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    Top Three Favorite Characters and Why?

    Started by george at 2007/03/21 06:53PM
    Latest post: 2007/04/19 10:10AM, Views: 1689, Replies: 39
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    #21   2007/04/18 09:00AM
    Re: Top Three Favorite Characters and Why?
    Secret Fan

    #1 - Phyllis - gorgeous redhead, business smarts, competitive, sense of humor, witty

    #2 - Lauren - strong business woman, great mother

    #3 - Michael - complex, witty, great father, loyal

    #22   2007/04/18 09:08AM
    Re: Top Three Favorite Characters and Why?

    1. Adrian because he is smart, sensitive and so handsome.
    He is the ONLY reason I watch at this point.
    2. Colleen because she and Adrian have such chemistry.
    3. Hard to pick because there are several- Jack
    because he has been so supportive of the above two.

    #23   2007/04/18 02:28PM
    Re: Top Three Favorite Characters and Why?

    Sharon- Because she is brave, and she holds her head up and has been through so much and comes out still standing.

    Phyllis- Because I love to hate her, she is savy and smart, and she gives it to Brad every chance she gets, darn I love her for that.

    Colleen- Because the character has turned from a spoiled brat into a bright young woman (with the thanks of Adrain comming on the scene), also because she forgave Kevin and I commend her for that.

    #24   2007/04/18 02:47PM
    Re: Top Three Favorite Characters and Why?

    Phyllis- very talented and a great actress, who else could have played Sheila that well

    Mike- handsome guy, very smart and a great dad

    Jack- great business man, loyal to family(most of the time), always sticks it to Brad

    #25   2007/04/18 02:58PM
    Re: Top Three Favorite Characters and Why?

    My favortie Characters are:

    1. Michael- I like the way he looks I think hes sexy and I like his bad side as well

    2. JT- Because hes hot and sexy and that he doesn't give up on the one he loves and hes always there for vicki when bad is being and ass to her.

    3. Sharon- I like that she doesn't let phillis get to her and that she finds for her life I wish her and nick would get back together they sooo belong together.

    4. Kevin- cause he's sexy

    5. Dru- I was sad to shee her go I like that she was a good friend to sharon and help her fight that dump ass red head.

    6. Cane- Cause he's hot and sexy and he desvers so much better than that witch Amber.

    7. Nick- Nick is sooo sexy I think hes so hot.

    #26   2007/04/18 07:22PM
    Re: Top Three Favorite Characters and Why?

    Jack: I like Jack because he is passionate about his family, even tho his schemes backfire on him. He has a good heart, just never learns from his mistakes.

    Sharon: I like Sharon because she is still standing, some of the things she has went through and she is still a good hearted person, loves her son. I cant imagine loosing a child...:(

    Phyllis: I like Phyllis because she is so fun to watch. She is self-centered and diabolical but Summer has been her "Light", I love watching the softer side of her with her child. I just love to like, hate, disagree, agree with her

    #27   2007/04/18 10:27PM
    Re: Top Three Favorite Characters and Why?

    Kevin >> Excellent actor

    Lauren>> Very Classy

    Sharon>> Perfect Ex wife lol and beautiful inside and out

    #28   2007/04/19 12:23AM
    Re: Top Three Favorite Characters and Why?

    1 Colleen Carlton [Korbel] - I think she has the most dynamic character with potential as the upcoming heroine... with an edge. Not a goody, goody, but not a baddy either. My fav kind of character. She is smart, sexy, beautiful, strong willed, fights for what she wants and gets it, doesn't back down from a challenge, yet, she still has a heart, vulnerable, loyal to her friends and loves with her whole heart. She is going to rip up GC as she gets older... mark my words - and I'm going to support her ALL THE WAY!!!

    2] Adrian Korbel - again, I see the potential. I don't know who he is, but I think he is tied to something powerful and I can't wait for this smart, passionate, witty, hot nerd, there is something that is vulnerable and 'controlled' yet I wouldn't want to unleash his anger -
    He's sexy and 100% smitten and in love with Colleen to form what I believe to be the future dynamic duo for Y&R.

    Their chemistry together is unbeatable! Sizzling!

    this one is harder to pick because I do have a few #3's...

    3] Jack Abbott - I find his character complex and interesting. He really wants to do good, and he is willing to cross the line to grey to get 'good' or what he thinks is right. I find that combination interesting. His fights with Gloria and the Fisher/Baldwins, his issues with Victor and Brad, he will always love Phyllis yet he tries to move on... I don't know, something vulnerable about him too. Peter Bergman is just amazing at bringing the nuances out in Jack. I'm not thrilled that he wasn't a better parent to his own children as he was to his nieces, and step-children, but I love that he does try to help out the younger crowd. He has heart, yet no mercy for those he thinks are violating his family. I like that in a man.

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