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    The Young and the Restless - Actors List

    The Young and the Restless Actors List -

    Marcy Faith (Behrens) Rylan
    Playing: Abby Carlton (Past)
    Robert Adamson
    Playing: Noah Newman
    Hunter Allan
    Playing: Noah Newman (Past)
    Matthew Atkinson
    Playing: Austin Travers
    Catherine Bach
    Playing: Anita Lawson
    Julian Bailey
    Playing: Vincent
    Lauralee Bell
    Playing: Christine Blair Williams
    Peter Bergman
    Playing: Jack Abbott
    Peter Bergman
    Playing: Jack Imposter 'Yack' Abbott
    Wilson Bethel
    Playing: Ryder Callahan
    Thom Bierdz
    Playing: Phillip Chancellor III
    Vail Bloom
    Playing: Heather Stevens (PAST)
    Eric Braeden
    Playing: Victor Newman
    Jeff Branson
    Playing: Ronan Malloy
    Tracey Bregman
    Playing: Sara Smythe
    Laura Bryan-Birn
    Playing: Lynne Bassett
    Lachlan Buchanan
    Playing: Kyle Abbott
    Steve Burton
    Playing: Dylan "Mac" MacAvoy
    Darcy Rose Byrnes
    Playing: Abby Carlton (Past)
    Sean Carrigan
    Playing: Ben 'Stitch' Rayburn
    Sharon Case
    Playing: Sharon Collins Newman Abbott
    Tricia Cast
    Playing: Nina Webster
    John Castellanos
    Playing: John Silva
    Judith Chapman
    Playing: Gloria Fisher Abbott Bardwell
    Jessica Collins
    Playing: Avery Bailey Clark
    Angell Conwell
    Playing: Leslie Michaelson
    Carolyn Conwell
    Playing: Mary Williams
    Jeanne Cooper
    Playing: Katherine Chancellor (Deceased)
    Jeanne Cooper
    Playing: Marge Cotroke
    Michael Damian
    Playing: Danny Romalotti
    Marco Dapper
    Playing: Carmine Basco
    Doug Davidson
    Playing: Paul Williams
    Eileen Davidson
    Playing: Ashley Abbott
    Don Diamont
    Playing: Brad Carlton
    Jerry Douglas
    Playing: John Abbott
    Jerry Douglas
    Playing: Alistair Wallingford
    John Driscoll
    Playing: Phillip 'Chance' Chancellor IV
    Tracey E. Bregman
    Playing: Lauren Fenmore Baldwin
    Melissa Claire Egan
    Playing: Chelsea Lawson Newman
    Max Ehrich
    Playing: Fenmore Baldwin
    Scott Elrod
    Playing: Joe Clark
    Chris Engen
    Playing: Victor 'Adam' Newman Jr. (PAST)
    Hayley Erin
    Playing: Abby Carlton (Past)
    Michael Fairman
    Playing: Patrick Murphy
    Sean Patrick Flanery
    Playing: Sam Gibson
    Clementine Ford
    Playing: Mackenzie Browning
    Genie Francis
    Playing: Genevieve Atkinson
    Adrienne Frantz
    Playing: Amber Moore Romalotti
    Yani Gellman
    Playing: Rafael Torres
    Daniel Goddard
    Playing: Cane Ashby
    Kelli Goss
    Playing: Courtney Sloan
    Michael Graziadei
    Playing: Daniel Romalotti
    Camryn Grimes
    Playing: Mariah Copeland
    Michael Gross
    Playing: Lowell/River Baldwin
    Stacy Haiduk
    Playing: Patty Williams
    Stacy Haiduk
    Playing: Emily Peterson
    Justin Hartley
    Playing: Victor 'Adam' Newman Jr.
    Jessica Heap
    Playing: Eden Baldwin
    Amelia Heinle
    Playing: Victoria Newman Abbott
    Elizabeth Hendrickson
    Playing: Chloe Mitchell Ashby Abbott Fisher
    Karen Hensel
    Playing: Doris Collins
    Blake Hood
    Playing: Kyle Abbott (Past)
    Vincent Irizarry
    Playing: David Chow
    Bryton James
    Playing: Devon Hamilton Winters
    Burgess Jenkins
    Playing: Billy Abbott
    Sean Kanan
    Playing: Deacon Sharpe
    Beau Kayser (Deceased)
    Playing: Brock Reynolds
    Christel Khalil
    Playing: Lily Winters Ashby
    Hunter Haley King
    Playing: Summer Newman
    Luke Kleintank
    Playing: Noah Newman (PAST)
    Jennifer Landon
    Playing: Heather Stevens
    Tammy Lauren
    Playing: Detective Maggie Sullivan
    Christian LeBlanc
    Playing: Michael Baldwin
    Tonya Lee Williams
    Playing: Dr. Olivia Barber Winters
    Adrianne Leon
    Playing: Colleen Carlton (Past)
    Paul Leyden
    Playing: Blake
    Kate Linder
    Playing: Esther Valentine
    Thad Luckinbill
    Playing: J.T Hellstrom
    Beth Maitland
    Playing: Traci Abbott Carlton Connolly
    Vanessa Marano
    Playing: Eden Baldwin (PAST)
    Eva Marcille
    Playing: Tyra Hamilton
    Cady McClain
    Playing: Kelly Andrews
    Darius McCrary
    Playing: Malcolm Winters
    Raya Meddine
    Playing: Sabrina Costelana Newman
    Billy Miller
    Playing: Billy Abbott (Past)
    Debbi Morgan
    Playing: Harmony (Yolanda) Hamilton
    Mishael Morgan
    Playing: Hilary Curtis/Ann Turner
    Joshua Morrow
    Playing: Nicholas Newman
    Michael Muhney
    Playing: Victor 'Adam' Newman Jr. (PAST)
    Stephen Nichols
    Playing: Tucker McCall
    Emily O'Brien
    Playing: Jana Hawkes Fisher
    Melissa Ordway
    Playing: Abby Newman
    Julia Pace Mitchell
    Playing: Sofia Dupre Winters
    Nia Peeples
    Playing: Karen Taylor Winters
    Anthony Pena
    Playing: Miguel Rodriguez
    Millie Perkins
    Playing: Rebecca Kaplan
    Eyal Podell
    Playing: Adrian Korbel
    Peter Porte
    Playing: Ricky Williams
    Chris Potter
    Playing: Evan Owen
    Marisa Ramirez
    Playing: Carmen Mesta/Ines Vargas
    Lorna Raver (Johnson)
    Playing: Rebecca Kaplan (Current)
    Veronica Redd
    Playing: Mamie Johnson
    Eden Riegel
    Playing: Heather Stevens (PAST)
    Greg Rikaart
    Playing: Kevin Fisher
    Tristan Rogers
    Playing: Colin Atkinson
    Victoria Rowell
    Playing: Drucilla Barber Winters
    William Russ
    Playing: Tucker McCall (PAST)
    Deanna Russo
    Playing: Logan Armstrong
    Hartley Sawyer
    Playing: Kyle Abbott (Past)
    Kevin Schmidt
    Playing: Noah Newman (Past)
    Ignacio Serricchio
    Playing: Alex Chavez
    Ted Shackelford
    Playing: Jeffrey Bardwell
    Ted Shackleford
    Playing: Will Bardwell
    Davetta Sherwood
    Playing: Lily Winters (Past)
    Jamia Simone Nash
    Playing: Ana Hamilton
    Asia Smith
    Playing: Sierra Hoffman
    Kristoff St. John
    Playing: Neil Winters
    Michelle Stafford
    Playing: Phyllis Summers Abbott Newman (Past)
    Michelle Stafford
    Playing: Sheila Carter
    Eric Steinberg
    Playing: Ji Min Kim
    Laura Stone
    Playing: Skye Lockhart Newman
    Kelly Sullivan
    Playing: Sage Warner
    Tammin Sursok
    Playing: Colleen Carlton
    Melody Thomas-Scott
    Playing: Nikki Reed Newman
    Terrell Tilford
    Playing: Barton Shelby
    Gina Tognoni
    Playing: Phyllis Summers Abbott Newman
    David Tom
    Playing: Billy Abbott (Past)
    Beth Toussaint
    Playing: Hope Adams Wilson
    Jess Walton
    Playing: Jill Foster Abbott Fenmore
    Billy Warlock
    Playing: Ben Hollander
    Cynthia Watros
    Playing: Kelly Andrews (Past)
    Patty Weaver
    Playing: Gina Roma
    Maura West
    Playing: Diane Jenkins Newman
    Darnell Williams
    Playing: Sarge
    Redaric Williams
    Playing: Tyler Michaelson
    Ray Wise
    Playing: Ian Ward
    Sean Young
    Playing: Meggie McLaine
    Yvonne Zima
    Playing: Daisy Callahan