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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Summer Newman - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Summer Newman Played by Hunter Haley King on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.


    Birthday: October 20 1993
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Hunter Haley King


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    Y&R Recap: Extreme Emotional Distress.

    Thursday, July 24 2014

    Austin calls Summer and they yap about his job interview. She gets off the phone and heads to her mother's hospital room. She holds her hand and tells her all about how much her life has changed since she met Austin. This is the first time she's ever been in love. She got married and now feels like Jack's her dad. After she lets go of Phyllis' hand, the redhead's fingers move. Summer goes on and on about how perfect her husband is. Dr. Burnett watches through the door. He gets Victor on the phone and is ordered not to say anything about the reversible coma.

    Y&R Recap: Keeping Quiet.

    Tuesday, July 22 2014

    At the Abbott's, Abby doesn't understand why Kelly was being so secretive about Stitch. Traci gets between them when they start to bicker. Meanwhile, Jack assures Billy that he'll be a wonderful father if he is the father of Victoria's baby. Billy wonders why Stitch isn't fighting for his role in his child's life. Kelly interrupts and asks Billy to stop prying into her brother's life. Summer and Austin arrive and they all go in for dinner. Billy wonders what Jack seems so upset about. They all sit down for a meal. It's awkward. Abby takes jabs at Austin. He insists he's not trying to hurt Summer and will go back to work after he serves his time. Summer suggests that Jack give him a job. Austin can't picture it. The topic accidentally turns to Billy and his children. He talks about his life falling apart. When Summer and Austin get up to leave, they explain they are staying at his place downtown. Everyone worries that's too dangerous. The newlyweds leave. Traci tells everyone that they all need to stick together. Abby starts quizzing Billy about the new woman in his life. Jack walks him out and tells him he has every right to be happy. Billy wonders why he seems so tense around Kelly. Once he leaves, Kelly thanks Jack for staying quiet about her brother. He doesn't want to lose her trust. After she leaves, Traci and Abby question Jack about how serious he is about Kelly.

    Summer and Austin head to Crimson Lights. He hopes her family will relax about them. She hopes he'll go to see her mom with her. He can't leave the state. They hug and he says he'll make the most of the time they have together. Meanwhile, Stitch drops in for a drink. Kelly calls him and confesses that she told Jack everything. She shows up and apologizes but she can't ruin things with Jack by lying to him. He thinks he'll lose everything but she's sure Jack will stay quiet.

    Y&R Recap: It Changes Everything.

    Monday, July 21 2014

    At the Dive Bar, Summer and Austin talk about their dinner plans. He wants to skip the Abbott dinner but Summer assures him her family is trying. Austin doesn’t think he’ll feel like part of the Abbotts anytime soon. Summer mentions kids and goes on about her plan for a family. Austin admits he’s never thought about being a dad. They banter about a honeymoon. He’s a backpack guy and she’s a hotel girl. Austin says it doesn’t matter because he’ll be in prison anyway. Summer tells him she’ll wait for him.

    Later, at the Abbott house, Kelly and Jack arrive for dinner. Abby’s displeased but Traci warns her behave. Kelly takes Jack aside and wonders how she can act normal when her brother’s future is at risk. Summer and Austin show up. Jack greets them and mentions he didn’t realize Austin would be joining them. Summer thanks everyone for the invitation and leaves to take Austin on a house tour. Abby catches up with Kelly in the dining room. She asks about her secret. Billy arrives and Jack tells him he has news - nothing he ever expected. Billy says they’ll deal with it together and to tell him what he heard.

    Y&R Recap: Bonehead.

    Tuesday, July 15 2014

    At the church, the cops break up Austin and Summer's wedding. Summer thinks everything is wrong. Harding says that Austin is being arrested for fraud. Summer begs Jack to help. The cop explains that Jack tipped him off and says the wedding is a scam. Nick squints. Jack insists this isn't fraud. Harding doesn't buy it but Jack warns him he's just going to get egg on his face. The cop backs down and leaves. Austin thanks Jack, who says he just wants his daughter to know that he's on her side when her new husband breaks her heart. After the family clears out, the newlyweds hang out in the pews. They're both waiting for miracles. Summer says she felt like her mom was watching over her today. She's sure Phyllis would be glad her daughter found someone special.

    Y&R Recap: Hot For A Bad Boy.

    Friday, July 11 2014

    In Summer's room, she questions Austin about whether he'll divorce her if he's sent to prison. He can't stand the thought of her wasting her life waiting and blurts that he loves her. Summer decides they need a real wedding at a church.

    At the Dive Bar, Noah and Courtney meet Austin and Summer, who announces they intend to have a church wedding. She wants them to be there - this afternoon. Noah can't support it. Kelly overhears as Summer says her loving Austin should be a reason for Noah to support it. Abby appears and warns Summer that Jack isn't backing down - he'll have her arrested. Summer says they're having a church wedding and she doesn't care if any of them show up. Abby convenes with Noah and Courtney about stopping the wedding. Noah wonders is this is about Abby's broken engagement. Abby denies it.

    Sharon finds Summer preparing for her church wedding at the Abbott house. Summer says Austin told her he loved her. Sharon sighs about first romance. She says no one wanted her and Nick to get married either. "Let me help you get ready." Sharon tells Summer that Phyllis would be proud. Sharon offers her lipstick for something borrowed. Summer gapes. "Creamy nude." She explains a lipstick that shade was found in the stairwell with Phyllis, who would never wear it. Sharon has a flashback to the lipstick rolling downstairs and is shaken.

    Y&R Recap: This Is Goodbye.

    Thursday, July 10 2014

    At the Dive Bar, Austin tells Summer her dad thinks he just wants her money and to keep her from testifying. Summer reassures him. He says he has something to do and leaves. Sharon and Faith arrive. Summer and Sharon discuss what Summer will do if Austin goes to jail. Summer admits Austin hasn't told her he loves her yet. She thinks it's hard for guys to say the words. Sharon says Nick tells her all the time.

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