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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Summer Newman - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Summer Newman Played by Hunter Haley King on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.


    Birthday: October 20 1993
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Hunter Haley King


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    Y&R Recap: One Day At A Time.

    Friday, August 29 2014

    At their apartment, Austin and Summer welcome Jack and Kelly. Austin tells Jack about his visit with Phyllis. He's praying she'll wake up for Summer's sake. Jack says Austin's shown great character. In the kitchen, Summer thanks Kelly for fighting for her and Austin, and says it must not be easy dating a guy who's engaged to someone else. Kelly looks uncomfortable. Over lunch, Jack announces that he and Kelly have decided to move forward and she's moving in. Jack says he told Phyllis. Summer tries to be accepting but leaves the table. She returns and offers strawberries, but Jack and Kelly hustle out. Summer tells Austin she won't give up hope.

    Y&R Recap: Painfully Beautiful.

    Friday, August 22 2014

    In Georgia, Summer thanks Austin for coming to visit her mom. He says he wouldn't be free if not for her. They love each other. They enter Phyllis' room and Summer says, "Mom, this is Austin." Austin sits beside the comatose Phyllis and notes that she's pretty. Summer understands that it's awkward. Austin tells Phyllis he loves her daughter. He addresses what he did and how he feels he failed his mom. Summer sniffs that it was an accident and Avery helped him avoid prison. Austin confesses then that he married Summer for all the wrong reasons. He clarifies that he was crazy about her, but also thought it was his best shot at staying out of prison. He tells Phyllis her daughter's love took his hate away and waxes on about his hopes for the future. After, in the hallway, Summer assures Austin they're good. They go back in to see Phyllis. Summer thinks she can hear them. She tells Phyllis that Sharon's been great and the Abbott side of her family had a dinner for them. Summer says, "All we need now is you, Mom." When Summer goes to the office, Austin wishes he could give Summer what she wants - for her to wake up.

    Y&R Recap: Ya' Wanna' Shack Up?

    Thursday, August 21 2014

    At the courthouse, Summer assures Austin she'll find a way to pay his fine. Victor appears and says Summer need not rely on Jack Abbott for a thing. Austin says he can't take Victor's money. Victor states that he'll grant Summer limited access to her trust fund. Summer is relieved and happy. Avery arrives - she has news about Phyllis. Daniel has accepted a grant that will take him out of the country and he wants to sign over power-of-attorney to Summer. Summer thinks it sounds weird. Avery too. Victor listens as Avery explains an anonymous donor made the opportunity possible for Daniel. Later, Avery is thinking about a conversation with Summer after Phyllis went into a coma, when Leslie appears. She wants out of their partnership so she can go for the ADA position. Avery reluctantly gives her blessing. They hug.

    At Summer's apartment, she and Austin thank Victor for helping with the trust fund and she signs papers. Jack and Kelly stop in. Jack wonders what the hell Victor is up to now. Victor says he's granting Summer access to some of her trust fund money to pay Austin's fine. Summer finishes signing the papers and Victor leaves. Jack grumbles about not trusting Victor. Summer mentions Daniel going away. Jack looks puzzled. Summer asks why they stopped by. Kelly suggests they go to dinner. Summer says she's taking Austin somewhere.

    Y&R Recap: The Mommy Jackpot.

    Wednesday, August 20 2014

    At home, Summer and Austin prepare for his trial. Outside the door, Jack comes upon Victor, who is talking about Phyllis on the phone. He says, "I should have known you'd pull something like this." He's referring to Victor showing up at Summer's apartment. They bicker. Once inside, Victor clarifies with Austin that he didn't mean to harm Paul Williams before leaving. Jack complains to Austin and Summer about Victor, but Summer defends him. She tells Jack she's holding out hope for Austin just like he's holding out hope for her mom. Jack gives Summer a good luck charm Phyllis bought in Istanbul.

    Avery and Dylan greet Paul at the courthouse. Paul says Nikki's at the hospital with Victoria. Christine tells Dylan his testimony should put Austin away. Austin, Summer, and Jack arrive. Austin tells Paul he's glad he's okay and apologizes to him and Dylan. He wishes none of it had happened and that one day they'll forgive him. Jack is proud. Summer complains that Christine's out to get him. Avery reassures her. Summer tries to defend Austin to Dylan. Christine hisses that this case is going to trial. Avery points out Chris is emotionally involved. Paul surprises everyone by suggesting he may not testify. He and Christine argue. Dylan gripes that Austin isn't a kid, he's a man. Paul thinks the deferment program deal would serve Austin better. Chris tells him, "This isn't Ricky." Paul knows; it's too late for Ricky, but not for Austin. Paul tells Austin he's agreed to the deal. Leslie beams at Austin and Summer. Austin realizes the fine has to be paid by next week - he may go to prison anyway.

    Y&R Recap: Merry Christmas.

    Monday, August 11 2014

    Summer arrives at home to find Austin has set up a Christmas tree. "Merry Christmas." She loves that he's giving her the holiday they may not get to share. He gives her a present and says he sold his camera to buy it. It's the ring he feels she deserves. Summer cries. She pulls out a surprise she'd bought for him - a telephoto lens for the camera he no longer has. They laugh and kiss under the mistletoe.

    Y&R Recap: Guaranteed Disaster.

    Tuesday, August 05 2014

    Austin arrives at the apartment and is questioned by Summer. He says he had something important to take care of and produces Hawaiian gear for a stay-at-home 'honeymoon'. She notes his uncharacteristic enthusiasm and wonders what's up. Austin admits he met with Leslie - a date's been set for his trial. "It's next week." Summer wants to go on the run to Mexico or some Caribbean island. Austin says he needs to take responsibility for what he did. He suggests they live in the moment until the trial. After making love on the sofa, Summer tells Austin she wants to go to Hawaii after this is all over. He agrees.

    Y&R Recap: Take A Chance On Me.

    Tuesday, July 29 2014

    Nikki visits Summer at her new place and confronts her about marrying the man who shot Paul. Summer defends her husband. Nikki learns that Jack provided the apartment. They discuss Phyllis. Summer says there's no change. Nikki reassures her that her family will always be there for her. Summer mentions Sharon helped with her wedding - she's been great. Austin returns with his good news and apologizes to Nikki for what happened to Paul. Nikki warns him not to hurt Summer or anyone she cares about ever again, and leaves. Summer makes disgusting sandwiches and Austin tells her his job is at The Underground. He mentions Mariah being cool. Summer snaps at him to stay far away from that girl. Austin brings up prison, but Summer's not having it. The doorbell rings - it's Victor.

    Y&R Recap: Extreme Emotional Distress.

    Thursday, July 24 2014

    Austin calls Summer and they yap about his job interview. She gets off the phone and heads to her mother's hospital room. She holds her hand and tells her all about how much her life has changed since she met Austin. This is the first time she's ever been in love. She got married and now feels like Jack's her dad. After she lets go of Phyllis' hand, the redhead's fingers move. Summer goes on and on about how perfect her husband is. Dr. Burnett watches through the door. He gets Victor on the phone and is ordered not to say anything about the reversible coma.

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