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    Adam/Chelsea/Dylan/Avery/Nick/Sharon SPECULATION

    Started by JRTA at 2013/04/24 12:31PM
    Latest post: 2013/04/24 12:31PM, Views: 491, Replies: 0
    #1   2013/04/24 12:31PM
    Adam/Chelsea/Dylan/Avery/Nick/Sharon SPECULATION

    So rumours/spoilers/speculation have had putting different combinations of these six together.

    So here is what I think will happen. Chelsea will continue to lie and she and Dylan will start to bond over the baby. Avery's hurt over the situation will be evident, and she will push forward with marrying Nick, to hide it. Meanwhile Adam & Sharon will continue to grow close.

    A complication will develop with the baby. It will be something that will force Chelsea to admit the truth. Adam is angry, but wants to be there for Chelsea and the baby and build their family. Sharon will see this and back out (like she did when Summer was sick), but this sends her into a downward spiral.

    Dylan is heartbroke and turns to Avery. Everything leads to their old feelings returning and she ends up standing Nick up at the alter.

    Nick and Sharon will be thrown together because of their mutual broken hearts. Nick will see Sharon struggle and actually help her which will reignite their feelings and lead to them reuniting.

    The end result, Chelsea & Adam, Dylan & Avery, Nick & Sharon.


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