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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Sarge - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Sarge Played by Darnell Williams on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Darnell Williams (ABC)

    Birthday: March 3, 1955
    Birthplace: London, England, UK
    Real Name: Darnell Williams


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    Knows What She Wants.

    Tuesday, March 05 2013

    At Crimson Lights, Mason tells Sarge he's not working at Newman anymore. He explains what Victor asked him to do and how Adam found out. Sarge is glad Mason stuck to his principles, but Mason says if he had it to do over, he'd do whatever Victor asked! Sarge is stunned. Mason says it's how the real world works - he doesn't want to end up in a rut like...him. Insulted, Sarge leaves.

    In The Clear.

    Wednesday, January 16 2013

    At the Club, Mason offers Victor information on what's happening at Newman in exchange for a position when Victor regains control. Sarge enters and asks Mason when he started hanging with Victor Newman. Victor's henchman appears and tells Victor he found no dirt on Jack at the cabin. Victor decides he's going to go public about Stephanie. He tells the man to make sure he can't be connected to the hooker. Meanwhile, Mason fills Sarge in on Jack having a heart attack and not being at Newman. Sarge sneers, "So you decided to start throw in with Victor." Sarge reminds Mason that Jack hired him as a favor. He says Jack will return.


    Tuesday, November 13 2012

    Sarge checks on Jack in the hospital, but won't continue therapy with him. Jack pressures him until he agrees to stick around. Later, Jack is dressing to leave when John appears. He complains that family should be more important than business. Jack shrugs that he's closer to Phyllis now. John says he's kidding himself. Jack downs some pills. John urges Jack not to rush back to work. Jack has no time for advice.

    Not A Good Person.

    Tuesday, October 02 2012

    Sarge and Jack discuss his progress at the Abbott house. Jack offers to donate his hand-controlled car to Sarge's brother. Sarge sighs and admits that his brother died a few years back in a car accident. Jack says he's sorry.

    In his room, Sarge opens a box and pulls out a letter signed, "I'm so sorry, Yolanda."

    A Tiny Flicker Of Humanity.

    Tuesday, September 11 2012

    Sarge and Jack discuss his progress as he works out in the Abbott living room. Jack credits Sarge for helping him and invites him to watch the game. Sarge declines, saying it's a tough day - he lost someone when the Trade towers went down. He goes and Jack calls Billy, leaving him a message to stop by - he's missing family.

    At the Club, Neil and Harmony laugh about a bad movie they saw, and about work. Sarge enters. They insist on him joining them. Sarge talks about Jack's progress. Neil talks about seeing Lily go through chemotherapy. Sarge acts funny when Harmony asks if he has kids. "No. Just me." They discuss Harmony's past names. She says she's from Seattle. Sarge, from Pittsburgh, says it's strange she's from the Northwest. Neil goes to pay, and Sarge asks Harmony what she thought of Pittsburgh when she was there. She asks, "Excuse me?" He leaves.

    Welcome Home.

    Thursday, August 30 2012

    Jack arrives at physiotherapy raging at Sarge because his doctor told him he may not get any better than he is now. Angry Jack overdoes it and hurts himself during the workout. Sarge tells him he spoke with the doctor too - he's hit a plateau. Sarge talks about being realistic, otherwise disappointment will stop him and he'll lose all his gains. Jack wants to get back to work.

    Playing With Fire.

    Monday, August 13 2012

    At the Abbott house, Jack tells Sarge he's taking Nikki on a surprise trip. They bicker about Jack planning a trip for Nikki without asking her. Jack says Sarge needs to learn about romance.

    Ashley's Farewell.

    Friday, August 03 2012

    Outside at the Abbott house, Summer and Noah arrive and sit behind Phyllis and Nick outside. Katherine and Murphy follow. Kay wonders what's keeping Nikki. Vikki whispers to Billy that her dad marrying Sharon is another of his stupid games to ruin things for Nikki. Inside, Nikki tells Victor to go so she can marry the man she loves. He tells her to stop the nonsense talk. Sharon enters. Victor tells Nikki he and Sharon got married. Nikki says they deserve each other and stalks away. Sharon tells Victor she knew he'd be there. He reassures her and they go. Outside, everyone hushes as Nikki appears. Jack beams from his wheelchair. When she reaches Jack he slowly stands up. Jack makes a heartfelt speech to Nikki, who says she's so proud of him...and proud to be his wife. She says vows of her own and they're pronounced husband and wife. Everyone applauds as they kiss. Jack sits back down in the wheelchair. After, Phyllis sees the Victor/Sharon nuptial news online and tells Nick. Victoria joins them for a vent session and learns Restless Style had the exclusive video. Abby, Summer, and Noah watch it nearby. Kay and Murphy sit with Traci and Ashley talking about New York. Abby joins them, and asks who's ready to be appalled. Inside, Nikki tells Jack that Victor came to tell her about marrying Sharon. He realizes that's why she was late coming outside. Nikki says she almost wishes she'd asked Victor to stay and see how happy they are. Jack gives her a peculiar look. They follow Summer outside to cut the cake. Billy toasts them with some questionable marriage advice, and Jack and Nikki thank everyone. Abby catches Nikki's bouquet. Sarge gives Jack kudos for pulling it off. Ashley then asks to speak to Jack in the house. Inside, Vikki is arguing with Billy about posting the video. Ashley needs to talk to Billy, so Vikki goes. Ashley tells Jack and Billy she's going to New York with Traci. Jack says he didn't intend to run her off. Billy says he'll miss her. Outside, Nikki tells Vikki and Kay that Victor could have married Segundo for all she cares.

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