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    What is Stitch and Kelly's real relationship?

    Started by LDCOOL at 2014/02/24 03:02PM
    Latest post: 2014/02/26 04:41PM, Views: 3305, Replies: 16
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    #11   2014/02/26 05:04AM
    Re: What is Stitch and Kelly's real relationship?

    Whatever the relationship is, they need to reveal it because the secret's gone on way too long. Either they're brother and sister, or Kelly was Stitch's girlfriend before Stitch got married to someone else.

    Either way, "Kel" and "Benji" have known each other really well for a long time.

    #12   2014/02/26 05:50AM
    Re: What is Stitch and Kelly's real relationship?
    Joy T

    At first, I thought they were ex lovers. I quickly changed my mine after hearing them talk to each other. There doesn't seem to be that kind of chemistry.

    I have since been thinking bro and sis. I may have changed my mine on that because I picked up on something that Kelly did when Billy got her.

    She jumped up so quickly to help him and stated that she had medical training.

    Now I am wondering if she was a doctor or nurse and met "Ben" as she calls him in med school. Maybe she tried to save her son and couldn't.

    I am just guessing here but she did say to Stitch something to the effect that I see you are still trying to become a doctor!

    I hope we soon find out as I am tired of this cat/mouse game. Stitch surely took up for Kelly yesterday with Vicky.

    #13   2014/02/26 01:15PM
    Re: What is Stitch and Kelly's real relationship?

    Quote SilverQueen:
    Quote greengrass:
    Quote LDCOOL: I think Stitch and Kelly are ex-lovers. Some people say Sister and brother. What do you think? And when will we find out? Sorry if this has been discussed.

    From the talk Kelly and Stitch had today Can.they had an affair that ended Stitch's marriage.There not brother and sister,they are ex lovers.

    I've been trying to figure that out for a minute now and ita that they were once lovers not brother and sister as siblings don't act like that and then Kelly said to Stitch today that she doesn't want to break up another marriage again and I believe she's referring to Stitch's marriage because we all know his marriage is breaking up. Kelly's proably the reason and that's why Stitch has been so angry with her and went off on her after finding out she slept with Billy causing problems with Billy and Victoria but don't get why he was defending Kelly to Victoria when he was never team Kelly before. He's feeling sorry for Kelly now as she never has anyone of her own? Stitch sure was mad at Kelly when she kept stalking Billy but is okay now that Kelly's backing off finally. Maybe he's trying to make Victoria feel better that it was just as much Billy's fault as Kelly's? Why? What ya'll think?!!!!!

    Well, since I love trying to figure out mysteries (and believe me, I'm thinking that the mystery here is why they even introduced these 2!):

    Anyway, I have noticed that Y & R writers especially love red herrings. I'm thinking that this p/l might be a big one.
    What if yes, Stitch and Kelly had an affair, but it happened years before, before he was even married to Jenna, his soon to be ex?

    Stitch did swear to Dylan he would never cheat on 'his' wife.

    So, back to my crazy theory:

    Stitch may have gotten Kelly pregs, enter Sam. Stitch goes to war, comes back with Kelly waiting for him, or perhaps thinking he was dead. She marries another or perhaps Stitch never intended on marrying Kelly. He may have abandoned Kelly and Sam? (Maybe she was already married before the affair?)
    Stitch marries another and goes back on another tour of duty. He comes back to his wife and child and Kelly shows up with news of Sams death, letting it all slip to Jenna and causing her distrust and disgust with Stitch? Especially if Kelly was already married to someone else and everything came out about Sam, etc when he passed away?

    Kelly may have meant that she didn't want to break up another marriage; referring to her own.

    I'm probably way off base; it's just my wanna be writers imagination running away with me!

    #14   2014/02/26 01:47PM
    Re: What is Stitch and Kelly's real relationship?

    Sounds good to me. I'm just ready for this pseudo-mystery to end; it's taking way too long.

    #15   2014/02/26 03:47PM
    Re: What is Stitch and Kelly's real relationship?

    My thoughts are they used to be lovers.

    #16   2014/02/26 03:54PM
    Re: What is Stitch and Kelly's real relationship?

    Quote marshal: My thoughts are they used to be lovers.

    I think so too, but when? Kelly said, in group therapy, that she married her high school sweetheart and that wasn't Stitch. Maybe I'm not supposed to remember that or she was lying or she was married and Stitch wasn't. Who knows?

    #17   2014/02/26 04:41PM
    Re: What is Stitch and Kelly's real relationship?

    Mystery. Stitch told Kelly that she could rely on him and followed it with he was getting a divorce. Why say that if they are.siblings? Other comments make them seem like siblings. If Sam were Stitch's son, he would make more comment and Kelly would say something about his grief for Sam. It is to be revealed soon. Hope writers covered their bases and we aren't scratching our heads at the explanation. We did with the Carmine fiasco.

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