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    Venice The Series CAST - Katherine Pierce - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Katherine Pierce Played by Tina Sloan on Venice The Series Daytime Soap Opera.

    Tina Sloan

    Birthday: February 1 1943
    Birthplace: Bronxville, New York
    Marital Status: Married, Steve McPherson 1976
    Real Name: Tina Sloan
    Height: 5' 3"


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    Venice The Series Season Four Episode One.

    Wednesday, August 07 2013

    Brandon, John, and Gina make their way to Guya's patio where she and Katherine are chatting. By the look on their faces, Guya can see something is terribly wrong.

    Everyone gathers for a memorial to Owen. Brandon arrives and assures Gina the police are on Sami's trail. Van comforts Guya as Ani and Lara arrive to give their condolences. John glances at Van while a devastated Gina snipes at Ani. Lara meets Logan, who smirks at Ani with Gina, and taunts Lara about her girlfriend staying by Gina's side. Guya flashes back to spending a wonderful family night with Owen and Gina, drinking and talking about pie. They leave a treat for him on a mantel. Jamie and Ani watch as Richard arrives with Sarah. Sarah is introduced and things are awkward. Gina pulls Richard aside to take him to task for the family reunion. She starts drinking.

    At home, Katherine tells Alan she never thought she'd be happy after Teddy. They kiss and Alan makes a private and mysterious call to Ani's coke-head brother about 'clearing cash'.

    Venice The Series Season Three Episode Eleven.

    Thursday, February 02 2012

    Katherine drops by Guya's place to get a reading. Katherine's energy smells good, so she amuses things are going well. Katherine admits she's dating Alan. "I thought he was gay?" Guya questions. Apparently he has three ex-wives! Katie turns up behind Katherine. Ted, Katherine's dead ex popped in and says Alan's an assh*le, so Guya tells Katherine to take things slowly.

    Venice Season Three Episode Eight.

    Thursday, January 12 2012

    From home, Alan calls Michelle to instruct her to attend a party to garner publicity for their project. After he hangs up, Katherine praises Gina for giving Michelle credit. Alan thinks Gina is losing her edge and hopes Michelle can keep up. Katherine asks, "What if she can't?"

    Venice The Series Season Three Epsiode One.

    Tuesday, November 22 2011

    Katherine lets Allan in at home. He comments that Gina’s off the grid lately. Katherine has always wanted to be a woman of mystery like that. Allan insists she is. She grins and remembers how he took to wheeling and dealing when he first started the business. He remembers her being a big help to him. “Do you ever think about that night?” Indeed he does. He’s glad to have her back in his life and caresses her hair. They get down to viewing his designs.

    Venice The Series Season Two: Episode 10.

    Wednesday, December 15 2010

    Ani, Lara and Gina celebrate Ani’s gallery showing outside at Gina’s pool. Everyone toasts Ani and Michelle gushes about how amazing it is to see Ani’s photos on display. Lara goes to refresh her drink and Gina replaces her. Michelle leaves them alone and Gina congratulates Ani, who thanks her for making her night happen. Lara stares from a table nearby as Katherine watches Guya with Brandon. Gina visits Brandon and Guya, who tells Gina that Brandon’s a homicide detective. Jamie drops by and overhears. Gina’s face goes pale as Guya shares that Brandon found a dead hooker’s body recently. Jamie puts on a smile and congratulates the detective who shares that they found a bracelet on the woman with a crest with the letter C scrawled on it and says she probably died of an aortic aneurism. There’s no sign of foul play but they just can’t figure out how she ended up in a funeral home. Gina laughs nervously and Brandon says they probably shouldn’t discuss it further. Gina and Jamie take off with excuses to refresh their drinks. Once they’re out of earshot, Gina blasts Jamie for taking the hooker to a funeral home. Jamie squeaks that he’s never done this before. He flashes to wheeling the covered body on a dolly while screaming, "Oh God. Oh God. Why? Why? Why?"

    Later, Gina goes to Michelle and apologizes for not being in the office. She’ll be back soon. Michelle assures her it’s fine but takes off for a drink. She meets with Drew who admits he’s a huge fan of her designs. Drew’s a Rocket Scientist, Jamie boasts and Drew starts talking shop, causing Jamie to become even more enamored. The men kiss and Gina’s impressed. She thinks they’re adorable. She goes to Guya who shares she’s got an issue with her gift. She sees Amber nearby and goes to her but the woman is gone. Gina says hello to Jess and asks after Tracy. Lara falls into the pool at that point and Gina offers to help the drunken woman home.

    Venice The Series Season Two: Episode Four.

    Wednesday, November 03 2010

    Outside at Guya’s she and Katherine discuss the last time they met when Guya said there’d be a woman in her life. Katherine saw one but briefly. Maybe it was supposed to be a man. Guya says it takes time. Katherine admits she’s not a believer, causing Guya to tell her that she’s a blocker. They argue and Guya takes a call that upsets her. She tries to reschedule when her aura leaves her after the call. Katherine wants to hear about her new love and be open to the universe. Guya can't give her a reading. The dog drags his arse across the patio while they talk.

    Venice The Series Season Two: Episode Two.

    Monday, October 25 2010

    Katherine dines outside at HIGH bar. After Jamie brings her coffee, she gazes at a nearby blonde and considers different ways to ask the blonde for company such as complimenting her on her handbag or shoes. Before she can say a thing, Alan drops by her table and jokes with her about talking to herself. He calls her Elizabeth and she giggles. He’s the only person who calls her that. He takes her hand and grins, thinking they should keep it this way.

    Venice The Series: Series One, Episode Two.

    Monday, February 08 2010

    A maid allows Guya entrance into Katherine’s house, surprising Katherine. Guya sniffs around Katherine’s glamorous home and gives her directions as to where to place a plant. She sniffs around some more, takes a seat and asks if Katherine minds if she lights incense. She takes a deck of Tarot cards out, and Katherine nods when Guya asks if she wants her cards read. Guya starts off by saying that Katherine has suffered a great loss recently. Katherine confirms that her husband died. Guya says there’s unfinished business, angst and heartache. Though it’s a cliché, Katherine admits that’d be the secretary. They discuss Katherine’s dog and a trip, and a new love in her future. Guya gets in close, sniffs Katherine. She seems to be taking in her aura. Katherine asks for more information about this lover and her face registers shock when she learns her new lover is female. Guya laughs maniacally.

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