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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Chelsea Lawson Newman - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Chelsea Lawson Newman Played by Melissa Claire Egan on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Melissa Claire Egan (

    Birthday: September 28 1981
    Birthplace: Bedford, NY
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Melissa Claire Egan
    Web site:


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    Y&R Recap: It Wasn't My Idea.

    Monday, April 21 2014

    At the penthouse door, Billy asks Chelsea if he can see Connor. She wonders if he's drunk. Billy reminds her she promised he could see him whenever he wanted to. She says Connor's sleeping, so he asks to hang out. Chelsea is puzzled. He says he's searching for 'good' tonight. "It's been a rough day." Chelsea relents. After Billy sees Connor tension rises when Adam's name comes up. They decide to order pizza and have a drink. She warns him off the topic of Adam and asks about Victoria. Billy says they kissed and then she left for a date. Chelsea encourages him to fight and stop being such an idiot. Billy says he hurt Victoria and she's put up walls. Chelsea can relate - she did the same thing, but they made their way back together because it was true love. Billy turns to go, but she tells him to stay and watch a movie. They get settled and Billy blurts out the ending. They laugh.

    Y&R Recap: Best Behavior.

    Friday, April 18 2014

    Chelsea opens the penthouse door to Jeffery, who is followed by Michael. Chelsea wonders what Michael's doing there. He's wondering himself. Jeffrey goes on about how Chelsea's barely holding it together - he thought she might want to put her financial concerns in capable hands. Chelsea accuses him of trying to cash in on her dead husband. She calls him names so he leaves. Chelsea tells Michael she doesn't know what her mother saw in that weasel. Michael replies, "Ditto." They talk about Adam. Chelsea knows he loved her. Michael said Jeff was partly self-serving, but she should look after her interests. She mentions that Victor's been supportive and Michael is surprised. Later, Jeff returns to apologize. He wants to try to be there for Connor, but Chelsea is leery to trust him. Jeff wants a chance to get it right, or at least screw up twice. Chelsea gives in. He asks her to spot him a ten. She's exasperated.

    Chelsea is still fuming over Jeffrey when there's another knock on her penthouse door. Assuming he's back she throws it open and is surprised to see Billy.

    Y&R Recap: A Hell Of A Ride.

    Tuesday, April 15 2014

    Backstage at the fashion show, Neil and Connie the stage manager offer support to the models. Tyler appears. He tells Neil he's stunned about Leslie's news. Nearby, Chelsea asks Chloe about the finale dress. Chloe says it's perfect. Chelsea takes it to the model. Kevin appears as Chelsea screams, "No!" Chloe tries to hide a grin. In the office, Hilary and Lily are about to start bickering when Connie appears. She tells them to get their fannies backstage pronto. She leaves, and Lily complains. Hilary tells Lily about her attitude. They argue about Cane starting to forgive Hilary. Neil appears and Lily goes. They discuss almost kissing twice. Meanwhile, Tyler sees Abby in a wedding dress. She says it's not hers. Connie is appalled to catch them kissing. Everyone gathers around as Chelsea emerges with the slashed dress and accuses Chloe of doing it on purpose. Chloe admits it. Neil asks if she can fix it. Chelsea says she can, but wants Chloe out of there. Kevin steers Chloe out. Abby talks to Lily and Hilary as Neil tries to stall the show. In the office, Kevin tells Chloe she's scaring him. When Chelsea has the dressed fixed and Esmerelda's in it, the show goes on. Devon and Neil both watch Hilary as she prepares to walk the runway. Esmerelda smiles at Devon as she models the finale gown. Up in the office, Chloe watches Chelsea take her accolades on the feed. Kevin says he thought he could help her, but her anger is getting worse. Chloe doesn't want to hear it. Kevin tells her he was wrong - it was a mistake to marry her. Chloe says of course it was; she's not even a person. Kevin says he got in the way of her getting the help she needs. Later in the dining room, everyone involved applauds for Chelsea. Tyler tells Abby he was imagining her on their wedding day. Devon finds Hilary and tells her she kept her word and went above and beyond. Neil appears and agrees. Devon talks with Lily and tells her about Leslie. She's angry. Hilary tells Neil she won't go to the reception and will see him tomorrow. Chelsea goes to the office. Kevin says he and Chloe will leave, but she wants Chloe to stay. She asks her why she cut up the dress. Chloe says she cut her out. Chelsea says everything changed and she thought they would get through it together, but the ways Chloe has hurt her... "Sabotage? Really?" Chelsea says she can't fix her, and Kevin can't fix her. She implores Chloe to find a way to put herself back together. Chloe knows she needs to get better. She can't lose Chelsea forever. They hug.

    Y&R Recap: House Calls.

    Monday, April 14 2014

    In the Club office, Neil kisses Hilary briefly but they hear screaming. Neil goes down to investigate where Chloe and Chelsea are fighting. Kelly rushes in and Abby appears, pleased at the prospect of a catfight. Jack and Kevin pull Chloe and Chelsea apart but they keep yelling. Neil hollers that this is embarrassing as Rick and Caroline Forrester arrive. Neil introduces the brilliant team behind Chelsea Lawson Designs. Jack shakes Rick's hand and Lily introduces herself. Kelly takes the Forresters off to see the menu and Abby tags along. Jack and Kevin split up Chloe and Chelsea. Neil soothes Lily and looks over at Hilary. Kelly and Abby reappear as Lily learns Lauren left suddenly. Abby volunteers to fill in. Lily asks Abby if Tyler's coming. She says he'll be there. Jack asks Chelsea if she needs to go home. She says she wants to stay. Across the room, Chloe tells Kevin Chelsea's giving her the evil eye. Kevin urges her to make peace. Chelsea goes to chat with Rick and Caroline who offer her a job at Forrester. Chloe eavesdrops as Chelsea says her partner doesn't need to know - she's a free agent and plans to meet with them in Los Angeles. Neil finds Hilary in the office and says he can't stop thinking about the kiss. He moves in close again as Lily appears. Neil says he slowed Hilary down and leaves. Hilary tells Lily she has stage fright. She warns her not to disappoint her or her father. Summer briefs Kelly and Jack about the kitchen and learns they had dinner together. Once alone, Summer reminds Jack about Phyllis. Backstage, Connie the stage manager corrals Chloe and Chelsea together and informs them no more shenanigans. They end up laughing. Chloe apologizes and wants to be friends again, but Chelsea just wants to concentrate on the show. Connie tells Jack and Kevin to go to their seats. Chelsea realizes the finale dress is still in the garment bag. Chloe says she'll handle it. She takes it behind a screen and shreds it with scissors.

    Y&R Recap: Bickering And Bad Shoes.

    Friday, April 11 2014

    At the station, Adam's body has come. Chelsea is there with Jack. Paul asks her to sign papers but she wants to see Adam's body first. Paul says he is unrecognizable. Victor arrives and Chelsea complains to him. She cries that no one wanted him, but she did. Jack and Victor suggest a memorial for a proper goodbye. Elsewhere, Adam reads a newspaper article about the grim discovery of his body.

    Michael returns to the fashion show and checks on Lauren, who is lightheaded. He takes her to the ER. Downstairs, Kevin gets between Chelsea and Chloe. Lily appears as the insults get ugly. Jack arrives and hollers at them to stop and not to ruin the show. Chloe says it's already ruined because no one will buy dresses from a baby killer's wife! Chelsea shoves her. Chloe shoves back and the catfight ensues.

    Y&R Recap: Back To The Stone Age.

    Tuesday, April 08 2014

    A knock on Sharon's door awakens Nick on the couch. Sharon comes downstairs and opens the door to Chelsea, who has news. She tells Sharon that Adam's remains have been found. Nick muses about the explosion. Sharon tears up and tells Chelsea she's sorry. She admires her strength. Chelsea goes and Sharon tells Nick it seems more real now; like she's mourning Adam all over again. Nick says Adam hurt her. Sharon says he helped her too. Nick argues. She tells him to stop it - he never liked his brother. Sharon goes upstairs and cries in a bubble bath. Nick enters with a scented candle. Sharon stops him from leaving. He rejoins her and washes her hair. They end up kissing passionately.

    Victor finds Chelsea waiting at Newman. She wants to give Adam a private burial, but she's not sure where. He suggests Genoa City so she and Connor can visit the grave. Chelsea thinks Victor wants to visit his grave too. They discuss being the ones who loved him and agree that Sharon did too. Chelsea says she'll include Sharon in any memorial service. Nikki appears and says a memorial is a lovely idea. Chelsea hugs Victor and leaves. Nikki wonders why Victor is okay with her including Sharon. Victor says she can honor Adam any way she chooses. Nikki tells him about Victoria's separation. Victor doesn't think it's a bad thing. Nikki says she and Jill are going to fix it. Victor is amazed. He tells Nikki about his chat with Nick at Underground. Victor muses that Sharon will most likely hurt him.

    Chloe arrives at the Club and tells Lauren and Michael she needs to talk to him about her partnership. They are talking when Chelsea appears with new designs. Chloe says she'd love to see them. "Partner." Chelsea shows the designs to Lauren and Chloe repeatedly forces herself into the conversation. She then tells Chelsea she's coming with her to the office. Chelsea says it's not necessary. Chloe asks, "We're partners, right?" Chloe warns if she tries to push her out, she'll sue her back to the Stone Age.

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