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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Chelsea Lawson Newman - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Chelsea Lawson Newman Played by Melissa Claire Egan on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Melissa Claire Egan (

    Birthday: September 28 1981
    Birthplace: Bedford, NY
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Melissa Claire Egan
    Web site:


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    Y&R Recap: Nick returns to Newman to watch over Adam

    Monday, July 06 2015

    In Victor's office, Adam puts the family photos in a drawer. Billy, Chelsea, Ashley, and Neil file in. Victoria and Abby will be there soon; Phyllis is with Jack. Adam announces there will be major shake-ups. He tells Neil he's taking over the CFO duties from him. Neil quits and suggests the others do the same. Billy rants that he's not even convinced 'Gabe' is Jack's son. Ashley tells him the DNA test confirmed it.

    Abby and Victoria arrive at Newman and learn Neil quit. Adam announces that Abby is replacing Victoria as COO. Abby feels she's not qualified. Adam insists she is. Victoria says it's ridiculous. Abby, slightly offended, says she'd like the job. Victoria is upset and Abby takes off. Adam tells Billy he'll remain in R&D. Once alone with Chelsea, Adam explains why he let Neil go; he could figure out they tried frame Victor for embezzlement. She asks if he blackmailed Victor to get this position. Nick appears. Chelsea goes. Nick wonders why 'Gabe' is out to get Victor; he hardly knows him. Adam says he'll pay for shooting Jack. Nick counters that he'll have to go through him. Adam says Nick's finally become the one thing he hates. "Your father."

    Y&R Recap: Victor confesses to shooting Jack

    Friday, July 03 2015

    At the penthouse, Marisa tells Adam that Marco went to the bottom of a lake. Adam questions her about how she knows Jack and Marco. She knows he was in on Marco's shooting plan. Adam says he blackmailed him into it. Marisa figures Victor was the one who helped Marco take Jack's place. Chelsea calls out. Adam and Marisa dance around trusting each other. Adam will help her, his way. She agrees, for now. Marisa is gone when Chelsea appears. Adam will meet her at the park later. "I love you."

    At the park, Devon asks Lily what made her suddenly forgive him. Lily says the kids missed him. She can't forget he and Hilary hurt Neil, but hopes they can all get past this. Devon appreciates it. Cane deems it a Fourth of July miracle. Nearby, Chelsea and Connor run into Noah and Marisa. He makes introductions. Marisa gushes about her fashion line. Adam appears. Marisa says, "It's nice to meet you...Gabe." After, Chelsea worries about Noah moving on too quickly. Adam is distracted. The fireworks begin. Cane hugs Lily; he's proud of her. She looks guilty. Nearby, Chelsea thinks 'Gabe' looks nervous. He and Marisa exchange a look.

    Y&R Recap: Jack points the finger at Victor, literally

    Thursday, July 02 2015

    At Newman, Ashley and Chelsea discuss the embezzlement charges being dropped with Victor. Adam arrives. Ash wonders why Billy and Victoria aren't there. Victor announces he's stepping away from the company and is appointing Jack's son, 'Gabe', as CEO. Ashley questions Victor. Adam and Chelsea leave. Ash tells Victor she is certain 'Gabe' has something on him. "Gabe saw you shoot Jack, didn't he?" Ash yells that Jack is her brother. Victor says Jack is no longer the person she knew him to be. She swipes stuff off his desk and storms out. Victor flashes to the shooting.

    At the penthouse, Adam says he'll do Jack proud. Chelsea is worried how Billy and Victoria will react. Adam talks about Victor being vulnerable and bringing him down. Chelsea says he reminds her of Adam. She worries he'll be consumed with hate like Adam was. Adam says he only cares about her and Connor. They kiss and have sex. After, Chelsea goes upstairs and Marisa comes to the door.

    Y&R Recap: Victoria admits she lied to the police

    Wednesday, July 01 2015

    At the penthouse, Adam tells Chelsea they ditched the embezzlement plan and dropped the charges against Victor, who is now a prime suspect in Jack's shooting. Chelsea is upset to hear he's in a coma. She thinks it must be hard for 'Gabriel' who just found out Jack's his dad. Chelsea hopes Jack wakes up and tells the police what happened. She makes tea and Adam imagines Jack waking up and revealing that he's Adam Newman.

    Billy and Victoria arrive at the hospital. Phyllis says Victor was taken in for questioning. Nikki tells Victoria she told Paul the truth. Billy asks Victoria again if she was with her father. Vikki takes Nikki aside and asks what the hell is wrong with her? They argue. Victoria mentions protecting her family. Nikki gasps that she sounds just like Victor. She is trying hard to stay sober and won't compromise her integrity to save Victor - that's a sick relationship. Victoria says there has to be a reasonable explanation. Nikki warns her to come forward sooner rather than later. Victoria gets a call that the police want to search Newman Enterprises. In Jack's room, Billy and Phyllis discuss Jack's behavior and the merger. Phyllis says he wasn't himself, but that recently changed. He had something big to tell her, but they were interrupted. Phyllis mentions the missing wedding ring - something tells her it's no small thing. The doctor appears and asks about a living will. Phyllis won't have that conversation. The doctor insists. Outside the room, Chelsea arrives. Billy tells her Victor shot Jack and Victoria lied to his face about being his alibi. They join Phyllis and Jack. Chelsea offers support to Phyllis, who breaks down. She won't give up on Jack.

    Y&R Recap: Victor is arrested for embezzlement

    Friday, June 19 2015

    At the penthouse, Adam thinks he's the reason Chelsea is crying. He's not. She shows him a painting Connor did for Billy at preschool for Father's Day. She cries that he doesn't have a father and it's her fault. Adam reassures her. Chelsea regrets trying to replace Adam with Billy in Connor's life. She frets over what she'll tell Connor about Adam. Adam says to tell him he made a mistake and would have been a terrific dad. He gets maudlin and Chelsea wonders why he's so emotional over someone he never met. Adam says he can imagine what her husband was thinking. Chelsea points out he lied to her too - would he do it again to get what he wanted? Adam says he would tell her the truth. Chelsea goes upstairs to Connor. The doorbell rings - it's Billy. They spar verbally about the picture Connor made. Chelsea and Connor appear. Billy says he'll frame the picture. As Billy plays with Connor, Adam tells Chelsea Connor deserves a father who puts him first and leaves.

    Y&R Recap: Marco pulls a gun on Victor

    Wednesday, June 17 2015

    At the penthouse, Chelsea, Adam, and Billy discuss this plan of Jack's. Chelsea is concerned that if they get caught they could go to jail - someone else could be raising their kids. Adam suggests that Chelsea opt out of it. Both Billy and Chelsea want to know why 'Gabe' is so committed to getting Victor. Adam and Billy spar verbally. Adam claims it's because of what Victor did to the senior Bingham. Billy thinks there is more. Ashley arrives as they bicker. Adam finally says Harrison Bingham raised him but his father is Jack Abbott. They all think he's bluffing. Adam says Jack had an affair with his mom and he hasn't known long. Billy says it's crap. Ash wants legitimate documentation. "Science never lies." Adam tells them to take it up with Jack. Billy says Kyle is out of town checking on the transferred funds. Ash panics that he'll leave a trail and must be stopped! She goes, and Billy tells Adam he's the gift that keeps on giving. Adam tells Billy to go and Chelsea agrees. Before he goes, he says Ash over-reacted about Kyle and he won't stop him. Once alone, Chelsea confronts Adam about keeping his identity from her. He claims he was in shock; his love for her is real. Chelsea wants him the hell out of her house.

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