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    Can Spoiler..10/7/13

    Started by rediculous at 2013/10/07 01:28PM
    Latest post: 2013/10/08 08:51AM, Views: 5592, Replies: 33
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    #31   2013/10/08 06:35AM
    Re: Can Spoiler..10/7/13

    LOL, just reread my recap and realized that my wording about Abby and Tyler made it seem as though they were out on a run, actually they ran into each other at the Club.. typing in a hurry is never a good thing..

    #32   2013/10/08 07:46AM
    Re: Can Spoiler..10/7/13

    Quote Barbyboo:
    Quote dairymaid:
    Quote rediculous: Fen doesn't remember what happened. he wants to confess to killing Carmine..Lauren takes him back to rehab . she tells him she and his Dad were taking care of things... Paul lets Michael know that he thinks he is covering for someone but Michael insists that he killed Carmine. Paul says he found the second bullet, but Michael says he missed the first time and pulled the trigger twice. Alex tells Paul that something is very off Michaels plea but they have no choice but to close the case. Alex is not convinced..Paul tells Michael and Lauren to be ready for what happens next

    Chloe and Kevin make plans to go on another date -- Delia's school play.

    Tyler is ignoring Abbby while they run. She asks him about his attitude and he says that he was freaked out when she said "I love you" to him. He says he feels the same but didn't know how to deal with it. They go home to make love after they talk about their feelings..

    Sharon goes to see Nick to talk about Noah. They decide that Noah needs to make his own mistakes and NE is something he needs to experience weather it is good or bad.. Jack is with Phyllis. He tells her he lost NE and how Summer is moving to LA. She squeezes his hand. Jack calls Nick looking for Summer and updates him on Phyllis. Sharon overhears and panics. She rushes home tells Cassie, Cassie tells her that she needs to confess to Nick. Nick goes to see Sharon wondering why she left so fast and he was worried. She blurts a panic she says..I can explain everything, Nick looks shocked..

    Thanks, Red! Whew! This is going to be a good week and shocking! I wonder if Sharon tells Nick what she has done regarding Summer's paternity and Phyllis' situation. "The truth will set her free." But, the authorities will lock her up!
    where's those guys with white coats.. Why does Sharon allways get off easy?

    Barbyboo: In response to your question as to "why" Sharon always gets off easily?" It comes down to the green, honey!

    #33   2013/10/08 08:31AM
    Re: Can Spoiler..10/7/13
    Yale Steam

    Nick will not learn any truths right now. If he were going to, major spoilers what have been released. Sharon will explain away things and next will buy it.

    #34   2013/10/08 08:51AM
    Re: Can Spoiler..10/7/13

    no they will continually drag out their nonsensical storylines

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