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    LML..getting the ax?????????????????

    Started by gommie at 2007/08/14 02:52PM
    Latest post: 2007/08/15 12:51PM, Views: 2276, Replies: 41
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    #41   2007/08/15 12:32PM
    Re: LML..getting the ax?????????????????

    Quote laurie6805:
    Quote granny45: If Y&R is still the #1 rated soap opera, I doubt they will get rid of the head writer/executive. Doesn't make sense that they would. I think they should, but doesn't make sense that they would.


    I think someone said it is NOT the #1 rated soap right now and that is the problem. I am not sure what website one can find that information out at, but that is what I have read on other posts?
    PS. Save us from the RELIQUARY!!

    The show is still #1,but the ratings are down.1/3 of a million viewers less that this time last year.That is a bug chunk!!!

    Thanks Bill,
    Where does one get the ratings information? Is there another website that posts the ratings?
    PS. Save us from the RELIQARY LOL

    #42   2007/08/15 12:51PM
    Re: LML..getting the ax?????????????????

    Quote Liz_77: Yes - the writing lately really bites. Not just the storylines - some are interesting. But come on! Important issues and people are forgotten about, good conversations sometimes never finish, some storylines are rushed...ugh. Please fix this problem before it's too late!!!

    Yeah, I agree. It's as though the writers don't have anyplace of reference. I couldn't believe Sharon questioning how Phyllis could leave Daniel who is an adult when she left two young children. Only came back because life was hard for her when she was gone, otherwise she'd would've still been out there. Fair is fair. Bad, bad writing.

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