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    Do you like Coleen?

    Started by allimcbeal at 2007/02/23 04:50PM
    Latest post: 2007/02/25 09:28PM, Views: 1159, Replies: 22
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    #21   2007/02/25 08:19PM
    Re: Do you like Coleen?

    I think Colleen should go back to NY and do something about her life besides going to work when she feel like it and going to classes when she feels like it amazing what money allows you to do from normanl people. But her and the Professor make a better couple than her and J.T.

    P.S. To answer your question No I don't like Colleen

    #22   2007/02/25 08:21PM
    Re: Do you like Coleen?

    Quote CadrianxLove:
    Quote YR_GHFan: Definitly! She's my favorite character on the show. I think that it's because I'm very close to her age and so I see myself a lot in her. She brings a very realistic portrayel of how people her age act like. AL rocks.

    Colleen is beautiful, strong, determined, and she doesn't take any crap from anybody. She's also very tenacious. She rocks. I also love her with Adrian. I think it's the whole forbidden thing that gets to me.

    same here
    you desrcribed her perfectly!
    & it makes me mad when every1 thinks she so immature.
    i love adrianne leon espeically with eyal podell

    I couldn't have said it better myself!

    #23   2007/02/25 09:28PM
    Re: Do you like Coleen?

    Colleen is beautiful in everyway... makeup, clothes, accessories.. and she is 'Young and Restless' lol... I love her.... and I love her mom and dad also... Brad and Tracie.. I hope this brings them back together...

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