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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Noah Newman - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Noah Newman Played by Robert Adamson on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Robert Adamson (

    Birthday: July 11 1985
    Birthplace: Salt Lake City, Utah
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Robert Adamson
    Height: 5' 11"


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    Y&R Recap: One Big Happy Family.

    Friday, February 27 2015

    At the hospital, Kyle wonders why the cabin kids went through his car. An officer appears to speak to Summer. They step away. Summer returns and announces they found Austin - for real this time. She sobs. Noah hugs her. She divulges that Austin's body was found behind the wheel of a wrecked car. Kevin blurts, "That's not possible." They speculate that someone set it up to cover up the murder. The officer returns - Summer has to ID the body. In Hilary's room, she tells Neil that Devon was just collateral damage. Devon intervenes. "You're lying." Hilary insists it's the truth. Neil says she loved him - he saw sincerity. Hilary laughs. "You saw what you wanted to see." Devon protests that she doesn't mean what she's saying. Neil leaves. Devon asks her what the hell she's doing? He won't let her do this so he can salvage his relationship with his family. Hilary wants him to go and not come back ever. Devon knows what she's doing. Hilary insists he was a means to an end and calls him pathetic. Devon keeps arguing. Hilary mocks him cruelly. She tells him to run along before she calls security and tosses his ring at him. Devon stands outside her room in shock. In the chapel, Summer sobs. The others are still in the waiting area worrying about her. They wonder about Austin's family. Abby flashes to finding Austin at the Abbott cabin after Summer bought him the tie and drinking and kissing. Mariah realizes Abby loved him. Noah and Kevin whisper about Kyle, who has disappeared. They decide to analyze the blood on the towel. Meanwhile, Kyle joins Summer in the chapel - she identified the body. He flashes to seeing them all passed out in the cabin. "I wasn't there then, but I'm here now."

    Y&R Recap: Mission Accomplished.

    Thursday, February 26 2015

    Near the Abbott cabin, there appears to be nothing remarkable in Kyle's trunk and Summer defends him. Kevin then pulls out a towel with blood. They theorize that Kyle may have found the body and moved it. They look around nervously.

    In the hospital waiting area, Kevin, Mariah, Summer, and Noah tell Abby they think Kyle may know where Austin's body is and show her the bloody towel. Abby says Kyle claimed to have fell in the ravine but didn't have a scratch. Kyle joins them and asks about his rental car. Noah wonders why he was at the cabin. Kevin asks why he had the bloody towel in his car. Kyle says he took one in the nose at his boxing lesson. They admit they can't find Austin. Kyle asks what really happened to him. Elsewhere, Neil tells Hilary the paperwork is done. She has something to tell him - she's always been that woman who first came to town bent on revenge. "I finally got what I wanted; to take down you and yours. Mission accomplished." She laughs at him as Devon listens from the door. "After what you did to my mother, I could never love you Neil, and I could certainly never love Devon." In Jack's room, he deletes Kelly from his contacts list. In the chapel, Victor enters the confessional and says, "Thank you for coming. My plan is working like a charm. Jack suspects nothing."

    Y&R Recap: Woman Scorned.

    Wednesday, February 25 2015

    At the station, Paul tells the cabin kids they got a report of a Caucasion male about age 20 in the forest. They assume it's Austin. Kevin, Mariah, and Summer go with Paul. Courtney tells Noah the second Austin opens his mouth their lives are over.

    At the station, Courtney tells Noah the rescued guy was Kyle. Noah flashes to seeing a guy outside the cabin. They wonder if he was watching or saw anything.

    Noah joins Summer, Kevin, and Mariah at Kyle's car. They open the trunk and look inside...

    Y&R Recap: I Did What?

    Tuesday, February 24 2015

    At Crimson Lights, everyone waits for word on Victor and Jack. Phyllis decides to go to the hospital and wait. Noah wants to go too. Dylan says Nick will call, they need to sit tight. Phyllis and Kelly start bickering about Kelly's claim she made love with Jack. Ashley stops them. Phyllis pulls her aside. Ash admits she saw them coming out of the storeroom adjusting their clothes. "I'm so sorry." She tells Phyllis to put it aside. Nick calls and says they found Jack alive, but haven't found Victor yet. Nikki's encouraged - Victor wouldn't let Jack best him. Later, Nick arrives. He's frustrated he couldn't find Victor. Dylan urges Nick to take Nikki home with Victoria and Abby.

    At the station, Kevin and Mariah claim Summer is so upset because they were telling stories at the cabin. Paul gets a call and the kids convene in the interrogation room. Kevin says, "He's onto us." He complains Summer keeps blurting things out. Fen agrees. In his office, Paul, Michael and Lauren discuss the plane wreck. Lauren hopes for good news. Michael asks Paul if he feels the kids aren't giving them the whole story. Lauren thinks they're just worried. Paul decides to call the FAA. Michael goes to the interrogation room and pulls Fenmore aside and grills him about Summer. Fen says he's just worried. Fen tells the others that his dad is asking questions. Summer can't take it. "We have to tell the truth." Summer rants. Kevin hisses they need to stick to the plan. Mariah hollers that it's not just about her anymore and calls her names. Summer says the cover-up wasn't her idea. Noah arrives and shares the news about Jack. Lauren feels for Nikki having to wait. Michael knows she's thinking of Jill. Lauren says she finally had the life she wanted. Michael urges positivity. Paul appears and tells them the wreckage was found and the only fatality was the pilot. Meanwhile, Noah joins the kids and tells them to close ranks and protect themselves. Lauren and Michael appear to take Fen with them. Paul tells the others they found Austin - he's fine.

    Y&R Recap: Mad Passionate Love.

    Monday, February 23 2015

    At the cabin, the police arrive. "Does anyone want to tell us what's going on?" Kevin claims they called because he fell off the roof, but he's fine now. They tell the police another guy, Austin, went for help but hasn't returned. The police leave and speculation ensues about Austin's body. Summer wonders if he got up and walked away on his own. Mariah mutters that maybe he rode away on a purple unicorn. Summer cries that he must hate her. Courtney says he had no pulse. Fen thinks someone there moved the body. Bickering ensues. Noah wonders if someone's been watching them, and maybe killed Austin. The police return - they couldn't find Austin and want statements at the station. Noah reminds everyone to stick to the story.

    At the station, Michael gives Lauren a pep talk about the plane crash. Lauren tries unsuccessfully to call Jill's cellphone. She leaves a message that people are looking for them. Kevin and the others from the cabin arrive. They tell Lauren what happened. Paul then informs them about the collapse at The Underground and Jack and Victor not making it out. Noah and Abby leave. Michael watches the others with suspicion. He and Lauren try to convince Kevin to go to the hospital, and Mariah hisses at Summer to stop crying or she's going to blow everything. Courtney gives her statement to Paul, who thinks she seems nervous. Paul asks an officer for the word on Travers. He says, "Sorry Chief." Summer freaks out that they found his body. Paul wonders why she'd think he was dead.

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