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    Hmm. Heres a good idea. Sharon/Phyllis

    Started by Jadeygrl101 at 2008/12/30 11:56AM
    Latest post: 2009/01/02 08:04AM, Views: 1448, Replies: 32
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    #31   2008/12/31 07:55PM
    Re: Hmm. Heres a good idea. Sharon/Phyllis

    Im so excited about how many people actually considered to put their dislikes about these characters aside and actually put out something nice for a change.

    Im suprised no one has turned this into a bashing board. Im thankful for the ones to keep it positive and enjoy the likes of other posters. Its great to see everyone agreeing and not arguing

    Im really glad that I thought of this board. Thanks for all yall cooperation and being great sports. I very much appreciate it

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    #32   2009/01/02 07:33AM
    Re: Hmm. Heres a good idea. Sharon/Phyllis

    I am holding out hope that more posters will take this wonderful opportunity to say something positive.

    It's a New Day, A New Year and with New opportunities. Dig deep guys, I know you have it in you, otherwise you wouldn't be watching and posting.

    There is something about these two very talented actresses that keep us coming back for more and stirring very real emotions in all of us.

    So come on posters take a stab at posting some positive vibes.

    #33   2009/01/02 08:04AM
    Re: Hmm. Heres a good idea. Sharon/Phyllis

    Quote Rquattro:
    Quote Lilamoor:
    Quote Gencor: Phyllis is a devoted wife and mother. She adores Nick and her life with him. She has been a good friend to both Michael and Lauren and she is a very loyal person. I have watched Phyllis in her friendships over the years and she always remains loyal to those that she loves. Jack screwed over Phyllis and put her in an impossible situation when they were married and yet he truly broke her heart. Not only did he insinuate Diane in her face during her marriage and the horror story that Phyllis had to go through in that situation but then there was Jack's horrible and destructive hatred of Victor that destroyed anything that he could have ever had with Phyllis. Phyllis has grown over the years and she has matured alot more. I am happy to see that the writers have shown us her playful side, her savvy side in business and her creative side. I just love her and I hope that the writers will not betray her again. Phyllis is a great character on this show. She hasn't been the villian of this show in years and I don't want to watch the writers betray her and dump on her. I love her character and I adore her with Nick. They are great together! Phyllis has grown up since twenty years ago and she is terrific! I think that she is one of the smartest characters on this show! She is absolutely gorgeous and has a figure to die for!

    To be fair and include Sharon in this I could say that she is a somewhat consciencious person and she tries.


    Let it go Lila. This thread has really good intentions, lets see how long we can keep it positive before it erupts into something else.

    I was thinking the same thing. But i'll say that i absolutely loved when Phyllis was conquerer in the end when after the Diane stuff. She has been interesting to watch since she came on Y&R from the Crickett & Danny scenes to Jack although i don't care for Phick i did like the dance scene he set up for her on New Year. Shick i will always love. Sharon because she has good heart and even when she tries to get back at someone she really go through with it because it just isn't her.

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