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    Remembering Y&R's Jeanne Cooper

    Started by Candace at 2013/05/09 11:23AM
    Latest post: 2015/03/02 07:04AM, Views: 22006, Replies: 190
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    #101   2013/06/02 12:09PM
    Re: Remembering Y&R's Jeanne Cooper

    Hello, Everyone. Jeanne's memorial is today, and my thoughts and prayers are with Corbin and his family. Here is his latest post:

    "Just got home from mom's setting up for her memorial tomorrow. Exhausted. Physically and emotionally. In the middle of it all I went into her bedroom, sat on the bed and broke down. I miss her. Here we are having this grand ole party at her house and she's not home - at least not in body. Of course we could all feel her presence as we were setting up, planting flowers, organizing the place. She is there though I'm not sure if she's too thrilled about all of memorial business. To her memorials and the like were just nonsense. If you didn't show it in life, don't try to pass it off in death. Be real. Truth. Love. Always.

    Heading to bed now, as unsure as ever what tomorrow will bring. I simply and humbly say, "bring it!" and lets see where it takes us. It will be wonderful to be around a core of family and friends who all shared a common love and respect for her.

    Last, attached here is a picture of our entire family enjoying a meal in her garden (under a tent we've rented) Great to have so much family around. To be honest - it was barely enough to get me through the night however. I just wanted to talk to my mom one more time. So... to all those who still have a mom or dad or any loved one, you CAN'T SPEND ENOUGH TIME! Ever. You will always want a few more minutes, one last phone call...So just go do it!

    Sleep tight and keep up the good fight in her name."


    #102   2013/06/03 06:58AM
    Re: Remembering Y&R's Jeanne Cooper

    Good morning, Everyone! Hope you all had a nice weekend. Corbin posted this about seven hours ago:

    "Magnificence! A glorious day! While my mother would probably throw out a load of "F" bombs about a hundred of her closest friends and family paying tribute to her - and the money spent to do it - I know she was peaking around the corner - THRILLED at the sights and sounds of her memorial. It was simply awesome! God on display! The love. The love! The incredible outpouring of love that has been a part of this entire journey from the first night some six weeks ago where I asked for your prayers for her. The love!

    Food and drink and then words from the heart representing family, friends, and co workers. Nothing extravagant but an incredible quilt of stories and personal reflections.

    I welcomed everyone, said a word or two - mostly things I've been saying here about the "gain" in my life, not the "loss," since her passing. An old neighbor of hers and dear friend of the family, Steven Leder, spoke next and gave us some spiritual perspective followed by a few awesome stories about living next door to my mom - the good, bad and the ugly! He was followed James Todd, a man she had befriended almost a quarter of a century ago, a fan who simply sent her a card that she personally replied to and they became incredible, life long friends. Jim was followed by Eric Braeden, who represented for the Young and the Restless. Eric has been a real friend during all this and reminded us of her work ethic. He was followed by my cousin Roy - always amusing - who gave us some perspective from her Taft beginnings - whether she liked it or not! After that we moved onto family. My brother Collin gave us an amazing trip down memory lane with great stories and reflections, many of which we have shared here, specifically about my mother the carpenter and brick layer! He also was a trove of stories I had forgotten about. Just awesome! Collin was followed by my sister Caren who, in a modicum of words from the heart, simply reminded us how my mother always "had our backs," always! Family and friends! She ALWAYS had our back. After that Collin's son Harrison spoke for the "grandsons." He reminded us how my mother's wisdom guided us and continues to do so. Then finally, in our business you always want to finish strong and we did just that... my niece Grace, Caren's daughter amazed. She read a note that she had written the night my mom died. Suffice to say tears and laughter traded jabs for a full five minutes. Simply exquisite, honest, truthful and filled with love.

    We concluded and I invited everyone to enjoy an ice cream cart that we brought in. My mom loved her ice cream! And while we had plenty of incredible food, we knew that it would be the ice cream that my mom would have been most thrilled about... WAS most thrilled about....

    About five minutes after we wrapped up our tributes and dug into our ice cream, several people rushed me back to where we had spoken our tributes and pointed to a dove sitting on a branch just behind where we sat. They told me that the dove flew in just as I welcomed everyone and HADN'T MOVED for a full hour and a half during the tributes! 20 people noticed this! I'm attaching a picture of the dove! We, all of us - stared at it in amazement, still perched there on the branch. Finally another dove joined it. Wow! Only then, another five minutes or so and after most of the people had left the garden for other parts of the house, did the dove simply fly off! Done watching! This is the honest to God's truth!

    As if the entire day, the perfection, wasn't enough... there sat this bird that I knew, in some way, was connected to my mom, looking on at the entire proceeding. Simply magnificent!

    I will post more pictures tomorrow and even try to throw a little album together. But know that today brought a substantial piece of closure to a process for us all that will surely take more time. As I told all in attendance - now it's up to us - all of us. She touched so many people, so many of you... and encouraged us to live the life she would want each of us to live. These are her words that I read to those in attendance today in closing...

    'I wish someone would have told me how difficult it is and how glorious it is to realize you're just a brief moment in time. You can make that moment last by your identity and finding yourself. Find yourself and live in your own skin. Move with authority. Never loose your self-esteem. This propels you forward. It gives you purpose. You can't just stand in the middle of the earth and go around and around. You must find a purpose. You must give us some of yourself to something, to volunteering. To whatever. That's your survival instinct. You must have a curiosity. You must wonder what the next day will be. What can you learn? What don't you know? You change with the Earth.'
    -Jeanne Cooper


    #103   2013/06/03 07:29AM
    Re: Remembering Y&R's Jeanne Cooper

    Quote pink kiity: i hope sometime in yours life time you write a book about you and yours mom it would be very interesting,

    The day after Jeanne died Corbin started writing his book of Jeanne and etc.

    #104   2013/06/04 06:24AM
    Re: Remembering Y&R's Jeanne Cooper

    Good Tuesday Morning, Everyone. Here's Corbin's latest post. At the end is a link to a wonderful photo of Corbin and his family. Hope you will all have a great day!

    "Letting the dust settle today as I contemplate and reflect on the closure brought by mom's memorial yesterday. I know I want to continue here with all of you - more than ever! I also know I now need to move on and let my mom inform our discussions but perhaps not be the "lead story." I've come to realize over the last several months that in fact my mother has been "behind the scenes" in so many aspects of my life both personal and professional. It even just hit me - that each one of my more recent movies that I've written and directed through my company have central to the story a strong mother/son relationship. Honestly - I hadn't thought about this - it simply just happened organically, naturally. I've always known my mother to be an influence in my life, but I didn't consciously make a point of reflecting that in my films - but there it is!

    I also know that the way I treat my wife and children is also a reflection of her wisdom. To an extent I've always done something that I've urged all at the memorial to do: think before I do and wonder if my mom, Jeanne, would approve. It's guided my throughout marriage and the rearing of my children.

    So as I move on and discuss in conversation with all of you the world around us as well as the other personal "stuff" of my life... while my mom might not "lead the story," she will surely fuel my words and our interaction here. But it is time, for all of us, to take a deep breath, say a final prayer for her continued journey and let her rest in peace eternally, back with our maker, one with it all once again. Doves and other signs will surely come and bring smiles to our face knowing that no matter what we do, she will always be there, looking on, guiding us toward love. Love.

    I promised yesterday that I'll try to put together a small album from the memorial but I'll need those far smarter than me in my office to help assemble it. In the meantime I wanted to share another photo taken the night before the memorial with all of us; my brother, sister and I, our spouses, and our children - mom's eight grandkids - her true legacy. Basically it's the same as that wonderful, big family photo I shared a while back... minus of course, mom. And though she's not at the center of the picture like usual, she is there, in each of us, at the center of our beings. Enjoy, and together we will begin a new chapter tomorrow.

    I've loved you all - each of you - for this incredible friendship forged during this profound moment in my life - the passing of my mother. I will never forget your kindness and love. You have, very frankly, made it possible for me to cope with this in the most human way possible with the least amount of pain and sorrow attached. For that I'm eternally grateful. Love, love, love..."


    #105   2013/06/04 09:51AM
    Re: Remembering Y&R's Jeanne Cooper

    I am very pleased to hear Corbin has decided to stay in touch with JC'S many fans. To me she was the most important actor on the Y&R ... partly because she was the longest standing character ... she was the center of the Y&R.

    #106   2013/06/04 03:37PM
    Re: Remembering Y&R's Jeanne Cooper

    I'm sure many of you have already seen it, but some probably haven't seen it.

    Corbin Bernsen recently appeared on Marie Osmond's talk show. A clip was posted on tv guide's website. I thought Jeanne Cooper's many fans would enjoy Marie and Corbin's clips, remembering Jeanne.

    #107   2013/06/04 06:07PM
    Re: Remembering Y&R's Jeanne Cooper

    Quote habbyfan: I am very pleased to hear Corbin has decided to stay in touch with JC'S many fans. To me she was the most important actor on the Y&R ... partly because she was the longest standing character ... she was the center of the Y&R.

    Yes you are so right!! Jeanne Cooper was the center of the show. After reading her book I got so much insight of not only Y&R but acting in general was so important to her and her appreciation of her fans. Corbin seems to be so much like her and I so appreciate him staying in touch with her fans.

    #108   2013/06/04 06:24PM
    Re: Remembering Y&R's Jeanne Cooper

    [quote]Quote gjnagh: I'm sure many of you have already seen it, but some probably haven't seen it.

    Corbin Bernsen recently appeared on Marie Osmond's talk show. A clip was posted on tv guide's website. I thought Jeanne Cooper's many fans would enjoy Marie and Corbin's clips, remembering Jeanne.[/quot... />
    Oh thank you for the link! I watched the actors when they were all on Marie and my favourite scenes were between Jeanne Cooper and Jess Walton. they seemed so natural together and such good friends. I will have my tissues handy....

    #109   2013/06/04 06:54PM
    Re: Remembering Y&R's Jeanne Cooper

    I have my DVR set to record Marie Osmond's show tomorrow morning. I will have my hankies handy as well. I have to admit, the show doesn't seem the same knowing Jeanne is no longer with us. She took the character William Bell created to heights I'm sure he never dreamed possible. Watching Jeanne as Katherine for the past 39-1/2 years has been a real joy.

    Reading Corbin's wonderful stories about his mother the past few weeks has given me a new insight into the woman I've watched and loved for most of my life. Her book, "Not Young, Still Restless," will always be one of my greatest treasures. Looks like Corbin not only inherited her talent for acting, he inherited her writing talent as well.

    #110   2013/06/05 08:48AM
    Re: Remembering Y&R's Jeanne Cooper

    Hello, Everyone. Corbin posted this a few hours ago:

    "A month. How quickly a month goes. Four weeks. I know I said I was moving on from leading with a "mom story," but sitting back yesterday, looking at the road ahead I thought another day of silence and reflection was in order leading to today... a month of Wednesdays since my mom's passing.

    And how magnificent the order of it all is! Up early today and heading back to Florida for the season final episode of The Glades. It was in Florida, shooting 3 back to back episodes of the The Glades that I got that call from my brother 7 Wednesdays ago... "mom's not doing well." 7 Wednesdays, what a profound difference that can make in one's life. We can completely derail - I've seen it happen more often than not - or we can find absolute focus and see clearly in all directions; past present and future. That has been my journey of the seven; focus. Absolute focus, and redirection toward simplicity and complete love.

    We too have become an extended family in 7 weeks. Think about it. Sure, many of you knew "who I was" seven weeks ago, but I dare say you now really know me, at least as much as anyone can know anyone in this life. We have become friends, a family, confidants. Thousands of us. Think of what we can do with this community. Think how quickly we became a community. We are my mom's army, "Cooper Troopers" taking her life into the daily practice of our own and sharing it with others. Great messages as we've all discussed.

    I did say the other day however that it time for me/us to move on and take those messages into the world while we reflect on our current lives. As most of you can imagine, family is everything to me. I've said it over and over. I've shared photos. As I looked back I saw that it really is the basis of my work as a writer and direction (stories often involving a mother/son relationship - clearly influenced by my mom. Every month or so my company (that makes the Films - Home Theater Films - puts out a newsletter or update about what we are doing in that regard. This month's letter - again curiously, as it was planned months ago - involved the importance of family and community to our films. I thought I'd share a link with you to check it out. If you want to continue getting these links every month you can simply hit "join" at the bottom. We are, much like here, building a community that shares our vision of a way to enrich the world through our films. This newsletter is of great importance to me because in the video there you can meet my family - my wife and kids, the center of my universe.

    Off to Florida - a new day, a new month, a new chapter. Let's get it going. I love you mom, you are never forgotten and in my heart, soul, and each breath I draw."

    Home Theater Films Newsletter - June 2013

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