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    Lily and Cane Fans (No Bash)

    Started by Candace at 2009/01/13 12:55PM
    Latest post: 2015/07/28 08:05PM, Views: 7369981, Replies: 30380
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    #28211   2013/05/30 11:57AM
    Re: New! Non-Bash Thread for Lily and Cane Fans!

    Hello Ashby Family! Hope to see you remain in tact as a unified family. Will holler at you next time.

    #28212   2013/05/30 08:15PM
    Re: New! Non-Bash Thread for Lily and Cane Fans!

    Good night, Ashby family! Ma & Pa Ashby are happy and satisfied with each other. Luv ya much. Sleep well and I will catch you again on tomorrow.

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    #28213   2013/05/30 08:43PM
    Re: New! Non-Bash Thread for Lily and Cane Fans!

    Night Laners? Watched the clips for tomorrow and I am still hanging in there. Lily is such a beautiful woman. Although the dress was appropriate for the office it really looked good on her. Long Live Lane

    #28214   2013/05/30 11:36PM
    Re: New! Non-Bash Thread for Lily and Cane Fans!

    Time to mail your LaneVotes again #LanersNFriends...keep going strong make it count as only you can. Thanks much...mine going out tomorrow!


    DanielGoddard ChristelKhalil
    LilyNCane #LaneYR

    CBS Readers' Poll
    c/o Soaps In Depth
    270 Sylvan Ave.
    Englewood Cliffs, NJ 07632

    Please note that the cut-off date is Thursday, June 6

    BTW, in the latest CBS SID issue, DG CK and Lane are still #1

    Awesome work beautiful people #YouRock!

    Night SweetDreams....have a good one tomorrow everyone xo *Kisses*

    #28215   2013/05/31 03:29AM
    Re: New! Non-Bash Thread for Lily and Cane Fans!

    Love and support for the best couple in Daytime Mr and Mrs Cane and Lily Ashby, dad and mom to Mattie and Charlie Ashby. The Ashby family the most beautiful family in Daytime.

    CK/DG were number 1 again across the board, actor, actress, couple in SID.

    You rock Laners keep up the good work.

    Will mail my next vote today. Thanks LW for keeping us informed about when to vote.

    #28216   2013/05/31 07:28AM
    Re: New! Non-Bash Thread for Lily and Cane Fans!

    To the top for the hotest, loving, sexest couple in Daytime TV.

    #28217   2013/05/31 09:03AM
    Re: New! Non-Bash Thread for Lily and Cane Fans!

    Just had the urge to say hello to the Ashby Family! I am looking forward to seeing you together again ASAP. Luv you much and I will holler at you again soon.

    #28218   2013/05/31 05:23PM
    Re: New! Non-Bash Thread for Lily and Cane Fans!

    #TGIF #LanersNFriends suds Rfan danee et all...... Just saying hello. I hope everyone is alright, love much❤

    Don't forget to mail those LaneVotes....Gr8 interview by CK what a lovely beautiful person she is....talented too. She's the best❤❤

    Centre stage:

    Christel Khalil Opens Up About Weddings, On-Set Pranks and More

    As surprising as it was to hear that “The Young and the Restless’” Daniel Goddard (Cane Ashby) absolutely loves everything about weddings (which you can read more about here), it was equally surprising when his onscreen partner, Christel Khalil (Lily Winters) admitted that, in opposition to Goddard’s romantic view on the soap staple events, she really can’t stand them! And that’s just one of the things the candid actress revealed when Soap Opera Network recently caught up with her for a revealing chat.

    “Oh, I hate wedding scenes,” the Los Angeles native says without a hint of hesitation. “Cane and Lily’s second wedding was fun, because we were on location, which was cool; we got to get out of the studio. But weddings are horrible. They take forever, and if it’s your wedding, you usually have a lot of lines and a monologue, because you’re saying your vows. It’s just really awful.”

    That being said, Khalil says that working with Goddard makes the scenes more bearable, because he’s such a blast to tape with. “He’s a very sweet, caring person who’s very thoughtful,” she shares, adding that finding genuine, warm co-stars isn’t always easy. “There are a lot of people in this industry that aren’t like that!”

    Fortunately, Khalil has lucked out when it comes to her “Y&R” castmates and has had a great experience with them ever since she walked in the doors back in 2002. “At that time, I was working with Victoria [Rowell, Drucilla Winters] and Kristoff [St. John, Neil Winters], so I definitely bonded with them,” she shares, adding that she credits St. John for teaching her “about life in general, and also the show and how things go and how things run.”

    Of course, she’s a pro in her own right these days, but that doesn’t mean she can’t be fooled every once in awhile! “One time, back when it was the Lily and Kevin [played by Greg Rikaart] storyline, when Kevin and Lily first met, they met online, and the way Lily was supposed to recognize him was he would be wearing a Hawaiian shirt,” she recalls. “And we were doing the scene, and all of a sudden, like 20 guys walked into the coffee house with Hawaiian shirts on, and our director was one of them! It was a little joke that they played. A prank basically.”

    So yes, she was fooled once, but those pranksters had better watch out, because Khalil has three older brothers (Alex, Adam and Chris) who could kick some butt if their little sister is messed around with too much! But then again, growing up as the youngest with so much testosterone in the house has made the actress one strong chick in her own right. “It definitely made me tough and made me learn really fast what tough guys were, because I would see how my brothers were with girls or how they were with me when they weren’t around,” she says with a laugh, adding that surprisingly, though she grew up in a very man-centric environment, she’s always been pretty feminine. “I was very girly, much to mom’s chagrin. She did not like that I was girly. She wasn’t girly, and she was like, ‘I don’t know where you got this from!’ It was pretty funny.”

    However, in addition to playing dress up and dolls, Khalil always made sure to have time to ride horses — a passion that she still carries to this day. “I’d probably be working at a barn and working with horses and that sort of thing if I weren’t acting,” she admits. “I grew up with my dad, and he rode horses. And we always had some sort of animal. So yeah, it was basically my whole life pretty much, up until I was about 16, when I stopped being around horses all of the time.”

    I was very girly, much to mom’s chagrin. She did not like that I was girly.
    These days, the actress tries to make as much time for horseback riding as she can, but her busy schedule doesn’t make it easy. Especially recently, as “Y&R” has been gearing up for some of its juiciest stories yet. “It was [really challenging] when Lily thought Cane was dead and was seeing his ghost, but I think things will get even more challenging,” she teases of the twists and turns to come. “The storyline is great, and I don’t know exactly what’s coming up, but good things are coming.”

    center-stage-christel-khalil-opens-up-about-weddings-on-set-pranks-and-more❤ SoapOperaNetwork❤

    By Kambra Clifford, West Coast Editor | Friday, May 31, 2013 @ 1:34 AM

    Gr8 interview Christel thank you for sharing. I always love hearing for her and DG... its funny how DG said he loves wedding and CK hates weddings LOL

    I love they love working together....I love CK is such a strong beautiful talented young woman...I love that she doesn't take herself seriously.

    I love that she and Daniel get along so well ... long story short I love everything about these two people.

    ETA I have faith everything will work out for her....she deserves it and I also hope for once tptb have good intentions towards her but I will believe it when it actually happens. She is a leading lady she deserves to be treated like one.

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    #28219   2013/05/31 05:36PM
    Re: New! Non-Bash Thread for Lily and Cane Fans!


    @WeLoveLane @DanielGoddard @ChristelAdnana #Lane This is remarkable #HeresToLANE
    Retweeted by Lane Fans

    I love my #Lane that is all #SorryNotSorry !!!
    Retweeted by Lane Fans

    "@WeLoveLane: This is such a great pic of @DanielGoddard @ChristelAdnana #Lane"--One of their best! Thanks..
    Retweeted by Lane Fans

    They are hot like Fire

    @WeLoveLane @DanielGoddard @ChristelAdnana Love that pic they are sooooooooooooo hot together. So natural and organic.

    Daniel Goddard ‏@DanielGoddard 24 May
    #SoapOperaDigest wants to publish your questions for me in their next issue! email them to’s-your-turn-ask-questions

    Daniel Goddard ‏@DanielGoddard 22 May
    It's a 2 way street! #Always RT @Lanehaven: @DanielGoddard @ChristelAdnana I Love seeing that😘 You guys will always be #1 to us❤

    ‏@DanielGoddard 22 May
    #Truth RT @Iam_Page: @DanielGoddard @Official_YandR @CBSDaytime Most passionate fans ever. #Laners ROC!!!!!

    Daniel Goddard ‏@DanielGoddard 5h
    Corbin Bernsen to remember his mum #JeanneCooper on the #Marie show June 5th!...

    be sure to tune in LanersNFriends!❤

    Daniel Goddard ·

    If u haven't seen this... Just wanted to share.

    Corbin Bernsen
    Thank you all at the Young and Restless for that most amazing tribute to my mom. I'm moved beyond words and being my mother's son - with a love for words, lots of them - that's not easy to admit. You have been her professional family for almost all of my life, at least a good chunk of it. I knew the importance of her place there and her impact, but never as much as I know now. Your love for her is simply staggering. I often say things about her and sometimes feel like they are just passing thoughts. I know now they are solid, and far more real than the imagination of a son.

    Oddly I also saw the extent of her talent which I sometimes had taken for granted over the years. I've always known she was a hell of an actress, I saw that long ago, but watching her now, through this compacted hour of work, as an actor I'm in awe. I've always said that the truest thing about my mom is just that, her truth. The line on the horizon, between earth and sky, heaven, simply don't exist. She is in both places at once, at one with all things and all people. That same rings true for her work. There is no line on the horizon that divides the woman from the character. Sure, the clothes, the hair, the make up and the jewels, but the soul, the heart, that's all her, nothing fake, no pretending, no acting... just being.

    I suppose one of the sadder elements here is that we might suddenly disconnect; myself, my family from the Young and Restless family. I want to make sure that never happens. We are, in a way, all brothers and sisters now, children of this incredible woman, this unbelievable force, this enormous love; my mom, Jeanne Cooper.

    No spell checking here, no grammar corrections, from my heart to all of you, unfiltered, unedited... the way she's want it. I love you all.

    Thanx for sharing Daniel....I am truly humbled by Jeanne's son Corbin.

    Have a lovely evening darlings *smooches* keep going strong in everything you do in all your lives❤

    #28220   2013/05/31 05:38PM
    Re: New! Non-Bash Thread for Lily and Cane Fans!

    Congratulations to Christel Khalil! You play a very CHARMING & absolutely lovable tipsy, totally drunk Lily very well. Love your reactions to everyone w/o any filters. No inhibitions whatsoever. Today is your birthday and you deserve a couple of drinks if that is what makes you happy. Without a doubt, that Miss Lily loves Mr. Cane and no other is very clear to everyone in the room. WOW! I love that CK is being allowed to show us another side of Lily and to stretch her acting range on this soap. That part of the episode was the most interesting part of the whole episode. The other stuff was completely boring! Luv you much Miss Lily and Mr. Cane! Will keep the faith and I will definitely holler at you again next time. Hooray for Charming Lily!


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