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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Summer Newman

    Full detailed profile on Summer Newman Played by Hunter Haley King on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Summer Newman

    Actor: Hunter Haley King

    Who played Summer Newman over the years

    Hunter Haley King (October 15 2012 - present)
    Lindsay Bushman (June 8 2012 - October 12 2012)
    Samantha Bailey (June 9 2009 - May 4 2012)
    Bianca and Chiara D'Ambrosio (July 22 2008 - November 12 2008)
    Elara and Rhea Kerwin (December 29 2006 - June 20 2008)

    Useful information on Summer Newman

    * Resides at the tackhouse with Nick.
    * Was delivered by Jack Abbott.
    * Nearly died from peanut allergy.
    * Is friends with Fenmore Baldwin.
    * Married Austin Travers.


    Current: Unemployed
    Past: Production Assistant on Avery's cooking series
    Past: Model
    Past: Student


    Summer Newman is the daughter of Phyllis Summers and Nick Newman. She was conceived when Nick and Phyllis had an affair following Cassie's death. Phyllis wasn't sure if she was Nick's or Jack's so a paternity test was taken. Nick was the only one to see the results that confirmed she was his. Jack delivered Summer while trapped in the Newman elevator with Phyllis. As a child, Summer went into a coma after Patty Williams intentionally kissed her after eating a peanut butter cookie. Phyllis and Nick blamed Victor, who had brought Patty back to town posing as Dr. Emily Peterson for revenge on Jack. Summer had to undergo speech therapy following the coma.

    As a teenager, Summer was vocal about her embarrassing family, and became angry and rebellious after her mother was charged in the old hit-and-run attempted murder case and she caught her fooling around with Ronan. Summer moved in with Nick, who had also left Phyllis, and took a baseball bat to Ronan's car. While driving when upset, Summer caused an accident that caused Adam's wife Chelsea to miscarry. Summer shared a kiss with Fen Baldwin, and involved him in a scheme against Ronan that included bullying the boy Ronan is mentoring, Jamie. While still estranged from Phyllis, Summer turned to Avery, who was seeing Nick, and who talked her out of pursuing emancipation. In the meantime, Summer had apologized to Jamie and had come to like him, which set Fen off and caused him to escalate the bullying until Jamie nearly killed himself.

    Summer developed a crush on Kyle, which caused Nick to start acting strange. It turns out he hadn't confirmed his paternity of Summer way back when and worried that she might be Jack's daughter, and therefore, Kyle's sister. He did a new DNA test, which came back showing that Nick was not her father. He told a furious Phyllis, and they assumed that Jack was her dad. Unbeknownst to them, Sharon had tampered with the DNA results. Eventually, Nick told Summer that he was not her father, and that Kyle, her crush, was her half-brother. Believing Jack to be her father, and her whole life to be a lie, Summer became depressed. She had to deal with Jack and Victor fighting about who her family is, and all that on top of Phyllis being in coma since she fell down the stairs at the gala. Summer was given back Phyllis' effects from the stairwell, among them Sharon's lipstick, but no one figured out that Sharon and Phyllis were fighting when she fell.

    After dealing with Fen being in jail, believing that her best friend, Courtney, was a drug dealer, and the continued struggle of missing her comatose mother, Summer gave in to the lure of energy pills on a modeling shoot and ended up in the hospital with heart failure, but recovered fully. Summer next became involved with a man called John Darwin, a life coach, who later was revealed to be Ian Ward, the cult leader who had taken advantage of Nikki when she was young. The next revelation was that Courtney was an undercover cop the entire time she and Summer were high school buddies.

    Summer, still looking for a place in the world, decided to try being a production assistant on the set for her Aunt Avery's cooking show, and bonded with the cute cameraman, Austin, over the loss of their mothers from their lives. Summer wanted to lose her virginity to Austin, but he alluded to having come to town for one reason only - it turned out he was stalking Avery, whom he blamed for his mother's death. After kidnapping Avery in hopes of convincing her to give a videotaped confession to having wrongly freed the man who killed his mother, Austin ended up in a shoot out, which saw Paul Williams shot and Austin grazed with a bullet while escaping. Summer went on the run with Austin and finally made love with him. Her first time was in a motel near the Canadian border. It wasn't long before the cops found Summer and brought her back to Genoa City. Austin then turned himself in. Summer advocated on his behalf, begging Avery to understand he was just mourning his mother and to help him. Avery enlisted Leslie's help and Summer got Austin out on bail. She then decided they should get married so she couldn't be forced to testify against him. Jack was livid upon finding out about the marriage and announced he would try to have it dissolved in court.




    Austin Travers (husband)
    Kyle Abbott (dated)
    Fenmore Baldwin (kiss)


    Nick Newman (father)
    Phyllis Summers Abbott Newman (mother)
    Cassie Newman (half-sister - deceased)
    Noah Newman (half-brother)
    Faith Newman (half-sister)
    Victor Newman (grandfather)
    Nikki Newman (grandmother)
    Victoria Newman (aunt)
    Abby Carlton (aunt)
    Victor Newman Jr. (uncle)
    Avery Bailey Clark (aunt)
    Reed Hellstrom (cousin)
    Johnny Abbott (cousin)




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    Friday, October 31 2014: Y&R Recap: Trick Or Treat.

    Summer finds Jack alone at the Club and worries about Phyllis' whereabouts. Jack says she's in the restroom. Nearby, Phyllis reaches Nick by phone and hopes she caught him in time before he ruined his life. She insists they need to talk, but he hangs up. Jack appears and they join Summer. Phyllis asks where Austin the kidnapper is. When she doesn't get too belligerent, Summer and Jack ask what's distracting her. Phyllis admits she's off her game - the world has kept turning and she's playing catch-up. Abby appears and yells at Phyllis enthusiastically, "I'm Abby. Abby Newman." As Abby chatters, Phyllis learns that Victoria's pregnant. Abby and Summer discuss Nick's wedding and Mariah but don't explain who she is. As Summer leaves, Phyllis hugs her and whispers that no matter what, everything will be okay. She takes Summer's phone. Jack walks Summer out and returns to find Phyllis grilling Abby for the 'real dirt'. Abby gives the scoop on her love life, which leads to Mariah. Abby and Jack explain she's Cassie's twin. Phyllis fumes that Nick and Sharon have another child now and as usual, Summer gets benched. She tells Jack she's taking a cab home. Abby warns Jack about not telling Phyllis about Kelly. Jack has the impression Phyllis is also keeping something from him.

    At the ranch, Victor looks at the DNA results, champagne glass and hairbrush again. Summer comes in and tells him that something is off about her mother - something is driving her to distraction. Summer looks at the table and asks, "Grandpa, what's my hairbrush doing here?" Victor gapes. "That's your hairbrush?" Summer nods.

    Wednesday, October 29 2014: Y&R Recap: Big Happy Family.

    At The Underground, Summer talks to Nick about Phyllis not accepting her marriage and flipping out when she found out what Austin had done. Nick reminds her he wasn't happy at first either. He says Phyllis loves her too much to let Austin come between them. Summer wishes she'd told the truth from the beginning - lying made things worse. They discuss Jack not telling Phyllis about Kelly. Summer worries she should tell her. Nick says it's not her job. He asks Summer to be at his Halloween wedding. Summer declines due to Phyllis' feelings. Nick understands. Summer asks Nick to put in a good word for Austin with Phyllis - she trusts his advice like she still considers him her dad. Nick agrees.

    At the Abbott house, Phyllis complains to Avery about Summer's marriage and what Austin did to her. Avery's trying to get past it. Phyllis would never get over a person hurting her that easy - and she'd never forget. Avery explains why Nick and Jack went along with the marriage and adds there's a lot Phyllis doesn't know about Austin - he was grieving his mother. Phyllis scoffs, "Light a candle." Phyllis is stunned to learn that Dylan saved Paul's life and that Paul and Nikki are his parents - meaning Nick is his brother. Phyllis realizes Avery dumped Nick for Dylan. Avery says they've become closer. Phyllis mocks the 'big happy family'. Avery says everyone ended up with the right person. Phyllis will never accept Nick belonging with Sharon. Avery feels she has no choice. Phyllis asks if she wants to bet. They bicker about Sharon. Avery says it's obvious everyone is where they should be. Phyllis says obviously she's the only one seeing things clearly. Later, Summer arrives with Nick. Summer says she's happy with Austin. Phyllis realizes what they're up to and it won't work. Nick sends Summer out and tells Phyllis that Summer can make her own decisions. Phyllis won't watch her ruin her life, anymore than she'll watch him ruin his. Nick says he's marrying Sharon tomorrow and she can't stop it. He leaves. Phyllis whispers, "Don't be so sure."

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