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    Lily and Cane Fans (No Bash)

    Started by Candace at 2009/01/13 12:55PM
    Latest post: 2015/08/04 06:53PM, Views: 7374545, Replies: 30385
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    #28431   2013/06/25 06:53PM
    Re: New! Non-Bash Thread for Lily and Cane Fans!

    Ashby's Angels ‏@AshbysAngels 24 Jun
    . @DanielGoddard & @ChristelAdnana in Ft. Lauderdale 7/13 & 7/14 presented by #SoapThis > #YR #LANEYR

    ATT: If you are able to attend this awesome event have you bought your tickets yet??? remember you will also be helping out a great cause

    See more information:➦☞☛

    And Christel and Daniel are fun people to be around so don't miss out if you don't have to! It will be HOT HOT HOT

    #28432   2013/06/25 06:56PM
    Re: New! Non-Bash Thread for Lily and Cane Fans!

    Don't forget to start mailing your lane votes TY everyone for all you do ❤❤😘

    DanielGoddard ChristelKhalil

    CaneNLily #LaneYR

    CBS Readers' Poll
    c/o Soaps In Depth
    270 Sylvan Ave.
    Englewood Cliffs, NJ 07632

    We must keep them #1 no matter what.

    mine going out tomorrow

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    #28433   2013/06/25 07:23PM
    Re: New! Non-Bash Thread for Lily and Cane Fans!

    Quote MsSuperSuds:
    Quote shalaydra75:
    Quote Lanealways:

    Hey Rfan, Suds, danee, restless, shorty, Shay, et all

    Its not a permanent thing, I'm only temporarily back Laners since JFP & Co feel the need to trash CK/Lily I feel the need to say something about it otherwise I don't give a rat's patottie what they do or don't do. To say this show has soured me is an understatement.

    I just wanted to add few points to this entire debacle that begun with Mab and Co.

    I have already stated many times that the reason they hate Lane so much is because of the CK / Lily factor. The statement stands for itself.
    It is also important to note that I never complained about this bigotry against Christel before MAB & Co took over. There is a very important distinction before Mab started running this show into the ground and now we have JFP and Co which is pretty much the same regime with different people.

    I never saw this racial mentality become a front runner on YR before not like this.

    With Mab and JFP who think that one person of colour is interchangeable with another, I think Suds stated it best in her former post on this thread so I'm not going to repeat because it was perfectly said. But for them to think that somehow they could get rid of Christel purely because they hired another AA actress as if somehow that satisfies their quota and that would somehow make it ok for them to continue to treat CK like dirt, is mind boggling. Do you know where they get these ideas from? the soap press and the six playhaters on MBs like DC and SOC. They think because they see the soap press hate on CK that somehow they are speaking for the majority. They think because the CK/Lane hating soap press love to hate on her saying how she isn't "black" enough or "white" enough or she doesn't "act black" or whatever bs they love spouting, that somehow they are speaking for everybody.

    I don't give a damn what the soap press thinks. I never have. They do not influence me in any way shape or form. I have a mind of my own and I make good use of it, thank you. But for them to continue to cater to these bigots on both sides of the isle, really speak to heart of the higher ups IMHO
    It tells me something about the way they think, about they way they view the world in a way.

    And I am not against the new gal, I am sure she is very nice and I know sometimes I may come across as very harsh with my posts and I apologise for them but I will still say whats on my mind, nevertheless. It will not come as a shock that I am all about Lane DG and CK. duhhh but the point is, if they are really interested in diversity, supposedly, they would start with Lane and anyone else they hired on the show, they would not be there because of some ulterior motive. All these newbies in Lane's orbit they are only there for one reason and one reason only, to tear them apart. Thats it. Its not about telling a story and neither is it about "diversity" its about tptb hiding behind the new hires while they try to commit some atrocity on Lane and the respective actors because they have become too popular and apparently I hear that is not good for the show, for some reason or other LOL!

    But it is ok for them to force their contrived bland useless couples and characters down our throats, thats what's good for the show!

    They can't have CK be the lead she has earned they must force their ideas of leading ladies on everyone, because once again they don't get it that the majority of the audience identify with CK. They can not replace what she brings to YR. It will never happen and thats alright with tptb because they don't want "someone like" her being too popular, they have their little segment of narrowminded people to play up to.

    Where our truth lies as people is most often revealed in our works. And especially in the world of soaps because what they portray in these characters more & more its about satisfying their own needs and fantasies and not necessarily what they audience wants to see.

    They don't want or need a thinking audience. Like JFP stated in her interview to paraphrase we are stupid and must be shown what we like.
    We the Lane fans who have supported not only Lane but Daniel and
    Christel and YR, we don't know what we're doing, she says.
    JFP knows better and she will force her vision on everyone whether
    they like it or not.

    Our love for Lane stems from our love and respect for CK and DG. At least thats how I feel. I have never put so much into a fictional couple before in my life.
    And in all the years I had watched these soaps I have never seen anyone quite like Lane. Because there has never been anyone like them and I highly doubt there ever will be. Great couples come and go, but a unique couple like Lane lives on in the memories of the audience and fans for years.

    I hope CK and DG realise what they have created, I hope they don't listen to the naysayers and the haters.
    Why do you guys think there has been so much envy and hatred towards them? its because they are unique.
    Its because the characters of Lily and Cane are unique and thats why you see MAB and JFP destroying those very qualities that make them so.

    Mab tried to destroy Cane and now JFP is trying to destroy Lily and thereby destroy Christel. Because lets be truthful here people, lets not beat about the bush, the downfall of Lily ashby the character will be the downfall of CK the actress. If Lily is done CK will be done. That means that Lane will also be done and after thinking about it I don't DG is going to be very safe either.

    He is just a means to an end for them. They might try to pair him with one of their so called leading ladies and even that will only be disastrous and he too will be on his way out. Come on its true and you all know it.

    And here is another very important thing to note:
    JFP has been trying to force SB and his character on the YR audience.
    He hasn't been doing very well. But just like on GH it has to be all about him.
    JFP not only hates Lane and CK for who they are and what they stand for,
    but I also suspect she feels that they are somehow standing in the way of SB.

    Don't forget that Lane (DG & CK) are the most popular on YR and eliminating them will pave the way for SB and all the other tptb pets to be #1 which will never happen whether Lane is there or not because once again they don't get it. They don't get it because they don't want to. The fans love who they love, they can't force people to like who they don't like no matter how much they try.

    And no matter what they do, they will never replace the magnetism of Daniel and Christel and the very unique couple they portray. Its not about putting two people together its not about having them repeat the words that Lane have said to each other in a failed attempt to duplicate their unique chemistry. They keep trying to recreate another Lane with other people as long as its not Daniel and Christel, right.

    Thats why its imperative for them to try and turn around the character of Lily and then force this new version of her on the audience as if it were fact, as if it has merit. No its Not fact and has less than zero merit. JFP and Co are taking the Mab rewrite of Lily and trying to make something of it. It has failed and will continue to fail because just like with her predecessor she did not take into account the impact CK herself has on YR and in daytime.

    They are not taking into account once again that we the fans have watched Lily grow up on this show and that we have a connection to that character because of CK. Lily is not just anyone. She is cultured sophisticated she grew up in Paris. She is not a typical character. Thats what they are trying to turn her into.

    She is strong and resilient. She has over come every obstacle they put infront of her....They thought it would destroy her but it only made her stronger. She is smart intelligent and compassionate. That is why people are drawn to the character of Lily.

    She is not a pushover contrary to how Mab and JFP would portray her!
    She loves and she cares deeply about her family and friends. True Friendships another rare commodity in her life these days, don't you agree. SMDH on YR
    these days.

    I long for the days of William bell (may he rest in peace) and LML. I know LML wasn't perfect but she understood her audience in much the same way BB did. During both regimes there was true diversity in YR. LML had begun to put the winters back on the map again like BB did. She created Lane one of the most successful pairings in daytime, ever.
    When she created Lane and wrote for them the ratings were the highest
    they had ever been.

    Like suds stated once again in the above post they use them as bait to attract viewers but that does not work anymore. Any new viewers who tune into YR because of Lane are immediately disappointed when they realise they have been misled.

    ...Off my soap box for now I have a couple of things to attend to!

    Always love my Lane no matter what, that will never change and neither will my support for CK and DG, love these two people. They are truly special much like the LaneFamily they brought together


    ITA that the soap press and who ever decides the Emmy awards are killing soaps. I think I heard that Days, which I know on 2 occasions had a women from 19-49 category rating below ½ a million, was selected as the 1 soap. With numbers like those I doubt if it will be around.

    I have a different view on the Tyler and the new characters. Let me say emphatically, neither 1 of them has any business in Lane’s romantic orbit Period!!! For me, when people say that this is only a soap, I think that it is an employer that provides jobs to actors. I am disrespectful when people of African descent do not have the same opportunities as other actors. I am bothered that neither RW nor the other actress will have the same opportunities as other actors. The fact that TPTB thought that they could bring in a handsome man without adding content illustrates their total disrespect for AA women viewers. The Tyler character was suppose to enter the Winters segregated compound at Jabot Fashion and hold Lily there with him.

    The new actress was hired because TPTB heard chants of racism when they attempted to break up Lane. They probably will have her and Cane have an affair to prove that they are not racist. Similarly, Paula Deen, George Zimmerman and other people who are caught after spouting racist language or committing racist deeds have “AA friends.” The good white Southerners will not be angry because they do not mind WM and BW having affairs as long as they do not get married and have legitimate children. Cane’s assistant may become his Olivia Pope, but she will never be his wife. TPTB wants her to break up Lane then have Cane find a “suitable partner.” JG has started his new contradictory campaign. Although Cane encouraged Lily to continue working with Tyler, I was shocked when I found a later clip when he said that he encouraged her to quite because of his jealousy. I suppose that will cause Lily to become resentful.

    DG/Cane may temporarily benefit from Lane’s break up. TPTB wants Cane to be a powerful force in GC, and he cannot assume that position with a AA wife. If fans leave as a reaction to Lily’s debasement, TPTB will not take responsibility for their actions; they will probably blame DG.

    I feel it coming on like a diseased plague, one of the torrential rains, tornadoes, or hurricanes sweeping the land right now. Like Lanie stated many times before, JFP is not going to stop this madness w/ this untalented newby until she has totally degraded Lily and thus CK to a point of no redemption. Her excuse: She wants to take the character in a different direction. I feel sad for those viewers & fans who think this is fun & games on a soap opera. JFP is deadly serious & JG is doing her bidding. The warning has been heeded and the fallout is coming ever so slowly. I feel it in my bones. Any time your most popular couple cannot get enough air time w/o trauma or drama to celebrate their children's birthday party or a holiday family event, both they and Y&R are headed for troubles that will not ever be fixed. AND ever is a long, indefinite time.

    ^^^ You gals are deadly right about that. And to add to Shay's post, not only is the new newbie the distractor in this entire debacle as I call it, a fitting word I think, but for the new gal to gain traction one thing must continue to happen.
    I haven't been watching the and I don't need to, to know whats happening and whats in store for Lily Ashby in the nearby future.

    I think tptb are binding their time waiting for the right moment to drop the hammer on the character of Lily in the meantime they will and must continue her destruction because that will be the excuse that they will need for Cane to hook up with the other one, whatever her name is.

    CK/Lily is being set up for a major fall. She will not be redeemed and she will not be written in character either because that goes against the agendas at play here. They will chip away little by little as I have said many times at the core of Lily. Then they will sweep all these little things under the rug and they will wait for the right moment to throw them at her. Remember they are still trying to figure out a way to stabilise the ratings sans the Lane fans base. Its not going to work not long term and the minute they twist that knife into the heart of Lily ashby, will be the end of this show. Mark my words.

    In the meantime, wait for Lily to be viciously attacked in the writing department, I don't have to tell you that they don't care about her or Lane. The evidence is overwhelming and just like the rapist stalker chick 1.0 said "Lily doesn't matter" This is tptb's anthem. Lily doesn't matter and by extension Christel as evidenced by their treatment of her and of course poor Lane never had a chance did they?

    To veer of course here, about the Twlanes so called birthday, I heard about this "event" happening and I knew right away it was a lie. It's not the twins birthday, its everybody else's birthday. You guys didn't really believe they would actually have Lane celebrate this special day in their lives when they were blessed with their miracle children did you? They have never been given a chance to celebrate the Twlanes birthday and that will not change either because The Ashbys are not a family as seen my tptb. They are never treated as such and thats the truth same way that Lane is never treated as a married couple who love each other deeply and have been through hell and back together.

    Lily is never treated with respect they even have this predator creep calling her names and degrading her, sexually harassing at work and Lily can't say a word about it. Cane is not seen as her husband, he can never be allowed to fight for her because in tptb's eyes Lily is not worth fighting for. He must stand aside while some creep tramples all over his family and marriage.

    Lily must stand aside anytime some other woman feels entitled to her husband and her family. Do you see where I'm going with this? Show me evidence that suggests that I am wrong. That'd be hard to do.


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    #28434   2013/06/25 07:33PM
    Re: New! Non-Bash Thread for Lily and Cane Fans!

    Quote L4LANE: Good Evening Laners,
    I have not been on the board lately, my work takes up all my time lately. But I had to stop in tonight, to read what's going on with my beautiful couple, I am very disappointed that things have not changed on this show, these idiots that call themselves writers are still gunning for Lily. After reading some of your posts I have to see the scenes with Cane, I love DG when he is giving a chance to display his amazing talent. As much as I love CK I refuse to watch her these days just to give this lousy bias show a better rating no way Jose if they want my viewership, the writing better change for CK.

    I have had enough with these writers first with that witch MAB and now this new team. CBS better wake up, because we the fan control the destiny of this show and the Lane fans do not give up that easy, we will fight for our couple for ever.
    CK/DG need a better storyline and if these so called writers cannot write for them hire back the writer that created them at least she knew when she had gold and used to her advantage and the show had the highest rating.

    Lanie, kudos to you sweetie you always speak the truth, it's so obvious that the new writer beat up on CK because the actress is just amazing and beautiful. I could say more but I will save it for another time.

    Well it's Saturday and it's my Vintage Lane night.

    hey Ll its so good to see you again. Hope all is well, I know you have been really busy but soon when we both get a chance we should do Emails.

    #28435   2013/06/25 07:38PM
    Re: New! Non-Bash Thread for Lily and Cane Fans!

    Don't miss your chance to meet @DanielGoddard & @ChristelAdnana in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, July 13th!! Info here >>> …
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    Daniel Goddard ‏@DanielGoddard 5 Jun
    Join @christeladnana (Lily) and me for a special event in Florida July 13/14
    to help raise money for #SomeplaceSafe

    #28436   2013/06/25 08:25PM
    Re: New! Non-Bash Thread for Lily and Cane Fans!
    image ‏@SoapThis 23 Jun
    Get tickets for @visitlauderdale to see @DanielGoddard @ChristelAdnana from @YandR_CBS. Call Patti at 727-210-5143
    Retweeted by Ashby's Angels

    #28437   2013/06/26 05:04AM
    Re: New! Non-Bash Thread for Lily and Cane Fans!

    Well I was shocked after reading recaps how the Twilanes birthday party turned out. I hear Cane was dressed in a costume for the kids. Love that! I also hear that Cane finally questions Lily about her attitude toward all things DTM. I am so glad Neil didn't let DTMs disrespect for him slide that he actually fired him. Finally something makes since in this stupid story line.

    Anyone one know how I contact the mods for this board? I see that some posters are bashing the Lane fan base. That isn't allowed is it?

    #28438   2013/06/26 05:31AM
    Re: New! Non-Bash Thread for Lily and Cane Fans!

    Love and support for the greatest couple in Daytime Mr and Mrs Cane and Lily Ashby.

    #28439   2013/06/26 10:59AM
    Re: New! Non-Bash Thread for Lily and Cane Fans!

    Hey LAnersNFriends have a lovely day

    #FF some good news...

    Lane is number one across the board again Actor, Actress, Couple

    So proud of you guys, Keep up that awesome work!!! Make them count TY

    #28440   2013/06/26 11:05AM
    Re: New! Non-Bash Thread for Lily and Cane Fans!

    Quote daneerose: Well I was shocked after reading recaps how the Twilanes birthday party turned out. I hear Cane was dressed in a costume for the kids. Love that! I also hear that Cane finally questions Lily about her attitude toward all things DTM. I am so glad Neil didn't let DTMs disrespect for him slide that he actually fired him. Finally something makes since in this stupid story line.

    Anyone one know how I contact the mods for this board? I see that some posters are bashing the Lane fan base. That isn't allowed is it?

    Hey darling I think I have an Email address I will FF it to you later today.

    Don't mind the haters and never allow them to get to you. I don't give a F** what they say or do. It means nothing to me but its funny they are soooo bothered by us ROFL

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