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    About Sharon and the paternity results

    Started by soapfanIam at 2013/11/12 01:22PM
    Latest post: 2013/11/14 08:35AM, Views: 4681, Replies: 71
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    #71   2013/11/14 06:59AM
    Re: About Sharon and the paternity results

    Quote weatherholt3: I want Sharon to come clean about what she did instead of someone finding out and spilling the beans

    She's not honest enough to come clean.

    #72   2013/11/14 08:35AM
    Re: About Sharon and the paternity results

    Quote PixiePower: This whole story line is just utter ridiculousness and very unbelievable.Yes of course Sharon changed the paternity results to save Nick from being ostracized. It had to fall on her because they couldn't have Nick Newman be the bad guy in all this.That's just never going to happen.And of course throwing Sharon into the story ensures that all the Phyllis and Phick viewers will still keep tuning in to see when Crazy Sharon will be busted and meted out her proper and just punishment.Those writers are some smart cookies having Sharon stuck in this story after MS leaves.They had this in mind from the beginning to not lose those fan bases.

    Of course Sharon's character will have to be sacrificed once again but what the hey!She's still popular and it won't hurt to use her again for the ratings.Nick Newman will never be the fall guy in any story line.

    Never mind that Sharon is a diagnosed bipolar woman who was hallucinating up her dead daughter,Cassie!All of a sudden Viola!She instantaneously obtained the technical skills and a breaking and entering savvy to infiltrate a lab and switch the results to her preference.

    Why?Well she was just so devastated by Adam's rejection and she was obeying Cassie's orders to get her a happy family again right now.She knew that would have to be with Nick,the man she had just found out had lied to her and his mistress turned wife and his daughter/not daughter,his son and his ex step daddy for 18 years.She's not even a little bit mad,she is just hunky dory with all that.Makes perfect sense to me.

    If and when this ever comes out all the Sharon fans should demand that they show the scene where Sharon actually changes the test results be it at the lab substituting a strand of hair or in her house using a computer.This is so far fetched it stinks to high Heaven and is totally out of character for Sharon.

    Pixie--I love this post! Everything you wrote is spot on! Sharon fans are tuning in to see Sharon get better; and Sharon haters which may or may not include Phyllis fans are tuning in to see her get destroyed. I really want Sharon to be redeemed and treated better in GC; but, will the writers keep her in this grey state indefinitely to cater to her large hating fan base? I never knew how much people would watch a show to see the character they most hate, but this MB has proved to me that this happens.

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