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    The Slap

    Started by DarkfairiesinTrinity at 2006/12/02 12:51PM
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    #1   2006/12/02 12:51PM
    The Slap

    of all the characters in GC who do you think deserve it the most. I think Colleen because first she got the man that she wanted and yet there is some jealous with the professor and now she changed her mind about investigate the professor.

    Please tell me who is your pick the most annoying character that you think or why do you think that they deserve to be slapped.

    #2   2006/12/02 12:53PM
    Re: The Slap

    Dru deserves to be slapped because she attacked Carmen and cut up all her clothes!

    #3   2006/12/02 02:39PM
    Re: The Slap

    Right now I am really mad at Nikki over her continued treatment of Sharon and I would like to smack her a good one....however my choices change with episodes

    #4   2006/12/02 02:50PM
    Re: The Slap

    I would slap Phyllis
    I don't like her as Nick Wife she is taking it way to over board.

    #5   2006/12/02 04:01PM
    Re: The Slap

    I think every character on the show deserves a slap for one thing or another...but I would have to go with Phyllis.

    Heck...I'll make a list of what they deserve:

    Victor: a handshake because he can do no wrong
    Jack: a handshake for trying to take back his family's company & scolding his insubordinate employees(Nikki and Phyllis)
    Nikki: a slap for her treatment of sharon
    Victoria: a slap to wake her up to her doomed marriage
    Brad: a punch for keeping secrets and a handshake for protecting his family
    Ashley: a farewell hug
    Billy: a punch for lying and stealing
    Kevin: a hard punch for all the crimes he's getting away with
    Michael: ditto
    Gloria: a slap for being a gold digger and the facial cream murder
    Carmen: a hug for being a great actress
    Colleen: a slap for being a brat and unable to keep secrets
    Daniel: a punch for getting away with what he did to Lily
    Devon: a handshake for being a cool guy
    Dru: a slap for being responsible for all her troubles
    Catherine: a hug for being a great actress and hopefully realizing that Jill is not her daughter
    Jill: a slap for her obnoxious behavior
    Jana: a slap for being too perfect
    Nick: a punch for committing adultry and leaving his wife and kid
    Lauren: a slap for marrying Michael but a hug for her baby woes
    Lily: a slap for trying to be a miss know it all
    Mr. Kim: a handshake for being a good actor
    Korbel: a handshake for being rude to Colleen
    Neil: a punch for driving Dru crazy with Carmen and a handshake for supporting his family
    Sharon: a hug for losing her family but a slap for having two lovers since Nick
    Bardwell: a handshake for doing his job but a punch for getting intimate with Jill and maybe Gloria
    Paul: a handshake for helping with with murder mystery
    Phyllis: a hard slap for being a homewrecker, obnoxious, insubordinate prima dona, and getting away for all her past crimes.

    whew that was fun!

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    #6   2006/12/02 04:50PM
    Re: The Slap

    Hey online_mn ----- What a great list.........I think I agree with just about everything you listed

    #7   2006/12/02 05:04PM
    Re: The Slap

    Quote sywebb: I would slap Phyllis
    I don't like her as Nick Wife she is taking it way to over board.
    I agree

    #8   2006/12/02 05:35PM
    Re: The Slap
    heart and soul


    I think you gott'em all and I agree except that Nikki and Phyliss need a really hard one for Sharon!

    #9   2006/12/02 06:49PM
    Re: The Slap

    The only one I would like to slap right now is Jack, I mean I would like to make his ears ring like Church bells

    #10   2006/12/02 06:50PM
    Re: The Slap

    Oh wait, one more, I would like to slap some sense into Ashely so she will quit letting Jack make all of decisions for her.

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