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    The Young and the Restless CAST - Chelsea Lawson Newman

    Full detailed profile on Chelsea Lawson Newman Played by Melissa Claire Egan on The Young and the Restless Daytime Soap Opera.

    Melissa Claire Egan (
    Chelsea Lawson Newman

    Actor: Melissa Claire Egan

    Who played Chelsea Lawson Newman over the years

    Melissa Claire Egan (November 11, 2011 to present)

    Useful information on Chelsea Lawson Newman

    * Met Billy in Mayanmar
    * Lured a drunk Billy into sex and became pregnant.
    * Conspired with her mother, Anita, and Victor to scam Billy and ruin his relationship with Victoria.
    * Signed papers for Billy and Victoria to adopt baby.
    * Learned Jeff Bardwell is her father.
    * Lied about the paternity of her child.


    Current: Fashion designer at Jabot
    Past: Bartender/Con Artist


    Chelsea met Billy in Myanmar and had sex with him when he was drunk and missing Victoria desperately. She planted drugs on him and he was thrown in jail. She was conspiring with her mother, Anita, and Victor Newman, who later brought her to Genoa City, to keep Billy from Victoria. A pregnant Chelsea showed up at Billy's door in Genoa City prepared to get as much money as she could out of the pregnancy, but softened toward him and Victoria, turned her back on her scheming mother, and agreed to sign over the baby to Billy and Victoria for adoption.

    Chelsea lived in the garage apartment at Billy and Vikki's place while pregnant, and struck up a friendship with Adam Newman, who helped her find out her biological father is Jeff Bardwell. Despite a DNA test, Chelsea didn't receive a warm welcome from Jeff, who denied being her dad. Before giving birth, Chelsea fell through the ice on the pond after an argument with Vikki and Adam saved her life and delivered the baby. Chelsea followed through and signed over the child to Billy and Vikki, but decided not to leave town, even when Victor offered big money for her to do so. With Adam's encouragement she earned her GED and they decided to get married on the farm in Kansas. Anita showed up back in Genoa City and Jeff admitted he is Chelsea's father. The pair began cozying up to the newlyweds, who bought Genevieve's estate.

    After finishing her high school equivalency program, Chelsea became pregnant with Adam's child. They were ecstatic. Unfortunately, as they were headed to the airport for a holiday, Summer, who was driving upset, swerved into their lane and caused a wreck. Chelsea lost the baby soon after in the hospital. Chelsea and Adam began having issues as he seemed to be emotionally unavailable to Chelsea when they were grieving. Adam became involved with Sharon again after saving her from the fire she started at the ranch, which caused Chelsea to become jealous and suspicious. Adam insisted he loved Chelsea, and only Chelsea, but then she caught him kissing Sharon. Chelsea tried to get Adam to move away with her to Paris, but when it came time to go, Adam couldn't leave Newman Enterprises, so Chelsea dumped him. Later, Chelsea discovered she was pregnant by Adam, but she was afraid he would try to take custody of the baby away from her, so she didn't tell him. Since she had had a one night stand with Dylan McAvoy, she reluctantly took Chloe's advice and let Dylan believe he was the one who had got her pregnant. They fell for each other and got married. After the baby was born with an eye problem and Adam got wind of it, he assumed it was hereditary - he confronted Chelsea about the child's true paternity. Dylan was devastated by the news and Adam made Chelsea and the baby move into his penthouse. They grew close while tending to Connor's medical needs, however, even after Connor received Delia's corneas and was fine, Adam continued to behave as though he were stressed. When they finally decided to remarry, Adam suggested that they immediately move to Paris. Just before they were to leave town, Chelsea found a note from Adam and a videotaped confession that he was the driver who hit Delia.


    Dylan McAvoy (married August 9 2013)
    Adam Newman (married on January 29 2014; married on July 20 2012; divorced on April 25 2013)


    Billy Abbott


    Anita Lawson (mother)
    Jeffrey Bardwell (father)


    John Abbott (signed over rights to Billy Abbott)
    Riley Newman (son with Adam; miscarriage)
    Terrance "Conner" Newman (son with Adam; born Aug 9 2013)


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    Thursday, April 24 2014: Y&R Recap: The Town Pariah.

    Chelsea is cuddling Connor at the penthouse when Kevin shows up to discuss Chloe. He says he heard them talking at the end of the fashion show and Chloe's been better since. He wonders if Chelsea really meant the forgiveness stuff. Chelsea says she did, but there's no way she will let her see Connor. Chelsea says Chloe has to get help first, and she'll figure it out with her alone. Billy arrives and says he's been with Chloe. Kevin is weirded out by it all and leaves. Chelsea tells Billy that Connor is better, but if he came to kiss her again, then get out. Billy says he's just checking in. Connor coughs upstairs and they go running to get him in the steamy bathroom. Clothes come off as they get hot.

    Tuesday, April 22 2014: Y&R Recap: Pulling The Strings.

    At the penthouse, Chelsea and Billy are joking when he suddenly kisses her. She slaps him. He apologizes and rants about his screwed up life. Chelsea reminds him her husband just died. Connor cries. She heads upstairs, and tells Billy he'd better be gone when she gets back. Soon Chelsea reappears with Connor who can't breathe properly. Billy hurries them out the door.

    At the hospital, Stitch has kissed Victoria to answer her question about whether they're involved. She admits she's nowhere near ready to be involved with him, especially since she was kissing someone else earlier. She hopes Ben will be an understanding friend. He says that's getting harder and asks where her head is. She doesn't know what's next, but can't handle a serious involvement. Ben carps about staying a bachelor. Victoria just needs to sort things out. They are laughing about how they're both jealous when Billy's voice calls for a doctor. Stitch takes over with Chelsea and Connor. Victoria asks Billy why he was at Chelsea's place. Billy asks if she's serious - they're separated. Stitch and Chelsea reappear with Connor, who has croup. Chelsea doesn't know what she would have done without Billy. He says he'll take her home.

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