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    Neanderthal Pens Love Letter

    Started by ixlovexshick at 2007/08/15 02:12PM
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    #1   2007/08/15 02:12PM
    Neanderthal Pens Love Letter

    August 15, 2007
    by Keisha Morgan

    Dear Sharon,

    Today in bank vault made me realize that me love you long time. I know I say I respect marriage to my ex-stepfather but I lie, that is why I follow you around like tick on dog. Me learn a lot about world while foot was rotting with gangrene in mountains. For instance, if you take me back in bed it would really help environment! Recycle of wives good for global climate. You may think *** like you too used up to be of benefit but I can make new again. It easy.

    I sorry I hurt you when I **** of red-head , but I could not help it. She so hot and me always so **** , you know I cannot control the little caveman in my **** - he young and restless! Every time I look at red-head my loins ache but I control it this time. Now I picture your head on her body and it not seem like I cheating on you all over again. See? I can really be good husband.

    You probably with doubt and have trouble believe I can be trusted. You may also ask why I bother try again but you know how I am, I always want what I cannot have. Don't worry 'cause this time I have plan. Verdict of red-head come back, I sure she guilty as sin. When she go to prison I take her pale baby and we raise her as our own. Is that not really good idea? I know you may want to vomit when think of growing up redhead's baby but try not think of her that way, she really cute sometimes.

    Noah pretty screwed up but if we recycle each other I think it can be good for him. He get to see mommy and daddy make up and break up over and over again, only we stay married. What you think? If you want to leave old man and come back, meet me in break room by magazine basket. I make it worth your while.

    Me love you always (or until memory comeback).


    Edited by Amy: This is a family site. Please watch how much sex is written into posts. Thank you!

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    #2   2007/08/15 02:16PM
    Re: Neanderthal Pens Love Letter


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    #3   2007/08/15 02:17PM
    Re: Neanderthal Pens Love Letter

    This is so wrong, but at the same time so right. Thanks for brightening my work day with a good laugh.

    #4   2007/08/15 03:22PM
    Re: Neanderthal Pens Love Letter



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