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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Dylan "Mac" MacAvoy

    Full detailed profile on Dylan "Mac" MacAvoy Played by Steve Burton on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Steve Burton (ABC)
    Dylan "Mac" MacAvoy

    Actor: Steve Burton

    Who played Dylan "Mac" MacAvoy over the years

    Steve Burton (January 29 2013 to present)

    Useful information on Dylan "Mac" MacAvoy

    * Did two tours of duty in Afghanistan.
    * Was MIA and presumed dead.
    * Had an affair with Avery Clarke while she was married.


    Current: Unemployed
    Past: Bartender at The Underground
    Past: Enlisted in Armed Forces


    Dylan had an affair with Avery Clarke before she came to Genoa City. Avery believed Dylan had died on his second tour in Afghanistan.

    Dylan located Avery in Genoa City after seeing her in a newspaper clipping with boyfriend Nick Newman regarding the opening of his new club, The Underground. Dylan came to Genoa City and checked into a motel, where he repeatedly looked at an engagement ring. The first person he ran into was Sharon at Crimson Lights. She gave him directions to Nick's club. Once there, Dylan introduced himself as Mac and offered his services as a contractor. Nick hired him to tend bar instead.

    On Nick's grand re-opening night, Avery saw Dylan for the first time and was shocked. After, Dylan told her he stilled loved her and apologized for the way the reveal happened. Nick later confronted him as well. Dylan still hasn't opened up about what happened or where he's been since Afghanistan.




    Avery Bailey Clark


    Paul Williams (father)
    Nikki Reed Newman (mother)




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    Thursday, May 28 2015: Y&R Recap: Bashing Nikki.

    Nikki wanders in a brightly lit space. A man calling himself Angel appears and gets her to recall what happened. She flashes back to her children bringing her to the ranch to discuss the merger. She's surprised to see that the whole family is there. Nikki assumes the Newmans are ganging up against the Abbotts and starts lecturing them until Dylan arrives. She guesses something else is going on. "An intervention? You think that's the answer?" she asks Victor. Before she can storm out, she runs into Yack. He escorts her out of the doorway. Her grandchildren beg her to listen. Victor tries talking Yack into leaving but Yack doesn't think it's what Jack would do. As everyone gathers around, Nikki admits that she drinks sometimes but they are really overreacting. She doesn't need to justify taking the edge off when her life is so full of stress. Neil's told himself those lies too. He reminds her that he killed Paul and Christine's baby because he couldn't face his problem. When he brings up her taking Walt back to her room, Nikki is furious. He threatens to walk away from her the next time she's in trouble. That's fine with her. Victor won't let her walk out. She feels like she's surrounded by jackals. Her children and grandchildren line up to talk about how much they care about her and how much it hurts to see her suffering. Nick reminds her that he already lost a daughter thanks to alcohol. Nikki feels like she's being judged. Victoria reminds her about dropping the baby. "Get help or I will never allow you around your grandchildren again," she warns. Nikki thinks she'll regret that and orders them to move along. Yack urges her to choose life. He's profoundly sad to see her wasting her life. None of this sounds right to Nikki. Victor worries about how this is affecting the family. She throws that back in his face and reminds him that he turned his back on her after the mess with Ian. He doesn't have anything to add. Neil encourages Victor to explain his feelings but Nikki has had her fill. "Let's turn this Nikki bashing into a real bash!" she declares, breaking out the booze. Victor asks her to stop for the sake of the grandchildren. "Shame on me!" she groans. The glass slips from her hands and she collapses.

    Nikki wanders the hospital. She finds her family in tears. Victoria insists that this was her mother's choice. Her children will only know the grandmother who drank herself to death. Nick cries and his sister embraces him. Nikki tries talking to them but they can't hear her. Dylan feels cheated and angry. The family files out in tears as Nikki pleads with them not to go. Suddenly, an orderly wheels a body past her. She gasps as she realizes what happened.

    Nikki visits the cemetery and watches her family and friends speaking at her grave. Dylan tells them all to focus on how much she loved them. Nick has realized how much they were alike. Victor grieves that he could never find the right words. He's left alone to sob. He thought that he could fix her but he failed because he didn't listen to her. He wishes that he'd told her what she meant to him. "I'm so damned lonely now," he says. After he shuffles off to a bench in tears, she looks at her grave. She sits with him. He thought their love would get them through everything. She tells herself that she needs to take responsibility for herself. Finally, she snaps out of it. She's in rehab talking to a counsellor named Angel. He tells her that she's had a moment of clarity that allowed her to admit she needed help. He thinks they can give that to her.

    Wednesday, May 27 2015: Y&R Recap: Naughty Nikki.

    Dylan and Sharon are at Crimson Lights looking at ads for apartments. Phyllis arrives and demands to speak to him in private. When Sharon leaves, the redhead tells him about Avery moving Joe in. She encourages him to get her back. He insists it's her choice and they are history. Once she leaves, Sharon tells Dylan she made them a reservation. He fills her in on his conversation with Phyllis. "Is this really about Avery, or about us?" she wonders, suggesting that the redhead is gunning for her. He doesn't care what anyone says about her because he knows she's a good person. She doesn't feel like she deserves someone as good as him. They kiss.

    Avery brings Joe to the rooftop of the club. They bump into Dylan and Sharon. The lawyer takes Dylan aside. He tells her that what she does isn't his business. Meanwhile, Joe tells Sharon that both of them don't want the other two together. He suggests they make a pact to keep them apart. Later, Dylan gets a call that the rental he was looking at was taken by someone else. Sharon suggests that he move in with her. He's tempted but doesn't think they are ready.

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