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    Venice The Series - DAILY UPDATES

    Venice The Series Season Two Season Finale: Episode Twelve. - Venice The Series Daily Updates -

    Venice The Series Season Two Season Finale: Episode Twelve.

    Wednesday, December 29 2010
    Owen and Sami go on a break, John does something wonderful for Gina, and Guya realizes who Amber is.

    Sami makes a phone call in the middle of the night to Owen. She doesn’t know what’s going on with him but loves him. Meanwhile, Owen’s having sex with a woman on his kitchen table.

    Sami heads to the beach where Van comes upon her and shares the news that Owen was fired from the film. Later, she bumps into Owen, asking where he’s been. He angrily confronts her about the kiss with Van and she laughs in his face and wonders how he could lie to her about the movie. They argue and she explains that Van kissed her, but that she pulled away. Owen’s apologetic but it doesn’t matter to Sami, who thinks they need a break.

    We see Owen sipping wine, at home, with a satisfied grin on his face.

    John’s doing so well with his exercises at home that Gina offers to make him a hamburger. He’s grateful and when she goes to cook, he takes out the letter Gina wrote to Ani out of her purse and slyly takes off. Gina goes in search of him with his burger but can’t find him. He has gone and mailed off the letter to Ani.

    Lara and Ani wake up the morning after things got out of control. Lara apologizes. She hopes Ani knows she’d never do that intentionally but Ani doesn’t know anything anymore. She looks in the mirror glumly, after seeing a massive bruise across her cheek. Lara comes up to her, in tears, apologizing and promising to get help. She sobs as she professes her love. Ani sadly holds Lara.

    At the office, Michelle takes a call from Alan, who received her designs. She listens and then tells him she’ll let Gina know. After they hang up, she seems surprised.

    Outside at Guya’s place, Amber shows up again and yells, "Why won’t you help me?" Guya is sorry. She already told her she couldn’t help. Amber screams, "Liar!" She asks repeatedly why she is leaving her in agony and pain. She was supposed to be her friend. Her best friend for life. Guya’s confused until she looks down at Amber’s fingernails and sees colorful flowers painted upon them. She looks up and shocked, says, "Katie…" Amber pleads with her to tell her why she did this to her.

    My stomach was in knots watching this intense season finale. It was short yet filled with so much. I hope Owen and Sami’s break means they’re over. Not a fan of either. Van’s bitterness is overwhelming. He really needs therapy and to grow up and move on already! I loved that finally, John made enough progress that finally he got his burger! And how satisfying was it to see that while Gina was doing something sweet for him, he had let go of his homophobic rubbish to send that letter? Sure, it was interfering, but I was really touched by the thought. I’m feeling the true spirit of family. We’re a long way from the first episode of the first season! I’m gathering that Michelle got good news from Alan about her designs. What’ll she do with this news though, is the question. I originally thought Amber was either supposed to be reincarnated Katie, but now I think she may be Guya's subconscious. Either way, I loved the scene and cannot wait to find out which it is and how Guya deals with it. That powerful scene shot in front of the mirror with Lani was quite believable and heartrending. While the bruising was a result of an accident – yes, even though Lara meant to push Ani, I don’t believe she meant to hit or harm her. Still, this is a wake-up call and I hope that they take a break and that Lara does get help. I think that they could mend their relationship as long as Lara truly wants the help. However, what happens once that love letter arrives in Ani’s mailbox and what if Lara finds it first? I think there's potential for Lara to become abusive, which worries me for Ani.

    Thanks to all the cast and crew at Venice The Series for giving us such a wild ride this season. I look forward to watching the next season and hope that everyone has enjoyed this second season as much as I have. I'll miss the show. Cheers to season 3!

    Kudos to Nadia Bjorlin for a great season!

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    Posted by WomanCave at Wednesday, December 29 2010 06:13 PM

    All I can say is WOW! What a great episode! I'm not happy with all of the cliffhangers and sad endings to s/ls, but I'm definitely looking forward to next season.

    I jumped on the bandwagon this season, and was happy to see no cheating and the usual misunderstandings that lead to cheating on other soaps. Then they had to drag Owen down....bummer. This is the drama that makes soaps, I know, but I was enjoying what set this soap apart from others.

    Van is a tool. I really can't see him in a loving relationship with anyone other than himself. I feel badly for Sami. I may have to catch Season 1 to find out why our blogger doesn't see the chemistry between Owen and Sami. I think they make a great couple.

    Our blogger did make one great prediction - John sending the letter. I was surprised, yet somehow expected it due to last week's blog. Good catch! I was moved when he stepped out of his "homophobic box". I like the connection he is finally making with Gina. I hope he can do the same with Owen.

    Lara and Ani's s/l was very well done! Ani looked very apprehensive of Lara, as she should be. I don't believe Lara intentionally hurt Ani, but she did, in a drunken state. Lara's (NB's) acting was impeccable!! Yet, who is to say that the abuse will not happen again? Once you have been been abused, you lose your trust, and are more reluctant to connect with the person whom hurt you on the same level. This may be perfect timing for Ani to read Gina's letter.... Another reason for me to view Season 1, so I can learn more of their history.

    As for Guya and Amber, I'm not sure what to think. Is this all related to Guya's evil son, Van? Da, Da, Dahm.... I do believe he is going to stir up some doo-doo next season.

    I missed Jamie in this episode. Ever since I saw him rolling the body into the morgue, I've been humored with his character.

    Bring it on Season 3!!!

    Posted by imane111 at Thursday, December 30 2010 04:01 AM

    I was hoping we get to see what road theyr'e gonna take with Lara,but no.Anyway NB totaly rocked her scenes and killed the one if front of the miror with Ani.Can't wait to see season 3 with hopefully a Lani break up ,a Giani reunion and Lara with someone else.If Lani is endgame(wich we know they aren't),Ani will realize she loves Lara ,not Gina and leave Gina for Lara.But that won't happen,so enough time wasted on a couple doomed and let's get two couples,Giani and Lara/someone else,and focus on them.Lara's tears and regrets wer so sincere when Ani's "I love you" sounded so fake and hypocrite.The two keys moments in a relationship are the frist time you say I love you and the first time you make love.Ani dragged Lara to the shower to distract her from drinking and told her I love you after Lara hurt her without any intention to do so.Ani is playing Lara,there nothing she can do for her.Lara needs someone who loevs her and only her to help her put herself and her life back on track.Ani isn't that person.Keep her away from lara.reunite Giani,good riddence and bring someone new for Lara.Thanks team Venice

    Posted by HeartAllSoaps at Thursday, December 30 2010 04:57 AM

    I'm so sorry to see season 2 come to an end! What a great season! I can't wait for season 3!

    Owen is a real jerk for cheating on Sami, but I'm not surprised. In season 1 he and Gina talked about how his last relationship ended...because he cheated. I'm loving the addition of Wes Ramsey as Van. He's clearly got an agenda, and I think there will be much more revealed about him that is not nice. I'm even wondering if he's out to get some payback against his mother.

    I also figured the Colonel might mail that letter. It was a very sweet thing for him to do. Of course, there will probably be some hell to pay, but his heart was in the right place. And it's been nice watching the show reveal that indeed he does have a heart!

    The Ani/Lara material this season has been amazing, and so well played by JL and NB. I'm particularly blown away by Nadia's performance. Too bad DAYS isn't as well written for her character (or CC's!).

    I love how they've let the mystery of Amber/Guya unfold gradually. I have no idea where this is going, but I'm very intrigued! I've never been a huge fan of "supernatural" in soaps but I buy it here since they've established Guya as some kind of a medium from the very start. Though I haven't let go of the possibility that this is a scam of some sort.

    Too bad the finale was so short, comparatively speaking. I've been totally spoiled by the episodes that have run 14, 16, almost 20 minutes. And I wish there had been a little more Gina. But why quibble? This has been a fabulous season of great soap! I'd grade it a solid A.

    Posted by imane111 at Thursday, December 30 2010 08:59 AM

    so some scream"scandal,domestic violence" but are ok with Gina hitting lara on purpose?so they hate Lara for accidently hurting Ani but want Gina go and hit Lara on purpose?Talk about abuse!!!I really hope ,this has been a wake up... call for Lara to realize she's getting out of control,Lara ends this joke and seeks the help she needs as far away from Ani as possible.As far as Ani since day one she's been a hypocrite with Lara and in that last scene it was clearer than ever.Gina can have her.Good riddence.Thanks team venice and please don't destroy complety Lar's character.Please

    Posted by ireneclausen at Friday, December 31 2010 05:07 PM

    where can i see venice the series sesong 2 free? anyone?

    Posted by ireneclausen at Saturday, January 01 2011 06:52 AM

    where can i see venice the series season 2 ?anyone?

    Posted by ireneclausen at Saturday, January 01 2011 08:36 PM

    Where do you see all the episodes happened? I can not find the page, so can someone tell me?;)

    Posted by WomanCave at Sunday, January 02 2011 06:34 PM


    Go to

    It isn't free, but it's only $9.99 and well worth it!!!

    Posted by monamia1992 at Sunday, January 02 2011 08:02 PM

    I would love to see Brandon and Lara get together. Brandon and Lara would be amazing together. It would be like DOOL reunion, but ironic in the sense that the actor that plays Lara, Nadia Bjorlin, her real life boyfriend is named Brandon. So if she tells Brandon (Shawn Christian) "I LOVE YOU" it would look very real and emotional because her real boyfriend's name is Brandon. Nadia Bjorlin and Shawn Christian have a lot of chemistry on Days of Our Lives, so imagine what they could do on Venice: The Series.

    Posted by ireneclausen at Tuesday, January 04 2011 06:31 PM

    I love this series here, at least when Nadia Bjorlin plays lara.hun is so beautiful and she makes the series perfect and hope she continues and animated as a couple because they are so cute together ..

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