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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Summer Newman - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Summer Newman Played by Hunter Haley King on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.


    Birthday: October 20 1993
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Hunter Haley King


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    Y&R Recap: Ain't No Snitch.

    Friday, October 24 2014

    As Austin and Summer kiss at The Underground, Mariah jumps out in a mask. She hangs around as Summer questions Austin about his understanding with her mom. Mariah mocks Summer. "Oh Austin, you're just so dreamy!" Summer walks off and Austin gets a text from Phyllis to come over. Mariah says she'll never approve of his marriage to her daughter. Summer returns and tells Austin she has a plan to get Phyllis on their side and wants to go now.

    At the Abbott house, Phyllis holds out the tablet and tells Jack she's been up all night finding out what they've been keeping from her. Jack asks what she found out. She gets upset - he wasn't willing to talk about any of it before; now she'll decide when to hash things out. Jack won't leave until they talk. She thinks he's using 'doctor's orders' as an excuse. Austin and Summer arrive. Phyllis pulls Austin away to ask for information. He says Billy took her job at Jabot. Phyllis sniffs that she shouldn't have expected more from his - a criminal. She declares Summer's marriage 'over'. Phyllis lashes out about Austin being a criminal. "Summer how could you marry someone like this?" Summer points out Austin isn't the only one charged with trying to kill Paul Williams. Jack intervenes as they bicker to say Avery even defended Austin. Phyllis will take it up with Nick. Jack says Nick isn't Summer's father. Summer and Austin leave. Phyllis wants to talk about her fall down the stairs. Jack says they were on the phone when it happened. He's worried about her. Phyllis urges him to go to work and then leaves.

    At the Underground, Summer warns Austin her mother can do crazy things.

    Y&R Recap: Walking On Eggshells.

    Wednesday, October 22 2014

    At Crimson Lights, Noah notices Summer's not eating and asks if she's pregnant. She's just worried about her mom and talks about her freaking out over her marriage. Noah reminds her Jack and Nick did too - he thinks Phyllis will come around. He wonders if Jack's told her about Kelly. Summer says he hasn't - on doctor's orders. Noah thinks Phyllis will go ballistic. Noah doesn't blame Jack for moving on, but Summer thinks he should have held off. Kevin arrives. They discuss Nikki's sting operation. Kevin says he kept Mariah safe. Summer realizes Mariah's at work with Austin and leaves. Noah asks Kevin about Mariah. Kevin says they're just friends. Noah says she's prickly. Kevin feels she's misunderstood - like he was. Noah thinks Mariah's lucky to have Kevin.

    Summer arrives at The Underground as Austin asks Mariah to keep their conversation about Phyllis' request between them. Mariah lies that Austin didn't want Summer to know about Nikki putting herself in danger. Summer says she already knows.

    Y&R Recap: Face The Music.

    Monday, October 20 2014

    At the Athletic Club, Summer tells Austin she loves watching him work out. Jack calls. "We have a situation." Summer hangs up and tells Austin that her grandfather is the reason her mother's better. They head to Jack's. Upstairs, Maureen offers up vodka at Nikki's suite. Nikki tries to get rid of her. Maureen assumes she has a man in there.

    Summer and Austin arrive at the Abbott mansion. Jack fills them in on Victor arranging the experimental treatment and signing Summer's name on the consent form. Jack assumes he's also responsible for Daniel's art grant. Summer says she thought she signed trust fund documents. Phyllis asks why she was signing those. Summer deflects. Victor explains that he had to do it this way or Jack would have blocked the treatment because it was his idea. Victor encourages them to ask Jack why he didn't go to the same lengths to save Phyllis. Phyllis admits she's grateful. Jack vows to look into this further. Victor goes, certain that Phyllis will thank him for what he's done. Ashley sees him out and then pats Austin. "So Phyllis, how do you like your handsome new son-in-law?" Phyllis asks, "You're already married?" She's had it with being protected and talks annulment. Summer yells at her not to even try - it won't work. Jack mutters that it won't; he even tried to bring in the police. Austin and Summer exit. Jack encourages Phyllis to take it out on him. He's worried about Victor's accusation that he didn't do all he could to save her. Phyllis reassures him. They discuss Victor wanting information regarding Sharon. Phyllis' head is spinning. Austin asks to speak to her. He says he loves Summer. Phyllis says he can prove he's worthy by telling her what else is being kept from her. Summer appears after Phyllis asks for his phone to access the internet. She tells Summer they've come to an understanding. Ashley, meanwhile, asks Jack if Phyllis is strong enough to learn another woman was sleeping in her bed.

    Y&R Recap: Give Her Time.

    Wednesday, October 15 2014

    At Crimson Lights, Summer and Austin are still bickering about her introducing him as her friend. She wants to wait for the right time. Austin says that's now. Summer takes a call from Jack and tells Austin they'll tell her mother.

    Kelly is at the Abbott mansion when Summer and Austin enter. Summer warns Jack is bringing her mother home. Just then, Jack carries Phyllis through the door. Kelly runs out the back before they see her. Phyllis hugs Summer and remarks it's good to be back. She spots the redecorating stuff and muses it's not her taste. Phyllis wants to know why Summer's friend, Austin, is at her homecoming. Summer explains that they're together. She and Austin connected when she was feeling alone. Phyllis ask if they're living together. Summer confirms it. Phyllis isn't pleased. Summer blurts that they're engaged. Phyllis stands and hollers, "You're what?" Jack calms her. Phyllis learns they just met in the spring and starts yelling that it's not going to happen. Jack shoos them out. "Give her time." Phyllis turns on Jack. "How could you let this happen?" Jack says there's more to it and it's Summer's story to tell. Phyllis is furious - everyone is keeping her in the dark. "What else have you not told me, Jack!"

    At Crimson Lights, Summer and Austin talk about Phyllis' freak out. Austin wants to tell her the truth - the longer they wait the worse it will be. "Just do it!" Summer tells him not to yell. He apologizes and reminds her Jack came around, her mom will too.

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