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    Mac recast

    Started by soapdisher at 2007/02/27 10:20AM
    Latest post: 2007/02/28 09:41AM, Views: 1529, Replies: 31
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    #31   2007/02/28 07:50AM
    Re: Mac recast

    Whe JT and Mac were together, he treated her really rotten. He acted like this macho pig. At that time JT, Mac and Kevin were roommates in the loft.

    Kevin actually had a bit of a crush on Mac before that and Mac was interested in JT, but they were not together yet. I think that was the time JT was trying to get over Brittany.

    Kevin had ased Mac if they could at least be friends and she agreed. It was during this friendship time that Kevin told Mac about his past and she was instrumental in getting Kevin into therapy. Little by little Mac and Kevin became closer, evntually becoming business partners because they seemed so much alike and had the same hopes and dreams.

    Kevin was always the one Mac could talk to and he understood where she was comong from. JT couldn't or wouldn't even try to understand. Why Mac could not see Kevin was the one for her is beyond me, but hopefully she will realize that once she returns.

    Mac offered to sell her half of the coffee shop, but Kevin said no, he would just run it while she was gone, that way they would always have a connection.

    I know there was a time when Mac stayed in touch with Kevin because gloria would ask if had heard from Mac and he would say yes and then relate to her what she had said. I think they still kept in touch evenif it was not brought up regularly in story line.

    #32   2007/02/28 09:41AM
    Re: Mac recast

    Good summary Glowery. Yeah, while I rooted for Mack and JT over JT going back to the whiny, immature, manipulating Colleen - which he did anyway - JT did treat Mack badly. He was too preoccupied protecting Brittany with the whole Bobby & The Mob s/l, and it's around then Mack and Kevin really started to get close and talking.

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