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    JFP on Delia Abbott's DEATH...

    Started by Arckangel at 2013/10/25 12:29PM
    Latest post: 2013/10/27 04:57PM, Views: 12444, Replies: 67
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    #31   2013/10/26 07:33AM
    Re: JFP on Delia Abbott's DEATH...

    CBS & Sony probably edited out! The morgue scene is nothing new for JFP! She did it on gh! I feel bad for eh who probably wants an Emmy too!

    #32   2013/10/26 07:46AM
    Re: JFP on Delia Abbott's DEATH...
    Axl Rose

    We all hate JFP and let's all boycott this show until she's fired as EP

    #33   2013/10/26 08:33AM
    Re: JFP on Delia Abbott's DEATH...

    Quote Axl Rose: We all hate JFP and let's all boycott this show until she's fired as EP

    Listen to tommy lightfoot Garrett on soapblogtalkradio on last Sundays show! It's 2 hours but so informative! The only way to get rid of JFP is to stop watching & stop dvr! All CBS & Sony care about is ratings! If they see a significant drop, they will have to fire her! This is only the beginning of her reign of terror! Delia's death is both horrible & poorly written anyway! She dumped the blame on JG when it didn't go planned! This is her idea of meaty storyline like on gh! I doubt this will win anybody Emmys! I tape the show on my VCR so it doesn't count by ratings! Dvr does! JFP has done this all before! She doesn't care about the fans! She's talked down to them too many times before! She thinks this is what we want! She is sadly mistaken! Maybe the cast members like mm & eh think a daytime Emmy will boost their careers! The fact is nobody cares about the daytime emmys & haven't since Susan lucci won years ago! Besides there is no competition anymore! The quality of soaps have dies since 4 got canceled! Even days who for series isn't much better! Gh is doing much better since JFP left. They did a terrific job for the 50th, brought back veterans & favorites, honored those who past away especially nurse Amy vining played by the late shell Kelper! I still watch yr but you're watching JFP ruin this show!

    #34   2013/10/26 11:54AM
    Re: JFP on Delia Abbott's DEATH...
    On a Clear Day

    Quote jorie:
    Quote Soap Fan:
    Quote Sinny: I think this is going to back fire on Phelps. This was not emmy winning material. I don't see any of them taking home that statue for this story. It was so poorly written.

    This storyline was a big fail.


    It still stayed in the same 4.7 million range and only varied by about 7,000 which is nothing. Neilson ratings are formulated from data from about 5,000 recording boxes in Neilson family homes throughout North America and extrapolated to the entire population. 5,000 actual recording devices is a small sampling, not to mention a lot of people dvr shows but don't always actually watch them, or else fast forward through most of them if the shows one week are bad. So unless these Neilson families delete the command to record Y&R altogether, they will still count as watching. I think a lot of people tuned out during this Delia killing mess. I tried to watch it but it was so obvious what was coming and so poorly written, I fast forwarded through almost all of it and the subsequent shows. Most of us FF bad weeks just to get the jist of whats going on and see if it's gotten better so we can watch again, but we don't actually delete the season recording from our dvr's. This is the same thing Neilson families often do. As a result the ratings stay in the same general ballpark unless the show gets really good or really bad. I don't necessarily object to characters dying once in a while on soaps but I don't find all the boo hooing for 2 weeks entertaining in the least.

    #35   2013/10/26 12:08PM
    Re: JFP on Delia Abbott's DEATH...

    Quote Arckangel: According to JFP, Delia was killed in order to give the actors meaty material... This is what JFP told actress Elizabeth Hendrickson:

    “I know it’s not easy killing a kid. I know that I am going to get hell for this. But this is for you guys.” - Jill Farren Phelps on Delia Abbott's death />

    I posted a thread about same time you did. Mine didn't show up so I am glad you brought this up. JFP is a sick human being. I hope she is fired. We don't watch soaps for the gore and I am disappointed any of the actors want meaty material more than what's good for the soap. They don't care much about the fan base.
    What do you think?

    #36   2013/10/26 12:16PM
    Re: JFP on Delia Abbott's DEATH...

    JFP is a fool to think we like gore on soaps. If CBS needs to know people aren't watching, I haven't watched since this sl began, but I love all your posts. Maybe no one should watch until JFP is gone. She is sick!

    #37   2013/10/26 01:45PM
    Re: JFP on Delia Abbott's DEATH...

    JFP is right that it gives many actors great material. The problem is the doom and gloom cast an ugly shadow over the whole show. AND it will be a long time before Billy, Adam, Chloe and many others will be able to laugh or even smile or have any true romance, or good times.

    #38   2013/10/26 02:01PM
    Re: JFP on Delia Abbott's DEATH...

    Billy Miller's first Emmy was because of a light hearted scene--One of my favorite's--The doorknob scene! You don't have to kill off a kid to get an Emmy.

    #39   2013/10/26 04:10PM
    Re: JFP on Delia Abbott's DEATH...
    Lifetime Viewer

    I am 50 years old, and I have watched The Young and the Restless since I was 10 years old. I remember the Brooks sisters! I was enjoying The Y and the R immensely until the death of Delia story. As far as I am concerned, no children characters are safe on that show. No wonder that Lily and Sharon are closely watching their children - they don't want Jill Farren Phelps to get ahold of them. How sick and depressing.. Children aren't safe on the Y and the R.
    For now, I've stopped watching. The stories are so dark, and what is it with all of that creepy music? It gives me the chills after a long day of work. I will say this much: ATWT was a much better soap than Y and the R is now- when it was taken off the air. ATWT was replaced with that loser show "The Talk" which I can't even watch 10 minutes of - so boring and sickening. So, Y and the R does need to be careful - they never are safe in this bad economy - especially with sick story lines like this. Also, why does everything bad have to happen to Adam Newman? He is by far my favorite character on the show. I love the actor who plays him. Thank you!

    #40   2013/10/26 04:13PM
    Re: JFP on Delia Abbott's DEATH...

    Quote Sylviastel:
    Quote PurrrrrrrKitty: First of all, I could not get the link to work, so I don't know if those quotes were taken out of context.. but none the less.. JFP is NOT doing anything that alllllll EP and Head writers do...... they allllllllllll write and produce for Emmies.. top ratings.. sooo what's new?

    I don't see Delia's death as the big sad thing that some of the Posters are going nuts over... it was a necessary move to put life into this dying soap.. it needed a HUUUUUUUUUGE EVENT to make changes in almost everyone life....

    I still say this was written with great sensitivity.. we did not have to watch her die like we did with Cassie that lasted for days and days.. and that was a huge incicent... changed almost everyone's life.

    I have not fogotten this is a SOAP... not real life.. A struggling soap will go for the saddest thing to shake it up..

    I dont think this will backfire on JFP at all.. the actors involved LOVE, LOVE the story line.. they are allllllll praising her for the story line..

    We have the funeral to see.. and then the fall out to everyone's life.. I think it is moving along very fast..I am most anxious to see how much this Soap will now change..

    Only the Adam lovers are upset over him having such a dim light on him.. sooooooo what??? He needs to "really" pay for his dirty deeds of the past that MAB created..

    Adam is becoming a major character and he CANNOT be a villain.. therefore, he has to become human in some way.. even if he did not really do it... fans of the soap need to watch him suffer and suffer before they will accept him as the major character they have planned.

    I for one think this is the best thing that has happened to this soap in years..

    JFP is NOT killing off people. Who???? Catherine really died in real life.. Ricky has never been a character on this soap.. that just gave Paul the chance to do fantastic acting.. but we as viewers did not have any attachment to
    the nut case Ricky..

    Previous writers have killed off more characters than JFP... much needed characters.. that had been on for years.. John Abbott was the worst mistake EVER made.. Colleen is another that should not have been killed off along wth Brad..

    My God, give this woman a break to have the guts to do what she is doing... she sounds tough and ready to take on this job and change this Soap.. so far, I have seen big, big improvements since she took over..

    I will say it again.. I am enjoying this Soap for the first time in years and years.. Yes Delia death is sad.. and riviting.. great, great acting.. but a necessary plot point. and mostly, I have not fogottten this is a SOAP.. where drama is "EXPECTED".. along with romance, love, mystery and yes death

    I think will now see romance.. and other necessities of a time.

    MAB left the worst G.D. mess I have ever seen.. did horrible, horrible damage.... it will take at least a couple of years to get over MAB's influence.

    Dru is badly needed back.. but I will say it again.. she will not come back.. until VR stops flapping her gums along
    with her fans.

    If you want to see jfp's history of misogyny & killing off beloved characters, be prepared for more deaths to come. On gh, she killed Alan & Emily quartermaines & drove poor Lila to an early grave in real life. There are plenty of horror stories about JFP. The writers only write the dialogue that JFP orders them to do. On gh, she turned that show into the daytime version of the sopranos! She's killed other beloved characters too!
    Don't be fooled by JFP! She used the cast members to shield her decisions. Remember how Sharon case how to defend her character changing the paternity test. For Delia's storyline, she is using the actors like mm, eh to defend this! I guess JFP is getting heat for killing off Delia!

    No worries. That poster is all alone.

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