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    Spoiler Talk: Billy and Chelsea

    Started by chellylover at 2014/04/18 02:23AM
    Latest post: 2014/04/28 09:59AM, Views: 13459, Replies: 60
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    #11   2014/04/18 05:51AM
    Re: SOD: Billy & Chelsea Have SEX (Spoilers)
    On a Clear Day

    Quote Tybee Island: I hope "Fertile Myrtle" uses protection this time!

    Can you imagine if they make her character pregnant once again? First time around she drugged and date-raped Billy while collecting a paycheck from Victor. Now Billy sleeps willingly with someone who did that to him? Makes no sense. If she does get pregnant again by him, and then Adam comes back....what a mess.

    #12   2014/04/18 06:06AM
    Re: SOD: Billy & Chelsea Have SEX (Spoilers)

    I have a bad feeling behind this. I think Chelsea will become pregnant because nobody in GC is educated on birth control. I am not sure how she can say she loves and misses Adam when she disrespects his memory and his last dying wishes at every turn. First she chums up with Victor and lets him be in Connor's life. Then she lays down with the guy that was with Adam just before he died (as far as she knows) She knows Billy wanted revenge on that night and still professes he is happy Adam is gone. Why cant we just one time have a couple stay true and communicate with each other? Adam should have spoken to Chelsea and explained he was hiding out until he can prove his innocence or start a new life with a new identity elsewhere and give her peace of mind and a chance to choose if she wants to live with him in hiding or just move on. But I guess it would not make for good drama as it does with her being a total backstabber.

    #13   2014/04/18 06:08AM
    Re: SOD: Billy & Chelsea Have SEX (Spoilers)

    This is getting to be a pattern for these writers. Billy lost Delia. Kelly lost Sam. They have sex. Billy lost Delia. Chelsea lost Adam. They have sex. Oh, boy.

    #14   2014/04/18 06:16AM
    Re: SOD: Billy & Chelsea Have SEX (Spoilers)

    I hope the writers don't go there, but if new Billy,and Chelsea have sex, Billy will be a marked man! When Adam returns, and we all know he will, Billy will be sorry. Having said that, when Victor finds out, I hope he sends him with a one way ticker to Myanmar. I don't like this character any more, he is a whiny brat, and I won't go any further because it would be interpreted as actor bashing.

    #15   2014/04/18 06:19AM
    Re: SOD: Billy & Chelsea Have SEX (Spoilers)

    This couple is fine with me...I hope they get Johnnie back also...

    #16   2014/04/18 06:29AM
    Re: SOD: Billy & Chelsea Have SEX (Spoilers)

    In all reality Adam wont care. She was a rebound from Sharon. He will finally see that just as from the beginning he should have never put his trust in the Con. He will finally see the type of person she is, even though he already knew that. He would never trust her with secrets or trust her to be there for him(he knew her) it was always Sharon he ran to for help, true love and respect. Adam is no placated fool. Maybe these writers are going the fix this mess when the fill in Adam comes to town.

    #17   2014/04/18 06:47AM
    Re: SOD: Billy & Chelsea Have SEX (Spoilers)

    Adam may turn to Sharon again perhaps and she dumps Nick again.

    Maybe Chelsea and Billy will have a miracle baby--a daughter this time. And they can get custody of Johnny.

    #18   2014/04/18 06:52AM
    Re: SOD: Billy & Chelsea Have SEX (Spoilers)

    According to another poster, the article says NOTHING about them "having sex". Just that things get physical -- which could mean a hug or a kiss. I hate when people embellish spoilers for their own purposes.

    Adam is faking his death and letting Chelsea mourn him, as well he lied to her about killing Delia for months. He has no rights to play injured party. Victoria has told Billy they are over and she wants out of the marriage. Billy owes her nothing.

    If Chelly hookup (which I doubt they will), that's their business and nobody else's. I just hope the writers don't rush sex and instead just let them get close and become friends.

    #19   2014/04/18 07:04AM
    Re: SOD: Billy & Chelsea Have SEX (Spoilers)

    Quote chellylover:
    Quote FL senior fan: Chelsea is sleeping with the enemy....he is responsible for Adam's death. I hope it's a one-time "mistake" thing.

    After they have Sex, it says Billy and Chelsea start to see each other in a new light, so it sounds like they will fall in Love.

    The Head Writer says Chelsea is lonely and moving on with a new relationship.

    Chelsea thinks Adam is dead and Billy's marriage is destroyed since his affair with Kelly, so they're two lonely people who find comfort in each other and Love blooms.

    I love it. DT is great with Chelsea. I just love this SL. This is going to be explosive on several levels. Villy is so over!

    #20   2014/04/18 08:12AM
    Re: SOD: Billy & Chelsea Have SEX (Spoilers)

    Quote chellylover: Billy & Chelsea Have SEX!

    After being rejected by Victoria, Billy goes running to Chelsea for comfort.

    Chelsea sees Billy is upset and lets him hold Connor since Connor is the only connection to Delia.

    Chelsea invites Billy to stay for a drink.

    Writer Jean Passanante says that Chelsea is lonely and craves company. Chelsea knows Billy and she feels like she can be herself around him, and he feels the same way about her. These two are kindred spirits who share a connection.

    Billy and Chelsea end up enjoying their evening drinking wine together.

    However the night takes a surprising turn when things suddenly heat up and get Physical!

    Billy and Chelsea have Sex which shocks both of them!

    They start to see each other in a new light.

    Hum, I see some creative licence has been taken.

    I just read it, no SEX mentioned, nor any comment about things heating up! Just a quote from a writer that it gets physical, IN A WAY, which could be anything from a hug to handshaking. Also if it was sex, they would have spilled it like the time they did when Stitch & Vicki drunk screwed in the back seat. Just a tease to get fans riled up.

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