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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Noah Newman - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Noah Newman Played by Robert Adamson on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Robert Adamson (

    Birthday: July 11 1985
    Birthplace: Salt Lake City, Utah
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Robert Adamson
    Height: 5' 11"


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    Y&R Recap: You Made Your Single Bed.

    Thursday, September 18 2014

    At home, Nick and Sharon debate about how to get married quickly. They decide to have the people close to them attend. Sharon leaves as Nikki arrives. Nikki talks about their engagement and wishes them happiness as she eyeballs the wine bottle. Nick says she seems jittery. "What's going on with you?" Nikki snaps at him that she's fine. She apologizes. Noah and Faith arrive. Nikki greets them and leaves. Nick tells Faith and Noah they're having a family dinner that involves a surprise. Noah asks, "Are you and mom getting married?" Nick grins. He admits they're engaged. Faith squeals with delight - she won't be a love child anymore. Nick tells Noah he and Sharon aren't worried about the secret anymore; nothing can tear them apart. When Noah goes upstairs, Nick looks at Sharon's old traffic violation.

    Y&R Recap: Winner Of The DNA Lottery.

    Monday, September 15 2014

    At The Underground, Mariah tells Noah that Nick guilt tripped her into coming back to work. Mariah behaves rudely to Noah, who tells her to give Sharon a chance. Mariah's not interested in pretending to be Cassie. "I will never measure up." They continue to argue. Noah hollers that he gets it - her life sucked - but she could meet him halfway. Abby arrives and snarks at the 'winner of the DNA lottery', "Are you here to collect?" Mariah says she's leaving as soon as she pays Sharon back - hopefully before her new dye job. They argue about Tyler. Abby says Ian's the only man who ever wanted Mariah. Mariah douses her with water. Noah steps in. Abby is appalled by him being taken in by Mariah. She leaves. Mariah says it's a shame the wicked witch didn't melt. Noah hisses at her that she's stupid to piss away her one chance at a family.

    Y&R Recap: It Makes Sense.

    Friday, September 12 2014

    Sharon and Faith arrive home from shopping and Nick says he and Sharon have to go somewhere. Noah is there to watch Faith. Nick tells Sharon she'll be blindfolded. Later, Summer arrives to relieve Noah. Faith whispers to her that she's still her favorite sister. Summer tells Noah that Mariah is their blood - she's not. It's like Cassie's come back to life. Noah says not to make it a competition. Summer says she loves Jack but isn't sure she'll ever truly accept the change in her paternity. They talk about Jack and Kelly. Noah encourages her to let Kelly in.

    Y&R Recap: Chemistry.

    Thursday, September 04 2014

    Noah joins Austin and Summer at The Underground and tells them about Mariah being Cassie's twin. Later, Summer tells Austin she's jealous of Mariah - she has Nick. Austin reassures her. Summer doesn't think Mariah deserves to be a Newman.

    At home, Sharon tells Faith that Mariah is her sister. Faith asks questions, which Sharon answers. Faith says now they know why she looked so much like Cassie. She reminds Sharon that Mariah broke the rules. Sharon says that's because she didn't have a family to teach her. Later, Nick enters with Mariah, who is greeted by an enthusiastic Faith. She urges Mariah to follow the rules so she can stay. Nick tells Faith to go upstairs. She does after asking if Mariah's a love child too. Sharon reaches out to Mariah, who tells her not to come near her. She brings up their argument. Sharon hasn't forgotten. Mariah snaps that she doesn't want Sharon's forgiveness or pity. She asks who her father is. Sharon tells her about Frank, who is dead. Mariah is hostile - the only thing she wants is to have her financial debt cleared so she can leave town. Later, Noah arrives. Sharon tells him Mariah ran off and Nick's looking for her. Noah worries that Mariah will hurt her again. He warns she can't expect to be an instant mother to someone like her.

    Y&R Recap: The Magic Is Still There.

    Tuesday, August 26 2014

    At Sharon's house, she tells Noah they have to bring Mariah home - she's her daughter, and his sister. She tells him what Nick found out. Noah is stunned. He embraces Sharon. Nick arrives and Noah asks them to keep him posted. Nick tells Sharon that Paul told him Mariah was supposed to meet Kevin last night. They speculate on whether she went with Ian against her will. Sharon wonders why they'd take her baby. Nick has no answers. Sharon frets over how Mariah grew up. Ian stole so much from all of them.

    Noah talks to Courtney about Mariah at the station. Courtney promises they'll find her.

    Y&R Recap: Ya' Wanna' Shack Up?

    Thursday, August 21 2014

    Noah arrives at Sharon's house to find her 'taking out the trash'. She explains that Mariah tried to seduce his father. Noah is surprised that Mariah would think he'd go for that given that she looks like Cassie. Sharon takes partial blame for being taken in by her. Faith overhears Sharon say she threw Mariah out and asks why she made her leave. Sharon explains that it's best for everyone. Faith misses Summer and now Mariah's gone too. Noah reassures her. He credits Sharon for being a good person and giving Mariah the benefit of the doubt. She admits it was partly because of her resemblance to Cassie. She says Victor caused all this pain and heads out. Noah leaves Nick a message.

    Y&R Recap: The Old Battleaxe.

    Wednesday, August 13 2014

    Noah and Courtney are at The Underground when Harding enters. Courtney urges Noah to ignore him. Noah thinks Harding gives her grief because he's into her. Courtney doesn't think so, but Noah convinces her. Noah leaves and Courtney goes over to tell Harding that Noah makes her happy. His date appears. Harding smirks. "Glad to hear it." Courtney stalks back to Noah and informs him he made things worse. He offers to apologize by way of massage oils.

    Y&R Recap: Hot For A Bad Boy.

    Friday, July 11 2014

    At the Dive Bar, Noah and Courtney meet Austin and Summer, who announces they intend to have a church wedding. She wants them to be there - this afternoon. Noah can't support it. Kelly overhears as Summer says her loving Austin should be a reason for Noah to support it. Abby appears and warns Summer that Jack isn't backing down - he'll have her arrested. Summer says they're having a church wedding and she doesn't care if any of them show up. Abby convenes with Noah and Courtney about stopping the wedding. Noah wonders is this is about Abby's broken engagement. Abby denies it.

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