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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Noah Newman

    Full detailed profile on Noah Newman Played by Robert Adamson on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Robert Adamson (
    Noah Newman

    Actor: Robert Adamson

    Who played Noah Newman over the years

    Robert Adamson (October 1 2012 - present)
    Kevin Schmidt (April 14 2011 - August 3 2012)
    Luke Kleintank (September 2010 - April 2011)
    Kevin Schmidt (August 2008 - present)
    Hunter Allen (Sept. 2005 - June 2008)
    Chase Ellison (2005)
    Blake Woodruff (2004-2005)
    McKay Giller (2001-2004)

    Useful information on Noah Newman

    * Resided at the Tackhouse.
    * Lost his sister, Cassie, in a car accident.
    * Comforted Sharon after Cassie's death when Nick took off after Daniel.
    * Became rebellious during his parent's divorce.
    * Loved the idea of having a new baby sister, Summer.
    * Went away for summer camp and came back 'older'.
    * Dated and went to Paris with Eden Baldwin.
    * Returned to Genoa City and got a recording contract.
    * Has lived in New York City.


    Current: Recording artist.
    Past: Student


    Born in 1997, Noah Newman started the third generation of the Newman family. Being a premature baby, there were times when some thought, even his parents, that Noah wouldn't make it. However, with the love and prayers of his family, Noah pulled through a healthy child.

    During his early years, Noah spent much time with playgroups and at school. Since then, he has grown up rather quickly and has had his share of childhood heartaches in the last couple of years. First came the loss of his older sister Cassie after she died from complications sustained in an automobile accident.

    Noah has had to learn to deal with his parent's divorce and the remarriage of his father to Phyllis Abbott, and his mother to Jack Abbott. He has managed to adjust and happily welcomed a new baby sister to the fold, Summer!

    In 2008, Noah went to summer camp and came back 'older'. He attended public high school, and started to attend parties. He met Michael Baldwin's half-sister, Eden, at one of the parties and they dated. When Eden decided to move to Paris, Noah went with her.

    Noah returned from Paris saying he and Eden had split up and showed off a new talent for playing guitar and singing. He landed a recording contract with McCall Unlimited and took off with Devon to New York. Noah came back to Genoa City when he believed his mother to be dead. Once he learned she was alive, Noah struggled to make peace with her letting him believe she'd died. They made up, and Noah returned to New York. Noah briefly stayed with Eden on one return from New York.




    Eden Baldwin


    Nick Newman (father)
    Sharon Newman (mother)
    Cassie Newman (sister - deceased)
    Summer Newman (sister)
    Victor Newman (grandfather)
    Nikki Newman (grandmother)
    Doris Collins (grandmother)
    Victoria Newman (aunt)
    J.T. Hellstrom (uncle by marriage)
    Abby Carlton (half-aunt)
    Albert Miller (great-grandfather)
    Victor Newman Jr. (half-uncle)
    Cora Miller (great-grandmother - deceased)
    Nick Reed (great-grandfather - deceased)
    Matt Miller (uncle)
    Dr. Casey Reed (aunt)
    Eve Howard (cousin - deceased)
    Summer Anne Newman (half sister)
    Reed Hellstrom (cousin)
    Jack Abbott (stepfather)
    Phyllis Summers Abbott Newman (stepmother)




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    Tuesday, August 04 2015: Y&R Recap: Phyllis encounters Marco

    In her suite, Marisa gets a call but no one speaks. She thinks it's Marco. In the dining room, Noah tells Victor to leave Marisa alone. Nikki asks, "What have you done now, Victor?" He says, "What I had to do." Victor points out to Noah that Marisa has a shady past. Noah defends her and complains about Victor summoning her to the park. Victor asks, "Is that what she told you?" Noah feels entitled to have a friend and doesn't need approval. Victor tells Noah he loves him. After, Victor tells Nikki that Marisa was involved with the drug lord and he doesn't want her around his family. Jack and Phyllis arrive. She'll wait while Jack visits Marisa. Phyllis approaches Victor and Nikki. She says Jack opened her eyes to so many things on their second honeymoon. They talk about peace between the Abbotts and Newmans. Victor leaves for a call. Nikki talks to Phyllis about moving forward. Phyllis says she's either drunk, delusional or both - she has no idea what she's been through and can't understand how she can defend Victor. Nikki complains about Jack's actions the past couple months while Phyllis just stood by. She tells Phyllis not to blame Victor for her troubles. Phyllis says she's incredibly foolish and storms off. Nearby, Victor orders someone to find Marco Anicelli. He rejoins Nikki, who says Phyllis isn't ready to forgive him. Upstairs, Marisa hugs Jack. "It is you, isn't it?" He convinces her he's Jack and learns Noah is helping her. Jack confronts her about protecting her lover still, and being on Victor's payroll. Marisa denies it and explains about Noah's friends going to the police. She is scared of Marco's return. Jack says everyone he knows is in danger. Thunder booms. The power goes out in the Club and Victor goes to get candles. Jack asks him about Phyllis. Victor warns they had an agreement. Jack says he's keeping his dirty secret but questions him about Marco. "Where is he?" Nikki leaves. Victor and Jack keep bickering. Victor warns Jack that Marco would like nothing more than to be back in his shoes. Upstairs, Noah visits Marisa and says he set Victor straight. The moment he laid eyes on her everything changed. They kiss and start undressing on the bed. After sex, Noah tells Marisa he won't forget Courtney, but she wouldn't want him to stay in the past. They start kissing again.

    Monday, August 03 2015: Y&R Recap: Nick proposes to Sage

    At the Dive Bar, Abby and Summer react to Mariah telling them they went to the police and that Marco didn't die. Noah arrives as Abby realizes she and Kevin looked in the lake themselves. Noah says Marisa was equally surprised to hear Marco survived the crash. Mariah notices a creepy guy watching them. Noah approaches him and returns. "He's a cop." Abby leaves for the office. Mariah complains that they don't know who to trust. Downstairs, Victoria and Nick meet with a man. Victoria thinks he has what Nick is looking for. After, Nick thanks the man as Billy appears. Once alone, Vikki assures Billy it wasn't a corporate meeting. Billy is glad - he wants to focus on something better if she's game. Up at the Dive Bar, Kevin shows off Marisa's sketch and tells Noah, Summer, and Mariah about her meeting with Victor. Summer is fed up - her grandfather wouldn't be involved in killing Austin and Courtney. She goes. Kevin tells Mariah he doesn't believe the sketch is Marco.

    At the Club, Harding shows Victor one of the posters with Marisa's sketch. Victor tells his man this gives them time to find Marco before the cops do. Meanwhile, Noah visits Marisa's suite and asks why she met with Victor. She lies that Victor told her to stay away from him.

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