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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Chelsea Lawson Newman - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Chelsea Lawson Newman Played by Melissa Claire Egan on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Melissa Claire Egan (

    Birthday: September 28 1981
    Birthplace: Bedford, NY
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Melissa Claire Egan
    Web site:


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    Y&R Recap: Brave New World.

    Thursday, April 23 2015

    At the penthouse, Billy grouses to Chelsea about Jack's actions. He says this isn't about the Abbotts losing Jabot, it's about his brother losing his soul. He wonders where Gabriel is - he claims to hate Victor but he's nowhere to be found. He wonders if Chelsea rejected him one too many times. Chelsea stammers that she has no idea. Billy heads out to deal with the Abbott family crisis. Chelsea tries unsuccessfully to reach Gabe. She tells him Jabot needs him. Gloria appears. "Who was that?" Chelsea says she's sounding as shifty as Jeffrey. Glo rants about him being at the yacht club. They discuss Jabot. Glo thinks John must be rolling in his grave. She wonders where it leaves them and the line - Chelsea and Victoria have history and not all of it good. Chelsea doesn't think Victoria has it in for her. Glo warns her not to let her guard down.

    At Jabot, Yack tells Ashley that Victor and Victoria will be by today. "We're one big happy family now." Ash thinks he's lost touch with reality. Yack says if she's against him, she should quit. Victor appears with Victoria and Victor says they'll do everything to make Ash comfortable. They snipe back and forth. Yack is distracted by a text. Ash refers to working with Victoria. Victor says she won't work with Victoria, she'll work for Victoria. Ash turns on Yack. She seethes that Hex is a huge success and she's still not co-CEO. Victoria suggests she stay in the lab if emotion will cloud her judgement. Yack says, "Welcome to our brave new world." Ash will stay and fight for John's legacy. Yack takes Victor on a tour. Outside the lab they bicker. Yack says Ash is pain in his ass. Victor warns him not to make her question his behavior - it's becoming a little cuckoo. Meanwhile, Victoria wants Ash's office. Abby and Ben arrive. Abby says the merger is like her - Newman and Abbott. Ash tells them Victoria is now the boss. Ben is a little overwhelmed at the thought of them all working together. Victoria says she'll see them individually in her office. Ash whispers to Abby and Ben that they have to stick together. Vikki calls Ben in. She says it hasn't even been one day since they broke up. "Focus on business. That's all that's left." Meanwhile, Abby tells Ashley that Ben and Victoria broke up. Abby assures Ash she's loyal to her. Abby is next in Victoria's office. Vikki says they'll always be sisters but asks her to be on time and focus on work not her personal life. In the lab, Ash confronts Ben about his bed-hopping. She warns there will be war here and suggests he resign. He won't. Chelsea arrives. Ash tells her Victoria's in her office - the one with her name on the door. Chelsea enters. She informs her she won't allow her business to be threatened to keep Billy in line and threatens to take her line elsewhere. Victoria recognizes her value. Chelsea goes and Vikki notices Ben and Abby kissing. Elsewhere, Ash leaves Jack a voicemail - if he's John Abbott's son he wouldn't do this.

    Y&R Recap: Go Play House.

    Friday, April 17 2015

    Billy calls out for Chelsea in the penthouse. Across the hall, Chelsea tells 'Gabe' she can't believe this happened. He says, "Of course it happened," and talks about their connection. She gets a text from Billy and takes a deep breath. Adam says she can't go through with the wedding. Chelsea replies that she has to go tell Billy. She goes home and tells Billy they need to talk. He blurts that he kissed Victoria and explains. Billy claims he regretted it - all he could think about was being honest with her. He doesn't want to be a screw-up anymore, and wants to marry her. Chelsea muses about getting caught up in things and suggests limiting his time with Victoria. Billy's relieved to be forgiven. Chelsea wants to get married right away.

    Sage arrives at the penthouse to get her things. Adam tells her he took a half day - best decision he ever made. He gives her the signed divorce papers. She wonders about him suddenly being cooperative. He hints the future looks bright with Chelsea. Sage says, "Because you're lying to her." Adam warns she can never find out. He tells Sage to take all her stuff; Chelsea will be spending a lot more time there. Sage predicts this will all blow up in his face. He sneers at her to go play house with Nick and get out of his life. Sage meets Chelsea in the hall. She tells her she couldn't be happier to be out of this marriage and warns her about 'Gabe'. Chelsea goes into Adam's penthouse. She says she couldn't tell Billy. He offers to do it. She blurts that they're still getting married. She explains that she saw Billy kissing Victoria and she acted out and used him; they need to pretend it never happened. She exits as Billy appears. "What are you doing at Gabe's?" Chelsea says she made it clear that Gabe should move on. Billy is glad; they have a wedding to plan. Adam shuts the door and fumes.

    Y&R Recap: Secret Soul.

    Thursday, April 16 2015

    At the penthouse, Adam tells Chelsea that Billy hit him - he was defending the honor of his ex-wife. She's irritated that he tries to make her worry about Billy and Victoria. They debate. Adam tells Chelsea he may be a jerk but there is nowhere he would rather be than with her. They argue about Billy more. Adam wonders what will happen when Connor grows up and looks and acts like Adam. Chelsea becomes flustered and leaves.

    Chelsea arrives at the Club and sees Billy and Victoria kissing. She rushes out, unseen. They pull apart and awkwardness ensues. Billy won't let it happen again; he can't lose Chelsea.

    In his penthouse, Adam looks at the divorce papers. Chelsea enters and says, "Kiss me." He does. He asks what happened. She wonders if he wants to talk or kiss her again. He kisses her again, the clothes start coming off, and he carries her to bed for sex.

    Y&R Recap: Bottomless Pit Of Need.

    Friday, April 10 2015

    At the penthouse, Chelsea tells Adam that the doctor's call had to do with Connor's eyes. He wants to help. Chelsea says the doctor is scared there could be a corneal infection and he could be rejecting the corneal tissue. Adam insists on driving to the hospital.

    At the hospital, Adam steps in when the doctor tries to take Connor for testing without Chelsea. She is allowed to go with Connor. When she returns, she thanks Adam - it was like he channeled her late husband. The doctor announces no further signs of rejection - it's just conjunctivitis. Chelsea hugs Adam.

    At Chelsea's penthouse, she thanks Adam again. She can tell he cares about Connor. Billy calls. Adam leaves as she fills him in.

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