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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Chelsea Lawson Newman - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Chelsea Lawson Newman Played by Melissa Claire Egan on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Melissa Claire Egan (

    Birthday: September 28 1981
    Birthplace: Bedford, NY
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Melissa Claire Egan
    Web site:


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    Y&R Recap: Identify The Enemy.

    Monday, March 30 2015

    At the Abbott house, Adam notices the ring he gave Chelsea has fallen from her purse. Chelsea says she's saving it for Connor. She tells him he was right in the car - she accepted Billy's proposal mistakenly thinking she'd have closure regarding Adam. She must tell Billy. Adam muses that he could walk away. Later, Adam tells Connor a story about a king who had everything but made a mistake and was forced to leave. The story isn't over yet, but has a happy ending.

    At Jabot, Billy and Jack discuss Kelly's death. Talk turns to Billy marrying Chelsea. Billy admits he let Gabe get to him. Jack thinks fear of losing someone is no reason to jump into a marriage. Jack also brings up Victoria. Chelsea arrives. Jack leaves. Chelsea and Billy both blurt, "I think we should put off the wedding." She says Gabriel helped her to see she had unresolved feelings for Adam. Billy says Jack made him see he was afraid of losing her. She's not going anywhere. They kiss.

    Jack arrives home and tells Adam about his conversation with Avery. "Everyone is getting suspicious of Gabriel." Later, Billy and Chelsea arrive to find Adam caring for Connor. Chelsea takes Connor and Billy accuses Adam of running out of gas purposely. They discuss Chelsea's love for Adam. Billy thinks eventually she'd have seen him for the piece of dirt he was. He feels love will conquer all. Adam smirks. "Goodnight."

    Y&R Recap: One-Time Thing.

    Friday, March 27 2015

    At the Abbott house, Chelsea talks to Sage about marrying Adam. Sage notes she doesn't glow like that when she talks about Billy. Sage says she loved a man before, a man whose shoes her husband is trying to fill but never will. Sage gushes about her love that died. Chelsea can relate. She admits there's something inside her that won't let her completely commit to Billy and worries it may be a mistake.

    Adam arrives at the Abbott house and Chelsea smiles and heads upstairs. Sage tells him she's questioning her current engagement. Sage is upset over the lies. Adam asks Sage to continue to help him for love's sake.

    Y&R Recap: Psychological Warfare.

    Thursday, March 26 2015

    In Adam's car, Chelsea admits that she sometimes feels she's cheating by being with Billy - Adam wouldn't approve. Adam tells her her husband is still here - in the memories, and says most people wish they had a connection like that. She tells him to stop. He thinks he's hitting too close to home. Chelsea turns tense about missing the buyer's meeting. He keeps asking about Adam and she snaps that she's with Billy now. She thinks he's jealous. He agrees his own marriage is pathetic. Talk turns back to Adam. Chelsea wants to go home. He stops her from exiting the vehicle. She says he's scaring her. He didn't want her to walk home. She tells him, "You're not my husband." He tells her she's the only one who knows what he wants - that makes her special. A man with gas arrives.

    At the Abbott house, Chelsea tells Billy about the car incident and missed meeting. She says they mostly talked about Adam. She reminds him Gabe doesn't have Billy's history with Adam, and reflects that at one point he had a tone like Adam's. She wants to call the wedding venue, but Billy puts her off. They talk about Stitch losing Kelly. Chelsea realizes he helped Victoria. He says she can talk to him too. They hug.

    Y&R Recap: Dynamite.

    Wednesday, March 25 2015

    At the Abbott house, Chelsea tells Adam and Sage she has to go to a meeting. Adam is meeting with the same guy and offers to drive and do see him together. Sage questions him, but he shoots her down. Chelsea exits and Adam admits he has a surprise for Chelsea. Sage hisses about him resorting to trickery and tells him angrily how unlike Gabriel he is. Adam says he's alive and Saint Gabriel's dead and gone. She slaps him. Adam reminds her she knew his agenda. Sage calls him a coward who didn't have the guts to take responsibility. Adam says she doesn't know him, and he thinks Gabe never loved her.

    In the car, Adam tells Chelsea they're out of gas. He produces energy bars. She says Adam loved that brand. Chelsea says their surroundings remind her of Kansas where she married Adam the first time. She says their second marriage was rushed but she was so in love. When prompted, she talks about why she loved Adam. She sometimes feels she's cheating on him with Billy - he wouldn't approve. Sometimes she feels he's still here. Adam says, "He is here."

    Y&R Recap: I'm Always Watching.

    Monday, March 16 2015

    At the Abbott house, Adam looks at Chelsea and says marriage is the promise to love each other forever. Jack tries to interrupt, but Adam says his wife needs to know how much he loves her. "She doesn't even know who I am." Jack hollers it's enough and pulls Adam out of the room. Kyle makes a toast. Chelsea worries about Gabriel. In the other room, Jack and Adam bicker about revealing the truth. Jack argues it would serve no one but Adam; it's a move Victor would make. He suggests Adam let Chelsea move on. Adam will never give up on her. Jack implores him to wait longer and trust. Meanwhile, Ashley startles Abby by telling her, "The mirror. Lipstick." She needs to fix her lipstick. Kyle pulls Abby aside - she's acting jumpy. He warns her not to confide in anyone. Ash joins them. Abby says she's tired and leaves. Nearby, Billy says Jill and Colin aren't coming. Chelsea thinks Jill is against them. Billy wants Chelsea to set the wedding date for a month from now. They learn Phyllis and Jack are marrying then. Chelsea says theirs will have to be later.

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