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    Billy & Victoria (No bash)

    Started by Keeley at 2010/05/29 01:31AM
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    #19151   2012/10/04 07:51PM
    Re: ♥ ♥ Why we LOVE BILLY & VICTORIA! ♥

    Quote jcren: The worst thing that would happen legally is that Victoria, Billy, AND Chelsea lose custody to the kid. Chelsea's rights wouldn't be automatically restored. She would have to request it. It would be smarter for her to play as if she THOUGHT Billy was the father or she would be in trouble with fraud. And even then Victoria could technically still be seen as the legal mother.

    I only know this from an incident that happened with a family friend. Different states might have different rules, but in their case of them the biological mother lied to the courts about the father and then 6 years later he came looking for his daughter. The courts ruled in my friend's favor, thank god.

    It could be an interesting story. I would rather them team up to keep Johnny where he was instead of Chelsea and myster man teaming up. Then again it would test Adam because I really can't see him being okay with any of it. He has had his fill of hurting babies -- remember when he threatened Chelsea before they became 'tru wuv'

    Well, it has me curious. Think I'll do some research and see what I can find out. But I'm sure the s/l won't be played that way, it may be something else that causes Villy to lose him.

    #19152   2012/10/04 07:57PM
    Re: ♥ ♥ Why we LOVE BILLY & VICTORIA! ♥

    I will say this, even if mystery man does show up, what would it take to get a dna done, Billy has already been established. I mean could some guy, just come in and claim a baby, especially if the mother denies it, couldn't he be dismissed, as just wanting some money, and what took him so long, Johnny is 6 months old, how would he suddenly discover he was a dad. I don't think Chelsea would go along with that anyway, even if she did turnaround and regret giving up her rights, I wouldn't see her wanting to change her mind about saying Billy is the father.


    #19153   2012/10/04 11:05PM
    Re: ♥ ♥ Why we LOVE BILLY & VICTORIA! ♥


    #19154   2012/10/05 01:14AM
    Re: ♥ ♥ Why we LOVE BILLY & VICTORIA! ♥

    Quote ErikaKayy: Hey everybody xo

    Sorry, I disappeared for a while. Life and school are running me ragged. That, and GH is too freaking good right now!!

    The spoilers from week of the 15th are out. I typed my response to them and paste it here from Sparks Fly. Your opinions are appreciated.

    Still ride or die when it comes to Villy. A million pinky swears.

    Okay, my response. Here goes:


    - Phyllis, and her issues: I don't care for, because whether you like her or love her, let's face it: the woman is her own worst enemy. Am I Team Christine? No, but it's not fair that she's seen as the bad guy because she wants closure to something that was essentially left open for nearly 18 years. Phyllis will most likely get off with a slap on the wrist, but these new writers could surprise me. Who knows?

    - Jack: as much as I love him, that man needs to shut his damn mouth. He just feels the need to announce things, and gives Victor ammo to beat him. I wish he'd have a sneak on the Newmans (as much as I love Victoria, sorry -- I loved Billy and all his rascally ways first, so my allegiance at the end of the day, belongs to the Abbotts) instead of having his plays on a billboard. Jack could very well get a sizable chunk of Newman but he has the bullet out of his spine and can't be there, so does that leave Billy as the last Abbott standing to head Jabot? Hmmm - food for thought. RS is Billy's thing so it makes me sad to think of him leaving it. But he's an Abbott and Jack will be out of commission so that answers my question: yup, Billy IS in fact the last Abbott standing. Speaking of Abbotts, Kyle -- you live with Dad now. Cool. You like Victor but leave and go to Jabot, man. Your blood is in that company, dude.

    Sharon: we all knew she was going to burn down the Newman Ranch. You know that. I knew that. The penguin in Antarctica knew that. The girl is riding the crazy train. Heck, she's the damn conductor. Apparently, Crazy!Sharon likes fire. Thinks it's pretty. But on the flip side, change is good. I'd like to see Victor & Nikki live somewhere as big as the ranch, because a penthouse is SO not them, but updated and modern. Too bad the ranch went down as collateral.

    Adam & Chelsea (re: miscarriage, because that's what it is): OMG, they killed Baby Hope! They killed the not yet born Baby Hope! I was kinda hoping the baby would live because I would have wanted to see Adam as a new dad. I think it would have been interesting. But I always knew, in hindsight. I've always had a feeling of dread; think about it: Chelsea loses her baby, grieves and starts longing for baby Johnny again. Victoria and Billy are unfortunately headed for rough waters and remember Chelsea essentially signed Johnny over to Villy, because they were stable. They were grounded. And Chelsea couldn't provide that. Now, months later, Chelsea's feeling a void. And she may decide that yeah, she wants her son back because she has a house -- bigger than the FKB house, mind you -- she's happily married and money because she's Chelsea Lawson NEWMAN now. I'm not trying to be a downer, but I'm just being realistic. But do I want to watch an ugly custody battle and a child being ripped away from the only home, parental figures and life he knows? Oh, hell no. I may be wrong, and these new writers may surprise me. But it could go the way I mentioned, and I'm just mentally preparing for that so I don't go through what I did with Lucy Gate and Myanmar.

    The only way I would be okay with the above if a. Billy knew about Hookergate to counter Victor knowing about LA and b. if it came out some where that Johnny was not Billy's baby -- but that would be cruel considering who they named the child after.

    I've always wanted a Villy business storyline with some hot post-arguing sex in Jabot's empty mail room or something. Pretty please?

    Cane, and his Aussie family drama: I. Don't. Care. I really don't.

    Okay. That's it. GH is on now. TTFN xo

    You know Erika I think that all of us here have always wondered as to why Jack can never seem to keep his plans to himself LOL. What's the point of trying to best your sworn enemy if all you are going to do is reveal every single one of your plans to him. Just when is old smiling Jack ever going to learn right? LOL.

    I say this all the time but how can any of us still see Victor & Jack as rivals when Victor just keeps winning against him all the time. How is that any fun to watch, let a lone entertaining. He11 they still have Jack chasing after Victor's things, how about if those roles were reverse for once. Maybe give Jack something that Victor would want from him that is of great value, that's what I would do to keep things interesting.

    Honestly Erika when it comes to babies I just hate stories that involve them dying or being ripped away from a family that loves them. I too was really hoping for Adam to be a father, in fact my little heart was set on it. I was really looking forward to seeing Adam balance his dark side while being a father. Can we hope that the bad news would be that the baby will have what Adam & Hope had. *sighs*

    I can't get why they would give Adam & Chelsea the same kind of story like Villy by having a miscarriage. Just so that we can get another stupid child custody battle, like it was fun the last time. I don't know about anyone else but I wanted Villy to keep Johnny then maybe find out that they are going to have a bio baby.

    I will always love Billy at RS cause to me that's his profession right there, that's him doing his own thing. If however he had to go back to Jabot because no other Abbott is available then I guess I would be OK with it LOL. I wanted Kyle to be at Jabot as well but of course they had him at Newman.

    I also wanted a Noah vs Kyle kind of story, with them fighting over Eden with Abby as referee IMO LOL. Oh Abby how I will miss thee. I can't see how JG thought that Abby wasn't and I prefer to use my own term "unimportant". The girl is an Abbott & a Newman. What if they had included Abby in the Newman's story where she then actually decides to for once be serious and try to help them. Hey Abby just where is Carmine? LOL.

    I am kind of torn about Sharon's situation cause I agree with what Billy said, that she felt used & hurt by Victor and Victor is acting like nothing meaningful happened between them which is also adding more fuel to the fire. Then again Sharon is a much bigger fool if she really thought that Victor being with her was about her. The man had her sign a prenup for crying out loud, that was a big red flag.

    All in all though I just really think that other than the mentally unstable part, that maybe Sharon really does feel betrayed and is lashing out. I think another problem of her's is that the Newmans are like a family to her and maybe she feels like they have all turned their backs on her. Even Noah has spent more them defending Phyllis than he does Sharon.

    I really hate the idea that Sharon is going to turn out to be the one who will set fire to the Ranch, I mean her Kids live there. I also don't like the idea that they won't be remodeling or rebuilding it. How will Sharon even get herself out of this situation. Will anyone really buy that she is being mentally unstable then. Nikki & Victor living in a penthouse? Oh well I really don't care for them as a couple so.

    Oh yeah as for Phyllis & Christine, I am team Christine cause she could have died if Phyllis's had succeeded. So yes I think that Christine has every right to want to make Phyllis pay for what she did to her even though we know that she won't but why would I? After what I saw happened between Phyllis & Nina at the club, why would I want to see Phyllis go to Prison when we can get moments like that LOL. Plus I look at it this way as well but just to cover her tracks Phyllis could have easily ended up killing Dr. Tim herself, what would we say then?

    PS I second this as well: "I've always wanted a Villy business story line with some hot post-arguing sex in Jabot's empty mail room or something. Pretty please?" Yes make it happen writers. LOL. Oh boy I typed a lot again LOL.

    #19155   2012/10/05 01:21AM
    Re: ♥ ♥ Why we LOVE BILLY & VICTORIA! ♥

    Quote Chicken hawk: Hey everyone !

    I missed a couple episodes this week, but it looks like Villy weren't on so I didn't miss much

    Okay so from what Erika is saying, Chelsea will miscarry... is this a spoiler? Well, I guess it is! It was written in the sky and it's bad news for Victoria. Chelsea is like Fatal Attraction, she will never go away unless she dies. I would be okay with her going after Johnny if it turns out that he is not Billy's cause if he still is Billy's, that would mean that Victoria will be the ONE to lose yet another child and that's why I never accepted Johnny as her son. It is not because he is not her bio baby but because he is a baby Billy had with another woman. Call me cruel if you want but that's how I feel and since it's just a soap, it's not a "real" baby, you can forgive me...

    I don't know if some of you feel like me but I have a real problem with Phonan. It's not that I am against them but they bother me. I don't know what it is... I think they are "unhealthy", anyway....

    I am bored with Nikki and Victor. I prefered Nikki and Jack

    I am so sorry MR is being let go. Abby is sometimes annoying but she is refreshing and funny. And what's up with BM? Is he staying or leaving? I understand he wants to do outside projects (he is so talented) but at the same time, when he takes long breaks, it affects Villy's storyline, but mostly, it affects AH. We barely saw her on screen the last time Billy was out

    Awww Chicken Hawk I had no idea that you were still watching the show. How are you? I am like you, Victor & Nikki will never work out if Victor refuses to change a little of himself for her and stop acting like her opinions don't matter and they need to stop acting like children.

    #19156   2012/10/05 01:22AM
    Re: ♥ ♥ Why we LOVE BILLY & VICTORIA! ♥

    Good night everyone!

    #19157   2012/10/05 03:53AM
    Re: ♥ ♥ Why we LOVE BILLY & VICTORIA! ♥

    Are we sure they won't rebuild at the ranch? Even if they don't, there are still 2 other houses there. I don't get the feeling that Nick will be out of the tack house and back at the penthouse any time soon. And then there's also Sharon's cottage, but I'm not sure who'll live there if Sharon goes to jail or is institutionalized.

    My-Ice - I'm with you on Chadam's baby. I too was hoping that the "devastating news" is something wrong with the baby that they can work to cope with, rather than losing the baby all together. I wanted to see Adam as a father. I'm really tired of miscarriages. (Plus, I went back a few months ago and watched BM and MCE's work at AMC, so I feel like I just watched "Chelsea" miscarry.)

    I am also tired of the custody battle stories for Villy. I'm hoping the new regime can be more original. It just seems like there are too many other stories planned to tell, to throw that in too. Rather than a custody battle, I could see her become obsessed with Johnny down the line and try to kidnap him, or something. Esp. if she loses Adam when he turns dark again.

    I so want Villy to have a bio baby now that the pressure is off of them with the adoption of Johnny. That would mirror real life. It would also be soapy for Victoria to find out she's pregnant really soon after Chelsea loses hers (again, I don't really want Chelsea to miscarry.)

    #19158   2012/10/05 04:44AM
    Re: ♥ ♥ Why we LOVE BILLY & VICTORIA! ♥

    I to thought she might kidnap him after the judge tells her she has no rights to johnny anymore.I don't want to see another custady battle either.Johnny belongs to Villy.If johnny's naught billy's son then victor had everything to do with the DNA test.How would victoria or anyone else feel about victor if they found our that he riged the DNA to break up villy and now because of him his daughter is going threw h/ll again.

    #19159   2012/10/05 08:14AM
    Re: ♥ ♥ Why we LOVE BILLY & VICTORIA! ♥

    Quote greengrass: I to thought she might kidnap him after the judge tells her she has no rights to johnny anymore.I don't want to see another custady battle either.Johnny belongs to Villy.If johnny's naught billy's son then victor had everything to do with the DNA test.How would victoria or anyone else feel about victor if they found our that he riged the DNA to break up villy and now because of him his daughter is going threw h/ll again.

    I see that happening

    #19160   2012/10/05 10:14AM
    Re: ♥ ♥ Why we LOVE BILLY & VICTORIA! ♥

    Quote spartes: So no VILLY this week maybe next week. VILLY is well missed


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