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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Chelsea Lawson Newman - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Chelsea Lawson Newman Played by Melissa Claire Egan on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Melissa Claire Egan (

    Birthday: September 28 1981
    Birthplace: Bedford, NY
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Melissa Claire Egan
    Web site:


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    Y&R Recap: The Woman With No Pants.

    Monday, January 26 2015

    At the Club, Chelsea tells Billy that Gabriel stopped by her studio. He's irritated. Chelsea says they'll meet at Jabot from now on and explains that Gabriel seemed to know things about her. Billy worries he's a stalker. In the gym, Sage finds Adam beating the crap out of a punching bag. He complains Chelsea's putting up roadblocks. Nick appears. He apologizes to Sage for Sharon, who is quick to jump all over him since he filed for full custody. Adam says he doesn't blame Sharon, but quickly backtracks. Sage apologizes for the trouble with Faith. Nick assures her it's nothing to do with her. Noah appears and takes Nick aside to warn the custody issue is escalating because of a woman taking her clothes off. Sage and Adam exchange a look. Noah suggests Nick talk to Sharon. In Joe's suite, Dylan accuses him of having him beat up to try and get Avery back. Joe hollers that Dylan doesn't control what Avery does. Avery warns Joe that Dylan has a gun. Dylan says he doesn't need his gun to kill him; he was special forces. Joe snarks that he talks a big game. Dylan assures him he's capable of taking another man's life. Avery intervenes. Joe points out she's protecting him. Dylan says she is there for him. He warns Joe if he has to come back, he won't take one more breath. Dylan and Avery leave. Joe phones someone to say he's not sure about the deal; Dylan's lost it and this could step on what the person has planned for Victor Newman. Later, Adam and Sage are dressed up in the dining room. Billy and Chelsea look over, so Adam kisses Sage. He whispers to Sage that he'll make Chelsea feel comfortable by making her think he has a girlfriend. He takes Sage over and introduces her to Billy and Chelsea, who remember her from Delia's memorial. Billy invites them to sit. Billy learns 'Gabriel' hates Victor Newman - something they have in common. After, Sage is upset with Adam for saying she's his girlfriend. By the door, Billy tells Chelsea that Gabriel gets points for hating Victor, but something is still off. He'll keep an eye on him. Chelsea appreciates him looking out for her.

    Y&R Recap: Reckless And Crazy.

    Wednesday, January 21 2015

    At the studio, Chelsea and Sharon discuss Nick and the custody suit. Chelsea worries that unless Sharon is willing to fight with all she's got, her love for Nick will cost her her daughter. Sharon can't believe it's come to this. She tells Chelsea she saw Nick with another woman. Chelsea feels for her. Adam arrives. Sharon jokes they have to stop meeting like this. Adam says today, Chelsea's the one he wants. Sharon comments that she and Gabriel are keeping Chelsea very busy and leaves. Chelsea is impressed with Gabriel's commitment. They connect while discussing his marketing ideas. She thanks him for reminding her why she loves this. He tells her she's come a long way from the girl who used to sit in the hotel lobby and pretend to be a guest. She asks how he knows that. Adam says he read it in an interview. She suggests they meet at Jabot from now on.

    Y&R Recap: Not My Strong Suit.

    Monday, January 19 2015

    At Chelsea's studio, Adam tells her Connor was fussy. She apologizes for taking so long and notices the red car. Adam says it was shoved down in the stroller. She asks if he has children. He doesn't, but plans on having a little guy like Connor in his life soon. They work and chat. Adam asks about Connor's father and Delia. Chelsea says she will be sure Connor knows there is more to his father than one mistake. He says it sounds like she's forgiven him. Chelsea says it's complicated. She tells him that Adam made a video saying he didn't see Delia; he was tortured, but covering it up was intentional. Chelsea laments never getting answers. They continue to discuss her husband and Chelsea feels he didn't trust her enough to tell her the truth. Adam says he must be a tormented soul. Suddenly Connor says, "Dada." Billy is there. Adam simmers. "I'm sure Connor knows exactly who his dad is." Billy wonders what 'Bingham' is doing there. Adam explains and packs up. Chelsea pulls Billy aside to tell him to ease up on the guy. Adam whispers to Connor, "You know who your father is, don't you? Soon everyone else will too."

    Y&R Recap: Bad Dream.

    Friday, January 16 2015

    At Chelsea's studio, Sharon acts overly accommodating. She gets a call from David and tells Chelsea the hearing is coming up sooner than she thought. Chelsea is sympathetic; it's obvious how much Sharon loves her children. Chelsea recalls worrying about hanging on to Connor. Sharon says she'd settle for shared custody - even if she wanted sole custody, she has nothing on Nick. Chelsea advises if she looked hard enough she'd find something. Sharon's reluctant. Chelsea says he opened himself up for it. Adam arrives. Chelsea introduces him as Gabriel and Sharon recalls him from the coffee shop. Once alone, Chelsea says Sharon's her model. Adam asks to see her designs for marketing. She mentions she has her son there today. He doesn't mind. When Chelsea takes a call, Adam plays with Connor with the red car. Chelsea reappears.

    Y&R Recap: Sending A Message.

    Thursday, January 15 2015

    At Jabot, Chelsea and Billy are kissing when Adam enters. Billy comments on him continually showing up. Adam says he's dropping off paperwork and compliments Chelsea's designs. She takes him on a tour and after, he notices her wedding ring is gone. Later, Billy gripes about Chelsea helping that guy. Chelsea tells Billy about Gabriel's grandmother dying. Billy complains that suddenly he's everywhere. Chelsea and Billy get amorous on the couch.

    Y&R Recap: Present Tense.

    Monday, January 12 2015

    Outside Chelsea's penthouse, Jack spots Victor arriving. "This building needs better security." They spar verbally about Summer, and then Phyllis. Victor wonders if Jack's got another woman stashed in the building. Jack says he was invited to visit Billy. "Were you?" Victor doesn't need an invitation. They bicker about Adam not wanting Victor around Connor. Victor catches Jack referring to Adam in the present tense. Inside, Billy asks Chelsea about Connor calling him daddy. She jokes. Billy says they can correct him. Chelsea needs him to understand she has to keep Adam alive, but she doesn't think Connor could have chosen a better person to call daddy tonight. They hear arguing and find Victor chastising Jack for speaking inappropriately about Adam. Victor gives Chelsea a report on Connor's stock. Jack blurts that Victor is behind the redevelopment project. Chelsea is concerned about Dylan's business. Billy figures Victor considers that collateral damage. Victor says his project will secure Connor's future. He leaves, and Billy asks Jack to be Katie's godfather. Jack is thrilled. Chelsea goes upstairs. Billy asks about Gabriel Bingham working at Jabot. Jack talks him up. Billy says he rubs him the wrong way. Talk turns to Billy and Chelsea. Jack worries they're moving fast. Chelsea reappears. She thinks this is about Adam. They both reassure Jack. Chelsea walks off and Billy tells Jack it's not like Adam is going to come back like Phyllis. He mentions Connor calling him daddy. Jack says, "Don't get too attached."

    Y&R Recap: Dollar Signs In Your Eyes.

    Friday, January 09 2015

    At the penthouse, Chelsea tells Billy she can't find Connor's toy car. She gets a call - her assistant's sick. Billy tells her to go, he'll stay with Connor. Later, Jeff shows up and is disappointed to see Billy. He wants to wait for Chelsea - she owes him the second half of his money for dropping the suit against Stitch. Billy calls it bribe money. Jeff muses it was more of a donation. They bicker. Billy says he'll pay him, and tells Jeff he should be ashamed of himself. Jeff says Chelsea threw the money at him so Stitch would be free to date Victoria - to keep her away from Billy. Billy tries to laugh it off, but Jeff insists there's an issue. He calls Billy's bluff. "Are you going to make an honest woman of my daughter or what?" Billy sees dollar signs in his eyes. Jeff warns him not to break his kid's heart.

    At Chelsea's work, Sharon arrives for the job interview. Chelsea says the dress model will be working with her directly - she doesn't think this is a good idea. Sharon wants to smooth over their history - she was a different person before. She pleads for a chance because of the custody case. Chelsea understands. They talk about Adam and Billy. Chelsea hires her. Sharon's thrilled.

    Chelsea returns to the penthouse as Jeff is leaving to celebrate. Billy explains he gave him his money and tells her what Jeff said. She tells him about hiring Sharon. Chelsea checks Connor, who tells her daddy read him a book. She tells Billy, who wonders how she feels about it.

    Y&R Recap: Fight Dirty.

    Tuesday, January 06 2015

    At a Club suite, Avery accuses Joe of trying to get her alone. He asks for a second chance. Avery loves Dylan. Joe implores her not to marry Dylan just to make a point. She orders him to get the developer to call off the warehouse sale and leaves. In the corridor, Devon opens a suite door to find Gwen in sexy lingerie. Devon declines to indulge. Downstairs, Chelsea and Billy are bickering about removing wedding rings when Neil appears. After talking to him, they resume arguing and part tensely. Upstairs, Neil hears Gwen is upset with Devon. She leaves. Neil takes Devon downstairs and offers an ear. Devon changes the subject. Neil confides that he and Hilary are trying to get pregnant. Devon wonders if the timing is right. Neil says it's perfect.

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