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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Chelsea Lawson Newman - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Chelsea Lawson Newman Played by Melissa Claire Egan on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Melissa Claire Egan (

    Birthday: September 28 1981
    Birthplace: Bedford, NY
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Melissa Claire Egan
    Web site:


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    Y&R Recap: Tall, Dark, And Married.

    Monday, September 29 2014

    At Crimson Lights, Chelsea and Billy talk about being together and kiss. Connor bites Johnny.

    At the hospital, Abby talks to Victoria about her delivery. Victoria talks about why she's not with Ben, and about Billy moving on with Chelsea. She craves pancakes. Abby has a meeting. She leaves. Chelsea and Billy arrive with the boys. Vikki learns that Connor bit Johnny. Johnny is fine, and Billy goes to do the paperwork. Chelsea tells Vikki she's sorry. Victoria muses that Connor is Adam's son. They argue. Victoria tells Chelsea she saw her with Billy in the park. Chelsea says it's not really her concern. They discuss Victoria not keeping Billy from Johnny. Chelsea asks Vikki not to bad mouth Connor's father. They bicker about how Johnny came to be. Billy reappears. Victoria snaps at him about not limiting Johnny's sweets. After, Chelsea tells him Victoria saw them in the park. Billy reassures her with a kiss. Victoria returns and snaps at them. Chelsea says she's clearly upset but it has nothing to do with Connor and Johnny. Chelsea goes. Billy tells Vikki she has to get used to Chelsea being a part of his life.

    Y&R Recap: You Little Tramp.

    Thursday, September 25 2014

    In Chelsea's bed, she and Billy discuss a second date. He asks, "How about now?" They have sex and then Billy wants to get dressed and go out together. Chelsea agrees. "But first..." They kiss again.

    At Dive Bar, Summer is stunned to see Austin in a lifeguard shirt. He explains getting hired there. Summer loves the outfit. Austin assures her he only rubs sunscreen on his wife. She gives him a new tie and he says she'll have to return it because it's too expensive. Summer convinces him to accept it. Nearby, Jill teases Lauren, who is smiling and distracted. Jill says, "Oh you little tramp." She realizes that Lauren and Michael finally got lucky. Lauren coos that everything is fine now. Jill wants details, but Billy appears with Chelsea. Jill chides Billy about a new invention called the phone. He tells her he's on a date with Chelsea. Jill doesn't think she'll make Victoria jealous. Billy says Chelsea is smart, funny, and beautiful. Jill reminds him she drugged him. Bill counters that Colin was a monster and she married him. They say they love each other. Billy and Chelsea leave. Jill looks perturbed.

    Billy and Chelsea kiss at Crimson Lights. Dylan approaches awkwardly. They confirm they're dating and order coffee and pie. Chelsea approaches Dylan to make sure they're okay. She's sorry she hurt him. They make amends. Over pie, Chelsea worries to Billy about what people think of them being together. Billy says there are a million reasons he's over what happened in the past. He wants to be with her. Later, Avery arrives and Dylan is gone.

    Y&R Recap: You Made Your Single Bed.

    Thursday, September 18 2014

    At the Club bar, Jack and Kelly discuss her mother. Kelly hasn't sought her out. She doesn't want Jack involved either. "Wither my mother goes, trouble follows." Kelly confesses she'll never trust Maureen. Jack thinks Kelly bounces well, but also walks away. Kelly says Maureen's always been distant from her, and her reaction after her father's death was disappointing. She upsets her too much. Sharon appears, looking for help booking her wedding reception. Jack congratulates her, and leaves. Kelly and Sharon firm up reception plans. Sharon tells her she's glad she's with Jack and mentions having once been married to him. Kelly asks about her history with Phyllis. Sharon confesses she doesn't remember how they left things before the accident. Upstairs, Ben asks Maureen about why she's sticking around. Maureen wants to spend time with him and Kelly and see the baby. They talk about moving forward from 'that day'. Stitch leaves as Jack arrives. He tells Maureen her visit has upset Kelly. He suggests Maureen give Kelly some answers. Maureen protests she's worked hard to put the tragedy behind her. She talks about trying to protect Kelly when she was young and says she's become a strong woman. Jack exits as Nikki approaches the door. She hides, and then knocks. Maureen assures her she'll call her Nikki whenever their paths cross. Nikki acts nervous about her staying in town. She blames the tabloids and the pressures of being Mrs. Victor Newman. Maureen pours a toast to their kids. Nikki protests, but then says one drink won't hurt. At the Dive Bar, Victoria approaches Billy and Chelsea, who are kissing. "Look who's back in town." Billy assures Chelsea they owe Victoria no explanation. Stitch appears, followed shortly by Abby for a meeting. Billy learns Stitch is the new chemist. Victoria tells Abby that Nick and Sharon are getting married. After, Vikki watches Abby and Stitch work and banter, and Billy and Chelsea talk about having a relationship. As Chelsea walks past, Victoria confronts her. Chelsea says she can't have it both ways. "You made your single bed, now sleep in it." Abby interrupts their argument. Chelsea goes. Victoria accuses Abby of flirting with Ben. Abby denies it. They look over at Stitch, who tells Kelly that Jack visited Maureen; he shouldn't stir things up with mom. Downstairs, Chelsea and Billy agree they're looking forward to spending time together.

    Y&R Recap: What's-His-Abs.

    Wednesday, September 17 2014

    At the Club, Devon and Hilary cross paths in the corridor. He grabs her but she wants him to let go - they had an agreement. Hilary says if Neil's blindness is permanent, they'll never be together. Devon strokes her cheek and they kiss. Hilary slaps him and they kiss more as Devon pulls her into a suite. They undress and make love. After, they bask in the afterglow and kiss. Hilary gets a message from Neil, who needs her at home. At the Dive Bar, Billy runs into Chelsea. She says there's something they need to talk about. Billy teases her about their phone call the other night. A shirtless guy stops by the table. Chelsea tells him she'll meet him in the suite. When Billy acts jealous, Chelsea admits he's her new assistant. Billy feels foolish and worries about things getting weird between them. Chelsea insists she has her head on straight when it comes to him. Her assistant calls her away. Later, Chelsea returns. Billy grumbles about 'what's-his-abs'. Chelsea tells Billy they are both single - she votes for trying this out. Billy agrees that he wants to see where this is going to go. They kiss as Victoria appears. Downstairs, Lily spots Devon and tells him Neil is finally ready to accept help. Devon knows exactly what he has to do.

    Y&R Recap: A Long Road.

    Thursday, September 11 2014

    In New York, Chelsea dreams of being in the shower with Billy when Adam appears. She awakens abruptly.

    At Jabot, Billy looks at his divorce papers. Hilary appears. He says his marriage is over. They discuss Neil loving his job. Billy agrees work can be a relief. Hilary exits. Billy gets a call from Chelsea. They talk about Connor. Billy wishes he was there. She wishes he was there too and admits she's been dreaming about him. Chelsea tells him about it. Billy tells her he and Victoria are officially divorced. Chelsea stammers, pretends Anita is calling her, and hangs up. She calls back and admits she lied - she was freaked out. Billy says he'll always love Victoria, but they don't have a future right now. "I miss you." They chat about Connor experiencing New York through Delia's eyes. Billy wonders when she'll be back. She lets him go.

    Y&R Recap: Painfully Beautiful.

    Friday, August 22 2014

    At work, Chelsea asks Billy about Victoria. He says she and the baby are safe. She brings up business. Billy talks about her passion...for her work. Chelsea says Stitch did them a favor by calling - it allowed him to be with Victoria and them to keep their promise about being friends and nothing more. They agree it's not easy to honor that agreement. Billy calls Chelsea painfully beautiful. Chelsea sighs. She points out that he's still in love with Victoria. She doesn't blame him for wanting a family - that's what she's wanted. Billy assures her she'll have it one day. Chelsea says she, Connor, and her mom are going away for a while. Billy grumbles about her leaving town. Chelsea isn't just avoiding him, but also memories of Adam. Chelsea gives Billy a chance to ask her to stay but Connor awakens. Billy plays airplane with Connor. He talks about him having Delia's eyes and tells Chelsea he'll miss her. They kiss. She wishes him luck and he returns the sentiment.

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