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    Soaps Boards :: The Young and the Restless Forum :: Spoilers: Previews for 05/13/08

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    Spoilers: Previews for 05/13/08

    Started by valencia4love at 2008/05/12 11:41AM
    Latest post: 2008/05/12 04:48PM, Views: 805, Replies: 2
    #1   2008/05/12 11:41AM
    Spoilers: Previews for 05/13/08

    Here are the Previews for 05/13/08:

    Phyllis is still fuming over Jack's hasty firing of Lily without bother to get her or Nick's input on it !!

    Devon is not happy about the stray that Lily has brought to stay at their place !! Chloe !!

    Victoria goes to the ranch and once more reads the riot act to both Adam and Sabrina !!

    Karen finally makes Neil see the truth - that he still wants Dru, which she isnt nor will never be !! Neil sadly realizes that he's not ready for this after all, so the two decide its best to end their relationship right then and there !!

    Sharon is the bearer of bad news to Lily about no longer being needed as the model for the magazine !!

    Mr. Chow buys his honeybuns Nikki a ring and in the process, falls deeper in the whole that he's created for himself !! Later that day, the happy couple catch a flight out of there!! They're eloping !!


    Victor to Sabrina: I promise you. It'll be the wedding of your dreams .

    Fred: I can marry you.
    Nikki: You can ?
    Fred: Mail order certified !!

    Daniel: Hot off the presses!! The first copy of Restless Style !!

    #2   2008/05/12 12:20PM
    Re: Spoilers: Previews for 05/13/08

    That was really cold pushing Lily's cover out like that at the last minute...Jack has some 'sharing' issues he needs to resolve with Nick about making decisions together, and I hope they resolve it soon...

    Nikki, Nikki, Nikki....PLEASE PLEASE get stranded somewhere in Mexico, and sign something that gives David all of your money...I'm sure there will be no pre-nup...what a dummy!

    #3   2008/05/12 04:48PM
    Re: Spoilers: Previews for 05/13/08

    Thanks V. Who is Fred ??


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