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    CLOSED: Question Regarding Titles/Spoilers

    Started by 1gypsy soul at 2014/02/18 07:27AM
    Latest post: 2014/02/18 07:38AM, Views: 380, Replies: 1
    #1   2014/02/18 07:27AM
    Question Regarding Titles/Spoilers
    1gypsy soul

    To Whom It May Concern

    This topic was brought up before but I don't get it I guess.
    I specifically put SPOILER in all my titles then a 2 word clue. If you don't want to know the spoiler, then DON"T read it .SIMPLE , Right? My titles get altered , WHY? Other people don't even have the courtesy to do that but they are fine about it. Is it only the favs that can do that or is it the "We are not talking about that person,we are talking about me?"
    So, in short, this may get me in doo-doo but at least I had the balls to ask.

    #2   2014/02/18 07:38AM
    Re: Question Regarding Titles/Spoilers
    Soaps Admin

    Is this for us mods? Thanks for asking.

    Nobody deliberately put spoilers in their titles in order to cause issues. Most people forget or do not read the guidelines to know.

    Nobody singled you out specifically and we are not angry and you are not in trouble. We are sometimes aggressive in getting the word out because so many are forgetting or not reading the guidelines to know we do not want the story in the title. We have done this for months. If you put the name of the character in the spoiler that is fine but don't post the story bits because that can ruin it for everyone. Yours was about Lily I believe? So your title could reflect "Spoiler Lily." I would have posted this in the actual link but you beat me to it and posted here first.

    You are not in 'doo doo'. I'll close this as I feel I've answered the question clearly but if you've further questions feel free to email us.



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