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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Summer Newman - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Summer Newman Played by Hunter Haley King on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.


    Birthday: October 20 1993
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Hunter Haley King


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    Y&R Recap: Rich, Entitled, Monsters.

    Monday, May 25 2015

    Kyle, Summer and Abby sneak into Tobias' hospital room. After they wake him, he gasps 'Austin' and then flatlines. Yack arrives outside, peers in and smirks before strolling off.

    Y&R Recap: That's Absurd.

    Wednesday, May 20 2015

    At the police station, Christine and Paul discuss his bad press. He calls Kyle, Kevin, Summer and Mariah in to lecture them for obstructing his investigation. He explains that there is no more evidence connecting the drug kingpin to the killing. The FBI claim it was a false match. After the kids leave, Paul wonders how he lost his lead. Christine tries distracting him. They recall her pregnancy and he comforts her. She thinks they need to take a vacation. He suggests they go to Washington to look into why the FBI refuses to acknowledge that Marco could be involved.

    Kyle, Kevin, Summer and Mariah are at Crimson Lights arguing about who messed up the investigation. Mariah isn't enjoying the pity party. Kevin suggests that someone might have changed the match. He suspects it was the FBI. They try to talk him out of hacking into FBI files but he won't listen.

    Y&R Recap: White Knight Syndrome.

    Monday, May 18 2015

    Kevin, Kyle and Summer arrive in Paul's office, eager for any new information on the killer. He informs them that the lab matched the evidence to a killer in the FBI database. He's the head of a South American drug cartel. Summer and Kyle complain about Fen. Kevin defends him. Paul admits the authorities have no idea where the killer, Marco Anacelli, is. Later, Dylan arrives and Paul repeats what he said to the others. After he leaves, an FBI agent arrives and tells Paul that he will be taking over the investigation. Paul still wants information about Marco. The agent looks through the evidence and doubts Marco is really involved or even alive.

    Kevin, Kyle and Summer go to Crimson Lights and try to figure out why Marco would kill Austin. When Fen walks in, Kevin runs into him. He recaps what happened with Michael and Lauren. Back at the table, Summer and Kyle continue to run down Fen. They discuss their failed date. She wonders if Austin ever really loved her. Someone watches them from across the room. Kyle spots him, rushes over and confronts him. The guy, Tobias, claims he wasn't spying on them. They apologize for being paranoid. He leaves.

    Y&R Recap: Winner Takes All.

    Friday, May 15 2015

    At the cabin, Fen explains to his agitated friends that he was being blackmailed for changing his grades. As the gang yells at him, Paul and the cops bust in. Fen defends himself for finally telling the truth and then answers Paul's questions about the threatening texts he received. He hasn't heard anything since he spiked the punch. They try to figure out if they have any evidence. Fen has the envelope the vial was in and hands it over. He's determined to confess everything to his parents. Paul will allow that but orders him to go straight back to Arizona after he sees them. Kevin tries to defend Fen as his friends lecture him. He points out how many stupid and lousy things they've all done. Abby still blames him for the killings. Summer and Kyle will never forgive him. Kevin continues pleading for compassion.

    Y&R Recap: From The Beginning.

    Thursday, May 14 2015

    At Crimson Lights, Abby, Noah, Kevin, Mariah, Kyle, and Summer discuss Sharon's charges being dropped and the real killer. They debate about keeping themselves safe. Abby feels the killer no longer sees them as a threat. Someone watches them debate through the window. Mariah doesn't feel safe. Kyle gets a call that his dad is going home. Summer thinks things are looking up, but Mariah realizes Kevin doesn't think they're safe either. Suddenly they all get texts to come to the cabin. Abby calls Ben. Kyle wants to confront the killer and leaves. Kevin and Noah follow. Ben arrives and goes after the guys. Summer calls Paul and leaves him a message that something is going on at the cabin.

    At the cabin, Kyle, Kevin, and Noah's search turns up nothing. Ben arrives and says he's calling the cops. They hear something. Someone enters. Ben grabs him - it's Fen. They ask if he got a text too. He says, "No. I sent it." They read him the riot act. Summer, Abby, and Mariah arrive as Fen says he's been in contact with the killer. Kevin asks when. Fen says, "From the beginning."

    Y&R Recap: Dr. Death.

    Wednesday, May 13 2015

    At the Abbott house, Phyllis shows Summer some things to help jog Jack's memory. Kyle appears with Jack's Harvard class ring - he hid it after his mom was murdered. Summer has Traci's doll and Ashley's bracelet - Jack gave them to her when he thought he was her father. Phyllis gives them a pep talk and leaves. Summer comforts Kyle.

    At the hospital, Phyllis shows Yack the mementos. She won't let him slip away. "I need you to come back to me." He suddenly remembers Istanbul and that he loves her. They kiss. Soon, Kyle and Summer arrive. Billy also appears. Yack calls him Billy Boy. Billy shrugs it off and then asks if he recalls signing the contract. He does. Nearby, Victor looks smug.

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