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    Help me with Cruise quiz!

    Started by jcrobinson at 2007/11/12 11:14AM
    Latest post: 2007/11/22 08:49PM, Views: 609, Replies: 11
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    #11   2007/11/22 07:12PM
    Re: Help me with Cruise quiz!

    I have always liked Brad. The Brad of the past, was always thoughtful and upstanding in my book...and not the lazy golddigger some have characterized him. I just don't like the way his character has changed and become so calculating and stern...he usually was quite laid back and unassuming.

    I like Michael as well. He earned a large measure of respect after his earlier years of psychoness ( is that a word?) He worked hard to prove himself, but is on the brink of throwing it all away...what happened to his backbone and good intentions? He's going to have a heart attack if he keeps up this nonsense with the family from hell.

    #12   2007/11/22 08:49PM
    Re: Help me with Cruise quiz!

    Quote xx_Jenn_xx: ~I think they are both popular topics on the board... SO GOOD LOOKING! Its jus his attitude lately that can be annoying I have a LOVE/HATE thing for Bradley. one of my favorites! He is handsome, sexy, smart & SOOOO FUNNY!!!! I happen to think CL is one of the BEST actors on the show!

    I think as far as what we talk about regarding both these characters are:

    Brad- His attitude n arrogance that he has lately. And his obsession with Sharon Causing problems delibertly trying to break up Jack n Sharon...and IMO, not becuz he loves Sharon...but becuz he hates Jack. Everything Brad does lately is strictly for HIMSELF. SELFISH. This is not the Brad that i luv....i dont like what they're doing with his character.... ...DD is the MOST GORGEOUS MAN on Y&R! IMHO

    Michael- the lines he comes up with are CLASSIC! He is sooooo funny n entertaining! Speaking for myself, I feel like Michael takes on way too much n is not appreciated. He is EVERYONES LAWYER!!! Doing 10 million things at once!!! AND on top of all of that has to put up with the mother from HELLLLLLL !!!! and than theres his brother Kevin n his lil psycho lunatic gf Jana I'm shocked my poor Michael hasnt had a nervous breakdown by now! CL is absolutely one of the BEST ACTORS on Y&R!!! I LUV HIM!

    Great Post!

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