it out. Kelly sputters that Jack can't be dead. Ashley says she should go. Kelly thinks Jack is done with Phyllis, but says she'll go. Phyllis appears. Kelly tells Phyllis that last night Jack finally chose her.

    Abby arrives at Crimson Lights and compares notes with Ashley. Noah gets up to speed from Nick. On the patio, Phyllis tells Kelly that Jack wants nothing to do with her. Kelly says that she turned to her last night after Phyllis lit into him. "We made mad passionate love..." Phyllis smacks her. Inside, Nick decides to go get Victor when they hear that a pocket was found in the rubble and someone may be in there. Ashley goes to tell Phyllis, who is still arguing with Kelly, that they found somebody. Phyllis says Kelly is spewing lies about having sex with Jack. Ash wants to concentrate on the rescue.

    Y&R Recap: Doing Penance.

    Friday, February 20 2015

    At The Underground, Nick and Dylan try to reach Nikki, Victor, Phyllis, and Jack. Phyllis urges an ailing Jack to hold on. Phyllis thought Jack had left. He says he came back - he was worried about her. He regrets the plan to provoke Phyllis. Victor asks Jack what he wanted to tell him about Adam. In the rubble, Nick and Dylan bicker about how to proceed. More debris falls. Dylan thinks they need to get out.

    At Crimson Lights, Avery has dozed off at a table and says, "Joe." She awakens and Sharon notes she's having quite the dream. Avery is asking what she meant when Nick and Dylan come in. Nick asks what happened to Sharon's head. She tells the truth. Nick gets angry and Dylan intervenes. Sharon explains. Dylan chews Nick out for trying to twist it around. He admits he was prepared to say he was driving the car. Avery is taken aback. Sharon explains to Nick that she's on eggshells. Nick doesn't want her to live like that - he's sorry.

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