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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Noah Newman - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Noah Newman Played by Robert Adamson on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Robert Adamson (

    Birthday: July 11 1985
    Birthplace: Salt Lake City, Utah
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Robert Adamson
    Height: 5' 11"


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    Y&R Recap: Bashing Nikki.

    Thursday, May 28 2015

    Nikki wanders in a brightly lit space. A man calling himself Angel appears and gets her to recall what happened. She flashes back to her children bringing her to the ranch to discuss the merger. She's surprised to see that the whole family is there. Nikki assumes the Newmans are ganging up against the Abbotts and starts lecturing them until Dylan arrives. She guesses something else is going on. "An intervention? You think that's the answer?" she asks Victor. Before she can storm out, she runs into Yack. He escorts her out of the doorway. Her grandchildren beg her to listen. Victor tries talking Yack into leaving but Yack doesn't think it's what Jack would do. As everyone gathers around, Nikki admits that she drinks sometimes but they are really overreacting. She doesn't need to justify taking the edge off when her life is so full of stress. Neil's told himself those lies too. He reminds her that he killed Paul and Christine's baby because he couldn't face his problem. When he brings up her taking Walt back to her room, Nikki is furious. He threatens to walk away from her the next time she's in trouble. That's fine with her. Victor won't let her walk out. She feels like she's surrounded by jackals. Her children and grandchildren line up to talk about how much they care about her and how much it hurts to see her suffering. Nick reminds her that he already lost a daughter thanks to alcohol. Nikki feels like she's being judged. Victoria reminds her about dropping the baby. "Get help or I will never allow you around your grandchildren again," she warns. Nikki thinks she'll regret that and orders them to move along. Yack urges her to choose life. He's profoundly sad to see her wasting her life. None of this sounds right to Nikki. Victor worries about how this is affecting the family. She throws that back in his face and reminds him that he turned his back on her after the mess with Ian. He doesn't have anything to add. Neil encourages Victor to explain his feelings but Nikki has had her fill. "Let's turn this Nikki bashing into a real bash!" she declares, breaking out the booze. Victor asks her to stop for the sake of the grandchildren. "Shame on me!" she groans. The glass slips from her hands and she collapses.

    Y&R Recap: Rich, Entitled, Monsters.

    Monday, May 25 2015

    Noah visits Cassie's grave. He weeps about Courtney. Mariah watches him tell her about all the time he lost. He vows to get justice for Courtney. Mariah tears up. He spots her and calls her over. Noah assures her that she has every right to visit her sister. She wonders what things could have been like if they'd grown up together. She urges him to call Courtney's parents again.

    In Sage's room at the club, Nick tries to talk Sage out of going to the party. She's insistent. Downstairs, Victor orders Tobias to leave. Ashley reminds him that she threatened to have him arrested. Tobias nonchalantly grabs a drink. Yack informs him they don't need any spies. Tobias threatens to tell the guests all of Victor's secrets. When he's commanded to leave, Tobias jumps on the bar and rants about them being 'rich, entitled, monsters'. Ashley declares that he's useless. Neil drags him off the bar and then bickers with Billy, who just wants to dump the interloper in a car. After Billy drags him out, Jack thanks him. Nikki sneaks drinks. Kyle and Summer admit to Yack and Phyllis that they caught Tobias spying on them at Crimson Lights. Abby looks uncomfortable as they discuss this. When her friends approach her, they discuss whether or not Tobias has something to do with the killer. Yack glares over at them. Meanwhile, Victoria and Billy talk about how nice it is to work together again. She spots her brother and Sage walking in. Nick introduces her to his parents. Noah arrives in time to hear the latest mention of the baby. They fill him in and toast. Nikki announces that she doesn't drink and heads off to powder her nose. She bumps into Dylan on the way and starts complaining to him about how her sons are saddling themselves with awful women. Sharon pops up, who refuses to argue on the anniversary of Cassie's death. She advises Nikki not to antagonize Sage while she's pregnant. Nikki accuses her of taking advantage of the family and strides off. Across the room, Sage assures Victor that she's not a gold digger. She walked out on Gabriel's money and she's confident that Nick will be a good father. Sirens start to ring. Lily comes in and says there has been an accident involving a party guest. It was Tobias. Kyle, Abby and Summer decide to run over to the hospital to see if he's doped up enough to spill the truth. Nikki returns. Victor wonders if she's been drinking and she starts slurring her insults of the mustache. She complains about how dirty she feels for following Victor's orders and blames him for driving Tobias over the edge. She storms out and heads to the roof. Neil trails after and finds her getting plastered with some dude. She teases Neil about walking into the party with his son's ex. Neil takes her aside and she tells him that Victor is not winning tonight, she is. Neil asks the dude to step off and gets threatening. Meanwhile, Nick brings Sage back to her room. He advises her to 'duck and cover' when it comes to his dad. They make out. Back downstairs, Phyllis notices that Yack has gone missing. By the bar, Billy and Victoria discuss the pregnancy and start brainstorming their new project. When they stroll upstairs, they catch Neil punching the guy who was with Nikki.

    Y&R Recap: From The Beginning.

    Thursday, May 14 2015

    At Crimson Lights, Abby, Noah, Kevin, Mariah, Kyle, and Summer discuss Sharon's charges being dropped and the real killer. They debate about keeping themselves safe. Abby feels the killer no longer sees them as a threat. Someone watches them debate through the window. Mariah doesn't feel safe. Kyle gets a call that his dad is going home. Summer thinks things are looking up, but Mariah realizes Kevin doesn't think they're safe either. Suddenly they all get texts to come to the cabin. Abby calls Ben. Kyle wants to confront the killer and leaves. Kevin and Noah follow. Ben arrives and goes after the guys. Summer calls Paul and leaves him a message that something is going on at the cabin.

    At the cabin, Kyle, Kevin, and Noah's search turns up nothing. Ben arrives and says he's calling the cops. They hear something. Someone enters. Ben grabs him - it's Fen. They ask if he got a text too. He says, "No. I sent it." They read him the riot act. Summer, Abby, and Mariah arrive as Fen says he's been in contact with the killer. Kevin asks when. Fen says, "From the beginning."

    Y&R Recap: Let The Magic Happen.

    Tuesday, May 12 2015

    Sharon and Dylan arrive at her place to find Nick, Noah, and Faith waiting to welcome her home. Nick tells Dylan he was a jackass not to listen. Dylan thinks he was just too close to see things. Nick and the kids leave for the tackhouse. Dylan tells Sharon that Avery can't make it back. Sharon suggests he go to Chicago. Dylan doesn't think so. Sharon tells him he deserves better. They kiss. After, they both apologize, but he stays.

    Y&R Recap: It's All My Fault.

    Wednesday, May 06 2015

    Sharon strolls into The Underground. No one's happy to see her there. She announces that she is innocent and was framed. Nick asks her to go and insists there is nothing to celebrate until the charges have been dropped. Sharon won't go and demands some chardonnay. Victor calls the cops. Sharon's kids try to talk her into leaving. She won't budge. A cop arrives to arrest her. Michael is on the phone with Noah and suggests she stay quiet. Paul arrives and takes over. He arrests her and leads her out. Victor props up at the bar and chats with Sage about her new job and her 'enigmatic' ex-husband. "He's not an enigma. He's a jerk," Nick grumbles. The mustache gets a call about Jack's accident and departs. Sage can see how much Nick wants to support Sharon and urges him to go. It's not his job anymore, he claims.

    Y&R Recap: Working Out The Kinks.

    Tuesday, May 05 2015

    At Sharon's place, she suggests Michael take Lauren to The Underground tonight. Michael says they're separated. Noah arrives and says Paul is close to dropping the charges against Sharon, who learns about the phony photo. Michael warns her it's not a done deal. Noah tells them about the hard drive and Austin's laptop being stolen. Michael steps out to call Paul. Noah apologizes for doubting Sharon. She asks if Nick knows, and asks Noah to give him her best tonight. Noah goes. Michael returns. Sharon urges him to nap on the sofa. She goes upstairs and quickly returns. He's asleep. She smiles.

    At The Underground, Faith tells Nick it looks the same as before. Mariah and Kevin tell Faith the place won't fall again because there's a cone of invincibility around it. Nick assures her it's all good. Faith glares. "It was..." Sage is there. Nick makes Faith apologize. She does but then asks why she's there. Nick says she works there. Faith wants to know if that's it. Mariah takes Faith out to meet her babysitter. Nick is sorry Sage is hurt by this. Kevin asks Nick if he's heard the latest on Sharon - the charges may be dropped. Mariah reappears and accuses Nick of being disappointed that Sharon might be innocent. She says the killer is still out there. Later, Sage tells Nick they should stay away from each other. Nick asks for time to sort things out. She's not going anywhere. Noah arrives, followed by Abby and Stitch. Mariah mocks her track record with men and they have to be held apart. Nick says no fighting. Victor appears and backs him up. Phyllis arrives and tells Nick the place looks great and Summer wasn't up to a party. She's surprised she beat Jack there since he's in his Ferrari. Suddenly, Sharon is there. Nick asks, "What is she doing here?" Victor and Noah gape.

    Y&R Recap: What's The Status Of Things?

    Monday, May 04 2015

    At Summer's place, Kevin says Paul needs to hear about the phony screenshot from someone he trusts. Summer wants to know who killed Austin and Courtney if it wasn't Sharon.

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