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    Spoilers: Previews for 11/26/07

    Started by valencia4love at 2007/11/23 09:32AM
    Latest post: 2007/11/23 04:41PM, Views: 1142, Replies: 11
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    #11   2007/11/23 02:47PM
    Re: Spoilers: Previews for 11/26/07
    Texas Sunflower

    One would think Glo would quit while she was ahead. She got 50 million dollars on a fluke and is still greedy for revenge and or pay back?? Can you say Dumb. A wise person would leave well enough alone. Karma is coming for Glo and she better watch Jeff. He can take it away with a clever lawyer....... then, where or where will Glo go.

    #12   2007/11/23 04:41PM
    Re: Spoilers: Previews for 11/26/07

    Quote Wickyz:
    Quote whocares101:
    Quote Evsmom: I can just imagine what Victor thinks of Bradski now! Who does Brad think he is?! There's just as much of a chance that JT is the father of the baby. Maybe JT and Brad should have joint custody of the baby! That's just ridiculous for Brad to even suggest such a thing!

    Phyllis' case RE-TRIED? i wonder if she faces jail time again? I see an opportunity for NICK AND SHARON TO RE UNITE

    I have already heard that Miss DA wont retry the case and will agree to probation for Phyllis...a good way to keep Phyllis under her thumb..she sneezed the wrong way and she goes to jail. I think they are opening up a possibility for Daniel and Heather to get a lil something something going...ewwwwww

    I agree about the interaction between Phyllis & Daniel & Heather because I believe they are trying to tie Heather closer to Daniel & Phyllis's SL because IMO anyway it is obvious they are moving toward a Daniel/Heather pairing for the future!
    They will have that typical love/hate relationship thing going!

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