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    Venice The Series CAST - Guya - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Guya Played by Hillary B Smith on Venice The Series Daytime Soap Opera.

    Hillary B Smith

    Birthday: May 25 1957
    Birthplace: Boston, MA
    Marital Status: Married to Phillip 'Nip' Smith
    Real Name: Hillary B Smith
    Height: 5' 7"


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    Venice The Series Season Four Episode Twelve.

    Wednesday, October 23 2013

    Guya is at home when she is finally able to bring Owen's ghost to her. She's so happy. He knows she's been trying to get to him. He knows she heard Gina saw him on the other side. It was hard to let her go but she needs Gina more than he does. Guya wonders what that means. He can't say but once things are resolved, he says he'll move on - to the set of a Hitchcock movie. He jokes that Hitchcock says he plays dead really well. They say I love yous and Owen says whatever happens, it's not her fault. "Find Tina!" Guya cries.

    Gina is on the beach with her eyes closed. She goes back to Owen but he tells her to go home. He asks her to let him fix the one thing he can. He tells her to go back to the wedding and give it one last shot. She opens her eyes to Richard, Guya, Sarah, and John who tell her to get her ass back to the wedding.

    In heaven, Katherine's dead husband tells Owen he has done all he can. It's time to get on with his own journey. Owen's almost ready as he watches his family on the monitor.

    Outside on the lawn at Lara and Ani's, the wedding begins. Gina interrupts with her family and tells Ani she's 'it'. She apologizes for the past and swears she'll be happy if this marriage is what Ani wants. She says she's loved her since the first moment she saw her and asks for a last chance. From heaven, Owen watches as Ani's pulled in two directions.

    Venice The Series Season Four Episode Eleven.

    Wednesday, October 16 2013

    Ani sits outside Gina's in her car. Guya arrives and goes in for a drink. Gina says she saw Owen in heaven. Guya's happy. She has been trying to talk to him and asks if he has found peace. Gina says he's struggling and worried about her so Guya suggests if she finds happiness, Owen will be at peace. Outside, Sarah finds Ani and questions what she's doing there. Ani's been there all night and wanted to go in but decides to leave. Guya leaves and Sarah knocks. Gina acknowledges she's her daughter and lets her in. She's not sure where to start. She's a late bloomer. Sarah thinks time will be helpful and she confesses Ani was there earlier. She fills her in on Ani not answering when she asked if she was marrying Lara today and Gina exclaims, "WTF!" Sarah suggests they're so in love and it's a colossal waste of time that they're not together.

    Brandon arrives home. Guya is burning sage. They hug and she tells him about Gina seeing Owen when she was unconscious. Guya wonders if Owen is with Katie and feels positive she'll be able to talk to them both. Brandon gets the martinis while she 'opens herself'.

    Venice The Series Season Four Episode Ten.

    Wednesday, October 09 2013

    Guya, Brandon, Richard, John, Sarah, Stella, Jamie and Drew wait impatiently at Malbec for Gina. Once she arrives, she says she's back. "Let's get drunk!" Guya and Stella call her out for not apologizing so she gives each of them an apology and Guya grins. There are hugs all around.

    Venice The Series Season Four Episode Nine.

    Wednesday, October 02 2013

    Gina wakes up in the hospital and moans for Ani and Sarah to leave her alone. Guya is devastated. Later, Ani calls Lara to fill her in and to let her know how amazing she has been. Lara encourages Ani to move up the wedding date because life is too short. Ani puts her off and hangs up.

    Van brings Guya home and Brandon catches him on his way out. Brandon comments how much slack Guya and Gina gave Owen, who didn’t really do anything, but Van can't do anything right with his family. Brandon wonders if Van and Owen ever hung out. Van denies they were friends and admits he had been in Owen’s place only once to help Sami move. Brandon doesn’t buy it. Van flashes back to finding Owen dying on his carpet.

    At home, Guya looks through some pictures of her and Van with Brandon.

    Venice The Series Season Four Episode Eight.

    Wednesday, September 25 2013

    In the hospital, Gina's friends and family try to pull it together while outside, Logan finds Ani searching for her car. She realizes she didn't bring it. Logan wants to know if she's planning on leaving Lara for Gina. She hates spineless women like Ani and says she has selfish reasons for wanting Gina alive. She convinces Ani to get back inside. Ani does so and John reluctantly allows her to see Gina with Sarah at her side. Gina wakes up and tells them all to leave her alone.

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