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    Mr. and Mrs. Abbott!

    Started by starrlight at 2007/04/11 10:19AM
    Latest post: 2007/04/11 02:05PM, Views: 687, Replies: 12
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    #11   2007/04/11 01:59PM
    Re: Mr. and Mrs. Abbott!

    Victor is the bestman. He'll take care of Brad - don't worry!!!

    #12   2007/04/11 02:05PM
    Re: Mr. and Mrs. Abbott!

    Quote Dallas Cowgirl: Ah, that annoying chemistry word. I just don't get it at all. I think only the couple knows about their own chemistry. How do observers determine it? From the "look" of the couple? Do they "look cute" or "look good" together? And what would that have to do with the success of a marriage, even a soap marriage?

    Can someone explain what the all-important chemistry means? Because today I saw Brad trying to kiss Sharon and it was cold and gross to me, but I hate him. So I expect to hate it. But others laugh about their ONS too, saying that was creepy. Then I saw Jack and Sharon interact and I saw real affection there. Okay, maybe not the love of a lifetime, no "destiny" and "soulmate" crappola, but I could see they might make each other happy. Isn't that enough?

    For me, chemistry is what I feel for someone and is probably not visible to an observer. But I see it mentioned all the time and I just don't know what it is.

    I hope they get married and make each other happy. To Sharon and Jack, raise a glass.

    Dallas Cowgirl - I think you just know "chemistry" when you see it, Adrian and Colleen, Victor and Nicki, Phyllis and whomever she's with, Michael and Lauren. It's not a question if the characters are good looking or not either, for example Cane and Amber, I don't think they have "chemisty", but I sure think theat Candy Cane is a hottie. Not that a marriage needs it to be a good relationship, but it makes the couples with it more interesting. I also don't think that Lily & Daniel have it. Jill seems to have it with Ji Min, not w/William.

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