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    Missy you are a phenom!!!!!

    Started by JBosh at 2013/09/12 12:24PM
    Latest post: 2013/09/13 05:32AM, Views: 1317, Replies: 17
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    #11   2013/09/12 02:10PM
    Re: Missy you are a phenom!!!!!

    I might not be a big Chelsea fan, but MCE is one talented actress. I remember her as crazy Annie on AMC. It's so funny to see her with Billy Miller (who played sociopathic sleaze Richie who Annie killed) because they played dysfunctional siblings on AMC.

    #12   2013/09/12 02:30PM
    Re: Missy you are a phenom!!!!!

    I too love MCE. Chelsea drives me nuts though! I want to shake her and say DO NOT listen to Chloe!

    #13   2013/09/12 02:40PM
    Re: Missy you are a phenom!!!!!

    Quote JBosh: I love you Melissa Claire Egan, I may be annoyed with chelsea most of the time but I can't deny this girl's talent. Girl's got some serious acting chops. She is seriously crushing and slaying these scenes the past couple of months including today.They may give you the worst dialogues ever but boy do you do them justice.!!!

    Keep it up MCE your emmy is wayyyyyyy overdue.!

    I love MCE and she is the reason that I came back to Y&R.. Love or hate the charachter, the actress is amazing and so worthy of her 4 Emmy nominations..The woman can sell it all.

    #14   2013/09/12 04:23PM
    Re: Missy you are a phenom!!!!!

    Quote Chuckyducky:
    Quote ski lady: ITA with the rest of you. But Chelsea's fear of Adam for the baby was off-the-chart. She loved Adam, but she felt like she would never be first place in his heart. But to do what she did was stupid, irrational and hurtful. So it is hard to feel sorry for her right now. I really hope she and Adam reunite someday. I think MCE and MM are fabulous together.

    I beg to differ. When Chelsea was holding her baby, tears brimming in her eyes, with a desperate smile fixed on her face...and when she looked back at Dylan (just before he was about to leave her) and said "your baby needs you"...I felt something.

    She looked so, so vulnerable! I felt for her, man. I couldn't help it.

    #MelissaClareEgan #YR #Chadam #truelove

    ITA, Missy is a phenom no one can comare with her right now.
    She is IMO the best actor on Y&R and probably daytime.From
    the first scene with Cane back in November 2011 she has been
    phenom and just gets better and better. I suspect her talents are many and she has not yet been given a chance to
    use them. I hope she gets a chance. She is just to good
    to waste. In the last few episodes she has rocked her scenes. Just love MCE, not to happy about Chelsea story line and the lies...not good for anyone but every single character lies and has lied for the last probably 40 years,
    so it is nothing new.


    #15   2013/09/12 04:51PM
    Re: Missy you are a phenom!!!!!

    She is incredible!!!!

    #16   2013/09/12 05:09PM
    Re: Missy you are a phenom!!!!!

    MCE is amazing. Even when Chelsea is doing stupid stuff that I know is going to backfire, I can't help but root for her b/c of her multifaceted realistic performance.

    #17   2013/09/13 04:17AM
    Re: Missy you are a phenom!!!!!

    I doubted her acting skills so much, but time and time again, she shuts my a** up.

    #18   2013/09/13 05:32AM
    Re: Missy you are a phenom!!!!!

    She is one of my favorite daytime actresses the girl has such a wide range of talent. I have seen her go toe to toe with some daytime's heavy weight actors and she can hold her own with all of them.

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