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    Lily and Cane Fans (No Bash)

    Started by Candace at 2009/01/13 12:55PM
    Latest post: 2015/07/30 07:42PM, Views: 7371839, Replies: 30383
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    #29321   2014/01/10 07:28PM
    Re: New! Non-Bash Thread for Lily and Cane Fans!

    JFP and Co erasing the Lane videos was strategic. JFP has been playing this game for a long time I have seen her in action! She is counting on you forgetting about Lane so she can brainwash what you remember as the true Lane.

    She will now attempt to rewrite their entire history. The coming back of Colin has absolutely nothing to do with Lane.

    Colin’s return just like JFP and Co teasing you lane fans with the return of Cancer, a very painful chapter in Lily Ashby's life are nothing but distractions, She is counting on you to be distracted by those two events.

    But they have already LIED to you outright, going as far to promote a nonexistent Lane storyline on CBS Soaps in Depth!

    This is driving me crazy and it’s the reason I decided to come back after I saw how you have been deceived. Stand up and see the truth and call it for what it is.

    Lily has been decimated by JFP. Open your eyes Lane fans and take action.
    Lily and Cane are now the supporting cast for Devon and Hillary and the winters aka the Rogans including Neil. They have no real power. JFP will use them to prop and support the new family in GC which Lane is not a part of until such a time when they are of no use and discard all together!

    We need to stand together Lane fans this entire fandom. I am begging you, yes I will beg because I see an opportunity flitting away should we not stand together!

    JFP and Co are counting on you not being able to see the Big Picture! And in that big picture does not include Lane.

    Of course Devon and his new family are not a threat to Lane and their popularity. But that is the point exactly.

    Lane and their popularity with the talented actors who portray them ARE the threat to the status quo JFP and Co want to maintain.

    Below is the outline to use for the campaign>>>>>>>


    LC: Outline (these ideas have been extracted from a combination of tweets by Lanefans so I think it’s safe to say the majority of us are on the same page)

    The wellbeing and the longevity of Daniel and Christel on YR is directly related to the wellbeing of the couple and the characters. It is why IMHO JFP and Co has sought to reduce the importance of Lane so that in the foreseeable future they will become completely irrelevant and easily replaced. Let’s make sure this doesn’t happen and ensure justice for them once and for all. We have a window of opportunity here that I see and that could be to our advantage but we must all act now. As long as the majority of the fanbase (-es) are agreeable we will accomplish this.

    Don’t just assume that Colin’s return will be good for Lane. It will be good for Colin he will be redeemed via Lane and JFP can move him somewhere else afterwards. Even if there is a storyline with Colin, I only see Cane being a part of it in a small way, not meaningful enough but Lily and Lane will not be anywhere insight.

    Also regardless of Colin coming back and having a storyline, Lane will still be Devon’s hired help. This cannot remain so!

    Therefore, it is imperative that Lane be established as a dynamic family on their own …it is why JFP and Co lied to you about the Lane business storyline because they realise what it will mean long term for Lane and the actors and they were not willing to give them that.

    We need to be efficient therefore the use of Emails and Mails and twitter will be enough to accomplish this.

    First we need one group to focus on Emails or mails

    The Snail mail can be accomplished during the course of several days, which means it’s important to get word out about this campaign so everyone who would wish to participate can get the chance.
    The use of Emails and DMs as vehicles to spread the news of the campaign will be needed. Mass emails from ast, Ashby Angels, Ravishing, GFF boards will be greatly helpful in reaching a vast numbers of online fans. CKDOTNET is under construction under new management and will most likely not be up and running in time to utilize their services.

    It is easier to deal with Emails therefore this is something that we can all do at least once a day.

    The majority of the fanbase is offline therefore Mail/Email will be most effective.

    The second group to focus on social media i.e. twitter
    Let him (SK) know what has transpired as well as what we want to see happen for Lane #AshbyAtkinson


    Address for Snail Mail:

    Steve Kent Vice President
    10202 West Washington Blvd
    Culver City, CA 90232-3195


    @SteveKentSony @AngelicaMcd #YR


    The target of the campaign will be:
    Steve Kent and AM (I personally lean more towards SK …)

    Thirdly, do NOT give the show ratings by watching them downgrade Lane.


    If you have other ideas they are welcome as well. Nothing is set in stone but the goal is the same.

    ***** ************

    The General Outline below is a combination of ideas taken from tweets by various Lanefans most notably CLF:

    Tagging your tweets & emails/letter with Ashbys/Atkinsons #AshbyAtkinson

    Cane & Lily should create a cosmetic & fashion company

    Jill marries Colin & gets Chancellor - new power family born = Ashbys/Atkinsons

    Lane's company partners w/ Chancellor like Chelsea's company partner w/ Jabot & competes w/ Jabot's & Newman fashion & cosmetic companies

    Cane and Lily are Ashbys and therefore a GC family in their own right. It is evident that their association with (The Winters) only keeps them from reaching their full potential.

    They have potential to become a new dynamic Family in daytime if that potential is nurtured by those who control the creativity of the show.

    Cane and Lily Ashby are one of the most popular and beloved couple in daytime if not the most popular and beloved.

    Coupled with the talent of Daniel Goddard and Christel Khalil and their likability and their ability to sustain the popularity over a long period of time, there is nothing standing in their way to elevate not only themselves but the show except for show runners who refuse to give them their just dues.

    Respectfully Mr. Kent we are still waiting for you to find the ones who know & will do right.

    DG/Cane & CK/Lily deliberately kept down, doing everything to debase them while others are elevated.

    The life & story we wrote in for Ashbys taken from underneath so they have them serve the one who stole it & have him & the newbie who disgraced them lording over them. Talk about humiliating turn of events for this beautiful couple. What an insult to their fans.

    The misogyny & bigotry just refuses to change at Y&R. Where is the one to do right?
    When is Lily a beloved legacy character is seen & treated as an equal who can own & run her own cosmetic/fashion empire -that's EXCITING STUFF!

    The obvious biases against Lily & Lane could not be spelled out clearer!!!!
    CK/Lily's only purpose on this show is to prop Rogans & the other minority characters.

    Not only does Hilary always get the last word in Lily interactions but Lane humiliated in servitude to her & Devon; How far the legacy of Lily/Lane has fallen…the disdain for Lily & Lane jumps off written page.

    What a blow - the expectations of Lane starting their business only to be turned into lowly servants in GC.
    Dru & Neil's daughter, Olivia's niece server to GC & employee of Devon Hamilton;
    The joke is on Lane fans.

    Lane relegated to servants & workers for them & GC. Lily kept in her place. Cane stuck until they can free him off Lily.

    Which meant Lily is viewed ultimately as a lesser thing. It is how these writers write her. How MAB & now JFP see her. Chelsea gets her business & interacts with others. Lily has to be the help to get a chance to say hello

    The writers’ biases & prejudices are showing. Hilary who has Lily's life & Devon who has Cane's life will be allowed some status since as a couple they know they will never reach the popularity of Lane - even w/ Lane as constant props for them & Lily as the antagonist to give Hilary sympathy.

    Backburnered, ill written, filler, Lane is still popular. Investing in them and putting them back on equal footing as the heirs they rightly were/are, makes them viable as leads & the bigoted EP & writers can't have that.

    Lane is not allowed to share that status. It was MAB's problem w/ Lane & she saw to it they had nothing & lost everything as she could not end them or kill them off. She did not want this hugely popular couple on show.

    Being so popular was a liability b/c Lily was the wrong color. Lily is NOT allowed to be a lead on Y&R. #FACT

    Hilary & Devon are no threat so they are given & can have what was taken from Lane.

    For years now we have (since the Last regime on YR) been requesting and writing in on behalf of Lane that they be allowed to start their own cosmetic / fashion company.

    This will ensure that the Ashbys (Cane and Lily) and by extension their twins Charlie and Mattie Ashby, are cemented in the GC community as power players.

    They have the potential and ability to revolutionize the show and will be a great opportunity for the actors who have been held back the past six years, and counting to showcase and hone their talent.


    Instead, Lily (and Cane) are waiting & serving people at a hotel.
    FAR AWAY from ever becoming a power player & owner in the cosmetic/fashion world of Y&R….

    Owning cosmetic/fashion business which YR is based on would not let them interact????
    They must serve GC to interact that is NOT what we BEGGED for YEARS!
    The current writing team / EP have made them glorified servants to have the privilege to do what they used to do before they were isolated & segregated.

    Cane was heir to CI and Lily their spokes model.

    But now being a servant in a hotel that is ALL the show can see for Lily? So disgusted w/ the prejudicial biases of these past two racist regimes…

    Lane owning their own conglomerate cosmetic or Fashion Empire would not allow them to interact in GC? They must be downgraded to the F list of supporting characters to be allowed to speak to the people they grew up with & were equal to in GC?


    Lily as a minority woman is BARRED from aspiring to becoming a power player on Y&R.
    Business search opportunity was nothing but a ruse because Lily (Lane/Cane) is still working for others in field far from the characters

    Gorgeous glamorous minority woman walking around in a frumpy role seeing to it wealthy patrons are comfortable when Lily should be ONE OF the wealthy patrons! Not be about serving them! Lily has fans.

    The majority of the fans want more for her. Would love to see her aspire to what these writers & recent EPs do not think befits the sphere of a minority woman on this show one with talent charisma and popularity such as Lily Ashby.

    Again after MAB spitefully took Cane's story, family & fortune away from him so Lane & their kids would have no legacy.

    Cane’s backstory was re-written so many times in an attempt to strip the core of the character. He went from being the Chancellor heir to nothing.

    The fans wrote in and asked for Lane to start their own business & build it into an empire. They have no story now. The business story the fans begged for Lane has been given to Devon.

    Cane and Lily are only used to prop Devon the Rogans and Hillary but nothing substantial for Lane.

    The writers CAN’T claim they don't know what to write for them. We keep screaming it from the roof tops! We annoy you with telling you what we want. SID (Soaps in Depth) writes a cover story saying Lane dream storyline is coming but the show only gives them filler scenes brainstorming business ideas. Then NOTHING!

    It was nothing more than a false lead there was never any intention of writing storylines for Lane.


    This business storyline that was promoted on CBS SID the interview given by Ms. Altman, a writer on JFP’s team on YR which ran on this issue:

    CBS Soaps in Depth Nov 18th 2013
    Cover Page Lane: YR Their Dream Storyline
    November Sweeps Preview: Display Nov 4-Nov 18
    Cover Story: Cane and Lily Next Big Adventure Pg 26 – 27, 28 and 29

    This storyline was supposed to begin on December 4th of 2013…you will note it is now a new year January of 2014.

    This supposed business storyline, Lane’s dream storyline was promoted on Social media most notably twitter but the day it was supposed to begin the fans saw nothing.

    Now the fans are mocked with visions of Lane working for Devon in a club (who has been given the storyline that should have been theirs in the first place)

    Why is that? After everything Lane has been put through with nary a single storyline in the past six years (except disjointed destructive plot points masquerading as a storyline) they have now been pushed at the back of the bus once more to only play supporting characters for others less deserving.

    Why is that?
    Cane and Lily both former young executives in Jabot and Chancellor Industries now dream of working at a club owned by Devon…again it doesn’t compute.

    Now that the fans have once again realised they have been duped by a Lane storyline that never happened Cane and Lily have been demoted to be the hired help at GC where YR insider and others claim it is a good thing that will put them at the “center”

    The big business storyline would not have put Lane at the centre? It would have in a big way, it would have elevated them and laid the solid foundation of the Ashbys as a new GC power family but those running the show continue to hold this couple down so as not to rise to the level of a proper dynamic GC family.

    Why is that?
    How cruel to taunt the fans with a big Lane storyline that will elevate them only to be backhanded.

    How cruel to lead the fans on a wild goose chase while knowing there is nothing waiting for them. Is this what YR has become?

    Why so much hate for Lane in a powerful positions?
    We never saw Lane treated this way before MAB and JFP regimes took helm at YR. Why is that?

    Lily a legacy character who's a former Fresh Face of Jabot & marketing executive is now overseeing the wiping of tables at a hotel?

    For years we wrote in asking to see Lily learn from scratch & be built up into a mogul business woman because she was so young with so much potential, talent and popularity, we would get to see it transpire from scratch. Have people like Jill mentor her.

    Lily whose mom went from nothing to international fashion model then business woman, Lily lived in Paris was groomed by Kay, Nikki, Jill as FOJ before Maria Bell and her writing team took everything from her and yet they every other newbie climb over Lily & start businesses.

    The current Jill Phelps regime like the previous one refuses to give Lily (Lane and Cane) anything decent but to prop newbies on her segregated island & add insult to injury

    They would now have the fans believe that Lily /Lane/Cane’s dream is work FOR Devon at the GCAC? It doesn’t compute!

    Lily Ashby is not allowed to aspire for bigger things on YR and to become a power player?

    Cane as long as he is married to Lily is not allowed to rise above his current status.
    MAB and her writing team so to it that Cane was no longer a Chancellor once she took control of the show because he was married to Lily….

    The current writing team of JFP and Co refuses to allow Lily and Cane to rise to the level of other power players even though the foundation is there.

    Cane and Lily’s children are not allowed to have a decent home (with nice cupboards without crooked hinges) etcetera they are not allowed to hold their own in conversation with other characters but are constantly put down, constantly terrorized with no recourse for them, they are not allowed to have the last word nor are they allowed to have friends who are for them?

    We are asking you to step in make sure that justice is done. Not just for the fictional couple of Lane that is beloved by the majority of the YR audience but also for the actors in question, who have given their all for years.

    They have been used to for years to elevate others it is passed time they are given the same opportunity enjoyed by others (less deserving and who haven’t paid their dues no less) to shine.

    Give them the opportunity they have afforded others over the years to be front and centre and to be given the material to work, so that not only the great couple that is Lane can benefit but also Christel Khalil can benefit and Daniel Goddard.

    YR will be the better for it as well. This is a win-win situation for all.

    But justice must prevail in order for that to happen, we must have a regime on YR that is capable of understanding this and putting aside their personal prejudice for the good of the show and we hope that this time around you will listen and take the proper action.

    All is not lost there is still an opportunity to make the Ashbys and Atkinsons a dynastic family on YR, first by establishing once and for all that Lane is family in their own right and by righty giving Jill Abbot what is rightfully hers by returning Chancellor Industries to her.

    Colin Atkinson is Cane’s father, Cane who is Lily’s husband and the father of Charlie and Mattie Ashby. Colin and Jill also have a previous connection that needs to be repaired, just as Colin’s relationship not only with Cane but with Lily / Charlie and Mattie must be correctly repaired and nurtured.

    It is important that both families be repaired before coherently connecting them together to create this dynamic family.

    I will presume to say that the one thing we all have in common is the well-being of the show. This outline ensures that the beginning of repairing the trust that has been abused and fractured between the current and previous regime and the audience is restored hopefully with a new regime that cares about these characters and the cast at large as well as the audience.

    Thank you.

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    #29322   2014/01/10 07:50PM
    Re: New! Non-Bash Thread for Lily and Cane Fans!

    Never fear in the end justice will always prevail, always.
    Remember that.🌺🌹🍁

    lets continue to Keep them #1 where they belong 💋💋

    :ChristelKhalil DanielGoddard

    CBS Readers' Poll
    c/o Soaps In Depth
    270 Sylvan Ave.
    Englewood Cliffs, NJ 07632

    Cut off date Thurs Jan 16th..Thank you tons to one and all!

    #29323   2014/01/11 11:26AM
    Re: New! Non-Bash Thread for Lily and Cane Fans!

    Good Saturday afternoon, Ashby Family! Hope you are having a great day. Luv you much and I hope to see more of you on scree soon. Will holler at you next time! In the meantime, enjoy this balmy, rainy day.

    #29324   2014/01/11 06:12PM
    Re: New! Non-Bash Thread for Lily and Cane Fans!

    Good night, Ashby family! Hope you enjoyed yourselves today. I will catch you again on tomorrow. Sleepwell tonight.

    #29325   2014/01/12 07:09AM
    Re: New! Non-Bash Thread for Lily and Cane Fans!

    for lane w/ love. I was hoping that the writers would give you a storyline w/ action and adventure. this is not a rocket scientist task. a 9 to 5 job just will only give them less screen time. so why should I continue to watch this show. sometimes you have to please your viewers or you loose them.

    #29326   2014/01/12 01:09PM
    Re: New! Non-Bash Thread for Lily and Cane Fans!

    Good Sunday Laner&Friends suds et all

    Quote PADMAY: for lane w/ love. I was hoping that the writers would give you a storyline w/ action and adventure. this is not a rocket scientist task. a 9 to 5 job just will only give them less screen time. so why should I continue to watch this show. sometimes you have to please your viewers or you loose them.

    Good Question Padmay

    YRInsider and CBS SID are now trying to convince Laners that this is a good thing. It is NOT! total bs.

    After promoting a nonexistent business venture now Lane being "centre" of GCAC is a good thing. What a insult to the intelligent viewer.

    The business storyline we campaigned for Lily and Cane would have accomplished something very important:

    It would have cemented them in GC as a new power player leading to more story lines in the future as the Ashbys family would already have been established.

    its not a matter of just a storyline, its what it represents (that is the big picture) and its the reasons IMHO JFP and Co have pulled the rag from underneath the fans so they that Lane will be screwed down the Line.

    This would have been a very important storyline for lane.
    Lane is very popular and very liked among the general audience. A business storyline like we campaign for them for six years would have put them on another level. That is why Lane has been screwed. To prevent that.

    It is clear and plain to see.

    Throwing crumbs at lane fans in the short term means nothing for Lane in the big picture.

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    #29327   2014/01/13 05:28PM
    Re: New! Non-Bash Thread for Lily and Cane Fans!

    At the height of laughter, the universe is flung into a kaleidoscope of new possibilities. — Jean Houston

    Good evening, Mr. & Mrs. Ashby! Glad to know you are still there. Y&R could use some light-hearted fare that does not turn into destruction or misery ASAP. I know you provide that for me. Hopefully your upcoming sagas will provide that for the remainder of the show. Hope to see you on screen soon. Will holler at you again next time.

    #29328   2014/01/13 07:33PM
    Re: New! Non-Bash Thread for Lily and Cane Fans!

    It's a new year with lots of changes coming. I hope things get better for them this year.

    I will never understand why they just could not have them along with Devon put their heads together and come up with a company that would begin a Winters/Ashby dynasty. Lost opportunity for this family and their fans.

    #29329   2014/01/13 09:51PM
    Re: New! Non-Bash Thread for Lily and Cane Fans!


    JFP is creating a new YR. The Stage, The Blueprint of this new YR has already been outlined. All you have to do is be willing to see what is right in front of you.

    The destruction of Villy and Billy Miller’s exit - Enter David Tom + new partner >>> (mac?)
    Victoria is a Newman and she will be paired with someone else in a new pairing created by JFP.

    New Billy + New person possibly (Mac ?, other) & Victoria + New person = part of the foundation.
    The Newmans and The Abbots are part of the foundation

    And so on…..


    Now to the most important part of this blueprint as a Lane fan:

    Cane and Lily Ashby + Charlie and Mattie Ashby
    New storyline to cement their foundation as power players = non existent
    Lane fans ideas to build their business and their family given to Devon and Co.

    Devon given Cane’s storyline and Hillary (st drug a husband) given Lily’s life:.

    Hillary has been offered on a silver platter the Lily legacy benefits: (Example: Everyone that should be on Lily’s side including her own family she was born into is on Hillary’s side, Lily’s words have no effect or meaning no matter how she rails at Hillary, Cane not allowed to stand up for his wife, how embarrassing)

    New family = Devon and Hillary including the Rogans and (Neil) (this will be the end results and has already been outlined on the show.

    Neil however is already obsolete and will most likely Not be a part of JFP’s long term vision for the future.

    Lane and CK has kept Neil relevant for the past several years despite KSJ rooting for their destruction (shortsighted vision)

    Devon and Co are now the new minority family YR.
    The Ashbys are their servants = non-essential = obsolete in the near future, easily replaceable after everything is settled

    Lily Ashby / CK used to prop Hilary and the actress, CK is grooming her own replacement, talk about cruel and vindictive.

    Lily will Not be the beneficiary = Lily non-essential and therefore obsolete in the new YR in the near future.

    Clear Intention: Hillary will be the one left standing as “replacement” and a poor one at that for Lily just as JFP intended from the very beginning.

    (It’s a repeat of Lily and Chloe, Lily was the loser but Mab failed in her agenda in the end. The Chloe character has been a fail ever since)

    Like it or not, Cane’s future is tied to Lily’s: Lily’s destruction = Lane’s destruction = Cane obsolete in the near future.

    Even if they place him in a new pairing down the line as they probably intend to, the new pairing will not be a huge success like Lane is. He will lose the majority of his popularity because the popularity of Cane and Lily as individual is mostly for the dynamic couple they have created together.

    It’s a double edged sword in a way Cane and Lily continued popularity with the fans = (Mab and JFP) seeking to destroy them because of it.

    The destruction of Lane = fractured fanbase = less people supporting Cane and Lily separately.
    Cane and Lily separate become obsolete just as Mab and JFP intended (intend)

    JFP’s NEW YR Cont:

    Solid families already entrenched:
    Newmans and Abbots

    Newmans and Co (children, grandchildren, Newmans by marriage etc):
    Dylan =The centre of JFP’s new YR

    Next: The abbots and Co (Jack and the rest of the family etc)


    Dylan’s introduction to YR = huge flop
    Lily and Cane Ashby = infinitely more popular, more likable, huge fan support on YR = an obstacle to Dylan’s “success” a threat to him as the new centre.

    The nonessentials more popular than Dylan the savior of YR Lol can’t have that, Therefore, JFP seeking to neutralise Lane and pave way for Dylan’s popularity
    (or so she thinks, ill intentions will be her down fall in the end just like it was Mab’s)

    Dylan as foundation and centre of YR will be a dead end eventually, it’s like a house build on sand sooner or later the house will collapse on itself. JFP could care less as long as her friend is the centre of it all.

    Same thing happened on GH with Jason (and a few others as the foundation and centre of the show) GH eventually caved and it is now up to the new regime that is re-constructing a new more solid foundation for the longevity of the show.


    On YR the Ashbys as foundation for YR’s future = a stable foundation on rock, durable and strong. JFP’s regime however does not want Lane as part of the foundation or building block.
    Hence the sabotage of Lane:


    JFP realigning YR to accommodate Dylan = Lane demoted to nonessential because they are standing in the way of Dylan with their extreme popularity and likability = Lane neutralised = Lane obsolete in the near future.


    {the lesser but newly entrenched minority family (JFP’s token against racism and bias)
    Inconsequential, less popular less threating to the status quo and therefore desirable to JFP and Co} unlike Lane (popular, talented, beloved = threat to JFP’s vision for her new YR)

    Devon…. (+ his new woman in the future, Hillary) and the Rogans…and Neil????

    The Ashbys hired help easily replaceable in JFP’s new YR = fate to be determined (dependent on the fans reaction) It all comes down to whether or not the fans will accept the status quo or rebel against it, tuning YR out driving down the ratings.

    If the fans accept the status quo nothing will change and neither will the outcome. JFP and Co will be more than happy to oblige the fans who are willing to accept scraps and the decimation of Lane.


    Example A with visual + application:

    Think about constructing a house. To construct the house the builder will need the essential materials and the essential-nonessential tools to curve out the foundation and the building blocks of the house.

    The tools = essential-nonessentials (Present Lane)
    The tools shape the foundation (Dylan = the foundation of JFP’s YR)
    (The Newmans +Abbots) = The building blocks that supports that foundation (Dylan)
    Devon & Co (New token family) will be some of the furnishing after the new YR has been constructed. For aesthetic purposes.

    Other characters like Michael, Kevin, Lauren etc are also aesthetic characters slightly above Devon and Co. Every soap has their aesthetic characters. Every now and the JFP and Co will let them play for awhile to shut the fans up and then its back to supporting the centre (Dylan) }


    Cane and Lily are currently (shaping the new YR) by overseeing what is rightly their legacy handed to Devon and Co (and Dylan as far as popularity of the show)
    Lane = blocking Dylan’s rise in popularity
    Devon and Co = replace lane status with less impact, therefore not a threat to JFP’s vision of YR with Dylan as the foundation.

    Once the construction is complete the tools (Lane) essential in shaping the new Yr will then become completely nonessential and then obsolete

    Afterwards, you can probably expect to see JFP or one of her minions release a statement (maybe to SID) saying how YR has taken off in a new direction and unfortunately as much as they “love” lane they are no longer viable options for the new YR = hasty exit for DG & CK

    Or the other dreaded fate as nonessential: Lane will completely fade into the back as they are no longer needed in the new YR. (Eg Esther’s fate. Esther is only needed when they need her to get into the same old conversation with Jill before she’s quickly shoved into the unseen background).

    (But option A is more likely to happen in order for the new regime to “save” money)


    The other nonessential Chloe, her connection to a core family has been severed by Delia’s death = obsolete in the near future unless her status changes.

    Leading ladies JFP choices: Avery, Chelsea and Hillary (the minority token less impactful as opposed to Lily, legacy character beloved part of the most popular pairing).

    Lily Ashby who is rightly the younger leading lady character will not be in the equation in JFP’s YR.
    MAB already saw to it Cane’s true legacy was destroyed.
    Afterwards, what the fans campaigned for him and Lane has been given to Devon.


    Sharon future now = questionable at the moment she is an essential nonessential
    Essential in the present due to her connection to the Newmans & nonessential in the future due to the lack of clarity of her leading lady status…JFP already has her leading ladies. Is there room for Sharon?

    Sharon currently needed to stem further exodus of fans in YR’s disheveled state that is until JFP’s Yr is up and running. Remains to be seen what will happen to her then.

    (Lane also currently needed to oversee the building of new YR and stem the bleeding of viewers while JFP’s YR is under construction.)


    Cont. Lane Ashby in the new YR:

    New family A with a less importance = Devon and Co. (new heir)

    Group B Cane and Lily Ashby, Mattie and Charlie Ashby (the true heirs demoted, hired help)

    Which of these two groups do you see advancing to the next step- Group A or the demoted nonessential group B( the newly discarded Ashbys)?


    Colin’s Return in relation to New YR
    Under construction:

    Colin’s return + nonessential Ashbys = obsolete
    Colin + Jill (with no Chancellor Inheritance and nonessential Ashbys dynamics) = obsolete

    Colin’s return would be impactful if the Ashbys had been (ARE) rightly established as a dynamic GC family in their own right.

    Colin’s return + powerful Ashby family = ESSENTIAL

    Anything less than that has no meaning and is only for short term vision of said characters and cast to be removed in the near future after JFP’s new YR has been properly placed.


    Colin will return, possibly hike ratings for JFP but is of no consequence in the future.
    Colin v Cane = nonessential. Cane is Devon’s hired help, what of value do they have to fight about, Colin sneering down at Cane’s downward mobility? While Cane just grins and pretends he is happy because it means he is not like Colin or some such manure? Because what man or woman doesn’t dream of a lesser place in the world when they could create a better future for themselves and their family?

    I can just see it now! All of it of no importance merely plot points to get the fans talking = Short term vision.

    Colin Atkinson a powerhouse on his own with no powerful Ashby family = obsolete in the near future and of no consequence.

    Colin powerhouse with no powerful heirs (Cane, Lily, Charlie, Mattie & Humphrey lol) = obsolete in the future = shortsighted vision

    Colin Atkinson powerhouse + Powerful Ashby Family = Longevity Essential for the Future = Strong Foundation =Lane’s future, Charlie and Mattie Ashby’s future


    Colin’s return + his redemption through Lane + nonessential Ashbys = obsolete in the near future. (Once his redemption is complete he ceases to be relevant in JFP’s new YR due to lack of dynamic Ashby family)

    Ashby family = Colin Atkinson’s family; they are ONE

    Cane and Lily and their children with no future to inherit + Colin = obsolete

    Jill Abbot (rightfully heir of Chancellor Industry) + Colin Atkinson (and his empire) + a powerful Ashby family in their own right = longevity of characters in question i.e. Jill Abbot Colin Atkinson & Cane and Lily (Charlie and Mattie) Ashby.

    Jill Abbot (rightfully heir of Chancellor Industry) + Colin Atkinson (and his empire) + a powerful Ashby family in their own right = New rightful heir dynamic long lasting dynasty on YR.


    Strategy or Not…?

    But the question is what are the fans willing to do about it? Support the status quo or support a future that includes Lane as a powerful family in their own rights thereby giving them the foundation for the future on YR because Cane and Lily as hired help does NOT equate to longevity and strength.

    Giving them what is rightly theirs as a strong couple/family with their own strong business = longevity and strength. Not easily replaceable.

    It would have been fantastic to be able to support the Ashbys+WInters Dynamic but tptb never wanted that. Others players like KSJ wanted the downfall of Lane. Shortsighted vision as I mentioned earlier, he failed to see the big picture.

    After MAB and Co destroyed Cane’s true legacy the fans campaign for another new legacy not just for himself but for Lane as a whole. Lane fans then begun to campaign for Ashbys+WInters+Atkinsons Dynamics, we campaigned for Cane and Lily to start their own business to compete with Jabot/Bon and NE and now JFP and Co has seen to it, he and Lane are screwed again.

    Cane and Lily are too powerful together hence the sabotage by the new regime. They only want the appearance of diversity not true diversity. Cane and Lily can hold their own instead these two regimes of Mab and JFP have only used them as babysitters for others, to prop other characters but never allowing them a chance to rise.

    In order for Lane to survive now it will be as a LaneAshby+Atkinson dynamics and vice versa.


    But that is just my opinion based on what I have seen. Whether the fans choose to see the long term impact is up to them.

    In Conclusion:

    It is the seemingly unimportant, minute details that help to clarify the big picture.


    The Lane fans / Colin Jill fans are the wild card in this, no matter what JFP cannot control who or what you like /support just because she says so but in order to have a chance to impact the direction of the new YR you have to make your voice heard or watch as Lane / Jill/Colin dynamics is completely obliterated in the end. JMHO

    #29330   2014/01/14 09:14AM
    Re: New! Non-Bash Thread for Lily and Cane Fans!

    Lane DG and CK #1 across the board in the New SID lets keep them there #LAnersNFriends and don't forget to send your Emails/Mails to SK

    We can do this, my snail mail going out today💛

    Never fear in the end justice will always prevail, always.
    Remember that.🌺🌹🍁

    lets continue to Keep them #1 where they belong 💋💋

    :ChristelKhalil DanielGoddard

    CBS Readers' Poll
    c/o Soaps In Depth
    270 Sylvan Ave.
    Englewood Cliffs, NJ 07632

    Cut off date Thurs Jan 16th..Thank you tons to one and all!

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