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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Summer Newman - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Summer Newman Played by Hunter Haley King on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.


    Birthday: October 20 1993
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Hunter Haley King


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    Y&R Recap: You Belong Together.

    Friday, November 21 2014

    At the Abbott house, Phyllis tells Jack family and friends are coming for an engagement party. Jack replies, "No Phyllis. That is not a good idea." Summer and Austin arrive, followed by Abby and Traci. They enthuse over the engagement news. Jack says the announcement is premature. Phyllis asks why. Jack wants time to savor it with Phyllis first. It turns out no one can stay. Phyllis is upset. Jack intervenes. Summer thanks him. Later, Traci takes Phyllis to see some roses out back. Ashley enters and hisses at Jack, "You're marrying her?" She wonders how him falling for another woman fits into the plan. Jack says he has to tell Kelly it's over. Ash is appalled he hasn't already, and urges him to tell her immediately before she hears it from someone else. Phyllis and Traci rejoin them. Jack has to go out. Phyllis accuses Ashley of talking behind her back. Ash suggests they get things out in the open. Phyllis thinks not. Ashley convinces her to stick around. Phyllis suggests they get the family albums out and then slips out.

    Abby, Summer, and Austin arrive at the ranch. Nick has to go, and promises to spend time with Summer when he returns. After, Victor toasts to Summer being his granddaughter. Summer wants to toast to Phyllis and Jack's engagement, but Victor is rude about Jack which frustrates Summer. Victor goes to get more champagne. The younger set bickers about Sharon's actions, Victor trying to make Summer choose between families, and whether Phyllis or Sharon is worse. Abby tries to lighten things but Summer, Austin, and Noah leave. Victor asks Abby what happened. She says some people have no sense of humor. Victor thinks everyone will come for Thanksgiving.

    At The Underground, Austin suggests Summer and Noah let the argument go. They hug it out. After, Summer tells Austin she's tired of explanations. He figures that's why she was grateful Jack called Kyle about the paternity news. Summer tells Austin she was in love with Kyle. She reassures him she' happy how things turned out, but looks disturbed when they hug.

    Y&R Recap: A Terrible Joyless Year.

    Monday, November 17 2014

    At The Underground, Phyllis watches Austin and Summer role-playing. She emerges and rants when she thinks Summer is going to take a drink. Phyllis wonders why Summer hasn't been in touch. Summer isn't just mad at Sharon; she's mad at her too. She complains that after blasting everyone else for keeping things from her, she kept it to herself that Nick was her dad. Austin says Summer's been upset. Phyllis tells him to stay out of it. Summer orders Phyllis not to disrespect Austin nor to talk to her like she's a kid. Summer wonders how she could only think of revenge on Sharon and not her or Jack. Doesn't she love them? Phyllis hollers that she was wondering the same thing about them. She apologizes for her outburst and she and Summer make up. Phyllis concedes that she should have come to her and Jack with her suspicions. She admits things don't feel the same with her and Jack. Summer reassures her. Phyllis says they don't have to lose him - she'll make him remember. Later, Summer tells Austin she feels guilty about getting mad at her mom. She hasn't been honest herself and wonders if Phyllis will understand her keeping the truth about Kelly and Jack from her. They discuss Thanksgiving and kiss.

    Y&R Recap: Power Play.

    Wednesday, November 12 2014

    At The Underground, Austin and Summer discuss the reveal about her paternity. Summer says none of it had to be like this. Mariah appears and calls Summer out for whining again. She notes that Sharon and Nick didn't get married. Summer is appalled she feels bad for Sharon. She tells her Sharon is so twisted she changed her DNA test results. Mariah intones, "You're the daughter. The one Sharon lied to Nick about." Summer can't believe she knew. Mariah explains about Sharon talking in her sleep. They argue. Mariah says Summer's mother is no saint and complains about her whining. She thinks the princess should grow up. After, Summer complains to Austin that Mariah knew. Austin feels Mariah didn't defend Sharon's actions, but she's her mom. Summer hisses at him not to defend Mariah or Sharon to her ever. Austin apologizes. She's the one who matters to him.

    Nick enters The Underground as Summer tells Austin she doesn't know how to do this. He doesn't either. They embrace.

    Y&R Recap: You Are So Grounded.

    Friday, November 07 2014

    At the tackhouse, Summer tells Nick about Jack and Phyllis breaking the news to her. She wonders how Sharon could do something so awful. Nick says she claims to have done it because she loves him. Summer cries that Sharon wanted to get rid of her. Nick gets angrier the more he tries to understand. Summer wants her to pay. Nick says they can't press charges and points out he's the one who started this. Summer won't have him blaming himself or forgiving Sharon. Nick says something positive came out of it. "You are my kid." He supports her keeping Jack in her life and has something he's wanted to say all year. "You are so grounded." Victoria arrives. Summer leaves. Victoria hugs Nick. They talk about figuring out a way to co-parent Faith, like Victoria's had to with Billy. Nick asks about Ben. Victoria says he claims there's more to his story.

    At Crimson Lights, Abby tells Summer she still wants her at Abbott family dinners, and then leaves her to her brother. Noah is sorry this happened to Summer. She says it's not his fault his mother is sneaky and cruel. Noah begins to defend Sharon but stops. They hug. Summer gets a call from Kyle.

    Y&R Recap: Curl Up And Die.

    Thursday, November 06 2014

    At the Abbott house, Phyllis finds Jack sadly contemplating Summer's photo. He called her to come over - she needs to hear the truth. Phyllis suggests calling Nick. Jack wants his time and says Nick has other problems. Phyllis explains she couldn't blurt this out; she had to hear Sharon admit it first. Summer arrives. She calls Jack 'Dad' and he asks her not to. "I'm not your father, Summer." Phyllis explains Sharon changed the DNA test Nick ran. Jack says Nick is her father. "All this time it was always him." Summer then learns about the confrontation between Sharon and Phyllis on the stairs. "That psycho turned everybody's life upside-down." Summer stares at Jack, who assures her nothing will change the way he feels about her. When Phyllis rants about Sharon, Jack wants the focus on Summer. She says she has Austin and worries about Jack. Jack will miss her terribly. Summer plans to be there all the time. After, Jack tells Phyllis he needs to be alone.

    At the tackhouse, Nick uncovers the furniture and removes his ring. Summer appears in the doorway. "Dad." They embrace.

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